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This Top-Rated Levoit Air Purifier Makes My Cat Allergy Bearable

Your roommate just baked a massive batch of baked filets of salmon. You have a date planned in one hour and the entire place reeks of hot fish. Opening the windows isn’t going to cut it. There’s only one solution (besides spraying the place down with Axe and giving your crush a migraine): Crank the […]

CDC Warns of Sudden Deadly Meat Allergy Sweeping America – Doctors Baffled

The CDC has issued a warning about the ‘sudden’ rise of deadly meat allergies among the American population. The CDC issued an alert about alpha-gal syndrome (AGS) as cases around America are spreading at an […] The post CDC Warns of Sudden Deadly Meat Allergy Sweeping America – Doctors Baffled appeared first on The People's […]

What’s Behind the Rapid Spread of Red Meat Allergy — Ticks? Vaccines? Something Else?

08/16/23 The lone star tick isn’t the only source of alpha-gal, a sugar linked to alpha-gal syndrome, also known as red meat allergy. Several ingredients used to manufacture foods, personal care products, medical devices and drugs — including vaccines — also contain alpha-gal. By  Angelo DePalma, Ph.D. Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The […]

CDC Warns Red Meat Allergy Caused by Ticks an ‘Emerging Public Health Concern’

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that red meat allergies caused by certain types of ticks is an “emerging public health concern” after two studies found that the phenomenon is on the rise. Source

Bokhari: Bogus ‘Study’ Attacking Breitbart News Reveals Left’s Allergy to Discourse And Disagreement

The latest effort to blacklist Breitbart News from Facebook, a poorly researched “report” from the far-left activist British think tank the Center for Countering Digital “Hate” (CCDH), reveals little more than the left’s desire to see all contrary viewpoints silenced and suppressed. Linked to left-wing extremists and funded by a group tied to Communist China, […]

Vaccines and the Peanut Allergy Epidemic Tim O’Shea, DC, Have you ever wondered why so many kids these days are allergic to peanuts? Where did this allergy come from all of a sudden? Before 1900, violent reactions to peanuts were unheard of. Today over a million children in this country are allergic to peanuts. What happened? Why is everybody buying […]

The Epidemic of Allergy in Children Launched in the Late 1980s and Early 1990s

Next Story By Heather Fraser, Author, The Peanut Allergy Epidemic , World Mercury Project Guest Contributor The epidemic of allergy in children was launched in the period between the late 1980s and early 1990s. ER admission records, back-to-back United Kingdom (UK) cohort studies and eyewitness accounts of teachers confronted by the flood of severely allergic […]

Over-Vaccinated Children & The Allergy Epidemic

Next Story The global prevalence of allergic diseases is skyrocketing, affecting 30% to 40% of the world’s population. Allergic conditions include food allergies, anaphylaxis, asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and reactions to drugs and insects. Often, these burdensome conditions start young, are overlapping and have the potential to be severe or fatal. A study of children with peanut allergy, […]

Breastfeeding and food allergies: Moms who eat the most common allergy-causing foods and breastfeed provide their babies with protection

(Natural News) “Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.” This line may have been said over a millennium ago, but it still holds true today as another study once again proves the benefits of breastfeeding. Researchers have determined that breastfeeding mothers who ate the most common allergy-causing foods, such […]

Are puppies the latest allergy treatment? Recent studies show protective effects against eczema, asthma

(Natural News) There is no doubt that dogs can bring a lot of joy to people’s lives. Their companionship and loyalty can improve your mental well-being, but did you know they can also enhance your physical health? Walking a dog is great exercise, of course, but a pair of studies shows that the benefits extend […]

I Was Misdiagnosed With An Allergy & Panic Attacks Until An X-Ray Finally Revealed The Real Problem

Earlier this year, at age 34, I experienced what I self-diagnosed to be an allergic reaction. I wasn’t the only one to diagnose it as an allergic reaction—doctors did, too. It took thousands of dollars, multiple office visits, and a number of tests to ultimately determine what was really wrong. The first time it happened […]

Are Electromagnetic Frequencies The Microwave Industry’s Achilles Heel Or The “Allergy De Jour”?

By Catherine J. Frompovich As a retired practicing healthcare professional, I think I can consider myself fairly well versed in allergies and allergic reactions from both my studies and working with clients who experienced allergic reactions from foods to feathers to you name it! I learned there literally can be a thousand reactions the human […]

Kikeservatives Claim Russian Anti-Terror Law Targets Christians

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 12, 2016 Kikeservatives throughout the tubes are claiming that Vladimir Putin has targeted Christians with a new anti-terrorism law that restricts evangelism. In actual fact, this law is designed to restrict Islam, which is actively attempting to spread itself throughout Russia. Russia is a homogeneous Christian society, where there is no […]

Parents of departing FDA head were eugenicists… Big Pharma’s chemical depopulation agenda rolls on under the false label of ‘medicine’

(NaturalNews) According to the website of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency is “responsible for protecting the public health,” but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that its real agenda – at least in recent years – has been precisely the opposite. Margaret Hamburg, the departing FDA commissioner, has just been implicated in […]

Bayer – Advantage for dogs

Found my dog to scratch like crazy when I put advantage for dogs on him. more dogs that are allergic to Advantage, made by Bayer Australia here:

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