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An Oil Price-Fixing Conspiracy Caused 27% of All Inflation Increases in 2021

Diabolical. Via: BIG by Matt Stoller: Last Sunday, I wrote a piece alleging that U.S. shale oil producers colluded with the Saudi government from 2021-2023 to drive up gas prices. That essay was based on some reporting I had done, as well as a complaint from a savvy Kansas City class action law firm, Sharp Law, […]

New Study Finds Gender Dysphoria Caused by Vaccinations

A new study has found gender identity and gender dysphoria are primarily influenced by vaccinations. American entrepreneur Steve Kirsch conducted a survey recently to see whether sexual orientation, gender identity and gender dysphoria are influenced […] The post New Study Finds Gender Dysphoria Caused by Vaccinations appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Human-caused carbon emissions have no discernible effect on climate, study finds

Despite lots of very loud and very influential people claiming otherwise, the so-called “carbon emissions” caused by humans is “non-discernible,” to quote a prominent researcher, when it comes to having an impact on the climate. Demetris Koutsoyiannis, a professor in Greece, published a paper recently that explains using scientific data how the expansion of a […]

London’s Muslim Mayor Claims City’s Problems Caused By ‘Not Enough Immigration’

London needs a “pipeline” of new immigrants according to Mayor Sadiq Khan who said he has “no hesitation” in calling for more migrants for the “cultural” and “social” benefits. According to Khan, there is a skills shortage and labor shortage in the city that can only be solved by opening the border to increased migration. […]

WEF Scientists Warn Cold Weather Is Actually Caused by ‘Global Boiling’

WEF scientists are now warning that the cold weather in the U.S., Britain, and Europe is actually caused by so-called ‘global boiling.’ According to WEF-funded Oxford scientist Beatriz Monge-Sanz, man-made climate change is to blame for the frequency and intensity of cold spells this winter: BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered […]

PANDEMIC OF HERNIAS! Caused By COVID-19 Bioweapon & Weaponized Covid Vaccines

Submitted by The Hernia Coach SOTN Exclusive Let me first describe my background and experience as a Hernia Coach for context. I was Board Certified in Integrative Medicine early in my career as a Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Counselor.  I eventually became a Hernia Coach as a result of creating my own holistic hernia […]

KFC Abandoning Chicago Due To ‘Rampant Crime’ Caused By Leftist Policies

Three KFC locations have joined the mass exodus of businesses leaving Chicago due to rampant crime caused by leftist policies making it increasingly difficult to earn an honest living in the city. Residents of Chicago […] The post KFC Abandoning Chicago Due To ‘Rampant Crime’ Caused By Leftist Policies appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Hungarian President Resigns after Backlash Caused by Pardoning of Child Rapist

Hungarian President Katalin Novák resigned from her post on Saturday after she admitted to making mistakes in relation to the presidential pardon of a convict who helped to cover up child abuse in a Budapest children’s home. Former justice minister and the governing Fidesz party’s lead candidate in the upcoming European elections, Judit Varga, also […]

mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Caused More Deaths Than Saved: Peer-Reviewed Study

mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Caused More Deaths Than Saved: Peer-Reviewed Study Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), With considerably lower efficacy rates, mRNA COVID-19 vaccines cause more deaths than save lives, according to a new study whose researchers called for a “global moratorium” on the shots and “immediate removal” from childhood immunization […]

Dr. Pierre Kory: The Smear Campaign Against Ivermectin Caused Millions to Die Around the World

Ivermectin is often recognized – 2nd to penicillin – for having the greatest impact on human health. Its discovery even won the Nobel Prize. But the propagandists told you it was a “dangerous horse dewormer.” Now, why would they do such a thing? Because ivermectin’s existence threatened a multi-hundred billion dollar vaccine enterprise. The COVID […]

Guidance for injuries caused by vaccine administration – COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme

What the scheme covers The scheme covers losses or expenses of $1,000 and above due to administration of a TGA-approved COVID-19 vaccine, or due to an adverse event that is recognised to be caused by a COVID-19 vaccination. See Services Australia for more information about making a claim under the COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme, including: […]

Leaked EU Files Reveal ‘Fast Vax’ In Development For ‘Next Pandemic’ Caused By ‘Disease X’

The European Union (EU) has admitted it is urgently developing a cutting-edge “fast vax” in anticipation of “pandemics on the horizon” including the mysterious “Disease X” which has been included on a list of “analyzed […] The post Leaked EU Files Reveal ‘Fast Vax’ In Development For ‘Next Pandemic’ Caused By ‘Disease X’ appeared first […]

FDA Admits They Knew mRNA Jabs Caused Heart Problems

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew the mRNA jabs caused heart attacks but hastily approved them anyway, according to newly released documents. One of the companies that was awarded emergency use authorization (EUA) for […] The post FDA Admits They Knew mRNA Jabs Caused Heart Problems appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

WHO’s Edict Caused the Lockdown Disaster

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, supported by Bill Gates and his money, was the WHO director when the organization decreed China’s lockdown solution should be emulated by every nation. As Dr. Meryl Nass keeps warning us, the WHO might soon have far more power over our lives. Jeffrey Tucker of Brownstone Institute […]

Scammer Banksters Caused the 2008 Crash & Taxpayer Money Paid Their Bonuses + $26 TRILLION To Bail Them Out; They Will Do This Again on a Mega Scale in 2024 “26 TRILLION Dollars In Bank Bailouts! That’s Not Including TARP!” Alan Grayson… My Comment: Now you know why the Media was so determined to take him down with really bad press during his divorce-he was exposing Bankster crimes & Fraud and they are the Rothschild Banks who control what goes into our Media […]

Massive Rise in Childhood Leukemia ‘Likely’ Caused by Glyphosate


Satanyahu Has Caused Sadistic Suffering to ALL in GAZA; He Needs to Be TRIED FOR WAR CRIMES!

Comment:  The Synagogue of Satan (British Empire) Created Israel to be their Crime Capitol of the World. Sickening How Americans Don’t Think For Themselves Comment:  Almost All Jews supporting Israel here.  You will not make it in Hollywood Unless you are a Jew or MARRIED to a Jew. Israel’s Culture of Deceit Israel, which […]

Extraordinary escalation in conflict has caused concern on both sides of Jerusalem

The unprecedented escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has caused public concern in West Jerusalem, where Israelis live, and Occupied East Jerusalem, where Palestinians live, and has also changed people’s habits, Anadolu Agency reports. Tensions rose rapidly in the region after Hamas’ armed wing launched “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” early Saturday, firing a barrage of rockets and […]

Top Doctor Warns ‘Turbo Cancers’ Caused by mRNA Are Set To Kill Billions

One of the world’s top epidemiologists has warned that the rise in ‘turbo cancers’ is being caused by mRNA chemicals, which will soon result in the deaths of billions of people. Dr. Harvey Risch is a […] The post Top Doctor Warns ‘Turbo Cancers’ Caused by mRNA Are Set To Kill Billions appeared first on The […]

EXPLAINER – What caused the floods in Libya and why are they so bad?

A catastrophic flood has killed thousands of people in the eastern Libyan city of Derna, sweeping away entire neighbourhoods with their residents and washing many bodies out to sea. Thousands of people are missing. What caused the flood?  After pummelling other Mediterranean countries, the powerful Storm Daniel swept into Libya over the weekend, unleashing record amounts of rain as […]

Top Climate Scientist Drops Bombshell: Wildfires Caused by WEF Arsonists, Not Global Warming

A top climate scientist has blown the whistle about how wildfires around the world are being deliberately orchestrated by the globalist elite to promote their ‘global warming’ narrative. Patrick T. Brown, a senior lecturer at […] The post Top Climate Scientist Drops Bombshell: Wildfires Caused by WEF Arsonists, Not Global Warming appeared first on The […]

Presence of extra-regional forces has just caused insecurity: Iran’s Army official  

TEHRAN – The Army deputy chief for coordination said on Wednesday that the presence of foreign forces in the Persian Gulf region has just caused insecurity, ISNA reported. Source

Northern Italy Struck by Floods and Landslides caused by Severe Storms

Landslides and floods have washed away roads overlooking Lake Como in northern Italy where it is feared that severe storms could cause ‘disaster’. The Poppea cyclone struck from Northern Europe on the Ligurian Sea and is set to tear across all of the country’s northern regions. Powerful winds and heavy rain over the weekend caused […]

99% of ‘Covid deaths’ not primarily caused by the virus, Which Does Not Exist CDC data shows

CDC document admitting they do not have an identified, purified, isolated reproducible sample of the mythical “SARS-COV-02 ” or “COVID-19” “virus” 217 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever No Worries No Virus Source

Justin Trudeau’s Online News Act Has Caused a News Blackout as Wildfires Rage

Trudeau’s authoritarian push, an attempt to force Facebook to pay legacy media, has backfired. Source

Dr Mercola : What Caused the Deadly Maui Fires?

What Caused the Deadly Maui Fires? VIDEO from reallygraceful @ Youtube ARTICLE PDF FILE Source

mRNA Covid jabs have caused silent heart damage to tens of millions of people, a shocking new study suggests

Moderna’s Covid booster caused 1 in 35 people to have heart injuries detectable with blood tests, Swiss doctors report. Will the Centers for Disease Control or American researchers take note? ALEX BERENSON JUL 27, 2023 A dose of Moderna’s Covid jab injured the hearts of about 3 percent of people who received it, Swiss researchers have […]

Will They Ever Come Clean About the Damage They Caused?

Over the past few years, two immigrants in their mid-fifties became my friends. These guys are among the gentlest spirits that I’ve known, though one tells me he was a boxer back in the day and he works like a beast with a pick and shovel. The other man speaks five languages and knows far […]

Just Who Caused this Polarization?

There’s been much talk in the Mainstream Media recently about how democracy is under threat from the increasing “Polarization” of society. This Polarization – so the story goes – is caused by Social Media, which creates “bubbles” of largely anonymous individuals who share the same opinions. Isolated in their virtual echo chambers, they have lost […]

Lancet Study Finds 74% of Deaths Caused by Covid Vaccines-Study Removed W/I 24 Hours

Lancet Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 74% Were Caused by Vaccine – Study is Removed Within 24 Hours Comment:  British Empire (King Charles) & World Economic Forum have decided we all need to die so the world will be their playground.  They are all a part of a Homosexual Satanic Death Cult. BY WILL JONES […]

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