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An Oil Price-Fixing Conspiracy Caused 27% of All Inflation Increases in 2021

Diabolical. Via: BIG by Matt Stoller: Last Sunday, I wrote a piece alleging that U.S. shale oil producers colluded with the Saudi government from 2021-2023 to drive up gas prices. That essay was based on some reporting I had done, as well as a complaint from a savvy Kansas City class action law firm, Sharp Law, […]

Price Of Gold Reaches An All Time High

Gold prices reached an historic high on Friday, soaring above $2,400 per ounce as a global safe-haven rush continues. Spot gold prices rose 2.4% reaching a record high of $2,431.52 per ounce before pairing some gains. Prices were up 4% for the week and 16% so far this year, exceeding the 13% advance registered for […]

The TOTAL COST of being SICK from conventional food vs. the “higher” price of organic food that yields much better health and immunity

The TOTAL COST of being SICK from conventional food vs. the “higher” price of organic food that yields much better health and immunity Got irritable bowels? You may want to know that science proves that populations consuming higher levels of pesticides also experience a higher rate of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), according to an in-depth […]

Medicare launches first-ever drug price negotiations with pharmaceutical giants

“We are moving ahead to help people in spite of pharma’s efforts to block negotiation in the courts.” Source

Iraqi Kurdistan pays a deadly price for hosting the Mossad

JAN 26, 2024 Source Israel’s notorious intelligence agency has spent decades infiltrating and sabotaging Arab states. But it has hit a wall in Iraq, a country that hosts the Axis of Resistance and is prepared to fight back hard. Just before midnight on 15 January, Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, was rocked by a targeted […]

The Price Of Failed Wars

Authored by Simone Leeden via RealClear Wire, A growing number of Americans grapple with a profound dilemma. This dilemma stems from our recent and painful history of interventions gone awry, and outcomes that diverged sharply from the intended goals. The conversation regarding the reasons for our current decline in military recruitment numbers, combined with Americans’ […]

End The Cuba Embargo? Biden Begs Mexico To Stop Migrant Flows, But There’s A Price

READ HERE:   Source

Bitcoin price, which has risen by more than 150% since the beginning of the year, surges above $42,000

(NaturalNews) A weekend rally has made the price of bitcoin surge above $42,000 for the first time in 19 months, as frenzied speculation in the digital asset’s… Source

Lilly’s New Weight Loss Medication Ignites Obesity Drug Price War

Lilly’s New Weight Loss Medication Ignites Obesity Drug Price War The obesity drug price war has just begun following the Food and Drug Administration’s Wednesday approval of Zepbound, a weight-loss drug from Eli Lilly and Company. Zepbound is anticipated to be more affordable than Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy and will be stocked at US pharmacies after Thanksgiving.  […]

Decisionmakers Never Pay The Price

Authored by David Lapp-Jost via RealClear Wire, The novel River City One tells a personal tale of a soldier long returned home, but permanently adrift. Partly the experiences of a man carrying the heavy weight of many white Middle American challenges, the story’s theme of brokenness coming from war is never too far in the […]

Russia Will “Pay The Price” For Supporting Gaza: Israeli Official

Renegade Editor’s Note: This is the “theater” of war. Putin has been Israel’s “Man of the Year.” Russia Source

The Best Home and Portable Projectors at Every Price Point

Movie theaters are the definition of entertainment nostalgia: the smell of sticky spilled soda, strange (often dated) curtained interiors, suspiciously yellow popcorn, Big Gulp-style slushies—the ambiance is a fever dream. Do we love it? Sure, but sometimes the screaming kids, seats with mysterious stains, and the man coughing next to us spoil the experience. We’re […]

Judea Declares War on Gentiles: “People Will Pay The Price Everywhere”


As Israeli Military Retaliates, Palestinians Say Civilians Are Paying The Price In Strikes On Gaza

Over the last five days, Israeli warplanes have pummeled Gaza with an intensity that its war-weary residents had never experienced. Source

‘Influencers’ Who Promoted Lies For Money (to Children); Seems Most Everybody Has a Price

09/19/23 • BIG FOOD  › NEWS Lobbyists Paid ‘Influencer’ Nutritionists to Promote Aspartame and Sugar to Kids on Social Media Food and beverage industry lobbyists paid dozens of registered dietitians with millions of social media followers to promote aspartame and sugar, The Washington Post found. Aspartame is particularly dangerous for children and has been shown to […]

Governments Start Calling For Price Controls – Rationing And CBDCs Come Next

Inflation is not going away anytime soon, but the bigger issue at hand is who benefits most from inflation and rising prices? The answer might be obvious to some but many people are oblivious to the root cause of inflationary dysfunction and often see it as a consequence of random economic chaos rather than a […]

Canada’s grocery retail giants push back against accusations of price inflation, ask Trudeau to examine his policies first

(NaturalNews) Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanded major grocers come up with a plan to stabilize prices and if they fail to provide “relief for… Source

Arm Sets IPO Price At $51 In Biggest US Offering Of The Year

Arm Sets IPO Price At $51 In Biggest US Offering Of The Year Update (0912ET): Bloomberg expects Arm’s IPO to be trading in the next hour: The initial public offering of Arm will be released on Nasdaq today for quotation at 10:10 a.m. ET and will be eligible for trading at approximately 10:20 a.m. ET, […]

USA Warns North Korea will ‘pay a price’ for supplying Russia with weapons

The US warned Kim Jong-un that North Korea would “pay a price” for supplying Russia with weapons to use in Ukraine, saying that arms negotiations between the two states were actively advancing. Providing weapons to Russia “is not going to reflect well on North Korea and they will pay a price for this in the […]

Hollywood executives bring industry to halt rather than pay workers a fair price

Refusing to negotiate better compensation and fair working conditions for actors and writers, major film and television studios are to blame for the work stoppages afflicting their industry. Source

Russian Oil Price At Key Port About To Breach Sanctions Cap, Would Lead To Sharp Drop In Supply

The reason why oil traded above $100 for much of 2022, is due to fears that it would be effectively withdrawn from global markets as a result of Western sanctions, slashing global oil supply by millions of barrels every day. While that did not pan out in the past year, with every passing day we […]

Countries helping Russia in Ukraine will pay ‘high price’, vows G7

Policy towards Moscow varies considerably around the world, with many capitals striking a different stance from the West. Source

Chinese lithium producers set floor price as demand for the metal drops

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) China’s top lithium firms agreed to set a floor price for the metal amid dwindling demand, six individuals confirmed.Ten companies – including Tianqi Lithium and Ganfeng Lithium – that met on the sidelines of a conference in the city of Nanchang in Jiangxi province agreed on the lowest minimum price of 250,000 […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Price of the Second Amendment

For over the past 15 years, Right Wing Watch has monitored, exposed, and disrupted right-wing extremists across the country. As their influence continues to grow, our work becomes even more important – as does your support. Please make a donation now to keep this critical work going and help support our end of month fundraising […]

Analysts say Palestinians will pay the price for Israeli ‘democracy’

Benjamin Netanyahu temporarily halted reforms he sought to make to Israel’s judicial system, but critics say Palestinians will pay the ultimate price as the far-right continues to consolidate power. Source

Retired Professor Would Pay Double the Price for a Ticket to Shen Yun

HAMILTON, Canada—When someone is taught an idea from birth, it can be difficult to change their mind. Donna Coady used to be a professor at Beijing University. She shared about her experiences in China, as well as what she saw in Shen Yun Performing Arts. “It makes your heart just pound. You absolutely can’t believe […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Price of ‘Ye is Right’

 ALL GIFTS 3X-MATCHED BY 12/31!  For 15 years, Right Wing Watch has monitored, exposed, and disrupted right-wing extremists across the country. As their influence grows, our work becomes even more important – as does your support. Please make a year-end donation to keep this critical work going. 3X-MATCH my donation of:  ALL GIFTS 3X-MATCHED BY […]

PepsiCo Says No More Price Hikes After Better-Than-Expected Quarterly Results

PepsiCo Inc. said on Thursday it will not further raise prices of its sodas and snacks after multiple rounds of price hikes last year that helped the beverage giant post fourth-quarter profit and revenue ahead of analysts’ estimates. A near duopoly in the carbonated drinks market with Coca-Cola Co. helped PepsiCo raise prices over the […]

Premium Tickets or Discounts? Cineplex CEO ‘Experiments’ With Ticket Price

While audiences rush back to theatres to catch “Avatar: The Way of Water” on pricey Imax screens, the head of Cineplex Inc. says he’s open to “experiments” with cheaper tickets for some movies if they might lure back people who are staying home. Chief executive Ellis Jacob said Canada’s biggest movie chain is looking at “different pricing […]

Jim Price Interview – The Deception Of The American People & The Obfuscation Of Their Rights

Joining me today on Moving Target is Jim Price, of The Jim Price Show, here to continue our conversation from the Reawaken America Tour, primarily regarding rights that Americans do not realize they have, rights Americans have forgotten they have, and why (on both counts) that is. We also discuss how this overlaps with the […]

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