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Global Food Crisis: German Wholesale See Highest Percentage Price Rise in 60 Years

As the global food crisis worsens thanks to the ongoing war in Ukraine, wholesale prices in Germany have spiked, seeing their greatest yearly rise in 60 years.

White House Blames “Putin’s Price Hike” For Biden’s Inflation Bonanza

The White House on Monday warned that headline inflation in March’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) report will likely be “extraordinarily elevated” as a result of what they called “Putin’s price hike.” NOW – White House warns of “extraordinarily elevated” inflation — (@disclosetv) April 11, 2022 “We expect March CPI headline inflation to be […]

Dem Rep. Pocan: There’s Been Price Gouging in Oil ‘For Over a Year Now’

On Friday’s broadcast of C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) said there has been price gouging “by oil companies for over a year now.” And that the significant drop in the price of oil after President Joe Biden announced he’d release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve shows that the price was artificially high. […]

Biden Casually Says Food Shortage “Going To Be Real” As Necessary “Price” Of Anti-Russia Sanctions

Nothing to see here… only the President of the United States speaking at an emergency summit of NATO heads making somewhat overly casual sounding references regarding likely massive energy and food shortages… Source

They Want Us All to Pay The Price of War

COVID – all the lockdowns, masking, business closures, panic buying, vaccine passports – was not enough. People are resilient, and those who did not kill themselves were starting to buck the system and bounce back. That wouldn’t be very good for the Great Reset, now would it? That’s why the kosher cabal that controls the […]

US Enriches itself at the Expense of the EU Paralized by the Price Shock

Europe has been shaken by galloping gas prices in recent months, leading to financial and socio-political instability in the Old World. There are several reasons for this, one of them being the politics of domestic European speculators, who wanted to get rich quick when, as a result of their blatant Russophobic policies, European officials managed […]

Beat the food price hikes & grow your own food

I’ve posted many articles over the years on growing your own food. It is like printing your own money one person has quipped. We also post here NZ Gardening Guru Wally Richards’ info. Wally’s been in action for many years, a fantastic go to for advice. (Search his name in the search box). Right now […]


If one is going to be a whore, they should choose wisely who they whore themselves out to. Ukraine chose badly.Now Ukraine is paying the price. All this war is a Rothschild’s Inc. production.The Rats control both sides.And Washington DC.And the UK.And the EU.And NATO.And China. In this case, DC overthrew Ukraine’s duly elected government.Yes […]

Elizabeth Warren Blames Grocery Stores for Food Price Inflation

Massachusetts senator has implicated grocery stores as main culprits in rising food prices in a series of open letters to CEOs of three major chains New Analysis Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) pointed the finger at grocery stores, blaming them for rising food prices in a series of letters addressed to the CEOs of three major grocery […]

New York Fed Manufacturing Survey Shows Ongoing ‘Substantial’ Price Rises and Elevated Future Inflation Expectations

New York state manufacturing activity rose more than expected in December, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York report, which also noted the persistence of “substantial” inflationary pressures as both the current and future input price and selling price gauges remaining close to record highs. The headline general business index in the New York […]

Iranian heavy crude oil price rises over 42% in 2021: OPEC

Iranian heavy crude oil price rises over 42% in 2021: OPEC – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iran’s average heavy crude oil price has increased $29.34 in 2021 to register a 42.1-percent rise compared to the previous year, according to OPEC’s last monthly report for the year published on Monday. Following the ease of pandemic impacts in […]

Warren on Increased Gas Prices: ‘This Isn’t About Inflation’ – It’s Price Gouging

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) argued that if “this were just ordinary inflation, we might see prices go up. But prices at the pump have gone up,” because the increase in gas prices “isn’t about inflation. This is about price gouging for these guys.” Warren said, “We know exactly […]

1,000’s of Murdered Native Children By a Gov’t That Wants to Murder ALL Citizens Now; This is the Price of Ignoring What Went On With the Satanic El-ite.

[embedded content] Annett’s Weekly: A Free Inquiry and Commentary Published without copyright or illusions every Wednesday Issue No. 3: November 3, 2021 [embedded content] Quote of the Week: “Faith does not require great intelligence.” – Archbishop Raymond Roussin, Vancouver, March 2007 Part One: Stick this up your Vatican Bank! Beatifical Bergie has a Bounty put on him Terry […]

Hamas: Israel will pay the price for its crimes against Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation will pay the price of its crimes against the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem, member of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Haron Nasser Al-Din, warned yesterday. The remarks came after Palestinian families in the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah rejected an Israeli Supreme Court offer that would have seen them registered as […]

Supply chain crisis, shortages, price hikes to continue well into 2022

Home » Economy, North America » Supply chain crisis, shortages, price hikes to continue well into 2022     Top economists at Goldman Sachs now warn of upcoming food shortages, price hikes and an ongoing supply chain crisis that will continue well into 2022. If no solution is found, the supply chain crisis could continue […]

China’s Power Crunch to Fuel Christmas Price Increase of Up to 15 Percent in US, Economist Warns

News Analysis More than half of China’s provinces have issued local power restrictions since September. The resulting widespread power outages and cuts under Beijing’s new energy policies will likely fuel global inflation by 0.5 to 1 percent, and drive a price increase of 10 to 15 percent in the United States over the Christmas season on […]

US Fed Funds Futures Fully Price in Rate Hike by December 2022 After Jobs Report

NEW YORK—Futures on the federal funds rate, which track short-term interest rate expectations, on Friday has priced in a quarter-point tightening by the Federal Reserve either by November or December next year despite a U.S. payrolls report that came in way below expectations. The fed funds market showed a more than 94 percent chance of […]

US is Bound to Pay a Price for its Muscle-flexing!

Although Washington announced the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq with pomp and circumstance, in reality it is just a splashy move intended to showcase “America’s commitment to peace”. The US is withdrawing indeed, but in such a manner that it is leaving behind a greater number of unresolved problems created by America itself […]

Consumer Price Hikes Soften in August, Annual Inflation Stays Stubbornly High

The pace of consumer price inflation fell in August to its lowest monthly level since February, though the 12-month rate of inflation remained historically high, a new government report shows. The consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.3 percent in August from July, the Labor Department said in a Sept. 14 report, with consensus forecasts predicting a slightly […]

Apple Growers in Himachal Protest Against Denial of Fair Price

The last week  in Himachal Pradesh has witnessed a surge of disappointment and discontent among apple growers of Himachal Pradesh as the price received by them has been much below their expectations. Local newspapers have been full of these reports and Amar Ujala, a leading Hindi newspaper, went to the extent of  full page coverage […]

White House to House Dems: Drug price plan is a winning issue

As Republicans wage a culture war over mask mandates and critical race theory, and as some attempt to scare voters about refugees coming from Afghanistan, Democrats are betting on social spending plans to keep a hold on the tenuous coalition that Biden formed last year. In particular, the White House views the prescription drug provision […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Price of a Miracle

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Mass starvation: Biblical droughts to cause unprecedented US food shortages and price hikes

Home » Environment, North America » Mass starvation: Biblical droughts to cause unprecedented US food shortages and price hikes     Large swaths of the United States are still dry as a bone due to record-breaking drought conditions, and America’s crops and cattle are suffering, as reported by Strange Sounds. Almost the entire West Coast […]

Chris Hedges: The Price of Conscience

By Chris Hedges Source Drone warfare whistleblower sentenced to 45 months in prison for telling the American people the truth. PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY (Scheerpost) — Daniel Hale, a former intelligence analyst in the drone program for the Air Force who as a private contractor in 2013 leaked some 17 classified documents about drone strikes to the press, was sentenced […]

The Price Of Conscience

Drone warfare whistleblower sentenced to 45 months in prison for telling the American people the truth. Daniel Hale, a former intelligence analyst in the drone program for the Air Force who as a private contractor in 2013 leaked some 17 classified documents about drone strikes to the press, was sentenced today to 45 months in prison. […]

Iranian heavy crude oil price rises 7.4% in June: OPEC

Iranian heavy crude oil price rises 7.4% in June: OPEC – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN- Iranian heavy oil price increased $4.96 in June to register a 7.4-percent rise compared to the previous month, according to OPEC’s latest monthly report published on Thursday. Iranian heavy crude oil price followed its upward trend since the beginning of the current […]

Producer Price Inflation Surges 7.3%, Higher Than Expected

Prices received by U.S. businesses for goods and services rose by much more than expected in June, the Labor Department reported Tuesday. The Producer Price Index rose 7.3 percent in June from 12 months earlier, the largest demand since 12-month data were first introduced in 2010. Compared with May, the index rose one percent. On […]

Rising Bread Price, and Fuel and Electricity Shortages Grip Lebanon without a Fully Functioning Government

Lebanon is facing shortages of fuel and electricity. The price of bread has risen again in bakeries and stores in Lebanon as a result of rising production costs and the free-falling pound, the Lebanese Economy Ministry said Saturday. Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri is slated to present President Michel Aoun this week with a new […]

Video: Former White House Doctor Warns U.S. Will “Pay A Price” For Electing Cognitively Declining Biden

Following days of denials that any directives have been issued concerning forcing active service members to take coronavirus shots, the Pentagon has now admitted that it will be considered once FDA approval has been given. As we previously reported, an Army Times report noted last week that “The Army has directed commands to prepare to administer mandatory COVID-19 […]

Egypt denies price hike of 90 strategic commodities

In a statement issued on Friday, the Egyptian government denied the reports of a price hike for 90 strategic commodities across the countries, noting that these reports caused a massive crisis, RT reported. The statement indicated that the claims of price hikes in the Egyptian market were false as they were not issued by the […]

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