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Declassified Mossad document reveals military collaboration with Lebanese Christian militias

The report establishes 1958 as the year when contact between Lebanese officials and the Israeli military establishment was first initiated September 09 2022 ByNews Desk-  Almost a week before the 40th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, a document submitted to the Israeli High Court of Justice has revealed Israel’s role in Lebanon’s bloody […]

Mossad Which Did 9-11 chief warns Israel Firster Israelis Running US during visit

Mossad the red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian Terrorist agency of Israhell which has attacked everyone around them for more than three quarters of a century, passed on made up Jew lies about Iran, Look how closely those Iranians put their country to USA/DC Military Bases! Trying to start trouble, those Iranians! How Dare They? […]

Iranian Intelligence Ministry detains Mossad spy squad

TEHRAN- The Iranian Intelligence Ministry on Saturday revealed that a group of Mossad agents had been detained. Source

Did JFK Jr. Learn His Father Was Killed by the Mossad by Reading Michael Collins Piper?

MCP mailed 13 copies of his book Final Judgment to the office of George Magazine and received an appreciated response back. Source



After Mossad’s Child Rape Madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s Insultingly Low Sentence, Lawyers Demand FBI Go After Mossad Jerffery’s Epstein’s Child Raping Clients

Necked child-escaping-from-buckingham Jesus the Christ On Tuesday, as TFTP predicted, Ghislaine Maxwell was handed down a sentence that was 30 years less than prosecutors were asking. Thanks to U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan — who has been granting Maxwell special treatment throughout her prosecution — Maxwell could be out of prison in less than a […]

Convicted Raper & Mossad Child Rape Madam, Ghislaine Maxwell’ Should Have a Millstone Tied Around Her Neck & Be Trown In The Deep End After Serving As “Suicided” Pedophile Mossad Jeffrey Epstein’s Fixer & Partner In Pimping Children

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Convicted Raper & Mossad Child Rape Madam, Ghislaine Maxwell’ Should Have a Millstone Tied Around Her Neck & Be Trown In The Deep End After Serving As “Suicided” Pedophile Mossad Jeffrey Epstein’s Fixer & Partner In Pimping Children

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Iran arrests Israel Mossad cell planning to assassinate scientists

Iranian authorities announced yesterday that they had arrested an Israeli Mossad cell which planned to assassinate nuclear scientists in the country. Local news agencies reported that the Prosecutor General of Sistan-Baluchistan province, Mehdi Shamsabadi, had confirmed the arrests. "The arrest of these Mossad operatives came after a complicated intelligence operation that lasted for eight months […]

The Mossad-Third Rome alliance

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—Veterans of the Red army celebrating and commemorating victory over Nazi Germany 73 years ago at the Israeli Parliament (The Knesset) on May 8, 2018 in Jerusalem, Israel.—Getty Images By EIRJan. 17, 1986 Anno Domini In our editorial last week, we promised our readers a “tumultuous New Year,” and the developments of the past […]

Michael Collins Piper: FINAL JUDGEMENT lecture Mossad connection to JFK Conspiracy

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Senator at party with Trump and KGB-Mossad operative Maxwell was sexually compromised by Soviets

AT SEA—Donald Trump on Maxwell yacht the Lady Ghislaine with broadcaster Mike Wallace (second from right) and KGB/Mossad super spy Robert Maxwell (right) in 1989. The man in the middle with the glasses is Senator John Tower, who was involved in Maxwell’s KGB/Mossad PROMIS software scandal, technology theft for Soviet aims, and possibly his Soviet […]

Mossad Jeffery’s Child Rape Madam Ghislaine Maxwell & Disney-Pedophile Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Jesus the Christ said baby rapers should be executed. First you give them a fair Common Law trial.Once convicted, you cut their nuts out and feed them to them as a last meal.Mountain oysters. Then you cut their dick off, shove it up their ass and sew their ass hole shut so when you hang […]

Mossad’s ISIS appoints new leader

“-‘ISIS Commander’ Arrested by Libyan Authorities Exposed as Israeli Mossad Agent” ‘ISIS Commander’ Arrested by Libyan Authorities Exposed as Israeli Mossad Agent One simply can not wage war on humanity in the name of “War on Terrorism” if one does not have terrorist to “wage war on”. The Ole Dog! Terrorist group Islamic State (IS, […]

How The Mossad Collaborated With Heinrich Himmler To Free Jews From Concentration Camps And Ship Them To Palestine

Heinrich Himmler tours Sachenhausen camp, circa 1937 (CODOH.Com) While many readers of World War II history may be aware of the infamous “Havaara” or “Transfer Agreement” — where Zionist Jews and the National Socialists collaborated to voluntarily move Jews and their wealth from Germany to Palestine — very few know about another — and far […]

How American Jews And The Mossad Conspired To Steal U.S. Uranium For Israel’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Program

Years before John F. Kennedy had his final showdown with David Ben-Gurion over Israel’s development of nuclear weapons, the Mossad — with the help of American Jews loyal to the fledgling Zionist state — orchestrated one of the greatest criminal heists in history — the theft of over 600 pounds of weapons-grade uranium with the […]

Mossad’s Pedophile Child Rape Madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s Conviction is Welcome But Chances of Her Pedophile Clients Going Down are Slim

FAKE “queen’s” LOG CABIN MOSSAD CHILD RAPE PIMPS FOR BLACKMAIL PUROPSES TAG TEAM RELAXING AT FAKE “queen’s’ PRIVATE LOG CABIN RESORT For years, Ghislaine Maxwell rubbed elbows with the elite. She frequently visited Donald Trump’s Florida retreat, Bill Clinton’s White House, and was a good friend to Prince Andrew for decades. During her sex trafficking […]

Mossad’s Pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell Convicted – Israel connection covered up

“top politicians would be photographed and video recorded when they were in bed with the [underage] girls. Afterwards, they would be approached and asked to do favors for Israel. It is referred to in the trade as a “honey-trap” operation.” Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction for sex trafficking of girls omits the Israel connection and possible ‘honey […]

Ex-Mossad chief shared top Israeli secrets with woman, her spouse

Dec 21 2021 Net Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen The man behind the Israeli intelligence agency had been subjected to criticism various times over repeatedly sharing”state” secrets publicly, this time with a flight attendant. Israeli Mossad chief Yossi Cohen Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen had revealed top Israeli secrets to a woman with whom he […]


[embedded content]… Bookies make Lib Dems favourite in North Shropshire poll North Shropshire by-election: Boris Johnson now a ‘hindrance’ on campaign trail, [embedded content]… Mishko commented   Mark Devlin listing the darkness and corruption within the BBC.  And compliments the Aangirfan blog at about 30 minutes & 7 seconds into his presentation Source

Mossad/CIA Collaborator Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial; Expect a Media Blackout

The First Day of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial: Everything You Need to KnowPosted: 29 Nov 2021 05:38 PM PSTUpdate (1615ET): The prosecution opened its case against Ghislaine Maxwell on Monday, beginning with a disturbing tale of how the British Socialite and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein recruited underage victims for sexual predation.As Matthew Russell Lee blogged for the Inner City Press:AUSA […]

Why Didn’t Late Jewish Comedian Mort Sahl Ever Mention The Mossad’s Role In JFK Assassination?

Mort Sahl — who was one of the most popular comedians in America in the late 1950s and early 1960s — died this week at the age of 94. Remarkably, at the height of his success — when he was making over $1 million a year — he became convinced that the Warren Commission, which […]

Turkey Reveals Photos of 15 Alleged Mossad Spies Arrested

25.10.2021 By Staff, Agencies Turkish media revealed Monday the photos of 15 alleged Mossad spies arrested last week. The report identified a key figure among the spies as M.A.S., who reportedly studied at Konya University. The senior Mossad official described in the report was given the name A.Z., who is supposedly a Germany-based officer in […]

Mossad abducted Syrian general to interrogate for location of Ron Arad, report says

Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, abducted an army general from Syria last month in an operation to locate a missing Israeli Air Force navigator, a report has claimed. According to the London-based Arabic newspaper Rai al-Youm, the general—who has not been named but is said to be Iranian—was abducted by Israeli forces and then taken to […]


‘Israel is positioned to guard the world’s Internet. ‘Everything today is traded, controlled and administered online.  ‘And Israel is emerging as the world’s number one guardian of the worldwide web. ‘That means, regardless of being a few miles offtrack from China’s Land and Maritime Roads, it is positioned to be the center of both belts.’Israel […]

Mossad Assassinated Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist Using Remote-Controlled Machine Gun

Via: Business Insider: The “father” of Iran’s nuclear weapons program was at the top of Israel’s hit list for 14 years. On November 27 2020, after a failed attempt to kill him a decade earlier, the Mossad finally managed to assassinate Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Their weapon of choice? A remote-controlled machine gun that required no on-site operatives […]

Sirhan Sirhan — Patsy Who Took Blame For Mossad’s Assassination Of Robert Kennedy — Approved For Parole

Frank Mankiewicz Hovers Over Robert Kennedy After a California parole board recently recommended that Sirhan Sirhan — the man falsely accused and convicted of killing Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 — be released on parole, Kennedy’s eldest son, Joseph P. Kennedy II and other family members denounced the board’s decision: “Two commissioners of the 18-member […]

Tehran Scores Points against the Mossad

Confronting intelligence and special operations have never been a one-way game. Sooner or later, the opponents begin to play on an equal footing because no one likes a “weakling” anywhere, especially in the Middle East. It should be noted that, according to many experts, three intelligence agencies that may have been involved in several events […]

For Now, the Mossad is Outplaying Tehran

The multiple secret operations carried out by the Israeli special services in recent years against Iran are legitimately indicative of the vulnerabilities inherent in the Iranian strategic infrastructure. And, given the many years of confrontation between Israel and Iran in the area of covert operations, this vulnerability is currently taking on a special significance for […]

Iran officials should fear the threats posed by Israel’s Mossad, ex-intelligence minister says

Iran’s former Minister of Intelligence, Ali Younesi, said over the last ten years, the Israeli Mossad spy agency has penetrated various sectors in the Islamic Republic to the extent that all Iranian officials should fear for their lives. Younesi, who served under President Mohammad Khatami from December 2000 to August 2005 was speaking in an […]

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