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Texas Supreme Court Justice John P. Devine warns of Democrat attempts to rig the 2024 election

Texas Supreme Court Justice John P. Devine warns of Democrat attempts to rig the 2024 election Texas Supreme Court Justice John P. Devine recently warned that Democrats are engaging in election rigging tactics to prevent the reelection of former President Donald Trump. “Do you really think the Democrats are gonna roll over and let Trump […]

Texas Supreme Court Justice Warns Democrats Are Rigging the 2024 Election

Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine has warned that Democrats are planning to engage in election-rigging tactics this year to prevent Trump from being re-elected. “Every day there are abuses to First Amendment, religious, free speech issues and so forth,” Devine warned. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your […]

Texas school district employees charged with illegal ELECTIONEERING

Two Texas school district employees were arraigned on April 2 amid accusations they were involved in an “illegal electioneering” scheme. Jesus and Lindsay Lujan, employees of the Denton Independent School District (ISD) in northern Texas, were charged back in February with using their district-issued email accounts to urge co-workers to vote in the state’s Republican […]

Johnson County, Texas, passes resolution banning toxic biosolid applications

(NaturalNews) Johnson County, Texas, has issued a resolution prohibiting the use of dangerous biosolids there.Although counties only have limited regulating… Source

Why None of US’s UN’s, WHO’s WEF’s Micky Mouse Communistic S#it Means Jack S#it in Texas

In 1836 Texicans kicked Santa Anna’s ass and The Republic of Texas won her freedom. In 1846 in a major mistake the Republic Voluntarily joined the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, the United States of America. In 1861 when the closet homosexual communist (called Marxist back then) atheist shyster rail road lawyer yankee puritan Lincoln was […]

Texas court sidesteps anti-judge shopping reforms, fueling conservative legal strategies

The Northern District of Texas has made a pivotal decision to continue its current case assignment process, defying new anti-“judge shopping” guidance from the Judicial Conference. This choice allows conservative groups to handpick judges for their cases, sparking a debate about fairness and impartiality in the judiciary. Chief U.S. District Judge David Godbey conveyed the […]

Occupation of Republic of Texas Guvnor Khazarian Jew Greg Abbott Signs ‘STATE OF TEXAS’, Sub Corporation of Illegally Occupying US CORPORATION Executive Order to Punish ‘Antisemitic Rhetoric’ on College Campuses In Illegally Occupied Republic of Texas

Occupation of Republic of Texas guvnor Non Semitic Khazarian Jew Greg Abbott (R) CEO of ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ legal fiction Sub Corporation of the Illegally Criminally Militarily Occupying ‘UNITED STATES’ CORPORATION signed an Executive Order on Wednesday to require “all higher education institutions in the illegally criminally militarily occupied Republic of Texas to “review […]

Occupation of Republic of Texas Guvnor Jew A-BUTT Says Any Texican Who Does Not Commit Treason Against America For IsraHELL “is an enemy of Texas”

I consider myself a patriot of the illegally criminally militarily occupied for 158 years and counting Republic of Texas. My mother’s father’s folks were Republic of Texas folks.In 1851 my first cousin Baker Barton a Texas Ranger when Texas Rangers were real Texicans, died in a hand to hand battle with Indians on the Nueces […]

Illegal Migrants Overwhelming Texas National Guard, Storming Border Wall

by DailyCaller Video taken near El Paso, Texas, shows illegal immigrants tearing down a barrier and overwhelming members of the Texas National Guard as they stormed across the border. The illegal immigrants are seen pulling the barrier open as four National Guardsmen try to keep them from crossing the border in the video posted on […]

Appeals court blocks Texas immigration law just hours after Supreme Court ruled in the state’s favor

(NaturalNews) The Biden administration’s continued attempts to keep illegal immigrants flowing across the border in Texas took a huge hit when the Supreme Court… Source

Texas Wild Fires and Directed Energy Weapons

In this special report: Texas Wild Fires and Directed Energy Weapons Source: Reese Report   In Case You Missed It: Watch: Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret) Provides Nation With Alternative View Of The State Of The Union Utah Parents Allegedly Raped Daughter, Claimed It Was ‘Safer’ Than Her Having Sex With Strangers For breaking news from […]

US Supreme Court Denies Request By Group To Host Drag Show At Texas University

Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times, The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday denied a request by a student group that asked to host a drag show at West Texas A&M University and sought to lift a school ban on the performance. In a one-sentence order, the high court wrote that Justice Samuel Alito […]

Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer Provides A Case Study In Christian Nationalism

Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer appeared on a Christians Engaged livestream last week, where he put his radical Christian nationalist worldview on full display, declaring that every elected official at every level is obligated to “worship God” and ensure that biblical commands are turned into public policy. Schaefer, who insists that every elected official must […]

Texas fires are destroying cattle ranches – will the U.S. beef industry survive?

Texas fires are destroying cattle ranches – will the U.S. beef industry survive? In what the Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes) X account is describing as a total wipeout of the American beef industry, the Texas fires have reportedly annihilated a disturbing number of cattle ranches, feedlots and grasslands in the Lone Star State. The devastation […]

Abbott insists on Texas’ right to defend itself amid federal injunction on state law that allows state authorities to deport illegals

(NaturalNews) Texas Gov. Greg Abbott remains committed to defending his state’s constitutional right to defend itself amid the federal government’s preliminary… Source

Biden’s INVASION agenda wins: TREASONOUS judge suspends Texas law that allows cops to arrest illegal immigrants

(NaturalNews) The legal showdown between Texas and the Biden administration’s justice system continues as a federal judge recently blocked a new Texas law that… Source

Biden’s INVASION agenda wins: TREASONOUS judge suspends Texas law that allows cops to arrest illegal immigrants

(NaturalNews) The legal showdown between Texas and the Biden administration’s justice system continues as a federal judge recently blocked a new Texas law that… Source

Fighting the GOP Civil War, Texas Style

BEAUMONT, Texas — Forget the anti-climactic finale of the presidential primary, the most revealing Super Tuesday campaigns are taking place in Texas — and none more than in this swamp-and-refinery filled corner of the state, where the House speaker is at risk of falling victim to Washington-style political tribalism. Speaker Dade Phelan, the scion of […]

Did Biden just tell everyone about the directed energy weapons used to burn down the Texas Panhandle?


What to know about Texas’s militarization of the southern border

President Biden and former President Trump are both set to visit the U.S.-Mexico border Thursday, trips that come amid a recent buildup of U.S. National Guard troops in Texas.  The simultaneous trips — Biden’s to Brownsville, near the Gulf of Mexico, and Trump’s stopping roughly 300 miles north at Eagle Pass — are intended to… […]

Texas announces construction of military “base camp” housing 1,800 soldiers in Eagle Pass to manage immigration crisis

(NaturalNews) As the illegal immigrant invasion continues to take over Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has announced the construction of a military base in the border… Source

Transgender Terrorist Attack on Texas Church Prevented on the Spot by Security

A 36-year-old “woman” named Genesse Moreno, born in El Salvador, opened fire inside pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood, Texas megachurch on Sunday as the Spanish language service was set to begin. Moreno entered the building wearing a trenchcoat, holding an AR-15 with “Free Palestine” written on the side, and dragging along a 5-year-old child. The suspect […]

Cancun Cruz Who Left Little Children To Freeze To Death In Texas While He Fled To Sunny Cancun To Sip Frosted Alcoholic Drinks, “stands” Against Abortion

Coward Cancun Cruz who cares so much about children he left them to freeze to death in Texas when the Grid went down while he sneaked off to Sunny Cancun to sip frosted alcoholic drinks on a warm sunny Cancun beach while a little boy just down the road from me froze to death in […]

Good Evening From The Illegally Criminally, Militarily Occupied Republic of Texas

Ran my 5 foot by 8 foot Republic of Texas flag up the flag pole. Have a larger one but it is still in the package. Don’t figure to run it up the pole till the day The occupying US Corpations occupying Sub Corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEAXS’ has been run out of the occupied […]

Texas Governor says he’s Ready to Handle Possible Federalization of the National Guard

One of the latest threats from the Biden regime against Texas concerning the crisis at the southern border involves federalizing the Texas National Guard, a move that Gov. Greg Abbott says he is “prepared” to deal with should the federal government decide to take that antagonistic route. On January 22, the United States Supreme Court […]

See how The Powers That Be are already maligning the Texas Border Convoy because they’re afraid of it.

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Texas lieutenant governor discusses possibility of civil war breaking out over migration crisis

(NaturalNews) The nation has been watching carefully as the Biden administration and the state of Texas battle over how the influx of illegal immigrants at the… Source

Another blow to the food supply: Explosion and subsequent fire devastate Texas chicken plant

(NaturalNews) A chicken farm in Texas has been hit by an explosion and a subsequent blaze – causing another blow to the food supply.My San Antonio News (MySA… Source

Massive Fire Engulfs Feather Crest Farm Chicken Plant in Texas, Reportedly Following Large Explosion (VIDEO)

Reported by: The Gateway Pundit A massive fire has engulfed Feather Crest Farms, located east of Kurten, Texas, in Brazos County, causing widespread alarm and prompting a massive response from multiple fire departments. The fire, which was reported just after 5 p.m. near Fickey Road east of Kurten, has become a major concern for local authorities and […]

Texas Military Department ramps up recruitment to support border security efforts

(NaturalNews) Amid Gov. Greg Abbott’s escalating feud with the administration of President Joe Biden over the migrant invasion, the Texas Military Department… Source

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