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Joel Webbon Provides A Prescription For Christian Nationalism

Earlier this month, Right Wing Watch posted a couple of clips of far-right pastor Joel Webbon laying out his Christian nationalist vision for America in which this nation is controlled by a Caesar-like dictator who “rules with an iron fist” and forces everyone to at least “pretend to be Christian.” In response to Right Wing […]

Controversial Ukraine-Israel aid bill provides $3.5 billion to support mass migration to America from the Middle East

(NaturalNews) Much of the criticism of the controversial $95 billion military aid package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan has rightfully been focused on the huge… Source

NZ Whistleblower Barry Young provides data on the young New Zealanders who have died post-CV Vax

From Whistleblower Barry Young provides his data on the young New Zealanders, aged 40 and under, who died between the nationwide rollout of the covid vaccination in 2021, and who were registered as having had at least one dose of Covid vaccination before November 2023. (Short Clip … Be sure to scroll down to […]

Watch: Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret) Provides Nation With Alternative View Of The State Of The Union

“I want to respectfully present an alternative view of the State of The Union,” retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor said in a video posted on X. Macgregor begins by explaining how the Constitution mandates that the government promote the general welfare. This obligates Washington to secure the basic necessities of life, such as energy, […]

Texas State Rep. Matt Schaefer Provides A Case Study In Christian Nationalism

Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer appeared on a Christians Engaged livestream last week, where he put his radical Christian nationalist worldview on full display, declaring that every elected official at every level is obligated to “worship God” and ensure that biblical commands are turned into public policy. Schaefer, who insists that every elected official must […]

CIA built a dozen spy bases in Ukraine and provides intelligence for key wartime decisions, NYT reports

(NaturalNews) The U.S. has had a dozen spy bases in Ukraine since well before the conflict with Russia broke out two years ago and has played a key role in helping… Source

CIA built a dozen spy bases in Ukraine and provides intelligence for key wartime decisions, NYT reports

(NaturalNews) The U.S. has had a dozen spy bases in Ukraine since well before the conflict with Russia broke out two years ago and has played a key role in helping… Source

Oklahoma State Sen. Dusty Deevers Provides A Case Study In Christian Nationalism

Far-right pastor Dusty Deevers was elected to a seat in the Oklahoma state senate during a special election in December. Deevers ran as an unapologetic Christian nationalist, vowing to apply “the word of God to every issue” and to push to abolish abortion, pornography, and no-fault divorce, Upon taking office, Deevers immediately introduced legislation that […]

Syria now firing missiles on Golan Heights as U.S. provides “surging” support for Israeli operation in “cleansing” Gaza of all Palestinians

(NaturalNews) The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has confirmed that the Syrian Army just fired missiles at the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Tuesday evening,… Source

White Supremacist ‘Active Club’ Provides Security for Moms for Liberty-Allied Mayoral Candidate

Members of the white supremacist Tennessee Active Club provided security for Gabrielle Hanson, a Moms for Liberty-backed alderman in Franklin, Tennessee, and current candidate for mayor, at a recent candidate forum, according to local reporter Phil Williams of News Channel 5. The Tennessee Active Club is one of the “prominent cells” in a rapidly growing network […]

Who Provides the Best Gilsonite in the World?

Gilsonite, known as natural asphalt and uintaite, is a mineral resource of immense importance, one that has a multitude of industrial uses globally. Source

Pollak: Devon Archer Testimony Provides Evidence of Bribery, Implicating Joe Biden

The closed-door testimony Monday of former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer has produced evidence implicating President Joe Biden in a bribery scheme in which a foreign company paid his son in return for saving its “brand” from legal peril. Source

Maya Canoe Found in Sinkhole Provides Clues to Belief in Underworld

Archaeologists from Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) recently announced the completion of a study of a rare and unusual Maya artifact. During an underwater dive into a deep sinkhole in Yucatan state in 2021, the INAH researchers were shocked to discover a long canoe of Maya origin. Scattered around the sunken boat […]

Report: Red Cross Provides Illegals With Maps And Tips About How To Cross Border Into U.S.

The Red Cross is providing materials to undocumented immigrants in an attempt help them successfully illegally cross the border into the U.S., according to a report. The documents, obtained by The Daily Caller show “maps and guides for migrants to make the dangerous journeys to the U.S.-Mexico border.” One map highlights common routes which would […]

Film Footage Provides Intimate View of HMS Gloucester Shipwreck

Archaeologists have been able to take a closer look at one of the United Kingdoms most famous shipwrecks. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology History Important Events Read Later  Source

UN provides platforms with “guidelines” for regulating online speech

Pushing for regulation. Share The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is continuing with its efforts to crack down on online “misinformation.” In a press release, the organization announced it is working on “global guidelines” to help digital platforms fight misinformation. “As part of its mandate, UNESCO has launched a global dialogue to provide guidelines for […]

Conflicts: Ireland Provides Blueprint for The Unlikeliest of Things!

For the past two years, the Republic of Ireland has been a member of the UN Security Council. That’s right, Ireland – when millions of people still expect the word “Irish” to be followed by “terrorist” or “freedom fighter,” depending on their point of view, or someone else’s perception of their way of seeing things. […]

Greta Thunberg Provides The Perfect Response To Twitter Troll

It’s a little NSFW. Source

Biden Provides List of ‘Accomplishments’ So Liberals Can Defend Him at Thanksgiving Tables

Joe Biden wants us to talk to our relatives, specifically to “chat with our Uncle”, at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow about what his administration has accomplished, as 2022 comes to an end. The Biden administration […] The post Biden Provides List of ‘Accomplishments’ So Liberals Can Defend Him at Thanksgiving Tables appeared first on News […]

Interview 1751 – Riley Waggaman Provides Updates from Russia

Riley Waggaman of the Edward Slavsquat substack joins James once again to update The Corbett Report audience on the situation in Russia. From mandatory clot shot genetic slurry injections for conscripted Russian cannon fodder to the latest developments on the Ukrainian front, you won’t want to miss this important conversation. The post Interview 1751 – […]

Tehran reminds US of its own killings by race, provides proof

 September 23, 2022 Iran, through its Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, calls US human rights records despicable and slams claims on human rights abuses in the country as baseless. Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani The Iranian Foreign Ministry responded to the US Secretary of State’s claims on human rights issues in Iran and slammed them as […]

BP Refinery In Ohio That Provides Gasoline For Midwest “Shut Down” After Fire

By Zero Hedge Update (Wednesday): A BP spokesperson told Reuters the BP-Husky Toledo refinery in Oregon, Ohio, has been “safely shut down” in response to Tuesday night’s fire. The fire’s cause is still unknown, but sources told Reuters, “leaking fumes from a crude unit may have caused the ignition in another unit at the facility.” The source […]

Biden Admin Provides $100 Million for Apprenticeships to Fill Teaching Workforce Gaps

The Biden administration this week announced over $100 million in grants to address school staff shortages and high turnover rates by lifting pay and funding teacher apprenticeships from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. As the 2022–2023 school year begins, schools in the United States are struggling to fill vacancies for teachers and other school […]

Texas Restaurant Owner Provides Free Baby Formula to Families Struggling to Find Product: ‘Such a Blessing’

One Texas restaurant owner is doing all he can to feed the babies in his community amid the baby formula shortage that has swept the nation.

Ancient Greek Pottery Workshop Provides Stunning Examples of Craft!

The Supreme Council of Antiquities had made an exciting discovery at the Tabet Al-Motaweh site west of Alexandria. An extensive Greek pottery workshop and storage area from the Ptolemaic Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Africa Read Later 

The Zionist left provides the ‘laundry’ for Israeli apartheid — Gideon Levy

Gideon Levy’s speech saying that the Zionist left enables apartheid in Israel by providing a laundry to war crimes was a highlight of the Israel lobby conference staged at the National Press Club on Friday. The Haaretz columnist’s argument obviously extends to the Zionist left in the U.S. and its role in the Democratic Party, […]

Shen Yun Provides Inspiration Amid Pandemic, Retail Executive Says

COSTA MESA, Calif.—Retail executive Johnnie Hernandez thought Shen Yun provides inspiration at a time that normal life has been disrupted by the pandemic and shutdowns. “[Shen Yun] is about faith, it’s about inspiration, about coming together,” said Mr. Hernandez, who saw Shen Yun at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa on Jan. 1. […]

New York Legislation Provides for Indefinite Detention of Unvaccinated at Governor’s Whim.

by Kay Smythe December 18, 2021 In the next legislative session beginning January 5th, 2022, the New York Senate and Assembly could vote on a bill that would grant permissions to remove and detain cases, contacts, carriers, or anyone suspected of presenting a “significant threat to public health” and remove them from public life on […]

New Study Provides Precise Date for Viking Presence in Newfoundland

A new study has tackled a burning question which has preoccupied generations of archaeologists: When did the Vikings first “discover” the Americas? Their analysis was based on a selection of wooden artifacts discovered in what the first European colonists called Terra Nova , which literally means “Newfoundland”, an island located in Canada. Using pioneering methods, […]

COVID Vaccine Provides ZERO Immunity, Does Not Eliminate Lockdowns, & Gov’t & CDC Have ZERO Liability; Why Take It Then? So Bill Gates Can Get Richer! Comment: Bill Gates is Part of the Khazarian Mafia Deep State/British Empire with a Depopulation Plan. His own father created Planned Parenthood. The Khazarian Mafia aka Deep State Wants us All DEAD. They know animal clinical trials had to be stopped on these vaccines as ALL the Mice DIED within two months. I think […]

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