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Russia Moving Nuclear Missiles Nationwide

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WAR TACTIC: Iran fires ballistic missiles from launchers disguised as standard shipping containers

(NaturalNews) A potential war tactic has just been launched by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) when it fired two “Fateh class” ballistic missiles… Source

Iran Sends Russia Hundreds Of Ballistic Missiles, Washington Powerless

Back in early 2022 just weeks into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Western officials began raising suspicions that the Islamic Republic of Iran was supplying arms, and especially kamikaze drones, to Moscow for use on the Ukrainian battlefield. This proved true, and allegations of Tehran supplying ballistic missiles soon followed.  Now, just days away from […]

Houthis Fire Missiles at Two Ships as Red Sea Crisis Rages on

Iran-backed Houthi rebels targeted two commercial ships sailing in the southern Red Sea following airstrikes by the United States and the United Kingdom on dozens of locations across Yemen, Iraq, and Syria over the weekend. This escalation around the maritime chokepoint has led to a blockade of ships, marking a new round of cost-push inflation […]

NEWSFLASH: U.S. Consulate in Erbil, Iraq, Hit By Ballistic Missiles—Serious Damage, Iran Admits They Did it

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Hezbollah Missiles Hit Israeli Army’s Northern Command Base in Occupied Safed

 January 9, 2024  Hezbollah Statements – Lebanon – Live News – News – Top The Islamic Resistance fighters continued on Tuesday striking the Israeli occupation sites and troops on Lebanon border. Hezbollah military media issued a statement on Tuesday to give further details about the attack. “In response to the assassination crime of the great leader, the martyr Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri, and his […]

Rainfall, Hezbollah Missiles Shower Israeli Occupation Sites on Lebanon Border

 November 19, 2023 Despite heavy rainfall, the Islamic Resistance continued on Sunday striking the Israeli occupation sites on Lebanon border. Releasing successive statements, Hezbollah military media clarified the details of the attacks and their outcomes. In support of our steadfast Palestinian people in Gaza and in endorsement of their brave and honorable resistance, the fighters […]

U.S. quietly sending more ammunition, missiles to Israel amid global outrage over genocide in Gaza

U.S. quietly sending more ammunition, missiles to Israel amid global outrage over genocide in Gaza Recognizing that the general public does not support sending more aid to Israel so it can obliterate the Palestinians, the Pentagon has begun to quietly send ammunition and missiles to the Jewish state under the cover of darkness. According to […]

Ukrainian missiles strike Crimea shipyard, damages Russian ship

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukrainian missiles struck a Crimea shipyard and damaged a Russian ship on Saturday. The Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday that 15 Ukrainian cruise missiles were launched at the Zaliv shipyard in Kerch, a city in the east of the Crimean Peninsula, The Associated Press reported. The Defense Ministry said its forces… […]

Hezbollah Fighters Attack New Israeli Border Post with Guided Missiles

 October 23, 2023 Islamic Resistance fighters continued on Monday targeting the Israeli occupation sites on border with  Lebanon. In this regard, Hezbollah military media announced its fighters targeted on Monday, October 23, 2023 at 05:15 PM, Al-Marj site on the opposite side of Markaba town with guided rockets and appropriate weapons. Meanwhile, Hezbollah mourned on […]

Russia Can Legally Give Iran Hypersonic Missiles

Russia is Now Free to Give Iran Hypersonic Missiles By infostormer  – October 19, 2023 3 A United Nations Security Council resolution on Iran’s missile program recently expired and this gives Russia the freedom to provide them with hypersonic weapons.     These hypersonic missiles make American naval power largely obsolete. There is no defense […]

Report: U.S.S. Carney Intercepts Missiles Fired by Iran-backed Houthis near Yemen

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fired missiles Wednesday at the U.S.S. Carney off the coast of Yemen, according to news reports. Source

Syria now firing missiles on Golan Heights as U.S. provides “surging” support for Israeli operation in “cleansing” Gaza of all Palestinians

(NaturalNews) The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has confirmed that the Syrian Army just fired missiles at the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Tuesday evening,… Source

Resistance ready for months-long war, less than 10% of missiles used

October 14, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English A Palestinian Resistance source in Gaza confirms to Al Mayadeen that there is no shortage of manpower or weapons. The number of missiles used by the Resistance in Gaza so far did not exceed 10 percent of its inventory, a source in the Palestinian Resistance […]

Some Hamas missiles are getting through Israel’s Iron Dome

No air defence system can shoot down every attacking missile, and Hamas has very large numbers of missiles being built by themselves, and some are getting through. Hard information is short in supply, despite masses of reports circulating.  Typical of war.  Despite this Alexander Mercouris tries to provide analysis. The Israelis were enjoying their Yom […]

If U.S. Gives Ukraine Long Range Missiles Russia Will Respond With Fire & Fury

7 Oct, 2023 11:29 HomeRussia & FSU Comment:  U.S. Politicians HAVE NO REGARD for LIFE at all.  They are putrid, Satanic , Pus Filled Evil Baby Rapers and Child Killers.  Being U.S. Politicians represent the British Empire that makes them TRAITORS.  They don’t give a shit if we are all nuked to death cuz they […]

Iran to supply UAVs and missiles to Russia for massive strike on Ukrainian Armed Forces

Lyuba Lulko  28.09.2023 17:54 Iran to supply UAVs and missiles to Russia for massive strike on Ukrainian Armed Forces World » Asia Starting from October 18, Iran will be able to start selling its missiles and UAVs to Russia due to the expiration of UN sanctions. Russia will use those weapons to strike a massive blow on […]

Biden Promised Zelensky Long-Range ‘ATACMS’ Missiles During White House Meeting: Report

President Joe Biden reportedly told Volodymyr Zelensky this week that the U.S. will send Ukraine long-range ATACMS missiles. Source

Ukraine Used British Cruise Missiles In Devastating Sevastopol Attack, UK Confirms

Ukraine Used British Cruise Missiles In Devastating Sevastopol Attack, UK Confirms This week’s major Ukrainian attack on the Russian port of Sevastopol in Crimea was likely the largest strike on Russian naval targets since the war’s start. Significantly, the UK’s Sky News has confirmed that British-supplied long range missiles were used in the overnight Sept. […]

About China, Laser Missiles, And Who Is Behind the Rise of China?

Chinese Communist Satellites: Evidence Reveals Lasers Fired From Orbit On Hawaii – Whistleblower Wednesday/The Rob Maness Show EP 236 ( Comment:  Information you won’t see in Mainstream FAKE Media.  However I disagree with Colonel Rob Maness about citizens not being arrested here without an arrest warrant.  The Jan 6th protesters were arrested under NDAA or […]

France promises to supply Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles, putting a target on itself for Russia’s nuclear weapons

France promises to supply Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles, putting a target on itself for Russia’s nuclear weapons In concert with Great Britain, France has decided to send long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine so Volodymyr Zelensky’s armed forces can strike Russia’s armed forces from deep behind front lines. Emmanuel Macron announced the move in tandem […]

China: Simulated War Games Sink U.S. Carrier Group with Hypersonic Missiles

A study in China’s Journal of Test and Measurement Technology concluded, citing a series of software simulations, that the communist nation’s hypersonic missile technology could destroy the formidable USS Gerald R. Ford carrier fleet by evading the ships’ defense systems, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday. The war games add to mounting anxiety in the […]

Greece puts “killer” missiles on the border

Greece acquires a new strategic weapon for its defence after agreeing with Israel to purchase Spike anti-tank missiles. According to the agreement, the missiles will be manufactured by the state-owned company Rafael and will equip the Apache attack helicopters and gunships. They will be placed on the border with Turkey and on the islands of… […]

Israeli Warplanes Attack Gaza, Cabinet Mulls Response to Missiles Fired from Lebanon: Video

April 7, 2023 Israeli warplanes attack targets inside the Gaza Strip following the firing of retaliatory rockets from the direction of the coastal strip over the Zionist attacks on Palestinians inside the al-Aqsa Mosque’s compound in the occupied city of al-Quds (Jerusalem). Source: Al-Manar English Website Hezbollah Military Department Releases Urgent Video: Any Israeli Mistake Will Be Answered Swiftly […]

China may have already deployed unstoppable hypersonic missiles capable of targeting American bases in the Pacific

(Natural News) The chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has warned that China may have already deployed a near-unstoppable hypersonic missile capable of striking American bases in the Pacific. DIA chief scientist Paul Freisthler told a House Armed Services subcommittee that China has been working on building an intercontinental ballistic missile tipped with a hypersonic glide […]

Six Hypersonic Missiles Were Used In Latest Russian Attack, Ukraine Confirms

Russia has claimed that the New York Times report about a ‘pro-Ukraine group’ being responsible for the Nord Stream pipeline attack is a deliberate form of disinformation to distract from the fact that the U.S. was responsible for the blasts. The NYT said that a “pro-Ukrainian group” had sabotaged the pipelines, using a team with […]

Air Force Vets Testify UFOs Have Turned Off Nuclear Warheads & Shot Test Missiles Out Of Sky At US Bases

Air Force Vets Testify UFOs Have Turned Off Nuclear Warheads & Shot Test Missiles Out Of Sky At US Bases Date: February 22, 2023Author: Nwo Report   Posted BY: Kelen McBreen Pentagon investigators have recently interviewed multiple veterans about their experiences allegedly witnessing UFOs tampering with American military equipment, including the nuclear arsenal. According to […]

North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles In Its Second Weapons Test In 3 Days

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles toward its eastern waters on Monday in a widely condemned weapons test — its second in three days — that prompted Tokyo to request an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council. The firings follow an intercontinental ballistic missile launch Saturday and North […]

Russia Fires Barrage Of Missiles At Targets In Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities said one of the strikes killed a 79-year-old woman and injured at least seven others. Source

Palestinians fire missiles at Israeli settlement after attacks on female prisoners

Palestinian resistance groups have fired missiles from the besieged Gaza Strip at nearby Israeli settlements in retaliation for the Israeli army escalations in the occupied West Bank, especially attacks on female prisoners. Israeli media outlets quoted an army spokesman as saying that the Iron Dome missile defence system had intercepted a missile fired on Wednesday […]

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