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Syrian Foreign Minister says his Country is Ready for War with Israel

Damascus, historically resilient in the face of regional tensions, asserts its unwavering readiness to defend its territory against potential military confrontations with Israel, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad affirmed during a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in Damascus. The high-level discussions delved into joint support for Palestinians amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in […]

Israeli PM orders evacuation of last Gaza safe zone

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued directives to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to develop comprehensive plans for a potential ground offensive in Rafah, the last remaining refuge for displaced residents of the Gaza Strip. The IDF is tasked with creating a well-coordinated strategy that ensures both the security of the region […]

Starbucks & McDonald’s Say Israel-Hamas Conflict Is Hurting Business

The conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza is hurting McDonald’s and Starbuck’s sales in the Middle East. The company’s fourth-quarter revenues, which were released on Monday, were below market expectations, with the burger […] The post Starbucks & McDonald’s Say Israel-Hamas Conflict Is Hurting Business appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Houthis Fire Missiles at Two Ships as Red Sea Crisis Rages on

Iran-backed Houthi rebels targeted two commercial ships sailing in the southern Red Sea following airstrikes by the United States and the United Kingdom on dozens of locations across Yemen, Iraq, and Syria over the weekend. This escalation around the maritime chokepoint has led to a blockade of ships, marking a new round of cost-push inflation […]

Iran Issues Retaliatory Threats against USA

If even one United States-linked bomb hits Iranian soil in the coming days, Tehran is promising to retaliate against American military targets all throughout the Middle East. As the world waits to see how President Biden responds to the killing of three U.S. soldiers by Iranian-backed militias in Jordan, Iran is drawing a red line […]

US War with Yemen Houthis Intensifies in the Red Sea

The US military and Yemen’s Houthi rebels have engaged in conflicting claims of successful strikes, heightening tensions in their ongoing conflict over Red Sea shipping lanes. The recent exchanges involved a US airstrike targeting a Houthi missile in Yemen, reportedly set to launch. In response, the Houthis claimed an “accurate and direct” missile strike against […]

3 US Troops Killed, 25 Injured, After Drone Slams Into Base On Jordanian Border

An overnight drone attack on a US military outpost in northeast Jordan has killed three American troops and left 25 more injured, according to breaking reports Sunday morning. The outpost, called Tower 22, is located very close to the Syrian border, and the casualty rate is so high as soldiers were reportedly sleeping in tents […]

International Court of Justice rules Israel must prevent genocide in Gaza

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered a landmark ruling on South Africa’s case against Israel, specifically addressing the situation in Gaza. In a historic decision issued on Friday, the court asserted its jurisdiction and imposed seven “emergency measures” requested by Pretoria. Despite not ordering Israel to halt its military operation against Hamas, the ICJ […]

Israel Approves the Sale of Fake Laboratory Made Meat

In a groundbreaking move, an Israeli company has secured preliminary approval from the government to sell the world’s first steaks created from cultivated beef cells, as announced by the country’s Health Ministry this week. The approval is part of a pilot program for alternative protein conducted by the Department of Food Risk Management, reflecting a […]

Iran Bombs Targets in Syria and Iraq as retaliation for Kerman Attack

    In a swift and decisive response to the heinous terrorist attack that took place in Kerman, Iran, on January 3, claiming almost a hundred lives and leaving hundreds injured, the Iranian government has carried out retaliatory strikes. The attack targeted what Iran alleges are ISIS positions in Syria and an Israeli spy center […]

Dave The Minister For Managing Failures

I jest, but it’s a sad indictment of the UK government. The cabbage struggles to distinguish itself from a lettuce. Perhaps a Roman laurel head wreath? No, since that’s supposed to depict victory. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Brexit. Dave failed every time. In fact, Dave’s talent is being a safe pair of hands to manage failures. […]

Over 100 Die in Explosions Near Tomb of Iranian General Soleimani

At least 95 people have tragically lost their lives, and over 200 individuals are grappling with injuries resulting from two devastating explosions that rocked a memorial event marking the fourth anniversary of the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Kerman, a south-central city in Iran on Wednesday. Media reports indicate that these explosions occurred […]

USA Loosing Allies as Saudi Arabia Joins Russia’s BRICS

In a significant geopolitical development, Saudi Arabia has officially declared its membership in the BRICS+ group, a move formally announced via state TV. Riyadh had been engaged in negotiations regarding its accession to the group for several months. Last August, Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan affirmed that the details of the move would be […]

Iran Angry After Israel Assassinates Iranian Commander in Syria Airstrike

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi strongly condemned the recent killing of Seyyed Razi Mousavi, an Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) military advisor, in an Israeli airstrike in Syria. Raeisi asserted that the Israeli regime will “definitely pay the price” for this criminal act, considering it a desperate move by the usurping Zionist regime. Mousavi, who served […]

Refugee camp struck in Gaza on Christmas Day, 70 Dead

In a grim turn of events on Christmas Eve, the Maghazi refugee camp in Gaza became the epicenter of a devastating Israeli air attack, resulting in a reported death toll of at least 70 people. The dire situation was revealed by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, with spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra describing the unfolding tragedy as […]

Houthis Getting Ready to send 20K Troops to Gaza

In a strategic move that echoes the timeless tale of David and Goliath, Yemen’s Ansar Allah Rebel Movement, commonly known as the Houthis, has reportedly undertaken extensive preparations for a potential military engagement. Recent reports from the Yemeni news agency Saba suggest that the Houthis have diligently trained a force of 20,000 fighters. This military […]

Israeli government says Mother and Daughter had to be assassinated in Church because they were Hamas

The Israeli government has found a way to try to make its assassination of two women in a Gaza church more palatable by claiming the mother and daughter were actually “Hamas spotters” who therefore needed to be eradicated. The women, Nahida Khalil Anton and Samar Kamal Anton, were killed by Israeli snipers while taking shelter […]

71% of People in Gaza are Experiencing Extreme Famine, Resorting to Eating GRASS

A Geneva-based rights group, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, has conducted an analytical study revealing alarming statistics about the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. According to the study, 71 percent of people in Gaza are experiencing extreme hunger, directly attributed to Israel’s devastating war on the Palestinian territory. The study, based on a […]

Arab world Angry as Netflix Movie about Hannibal is played by Denzel Washington

Netflix is once again facing criticism in the Arab world over its casting decisions, this time for selecting African-American actor Denzel Washington to portray the Carthaginian general Hannibal in an upcoming movie. Hannibal, known for his remarkable military achievements, hailed from Carthage in present-day Tunisia and had West Semitic ancestry. His feats, such as leading […]

US Warship Shoots Down 14 Yemeni Drones in Red Sea

Amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, the strategic dynamics in the Red Sea have intensified, with a noteworthy development involving the US Navy. The USS Carney, a guided-missile destroyer, deployed to the region, successfully intercepted and downed a barrage of 14 attack drones allegedly launched from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen. The unmanned aerial vehicles, assessed as […]

Sniper Guns Down Christian Mother and Daughter inside Catholic Church

In a tragic incident at the Holy Family Parish in Gaza City, an Israeli military sniper shot and killed Nahida and her daughter Samar, who were seeking shelter at the Catholic church with other displaced Palestinian families. The shooting occurred without warning, and the victims were unarmed civilians inside the church premises, according to the […]

Yemen Drone Strikes Israel’s Port of Eilat in solidarity with Gaza

In a significant show of solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, the Yemeni Armed Forces have announced a large-scale drone strike targeting “sensitive” areas in the occupied territories. According to a statement released by Yemen’s al-Masirah television channel, a squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles carried out the operation in the Umm al-Rashrash area of […]

Israel’s AI called Gospel Causes Havoc Among Civilians in Gaza

    To purportedly help minimize the number of civilian casualties in Gaza, Israel has deployed an artificial intelligence (AI) weapon ironically called “Gospel” that supposedly uses robots to select military targets in Gaza at a rapid pace. Experts warn, however, that Israel’s Gospel is a lie, and that its AI system has actually created […]

Israel is Flooding Hamas Tunnels in Gaza, Endangering the Hostages

    In a strategic move, the Israeli military has reportedly initiated the flooding of Hamas’ underground tunnel network beneath Gaza, a contentious operation that has raised concerns about the safety of more than 100 hostages and potential contamination of the strip’s water supply. According to the Wall Street Journal, Israeli forces have begun pumping […]

WHO says Gaza Strip’s situation is ‘Humanity’s Darkest Hour’

The crisis in Gaza is the World Health Organization (WHO) now so serious that it is approaching “mankind’s darkest hour”. According to Richard Peeperkorn, WHO representative for the West Bank and Gaza, the situation has worsened significantly. The number of people fleeing central and southern Gaza now “is increasing enormously,” Peeperkorn told a news conference. […]

Persian Gulf leaders, Erdogan call for end to Israel’s ‘blatant aggression’ in Gaza

Leaders of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have jointly condemned Israel’s “blatant aggression” against the Palestinian people. They also warned that the Israeli regime’s war on the Gaza Strip will have “dire consequences” for the entire region and the international community as well. The leaders of the six nations […]

Putin says its Russia’s ‘sacred duty’ to intervene in Gaza

    Moscow has a moral obligation to deliver humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Gaza, Russian President Vladimir Putin argued on Wednesday. The day before, he told other BRICS leaders that he had been moved by videos depicting Palestinian children being operated on without anesthesia. Earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) […]

Boeing’s Apache Sustainable Life Cycle Solution

Boeing’s Apache Sustainable Life Cycle Solution  Tue 1:54 pm +01:00, 21 Nov 2023  3 posted by NPP The word sustainable must be among the most misused and weaponised of audio phonetics. Agenda2030 and the carbon cult have hijacked it. Boeing too. It seems to have been 2023’s October surprise. What happened 07 October? Who was […]

Yemen Houthis Seize Israeli-Owned Ship in the Red Sea

    Yemen’s Houthi rebels said they have seized what they called an Israeli cargo ship in the Red Sea, and warned that all vessels linked to Israel “will become a legitimate target for armed forces”. Houthi forces would “continue to carry out military operations against the Israeli enemy until the aggression against Gaza stops […]

‘Mow The Lawn’

‘Mow The Lawn’  Sun 3:18 pm +01:00, 19 Nov 2023   posted by NPP It’s a phrase, a metaphor, used to describe the weeding out of ‘terrorists’ in Palestine by Israel. Norman Finkelstein refers to it below. It could also be ‘cutting the grass’, but you get the rather unpleasant gist of the sentiment. Apparently, […]

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