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Iran’s Retaliatory Strikes Have Begun

Iranian authorities have announced that they have launched a large number of missiles and drones from their territory at targets in Israel. Israeli officials subsequently confirmed their claim. The attack is in retaliation for an Israeli strike on a consular building right next to the Iranian Embassy in Syria’s capital Damascus on April 1. The […]

Why Iran’s retaliatory attack against Israel was not a ‘failure’

Shortly after Iran’s retaliatory strike on Israel concluded seemingly without incident, the full-throated proclamations of Israel’s defensive feats followed. Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said that Iran’s retaliation had “failed” after 99% of the launched missiles and drones were intercepted by Israeli air defense systems. U.S. President Biden hailed Israel’s “remarkable capacity” to defend against […]

The mainstream U.S. media is hiding key truths in its coverage of Iran’s retaliatory attack

Mainstream U.S. media coverage of Iran’s retaliation for Israel’s April 1 attack on an Iranian embassy building in Damascus was poor, but could have been worse. Six months of widespread media criticism may be having a modest impact. And there was a welcome surprise on cable news. CNN naturally rousted Wolf Blitzer last night to […]

IRGC launches ‘unprecedented’ retaliatory attack on ‘Israel’

 April 13, 2024 Source: Israeli media By Al Mayadeen English Hundreds of Iranian drones and missiles are reportedly heading toward Israeli-occupied territories, according to Israeli media. Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force announced that it targeted Israeli positions in occupied Palestine with dozens of drones and missiles, as part of the retaliatory response […]

Iran Issues Retaliatory Threats against USA

If even one United States-linked bomb hits Iranian soil in the coming days, Tehran is promising to retaliate against American military targets all throughout the Middle East. As the world waits to see how President Biden responds to the killing of three U.S. soldiers by Iranian-backed militias in Jordan, Iran is drawing a red line […]

The anticipation of a retaliatory strike is even worse than the actual strike…

A real war always begins unexpectedly, even if the parties have been preparing for it for a long time. However, it is not uncommon for “big wars” to be provoked by small countries in the hope of becoming part of the clientele of major powers (allies). The recent provocations in the form of airstrikes against […]

Iran Won’t Rule Out Withdrawal from NPT in Retaliatory Gesture: FM

January, 22, 2023 – 13:06  TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The foreign minister of Iran did not rule out the possibility of suspension of Tehran’s membership in the Non-Proliferation Treaty or a decision to expel the IAEA inspectors in response to the European Parliament’s push to blacklist the IRGC. Speaking to ICANA on Sunday, Hossein Amirabdollahian lashed […]

Charlie Kirk and Eric Metaxas Call for Retaliatory Raids on Liberal Groups

Right-wing commentator and youth organizer Charlie Kirk appeared Thursday on “The Eric Metaxas Show,” where he called on Republican state attorneys general to launch raids on hundreds of liberal organizations without legal justification in retaliation for the FBI’s search of former President Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago residence earlier this week. Kirk, the Christian nationalist founder of […]

Belarus imposes retaliatory sanctions on EU and UK airlines

Belarus says it will impose retaliatory restrictions on airlines from the European Union and the United Kingdom. Minsk announced that it would also introduce a ban on imports of certain goods from countries that have placed sanctions on the country. The move comes after the EU, UK, United States, and Canada slapped simultaneous sanctions on […]

Five Saudi forces killed in Yemeni retaliatory attacks

Press TV- At least five Saudi forces have been killed in Saudi Arabia’s southern border regions in attacks by Yemeni forces that were launched in retaliation for the Riyadh regime’s deadly war on Yemen. The Sabq online newspaper reported on Saturday that a Saudi soldier was killed when an improvised explosive device (IED) went off in Saudi Arabia’s Najran region. […]

Wrong time, wrong place: Black-billed cuckoo from North America turns up on Scottish island

     Bird lovers have flocked to a remote island to see a cuckoo not seen in the UK since 1985. Some twitchers have travelled more than 400 miles to North Uist in the Outer Hebridies to try to get a glimpse. The bird – called the black billed cuckoo – is native to North America […]

Good News For Working ‘Retirees’ – Wal-Mart Reintroduces "The Greeter"

After a series of tests on ways to deter theft, Wal-Mart has decided that America’s favorite supercenter position will be making a comeback. This summer, Wal-Mart will be rolling out a program that will bring door greeters back to the entrances in hopes of reducing theft, and improving customer service. Theft has been […]

Family Files Federal Lawsuit In Police Hogtie Death Of Troy Goode

The family of an asthmatic Tennessee man is alleging in a federal lawsuit that their loved one died during a police interaction last year because the cops tased and hogtied him for an extended period of time making it difficult for him to breathe properly. Thirty-year-old chemical engineer Troy Goode had reportedly been drinking and […]

Suicide bomber behind Istanbul blast arrived in Turkey as refugee

A suicide bomber, who carried out a terror attack in Istanbul, arrived in Turkey under the guise of a refugee, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Wednesday.   MOSCOW (Sputnik) – On Tuesday, an explosion occurred in Istanbul’s historical center in the city’s central square. At least 10 German nationals were killed, while 17 people were injured […]

Cleveland DA Refuses To File Charges Against The Cops That Murdered Tamir Rice

An open letter to the sponsors of the Tamir Rice Justice Petition: We have some unfortunate and alarming news to share with you. County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty has been telling people he will not comply with the recommendation of Cleveland Municipal Judge Ronald Adrine to charge the officers responsible for the death of Tamir Rice, […]

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