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Rafah border crossing to be managed by private contractor: Haaretz

 May 8, 2024 Source: Israeli Media + Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English A new report by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz underscored a plot to take the Rafah border crossing away from Palestinian control in favor of giving it to a US security private contractor that would do “Israel’s” bidding. In an exclusive for Israeli […]

VIP Elite Panic As Feds Prepare To Subpoena Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ Private Jet Logs

Some of the world’s most well-connected and powerful industry pedophiles are panicking following news that federal agents are preparing to subpoena Sean “Diddy” Comb’s private jet manifests. More than 100 high-profile names are expected to be questioned regarding the nature of their close ties to Combs, who is being investigated as part of a major […]

People protesting Rothschild’s Private Fiefdom in Occupied Palestine Holocausting Tens of Thousands of Children, Damage Portrait Of Evil Man Who Helped Make Possible The Illegal Occupation

Humans fighting the evil of Rothschild’s illegal occupation of Palestine attacked a painting of Lord Arthur James Balfour, the British foreign secretary whose 1917 declaration was a promise to steal Palestine for the Rothschilds in exchange for the Rothschilds using a False Flag to drag Americans who wanted nothing to do with Rothschild’s pre-planned WW1, […]

ANYONE Supporting the Rothschild’s Private Fiefdom in Illegally Occupied Palestine is Demonically Possessed, Therefore a Soul-less Animal

In 0740 AD a kingdom in the steppes of modern day Ukraine and Russia peopled by a Turkmen Mongolian mongrel mix called the Khazarians mass infected with the Zionist Zombie Virus of the Babylonian Talmud inspired Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult Virus. “This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major […]

Living in the Private

Living In The Private Educate Yourself, Ask Questions, Verify Everything HOME DEAD OR ALIVE YOUR SOVEREIGNTY YOUR CONSENT YOUR CREDIT THE COURTS “IN THE PRIVATE” EVERY natural man and woman is born “in the private”. Whereas the State is public, and therefore its Public Servants, and its legal fiction creations are “in the public”, including its artificial legal […]

India bans ‘private’ email service under false pretences?

Worldwide, governments hate the general population/serfs/plebs having ‘private’ communications, citing the obvious excuse, that being not crime but this next level thing called ‘terrorism’, where some nation’s governments are the very definition of terrorists. End-to-end encrypted services such as Proton Mail, Signal, Telegram et al, are under attack by governments where in the colony called […]

Second Launch Attempt For America’s Private Moon Lander Scheduled For Early Thursday After Initial Glitch

Just over a month following the incident where America’s first commercial moon lander in half a century experienced a catastrophic fuel leak hours after United Launch Alliance’s new Vulcan booster blasted the spacecraft into orbit, a second US company is gearing up to send a robotic lander to the lunar surface aboard a SpaceX rocket.  Elon Musk’s […]

How CIA Foists Military Equipment Through Private War Companies

We tend to believe that the Noetic International Inc. is a vivid example of the Continental Hotel from the John Wick franchise, where you can get any service at any time anywhere on Earth. Submitted by CIAGATE Analyzing the CIA’s records, we’ve noticed that there were many references to the Noetic International Inc., a company […]

LEAK: Biden’s Private Profanity-Laced Rant Over Special Counsel Report’s Comments on His Poor Memory

LEAK: Biden’s Private Profanity-Laced Rant Over Special Counsel Report’s Comments on His Poor Memory Source

Noetic Continental | Part I: How CIA Foists Military Equipment Through Private War Companies

Analyzing the CIA’s records, we’ve noticed that there were many references to the Noetic International Inc., a company with a questionable origin and sort of activity. According to its website, the enterprise specializes in “delivering products and services including assessments, operations and finance to clients in the energy, telecom, space, cybersecurity and intelligence sectors.” Source

Government-Funded Entities Build Network to Flag “Misinformation” In Private Messages

And then use AI to analyze “emerging trends” about this so-called misinformation. Source

New Biden gun rule will BAN private firearms sales, ATF whistleblowers warn

(NaturalNews) The rumor mill is speculating that the Biden regime is about to ban all private gun sales in America, meaning gun enthusiasts would need to make all… Source

Woke Maryland Private School Questions Young Boys About “Gender” & “Sexuality”

Reversing the “woke” takeover of America’s education system will require a concerted effort from concerned parents who don’t want their children infected by the woke mind virus.  The latest example of parents becoming infuriated with diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI being injected into the education curriculum, comes from an elite private school in Baltimore County, […]

IMF Praises Argentina’s Economic Reforms as ‘Bold, Should Help Private Sector Growth’

In response to the recent protests against Argentina’s economic reforms led by President Javier Milei, the new government has declared that organisers of the demonstrations will be held financially accountable for the associated security costs. The security expenses, totaling 60 million pesos, will be invoiced to the social movements responsible for orchestrating the protests, according […]

‘They Were Traumatized’: How a Private Equity-Associated Lender Helped Precipitate a Nursing-Home Implosion

The day Charlie Kukuczka’s 94-year-old mother, Agnes, was abruptly uprooted from the Atrium Health and Senior Living facility outside Weston, Wisconsin, nobody from the nursing home contacted his family. “A lot of people were shoved around like old shoes,” recalled Kukuczka. “They were traumatized. They didn’t tell them where they were going. They just woke […]

Majority Of Americans Believe Rothschild’s Private Fiefdom In Illegally, Militarily & Criminally Occupied Palestine “Is Trying To Avoid Civilian Casualties” Despite Recent Holocaust of Tens of Thousands of Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants Of Biblical Judians & Even Khazarian Jew Occupier’s Children Singing Songs of Compleatly Genociding All Palestinians

It is beyond debate at this point the Invasive Species Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel Pedophile’s End of Times Death Jew Cult Members are in NO WAY or FASION descended from either Biblical Israelites or Judians. It is provable by modern DNA techniques as well as historical documents and writings their ancestors […]

US Wants Rothschild’s Private Fiefdom Located In Occupied Palestine to Finish Holocausting All Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians By Years End

Washington has called on the Khazariann Mafia to speed up its Holocaust of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians in the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians Own Ancestral Home Land as international condemnation over its War Crime Slaughter rises. Rothschild’s private Fiefdom must speed up its war crimes against […]

Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Thousands of Private Wells Near U.S. Military Bases

12/01/23 Nearly 3,000 private wells located near 63 U.S. military bases are contaminated with PFAS “forever chemicals” at levels higher than what federal regulators consider safe for drinking, according to an Environmental Working Group analysis of U.S. Department of Defense data. By  KFF Health News Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s Top […]

Rocket Hit Base Where Ratschild’s Private Fiefdom Located in Occupied Palestine Keeps It’s Illegal Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction Made With Material & Plans Stolen From US

A rocket most likely fired by Hamas which IsraHELL invented to control affairs in the open aired death camp of Gaza during their Oct. 7 false flag attack on IsraHELL struck an IsraHELL OCCPATION base where, experts say, many of the Rothschild’s illegal Nuclear Weapons of Mass destruction built with material and plans stolen from […]

Does Signal give your private & confidential conversations upon a court subpoena?

The scenario is as follows; You’ve decided to use the messaging app called Signal in order for more private conversations with friends and family and the occasional group chatting about the New World Order, Bilderberg meetings and Zionist control over the world. So, the only details the app acquires is the phone number you are […]

A Private Island, Downloads From God, and the ‘Couples Ruse’: Inside the Dangerous World of Tim Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad

On a sunny day in late October two years ago, a man twice her size drove his knee into Alison’s face, destroying her orbital bone and knocking her eye out of alignment. As she lay on the ground, bleeding and vomiting and urinating and having it explained to her that there was no bone supporting […]

Bill Gates Explains Why He Can Own 4 Private Jets While You Will Be Confined To ’15 Minute Cities’

Bill Gates has the right to fly around the world on his fleet of four private jets while normal people are forced to live in 15 minute cities without freedom of travel, according to Gates […] The post Bill Gates Explains Why He Can Own 4 Private Jets While You Will Be Confined To ’15 […]

All wars can be traced back to the private central bankers

From Video Link Story at-a-glance The video above features a 2013 documentary, “All Wars Are Bankers Wars,” written and narrated by Michael Rivero,1 founder of As explained by Rivero, all wars can be traced back to the private central bankers. “The more you study this, the more you’ll realize that ALL wars are […]

PITAC/IARPA: Vitaliano’s Private/Civilian NSA/CIA/DARPA

First rule of Vitaliano, nobody speaks about Vitaliano. The President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) was authorized by Congress under the High-Performance Computing Act of 1991 (P. L. 102-194) and the Next Generation Internet Act of 1998 (P. L. 105-305) as a Federal Advisory Committee. Executive Order 13385 amending Executive Order 13226 to extend the […]

JP Morgan CEO says seizing private citizens’ property under eminent domain may be the way to go to control climate change

Sounding familiar? It’s all happening. Think Lahaina, California & Australian fires (here also). Flooding elsewhere including NZ. Anywhere there is so called ‘climate disaster’. The clever ruse to grab your land. A must read on topic for NZ is this article Significant Natural Areas (SNAs): How NZ Cities Are Implementing Agenda 21 and the American […]

How To Make Private Transactions, & Why It’s Crucial

16 aug 2023 Financial privacy is essential for a free society, because it allows us to support causes we believe in without fear of retribution, to flee dangerous situations without being tracked, to live our daily lives without feeling like every choice we make is on display and needs to be self-censored. How can we […]

Private sector job growth fell well below expectations: ADP

A key employment measurement for the U.S. economy came in well below expectations for September, indicating some labor market weakness amid other signs of strength. The U.S. economy added 89,000 private-sector jobs in September, according to payroll firm ADP. Economists polled by Dow Jones were expecting nearly double that amount at 160,000 jobs. Numbers for… […]

It’s Time For NASA To Step Aside And Let Private Industry Take Us To Mars

It’s Time For NASA To Step Aside And Let Private Industry Take Us To Mars Authored by David Williams via RealClear Wire (emphasis ours) Once again, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is bilking taxpayers to infinity and beyond. NASA has been busy preparing for the Mars Sample Return (MSR) mission, which is designed […]

Announcing The Build Your Private Parallel Economy Through Crypto Course

25 sept 2023 The Conscious Resistance Network and Take Back Our Tech present: The Build Your Private Parallel Economy Through Cryptocurrency 1 Day Course Join us on Thursday September 28th, 2023, from 11 am – 4 pm U.S. Central Watch the Introduction Video & RSVP here for the FREE course: Build Your Private Parallel […]

While we don’t know how Russell Brand behaved in private, we DO know that the “free press” dumping on him is a factory of lies, and a weapon of the state against dissent

READ HERE:   Source

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