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Jew Gatekeeper Caterwauls Bad-Bad West-How the Western Media Helped Build the Case for Genocide in Gaza

“Liberal democracy is not what it seems.” “But how to keep the faith when the world’s leading liberal democracies – invariably referred to as “the West” – are complicit in the crime of crimes: genocide?” “Not just law-breaking or a misdemeanour, but the extermination of a people. And not just quickly, before the mind has […]

How the Western media helped build the case for genocide in Gaza

20 March 2024 Jonathan Cook From obscuring the West’s role in starving Gaza to sensationalised accounts of mass rape by Hamas, journalists are playing the role of propagandists, not reporters Declassified UK – 20 March 2024 The past five months have been clarifying. What was supposed to be hidden has been thrust into the light. […]

Least Folks Forget, I Will Make Sure To Remind Them of All The Evil Minions Who Helped Mass Murder Millions Of Humans With Killer Jabs

I get tired of posting the evidence there was no Pandemic but a Scamdemic over and over. I grow tired of posting the evidence there never was a new virus called “SARS-COV-02” over and over. Get Tired of proving the Killer jabs are a Rothschild’s Human Herd Culling Euthanasia jab over and over. Go back […]

The Biden administration has helped kill 85 members of my family. Of course I refused to meet with Antony Blinken.

A few days before his recent visit to the region, Secretary of State Antony Blinken invited several members of the Palestinian-American community to a meeting to discuss the Biden administration’s response to Israel’s onslaught against Gaza, which the International Court of Justice and a U.S. federal court ruled may amount to genocide. I was among […]

Doctor Who Helped A Wounded Ashli Babbitt On Jan. 6 Sentenced To Probation

Doctor Who Helped A Wounded Ashli Babbitt On Jan. 6 Sentenced To Probation Authored by Joseph M. Hanneman via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Dr. Austin Brendlen Harris was forced away from a dying Ashli Babbitt as he was about to perform CPR at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. (Main photo: Jayden X; […]

Dr. Fauci Helped Homeschooling Grow

READ HERE:   Source

‘They Were Traumatized’: How a Private Equity-Associated Lender Helped Precipitate a Nursing-Home Implosion

The day Charlie Kukuczka’s 94-year-old mother, Agnes, was abruptly uprooted from the Atrium Health and Senior Living facility outside Weston, Wisconsin, nobody from the nursing home contacted his family. “A lot of people were shoved around like old shoes,” recalled Kukuczka. “They were traumatized. They didn’t tell them where they were going. They just woke […]


Since Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza began, Zionist officials, pundits, journalists, and their Western opposite numbers have endlessly invoked the sinister specter of “terrorism” to justify the industrial-scale slaughter of Palestinians. It is because of “terrorism,” twice-failed U.S. Presidential candidate and unconvicted war criminal Hillary Clinton representatively wrote for The Atlantic on November 14 that “Hamas must be permanently […]

How U.S. policy failures have helped Hamas

To begin with, Washington has failed to be an honest broker in the peace process. Source

These Republicans helped kill a resolution to censure Tlaib over Israel criticism

More than 20 Republicans on Wednesday voted to kill a resolution to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) for her criticism of Israel after Hamas launched a deadly attack against the country last month. The 23 Republicans joined all House Democrats in a 222-186 vote in favor of a procedural motion that blocked the disciplinary resolution from… […]

How and Why Israel helped create Hamas?

Not many people are aware of the fact that it was Israel which had helped the creation of Hamas as a counter to PLO Dr Moonis Ahmar The Express Tribune The writer is former Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Karachi and can be reached at [email protected] Israel has declared Hamas, a Palestinian resistance […]

WSJ, Citing Exclusively Anonymous Sources, Claims ‘Iran Helped Plot Attack on Israel’

The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, citing anonymous “sources” in Hamas and Hezbollah in addition to “a European official and an adviser to the Syrian government,” claimed Iran helped plot Hamas’ attack on Israel but the only Hamas official they cite on the record denied anyone else was involved in the attack.  From WSJ, “Iran Helped […]

Report: Iranian Security Officials Helped Hamas Plan Terrorist Attack on Israel

In the wake of the horrific attack on Israel, which has left over 700 dead, reports have surfaced that Iranian security officials helped the terrorist organization Hamas plan the strike for weeks. Source

The North Face helped anger-prone black mountain climber DESTROY life of white executive with coordinated, anti-white SMEAR campaign – report

(NaturalNews) A white-hating, The North Face-sponsored outdoor rock climber with black skin by the name of Manoah Ainuu has made a complete and utter fool of… Source

Dianne Feinstein Helped Lead the Democratic Party’s Neoliberal Turn

Dianne Feinstein deserves to be remembered as a representative of the country’s monied interests — and her centrist legacy should be rejected. Source

Dem Rep. Slotkin: Inflation Hurting Auto Workers Helped Set the Scene for Auto Talks

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) stated that “the scene for these negotiations” between automakers and the UAW was set by large profits for auto companies and the fact that “people Source

“Vaccine” Kills Wife, 34, of Ugandan We Helped

(James Mubiru and six motherless children 2-16 thanks to the World Health Org) “I had warned her several times not to take the vaccines  but she couldn’t listen.” Readers of this site sent James Mubru $6000 to open a grocery store in 2020. by James Mubiru ( It is very sad that my wife Emily […]

Lord of the Underworld: Meet the Paratrooper from North Carolina who Helped Orchestrate the War in Ukraine

One of the great mysteries surrounding the Maidan coup and the civil war which has followed is how the rabble of soccer hooligans and neo-Nazis who orchestrated the coup were able to become an army capable of subjugating the nation so quickly. Source

A ‘privileged’ relationship with President Emmanuel Macron helped establish Uber in France

A parliamentary committee has concluded that President Emmanuel Macron helped establish the cab-hailing firm Uber in France by way of a “privileged” relationship with the online platform. Source

Dershowitz: Bad Behavior by Schools Helped Create Student Debt Issue, Harvard Runs, Charges Like a Huge Corporation

On Friday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “The Record,” Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and Newsmax Legal Analyst Alan Dershowitz said that the bad behavior of universities is a large driver of student loan debt and even said his own institution has engaged in the same behavior and is “like a mega-corporation and the tuition reflects it.” […]

DARPA Email Confirms, Franco Vitaliano Also Helped Invent the Internet!

In this DARPA email, dated September 15, 1987, Major Doug Hardie is praising Franco Vitaliano’s work with Software Robot Fixes while designing the internet. On-line Robotic Repair of Software“Maj. Doug Hardie” [email protected], 15 Sep 87 12:27 EDTThe following is taken from Business Week, Sep 7, 87 page 113.THIS SOFTWARE ROBOT FIXES SYSTEMS – WHILE THEY’RE […]

CIA Official Helped Recruit Signers for Letter Calling Hunter Biden Laptop Stories Russian Disinformation: House Report

A member of the internal board that reviews materials written for publication by present and former employees of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) helped solicit signatures for the October 2020 letter claiming the Hunter Biden laptop story “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” according to a new congressional report. Source

Biden Official: Pollution Falling During Lockdowns Helped Life Quality, Many People Enjoyed Being in Environment Instead of Being at Work

The Department of State’s Monica Medina says that during coronavirus lockdowns, “we saw pollution levels go down.” Source

Actor Russell Brand Reveals How His Faith Has Helped Him Overcome His Addiction Struggles

Actor and comedian Russell Brand has battled drug addiction, waged war against groupthink, and pushed the envelope as a free thinker. And he has praised God for helping him through his most challenging times. He recently sat down with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Today” to discuss how he became the man he is today, emphasizing that faith […]

You helped me create this mess!


How Zionism helped the Nazis perpetrate the Holocaust

Originally published by The Electronic Intifada. Zionism During the Holocaust: The Weaponisation of Memory in the Service of State and Nation by Tony Greenstein, self-published (2022) Tony Greenstein’s new book opens on a personal note: “from an early age, I had my doubts about Zionism.” The son of an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, Greenstein has for […]

Study reveals sunlight helped dissolve crude oil from 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill

To date, the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill is the largest marine oil spill in U.S. history. The incident claimed 11 lives and released almost 210 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. More than a decade and hundreds of millions of dollars later, researchers are still trying to find out where […]

Train collision in Tempi: “I’m not a hero, I did my duty,” says the teenager who helped save 16 passengers

Two young men, an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old, are responsible for saving the lives of at least 26 passengers who were trapped in the horrific train collision near Larissa. “I was thinking of nothing else but that I should help my fellow people.” With these words, 18-year-old Angelos Tsiamouras described to the Peloponnisos newspaper what […]

The Best Video Games This Year Helped Me Feel Closer to People

2022 was a year in which it was easier to count the video games that were delayed out of 2022 than it was to count the games that managed to still get released in 2022. Weird year, and yet one still full of wonderful experiences that made me laugh, scream, and cheer. Every year, I […]

The Russian Jews Who Helped Create North Korea

Chabad rabbi Meir Alfasi in North Korea, in what was dubbed the first Chabadnik in the Communist state.. Courtesy of Meir Alfasi By Bill Streifer November 2020 Anno Domini This is the story of a family of Russian Jews, two members of which played a role in the formation of what would later become the […]

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