Least Folks Forget, I Will Make Sure To Remind Them of All The Evil Minions Who Helped Mass Murder Millions Of Humans With Killer Jabs

I get tired of posting the evidence there was no Pandemic but a Scamdemic over and over.
I grow tired of posting the evidence there never was a new virus called “SARS-COV-02” over and over.
Get Tired of proving the Killer jabs are a Rothschild’s Human Herd Culling Euthanasia jab over and over.

Go back in my post if you care to look reality in the face.

But on the other side of Rothschild’s engineered collapse of the economy, food production and promotions of needless wars, the sheeple will want pay back.

Justice belongs to God and is beyond human’s ability to achieve on this rock.

But making examples of evil f##ks who took the 30 shekels to make war against humanity by giving them fair Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law trials followed by fair hangings their evil asses by the hundreds of thousands

is making an example so next time some evil Rat Pack like the Rothschilds start passing out 30 shekels to betray humanity, those who otherwise would be disposed to take the coins to betray humanity will have second thoughts when the visual image enters their brains of hundreds of thousands of evil f##ks shitting their pants when their necks snap.

The Ole Dog!


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