Join the Lighthouse Keepers who dared challenge covid dictatorship

BySally Beck

April 17, 2024

HEALTH professionals who challenged the covid narrative were threatened with prison, psychiatric evaluations and suspension. Many lost their licences to practise for debating potential harms caused by lockdowns, vaccines and masks, although they had rightly raised concerns and exercised their right to free speech.

Health authorities were livid and either ignored or sanctioned those who challenged government diktat. Australia went a step further with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) issuing gagging orders in March 2021. Health professionals were to toe the line and instruct all eligible patients to receive the experimental vaccinations, although there was no long-term safety data so no possibility of informed consent or the offer of reassurance. Treating citizens as enemies they used psychological experitise ‘psyops’ to ensure the population complied.

Now, doctors, scientists and healthcare workers are fighting back with a global movement to address the censorship problem. Practitioners from the UK, Australia, US, Canada, Africa and Europe have signed the Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration supporting the  ‘vast numbers of health professionals who have been censored when attempting to raise awareness of significant harms caused by government Covid-19 policies’.

The declaration has four key pillars: stop silencing experienced practitioners and scientists, uphold the right of informed consent, stop mandates and other forms of medical coercion, stop the globalisation of public health and ensure transparency in science and medicine.

Named after the Cape Byron Lighthouse, Australia’s most powerful beacon on the New South Wales coast, it already has 15,557 signatures and was launched by Ros Nealon-Cook, an Anglo/Australian former psychologist who practised in Australia, psychiatric specialist Dr Robert Brennan and critical care anaesthesiologist Dr Paul Oosterhuis.

Ms Nealon-Cook was sanctioned after she released a video submitting a mandatory report – an official document psychologists must make to the Australian authorities if they think children are in danger of being harmed. The report was sent to Australia’s six attorney generals who uphold human rights and who prosecute cases involving government, all Australian MPs, and all ABC journalists. The response? Her concerns were ignored, and her licence was revoked in September 2021 after ten anonymous complaints were made to AHPRA.

Ms Nealon-Cook, who is based in New South Wales, was concerned about the psychological effect lockdowns, mask wearing and experimental covid vaccinations could have on children. She knew some children would suffer psychological abuse and neglect, locked up with their abusers 24 hours a day. Other psychologists supported her, but she decided the joint statement they proposed was too anodyne to make an impact. ‘They wanted to save their licences,’ Ms Nealon-Cook said. ‘I understood that, but I knew children would be harmed if we didn’t speak out.’

She decided to go it alone after a lawyer told her that mandatory reports trumped government gag orders. Terrified, she put her head above the parapet and urged police officers, teachers, other health professionals and religious ministries, all obliged to submit mandatory reports, to do the same.

In the video she said: ‘Beyond the risks of harm to children many psychologists are aware that the effects on communities are horrific and unprecedented. Beyond the obvious widespread increases in anxiety and depression, we’re seeing businesses close, relationships break down, sky-high rates of active addiction – new and those returning. We’re seeing increases in self-harm, suicide ideation, domestic violence, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in small kids tragically, not to mention the huge increase in postnatal depression, three times higher, which is a major risk factor in long term mental health.

‘These are not problems that are going to fix themselves once the pandemic is over, these are going to go on for decades and even generations.

‘I’ve become aware of many mental health professionals who are deeply concerned about these issues who have however been too frightened to speak out for fear of losing their licence.’

She also talked about pregnant women being shamed and intimidated into receiving the vaccine, an experimental drug with no long-term safety data still in phase three trials when it was introduced at the end of 2020, and made the point that pregnant women were not allowed to eat certain cheeses, let alone receive a cocktail of unknown chemicals which could affect them or their unborn babies.

The response? ‘They took my psychologist’s licence, I was threatened with jail, I was subject to a psychiatric assessment myself,’ Ms Nealon-Cook said. ‘We still have a complete media blackout of any alternative viewpoints. People who do speak out are ridiculed and tagged with words like antivaxxer and conspiracy theorist. But it is about letting people know there are huge numbers of us [professionals] questioning the narrative.’

In the video, Ms Nealon-Cook appealed to the media and asked them to stop mocking people and calling them conspiracy theorists or antivaxxers for challenging the narrative. She asked the government to listen to both sides of the argument, telling them that if the scientists with grave concerns about lockdowns and experimental vaccines were right, their ‘hands would be covered in blood’. She appealed to parents who were being asked to have older children vaccinated. She said that a small number had died post vaccination and that even a small risk was unacceptable. She added: ‘Coercion from government suggested we were wimps if we didn’t get vaccinated.’

Another of her major worries was that governments shut down access to treatment for covid, telling everyone to wait for the vaccine. Many doctors successfully treated patients with the cheap repurposed drugs ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Dr Joseph Varon, chief of critical care at United Memorial Medical Centre in Houston, Texas, used this protocol. Around 4.4 per cent of his patients died with covid, compared with an average 20 per cent at other hospitals. Dr Varon said when he tried to get the word out through Facebook: ‘I found myself in Facebook jail.’

The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration is an homage to the Great Barrington Declaration which focused on protection for the vulnerable and elderly. It was released in April 2020, and signed by 43,660 medical practitioners and 14,842 medical and public health scientists, including three of the world’s leading experts in epidemiology, infectious diseases and vaccines, Professor Martin Kulldorff, who has since been sacked by Harvard University, Professor Sunetra Gupta from Oxford University and Professor Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University.

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, a Thai microbiologist who lives in Germany, said that the number of scientists and doctors who said no to draconian measures outnumbered the number who said yes, but his viewpoint was heavily censored.

Free speech is critical to any democracy which is why Ms Nealon-Cook has the support of other ‘Lighthouse Keepers’, professionals whose names have largely been out of the headlines but who have spoken out and lost their licences, and those who are quietly resisting behind the scenes. They include Australian health professionals Dr Melissa McCann, a GP who is running the largest vaccine injury class action in Australia, and midwife, nurse and occupational therapist Fiona Marlow.

In the UK, current Lighthouse Keepers are Dr Anne McCloskey, who was suspended by the General Medical Council (GMC) for saying that young people were being coerced, bullied, bribed and cajoled into receiving the vaccine, pathologist Dr Clare Craig, retired medical doctor Elizabeth Evans, retired consultant paediatrician Dr Ros Jones, and former GP partner Dr Sam White, who was suspended by the GMC and told he could no longer post covid information on social media.

The US is currently represented by pharmacist Erika Delph who ‘harboured significant professional concerns about covid policy’. Many are in the process of joining from Finland, Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden and South Africa, all nominated by the public.

The declaration says: ‘We witnessed government policies that consistently increased corporate and government stakeholder profits, whilst simultaneously using their positions of trust and authority to deny and punish those who dared to exercise their rights of freedom of speech and informed choice. These professionals were heavily censored in the mainstream and social media – and attacked by regulators . . This censorship has caused harm to you – and your country.’

You can sign the declaration here.

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The Time for Silence is Over

If you are a doctor or medical professional and you are reading this and aware of what is happening, the time for you to stay silent on account of self-preservation is over. The weight of what you know vs. a license, a job, etc., is too great. “Just following orders” or fear of scrutiny won’t cut it anymore. Several have come before you to lay the groundwork so you, too, can be brave.

If you are the every-man, there are still people you haven’t spoken to. Call them today. Don’t wait. Prepare your information, and get it ready for an email or text. Sit with them and discuss it. Have them over. Watch an interview or seminar. Make them stay out of respect for you because you are respecting them; you are trying to save their life.

If you are the every-man with a bit more nerve, go stand outside of your nearest school with a packet of information to hand out to parents on the car line. Do it until they threaten to arrest you, and get arrested if you must. It is that serious. It must be done. Go to a mall and flier the windshields of every car in the parking lot. Create a landing page or send people to a reputable site with the needed information. Get your boots on the ground. Do it today. Do not wait. Your fellow human needs you right now.

We are in the midst of one of the greatest psychological operations in human history.

The third step is to unsubscribe from all mainstream media outlets. Delete the apps from your phone, laptop, and tablet and unfollow all of their social media and YouTube channels. Try to avoid mainstream media for at least one week, even if the headline is intriguing.

In the same time why not removing all the big tech tracking/spying/social credit system around you: (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Whatsapp, Zoom, Linkedln, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Myspace, etc.)

The fourth step of the global walkout is to move as many accounts as you can to a union or local bank.

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