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7 Things I Learned by Collaborating with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers

Photo credit: Three Pemon youths By La Mesa – Own work, Public Domain, I first met Indigenous wisdom keepers as a child. After days of off-road driving to the Gran Sabana in Venezuela, we had arrived at the ancestral lands of the Pemón people, where they still lived. “Go fill up your thermoses with […]

Ultraviolet Light Reveals Secret Keepers of Anne Boleyn’s Prayer Book

The controversial and tragic death of Anne Boleyn in 1536 AD is brought back to mind this week, 485 years since she was beheaded. Now, a master’s researcher from an English university has revealed a secret list of names who protected Anne Boleyn’s Prayer Book after she died. Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII’s second wife, […]

That Time I Interviewed Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes (and He Threatened to Sue Me)

Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, speaks to the crowd during a pro-2nd amendment rally in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on January 19, 2013. Photo: Gregory Johnston via Shutterstock Before investigators and journalists even began to reconstruct the events of Jan. 6, 2021, the presence of Oath Keepers loomed large. A belligerent organization comprising active and […]

Oath Keepers founding member is first to plead guilty in US Capitol riot

A founding member of the right-wing Oath Keepers on Friday became the first person to plead guilty to taking part in the US Capitol riot, signaling a new stage in the investigation of the deadly Jan. 6 assault on the seat of American democracy. Jon Schaffer, a native of Indiana and founder of the band […]

US charges another Oath Keepers associate in Capitol riots probe

The US Justice Department this week charged another associate of the anti-government Oath Keepers militia over his alleged role in storming the US Capitol. Joshua A. James, 33, of Arab, Alabama, is at least the 11th person associated with the far-right militia to face charges in connection with the deadly Jan. 6 siege, which left […]

‘Black Robe’ Pastor Wore Oath Keepers T-Shirt at Trump ‘Prayer Rally’ in December: ‘We Are the Government of America’

Religious-right author and pundit Eric Metaxas hosted Virginia pastor Bill Cook on his radio show last Friday, where Cook said that all legitimate governments are based in “the lordship of Jesus Christ” and that Christians are “called to govern.” Cook met Metaxas at a pro-Trump “prayer rally” on the National Mall organized by Jericho March […]

Judge orders to detain Oath Keepers member over plot to storm US Capitol

A federal judge in Ohio ordered on Friday that Oath Keepers member Donovan Crowl be detained pending trial, after prosecutors charged him with conspiring with other members to storm the US Capitol on Jan. 6. “The charges against the defendant are very serious,” said Sharon Ovington, a Magistrate Judge in the Southern District of Ohio. […]


RED ALERT! OATH KEEPERS WARNING ORDER PART I Oath Keepers » Feed / edurfee As always, Oath Keepers stands in defense of the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. What is now being installed is not a constitutional government. It’s an illegitimate regime that has unjustly taken power through massive vote fraud, to install […]

Open Letter to President Trump | Oath Keepers | Part 1 and 2

 Open Letter to President Trump Oath Keepers President Trump, We now face a moment of peril as great, or greater, as what General Washington and his men faced in 1776. The very survival of our nation as a free Constitutional Republic hangs in the balance. We have but one last chance to save it. […]

Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes Repeats Demand That Trump Declare Martial Law to Avoid Militia-Led Civil War 

Stewart Rhodes, pro-Trump leader of the anti-government extremist group Oath Keepers, posted an open letter to President Donald Trump Monday urging Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act against “domestic traitors,” order “trusted military units” to “seize all databases of the CIA, FBI, NSA, DNI, etc and the records held by all state electoral systems and […]

Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes Calls for ‘Bloody War’ if Trump Doesn’t Invoke Insurrection Act

At a Dec. 12 rally of Trump fans convened on the National Mall, Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes called on President Donald Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act in the wake of Democrat Joe Biden’s imminent ascendency to the presidency of the United States, and declare martial law. Should Trump fail to do this, Rhodes […]

Oath Keepers’ Private Chats Show Desire For Post-Election Violence

Oath Keepers’ Private Chats Show Desire For Post-Election Violence “It’s Time to Start Killing the News Media Live on Air.” As Donald Trump nears the end of his elected presidential term, far-right and fascist groups maneuver to exploit rage among his supporters. The Oath Keepers, a militia made up of mostly retired military and law enforcement […]

Vicious, Freedom-Hating, Anti-Constitution Oath Keepers Might as Well be the Feds

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 14, 2017 We are now officially a 24 hour source on boomer antifa, AKA the Oath Keepers. In the comments of yesterday’s article on this anti-First Amendment multiculturalist terror group, where I reported on the Oath Keepers claim that they don’t know anything about the violence that was […]

Soldiers Receive Restaurant Bill Then Find This SHOCKING Note Written On Receipt

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Recently, a group of active duty military members went to grab a bite to eat at Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill in Tacoma, Washington. When their bill arrived, there was something quite stunning written across the receipt. Written on their receipt was a a note that read, “Thanks for your service gentlemen. — […]

Ukrainian town asks Putin for Russia’s help against the cold and gets it

     The mayor of the Ukrainian town of Genichesk, which is located near the border with the Crimea, addressed Vladimir Putin with a plea for help with gas supplies, the need for which has increased dramatically due to the cold snap. The press secretary of the president of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, reported this on RIA […]

Fugitive of Paris attacks recruited men at Budapest train station amid refugee crisis

Abdeslam travelled through the Hungarian capital’s Keleti train station, Janos Lazar, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff, said on Thursday at a press-conference, without naming the alleged terrorist or exact date of his visit to Budapest. “I can confirm that … based on current information of the Hungarian secret services, one of the chief […]

Constitution Watchdog Oath Keepers and The Wayseers Join ‘Occupy’ Protests Activist Post October 7, 2011 On Thursday, Constitutional watchdog Oath Keepers announced their support for the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the Fed protests: Oath Keepers sees good reason to stand in the streets with these awakening souls and protect their right to free speech, to peacefully assemble, and to redress their grievances […]

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