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Coronavirus: Beijing Students Tear Down Metal Fence Trapping Them Inside Dorms

Peking University students in Beijing on Sunday night tore down part of a metal fence that administrators erected without warning hours earlier after the students realized it effectively sealed them inside their dormitories and prevented them from accessing any other section of the campus as part of the school’s anti-Chinese coronavirus protocol, Hong Kong’s the […]

Report: Hollywood Stars Received Gift Bags At Oscars With Lordships Inside

Reports have suggested that Hollywood celebrities attending the Oscars Sunday night received bags which contained ‘gifts’ worth six figures including literal lordships along with plots of land in Scotland. No, this is not The Babylon Bee. Source

Feeding the “Good Wolf” Inside of Us

You may have heard the parable about the old Cherokee who is teaching his grandson about life: “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil—he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, […]

People Are Still Being SEALED Inside Their Own Homes in China

The British government used “propagandistic” fear tactics to scare the public into mass compliance during the first COVID lockdown, according to a behavioral scientist who worked inside Downing Street. Simon Ruda co-founded Number 10’s ‘Nudge Unit’, which was initially set up to encourage positive behavioral changes in the British public without the need for coercion […]

Kazakhstan arrests spy chief for treason as rift inside government widens

IN A SIGN OF WIDENING disagreements within the government of Kazakhstan, the once supremely powerful head of the country’s internal intelligence agency has been fired. He was subsequently arrested by his own agency for alleged treasonable acts. Karim Masimov (or Massimov) served twice as prime minister of Kazakhstan under his political mentor, former President Nursultan […]

The Transceiver Injected into the Vaxxed (The Monster Inside You)

As we have been reporting, the Gates jab contains biological spyware, to keep track of you via the internet of things. Dr Luis Beneto studies vaccinated bluetooth connections ( The gory details: newspatriot Share this post with your fellow guinea pigs. Share this: Source

Harris was inside DNC on Jan. 6 when pipe bomb was discovered outside

The DNC bomb threat was neutralized at 4:36 p.m., according to the timeline. Another pipe bomb discovered at the RNC was neutralized at 3:33 p.m. No suspects have been arrested so far in relation to the bombs. The FBI has described both bombs as “viable” and said they “could have been detonated, resulting in serious […]

The hurdles to leaving Gaza for medical care (Or, what can you really hide inside a tube of toothpaste?)

We were aware of the “security” issues the Israelis impose on Palestinians crossing Erez. No food. No water. Lipstick? No. Eyeliner? No. Sunblock? No. And no luggage with wheels. We didn’t want to be sent back after all. In 2019 doctors had finally figured out the cause behind my migraines, and decided I should immediately […]

Fetus Found Mummified Inside the Womb of a 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy

A mummified fetus identified within the leathery womb of an ancient Egyptian pregnant mummy was preserved for more than 2,000 years. Now, scientists have described the unusual processes that led to its preservation. The Warsaw Mummy Project was launched in 2015 by a team of bio-archaeologists from the University of Warsaw. Their website says they […]

American Gulag: Inside The US’ Massive Prison System

 Of The 46th President, Hedges, Who Teaches In A Prison In New Jersey, Said, “Half Of My Students (Or More) Would Not Be In That Classroom But For Joe Biden.” For a supposedly developed, democratic nation, the United States locks up an extraordinary number of its citizens. Close to one quarter of the world’s […]

LAPD releases videos of officer-involved shooting inside Burlington

In the aftermath of a police officer fatally shooting an innocent 14-year-old girl inside a Burlington store in North Hollywood, the LAPD released video footage on Monday depicting the officer-involved shooting. According to surveillance video, Daniel Elena-Lopez entered the store with a bicycle and bike lock, which he used to hit a computer monitor, a security […]

Incredibly Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Found Inside 72-Million-Year-Old Egg

An exquisitely preserved dinosaur embryo was discovered inside a fossilized egg in China dating back 72 million years and is one of the most complete dinosaur embryos ever found. The amazing discovery helps prove that feather and flight evolution began in dinosaurs Birds, descended from feathered theropod dinosaurs, are the only known living dinosaurs. The […]

What is crawling inside the neck of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla

by Lee Austin I’m sure you must have watched the weird Albert Bourla interview in which his neck made strange movements. If not here it is: In the above video, the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla was asked about the fast rollout and approval of the injection.  At the forty-second mark of the clip, Mr. […]

Inside Australia’s COVID Concentration Camps

By Ty & Charlene BollingerDecember 16, 2021 TTAV is experiencing heavy censorship on many social media channels since we’ve been targeted by the mainstream media sellouts, social media bullies, and political turncoats.  Be sure to get the TRUTH by subscribing to our email list.  It’s free. TweetShare89Share89 Shares When it comes to the Australian COVID […]

A look inside people’s brains who say they’ve had a UFO encounter

December 13, 2021    Stanford Professor Garry Nolanhas been testing the brains of people who say they’ve experienced a UFO encounter as well as he analysis anomalous materials from UFO crashes.  Did the people who claimed that they’d had an encounter, especially the pilots, describe any perceivable decrease in neurological capacity?  Of the 100 or […]

RH – Ernst and Ingrid, Bernie and George, Plus the Nanomonsters Inside of Us

EURO FOLK RADIO RH – Ernst and Ingrid, Bernie and George, Plus the Nanomonsters Inside of Us Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Share this: Source

Smollett: ‘The True Attackers Were Inside Me All Along’

CHICAGO, IL—In a stirring moment that left judge, jury, bailiff, and typewriter lady in tears, actor Jussie Smollett paused while reciting his well-rehearsed testimony, stood, and proclaimed, “Now I see, clear as day, that the true attackers were inside me all along.” “We knew he had it inside of him, and it was our job […]

Inside Syrian Idlib

30 Nov 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen Net Tim Anderson For NATO, dismembering a country [Syria] is a second-best war aim, after the failure of complete ‘regime change’. Idlib; where NATO-embedded media is exposed The NATO-embedded media often speaks as though the HTS/Nusra/al-Qaeda held enclave in two-thirds of Idlib Province represents Syria and is a haven […]

Doctor discovered Nano Razor Blades inside the Covid Vaccine. Found dead after his research went viral

Dr. Andreas Noack, a chemist and graphene expert published a video in which he claims Covid vaccines contain Graphene Hydroxide which works as Nano Razor Blades which slowly cuts through our blood vessels.  He claims these razor blades are 0.1 nm thick and 50nm long and do not leave the body once inside because they […]

Disturbing Details Emerge from Inside Australian Quarantine Camps. People are Taken at Gunpoint by Australian Military

Details about life inside the Australian quarantine camps are beginning to leak out through the internet. Although the information cannot be directly verified, due to the importance of this issue, We have decided to report on this story since it’s unlikely the Australian government is going to release such information themselves. Proof of position photo […]

Dying from inside

Dying from inside – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – So Israel is envious of the Iranians’ comfortable position at home, or that is what can be inferred from remarks by the Israeli prime minister about the current state of play between Tehran and Tel Aviv ahead of the Vienna talks. Speaking at a conference hosted by Reichman […]

Oh No! 85,000 Trump Ballots Found Inside Biden’s Colon

BETHESDA, MD—While performing a routine colonoscopy of President Biden, doctors at the Walter Reed Medical Center made a surprising discovery inside the President’s colon: 85,000 Trump ballots.  “At first we were incredulous as to what the monitor showed, assuming it was another massive hairball similar to those we’d been seeing throughout the procedure,” said lead […]

Inside world’s first quarantine for unvaccinated

Mia and Christopher are Austrian circus performers. From their home in Vienna, accompanied by their dog, Magic, they go off to take part in theatrical shows large and small around Europe, from the Royal Albert Hall to private parties, sometimes juggling fire, sometimes trapeze, sometimes simply with stunning displays of balance and strength. Perhaps the […]

Fast food DISASTER: Industrial chemicals found inside many samples, NEW study

(NaturalHealth365)  If you love fast food like nearly 37% of the United States population who eat it a day, you may be consuming industrial chemicals.  That is exactly what a study published by George Washington University recently found. The study examined the top fast food chains in the country by purchasing 64 fast food items […]

Watch: Special documentary on life inside Afghanistan immediately after the Taliban’s takeover

The historian Will Durant calculated that there have only been 29 years in all of human history when war was not underway somewhere. In Afghanistan, that estimate gains a whole new meaning. For the past four decades, the country has been a symbol of a state ruined by war. From the Soviet Union’s invasion in […]

What’s Inside the Vaccine? Transgenic Hydra And Parasite Implants Used As Rapid Human Cloning Weapons System

By Dr. Ariyana Love | RedVoiceMedia The transhumanist dystopian nightmare we find ourselves in taking a new turn with the shocking discovery of Hydra Vulgaris and PARASITES in the so-called Covid-19 “vaccines”. Dr. Carrie Madej revealed her Hydra findings on the Stew Peter’s Show on September 29th, 2021, followed by Dr. Zandre Botha’s stunning discovery of microscopic, self-assembling medical […]

The inside scope: How ego led Trump to hide a colonoscopy

Grisham’s book states that Trump made the decision to keep his visit under wraps because, she suspects, he didn’t want to be the “butt of the joke” on late night television. The book also states her belief that he avoided anesthesia for the painful and invasive procedure because he didn’t want Vice President Mike Pence […]

Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA’s secret war plans against WikiLeaks

In 2017, as Julian Assange began his fifth year holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London, the CIA plotted to kidnap the WikiLeaks founder, spurring heated debate among Trump administration officials over the legality and practicality of such an operation. Some senior officials inside the CIA and the Trump administration even discussed killing Assange, going […]

Video: Inside Edition Finds That Majority Of NYC Restaurants Are Not Enforcing Vaccine Passport Mandate

A Quinnipiac poll has found that almost half of Americans (48%) believe that Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates “go too far,” and that a slight majority are in opposition to it. Quinnipiac noted that a “slight majority of Americans (51 – 48 percent) disapprove of President Biden’s plan to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for millions of Americans […]

Two Amazing Ancient Artifacts Found Inside Giant Mississippi Alligator

A 750-pound (340-kg) Mississippi alligator was killed in Eagle Lake Mississippi earlier this year. Inside it, butchers found “the shock of the year” – two ancient Native American artifacts, a 1,700-BC plummet stone, and a 6,000-BC atlatl dart point. According to a report in Clarion Ledger the “13 ft five-inch long [4.1-meter-long] alligator was killed […]

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