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VIDEO – Dog Fights Mountain Lion That Attacked Owner: ‘I Owe Her My Life’

A loyal dog was ready to lay down her own life to rescue her best friend during a recent mountain lion attack in Northern California.

As Woke Mob Fights to Sexualize 5yo Kids, Elite Openly Warning of Mass Food Shortages

There is a complex set of factors for determining if a person is transgender. While science hasn’t nailed down the exact physiological and neurological markers to determine what makes a person have gender distress, there is no doubt that it exists. If individuals identify with a different gender than they were born, it is no […]

Jerusalem’s last agricultural village fights for survival

On March 30, Israel’s Supreme Court postponed a critical hearing on the fate of al-Walaja, a Palestinian village along the southern edge of Jerusalem. Praised as a victory by the residents, the hearing was postponed to at least Nov. 1 thereby effectively extending the demolition freeze of the 38 homes under threat.  “We’ve succeeded in […]

Iran fights like lions, Israel surrenders like rabbits,’ Netanyahu

Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday harshly criticised the government over its stance towards Iran’s nuclear file, local news reported. “Today, in the Bennett-Lapid-Gantz government, there is only weakness, weakness, and more weakness,” Netanyahu told a Likud party meeting, referencing Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, his coalition partner and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Minister of Defence Benny […]

Greek-American with MS Fights for Handicapped Access in Miami Springs

Greek-American Theodore Karantsalis, a retired librarian and journalist, is suing Miami Springs, Florida for its lack of curb access and handicapped parking spaces. Credit: A Greek-American man who has multiple sclerosis and who must use a wheelchair is fighting a war for handicapped access that most believe was decided long ago with the passage […]

This Easy To Find Over-the-Counter Drug Fights COVID Like Hydroxychloroquine

This Easy To Find Over-the-Counter Drug Fights COVID Like Hydroxychloroquine Date: January 1, 2022Author: Nwo Report Source: Amber CrawfordQuercetin, a flavonoid (plant pigment) found in many plants and foods such as onions, green tea, apples, red leaf lettuce, and berries, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that, according to WebMD, help reduce swelling, kill cancer cells, […]

Russian Developer: New Aerosol Drug ‘Peace-19’ Fights ALL Covid Strains

The Russian Health Ministry has registered a new antiviral aerosol drug dubbed ‘Mir-19’. According to its developers, the drug is capable of suppressing all known variants of Covid-19, including Omicron. The Russian name of the drug can be translated as ‘Peace-19.’ It is said to be directly affecting the virus by suppressing its core RNA […]

The US Fights Asia, Not Just China

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken cut short his tour of Southeast Asia due to concerns over COVID-19, the New York Times would report. The aborted trip comes at a time when the US finds itself struggling for relevance in a region it had once held considerably more sway over. This most recent turn for […]

Manuka honey fights antibiotic-resistant bacteria plus so much more

(NaturalHealth365)  The steadily worsening problem of antibiotic-resistant pathogens – cause for grave concern in the medical community – has researchers working overtime to discover solutions.  But several studies raise hope that Manuka honey may hold the key to combating MRSA and other drug-resistant strains. In one study conducted at Cardiff Metropolitan University and published in […]

A New Campaign Fights To Stop The Criminalization Of Poverty

Above Photo: MediaNews Group via Creative Commons. Housing Not Handcuffs. The effort is targeting laws that criminalize activities engaged in by people experiencing homelessness and encouraging an increase in affordable housing. Anew campaign, Housing Not Handcuffs, is attempting to stop the criminalization of homelessness and poverty in the United States. Led by the National Homelessness Law Center, […]

Teen Vogue: CRT Opposition ‘Closely Mirrors’ Past Anti-Integration Fights

The current opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT) education in schools is the same “kind of reactionary pushback in education” that was experienced during anti-integration resistance in the 50s and 60s by “white Southern lawmakers and parents,” according to a recent Teen Vogue op-ed that claimed educators are “being silenced” as conservative policymakers seek to […]

US newspaper fights against attempts to force allegiance to Israel

A local newspaper in the American state of Arkansas has complained that it is being pressured to declare its allegiance to Israel and that it will not boycott the country, as states in the US continue to pass legislation outlawing the practice. In an article on the New York Times, the founder of the Arkansas […]

12 Years After Coup, Honduran Resistance Fights For Fair Election

Above Photo: LIBRE Party candidate Xiomara Castro at a protest against the Honduran government’s planned Employment and Development Zones (ZEDES). Twelve years have passed since the fateful 2009 coup in Honduras by the oligarchy, private companies and the leaders of the Catholic and evangelical churches. How can you forget Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez supporting the […]

The REAL Story Behind the Bad War….U.S. Media All Lies & Deceit…U.S. Fights For A Crime Syndicate

ACH (1634) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Behind The Bad War By M. S. King – Part 8by achitchcock In today’s show originally broadcast on October 28 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The Real Story Behind The Bad War By M. S. King – Part 8.” We discussed: […]

U.S. Soldier Loses 1 Afghan Translator, Fights To Save Another

BREMEN, Germany (AP) — The two men risked their lives together nearly a decade ago trying to eliminate the Taliban, dodging bullets and forever bonding in a way that can only be forged in war. Now the American soldier and his Afghan translator were together again in Germany shopping for a suit. Abdulhaq Sodais’s future […]

Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab Fights Latest US Extradition Maneuvers

Above photo: Provided by author. Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab remains defiant after over 14 months under US-ordered arrest in the African archipelago country of Cabo Verde. A special envoy of the Venezuelan government, he is fighting extradition to the US for the “crime” of trying to procure humanitarian supplies of food, fuel, and medicine from […]

Biddeford, Maine Fights Urban Heating

Above Photo: A man crosses the street in downtown Biddeford on a scorching Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021. Troy R. Bennett / BDN. Biddeford, Maine — Duane Dennison knows more than most about the effects of hotter summers and heat lingering into the night: He lives near the Saco River in a tent community of about […]

Gaza Fights For Freedom: The Full Documentary

The Facts: Multiple reports around the globe are showing that fully vaccinated individuals are still testing positive for COVID. Reflect On: How safe and effective are the vaccines? Take a moment and breathe. Place your hand over your chest area, near your heart. Breathe slowly into the area for about a minute, focusing on a […]

Gaza Fights For Freedom: The Full Documentary

The Facts: Multiple reports around the globe are showing that fully vaccinated individuals are still testing positive for COVID. Reflect On: How safe and effective are the vaccines? Take a moment and breathe. Place your hand over your chest area, near your heart. Breathe slowly into the area for about a minute, focusing on a […]

Hasbara fights back: Killing innocent children is ‘unavoidable burden’ of Jewish self-determination

The shift we are seeing in the US discourse over the violent Israeli response to a Palestinian uprising is evident in our press. It is open to the Palestinian narrative in a way that it has not been for some time — like the brilliant piece by Refaat Alareer from Gaza that the New York […]

Watch “NYU Professor Fights Back Against the Academic Crybullies” on YouTube

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NYU Professor Fights Back Against the Academic Crybullies

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee / YouTube Mark Crispin Miller teaches a course on Mass Persuasian and Propaganda at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development for 20 years. He is now suing 20 department colleagues for libel after they signed a letter to the dean of his […]

2021 The Year Virtual Archaeology Fights Back

The 2020 lockdowns saw thousands of planned archaeological excavations canceled and postponed and those archaeologists who persisted at their projects faced serious challenges accessing archives, labs, reports and museum artifacts. But humankind is resilient and none more so than ingenious archaeologists, as 2021 has seen an array of amazing discoveries from mapping monuments in Erbil […]

House Democrats brace for floor fights with raw post-riot emotions

Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.) said Democratic leaders must work “gingerly” to keep their members together on the floor, particularly on what he termed “messaging” bills that have little chance in the 50-50 Senate and already generate internal divisions. “It’s odd, you know, when you’re controlling both chambers and the White House and you’re still doing […]

Young Pakistani activist fights forced child marriage

[Islamabad] Hadiqa Bashir, 19, has been actively working against early and forced marriages for the last eight years in Pakistan’s Swat Valley, once a hotbed of the Pakistani Taliban. For more stories from The Media Line go to For years, the Taliban broadcasted threats on the radio to intimidate girls into not attending school. […]

New York Times News Article on Biden Budget Fights Rear-Guard Action Against Jerusalem Embassy Move

A taxi passes by in front of The New York Times head office, Feb. 7, 2013. Photo: Reuters / Carlo Allegri / File. A New York Times news article about Senate budget votes managed to insert a gratuitous — and factually inaccurate — swipe at America’s decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. […]

Girl, 5, fights for life after crash involving son of Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid reportedly says he is not letting a car crash involving his son that left a five-year-old girl in critical condition be a “distraction” to the Super Bowl. The youngster was seriously injured in the accident and remains in a “critical condition and hasn’t woken since the crash,” says […]

Ex-Labour head Jeremy Corbyn fights to overturn suspension

Ousted UK Labour head Jeremy Corbyn has begun his bid to be reinstated as a member of the party in the High Court, according to the Jewish Chronicle. Next week, the former Labour head’s lawyers will ask to be privileged to the disclosure of evidence in relation to the decision to suspend the former leader. […]

Sanders: ‘Diversity Is a Big Word’ — A Cabinet That Fights for Working People ‘More Important’

President-elect Joe Biden has received much praise from those on the left for the diversity among his cabinet picks to date, but Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said there is something that is “more important.” Sanders acknowledged that “diversity is a very big word,” but said he would prefer a […]

Video: Rand Paul Fights Against Neocon ‘Perpetual Wars’; Cheney Responds With Dig At His Height

During one of three rallies in Pennsylvania Monday, President Trump celebrated the one year anniversary of the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, which effectively ended the genocidal terrorist group. Trump told the crowd that he has presided over taking out the world’s top terrorists. “Exactly one year ago today, we killed the […]

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