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China’s Aircraft Industry Puts an End to Western Monopoly

Aircraft manufacturing is one of the strategically important areas of modern industry, providing transport security and generating large revenues. However, aircraft construction requires a high level of scientific and technological development and a huge financial investment. Therefore, not all countries are able to fully supply themselves with aircraft, whether military or civilian. The largest and […]

Western Weapons in Ukraine Being Sold On via Encrypted Messaging App: Report

Miliary-grade weaponry in Ukraine is allegedly being sold on to international buyers on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, including some hardware made in the United States.

Poland Plans to Annex Western Ukraine, Former Lawmaker Claims Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Delete, Deny, and Destroy: Chinese and Western Strategies To Erase COVID’s Origin Are Being Exposed By Independent Research

The task of every COVID-19 origin theory is to explain a human outbreak in Wuhan, China, when the closest wild relatives of SARS-CoV-2 are located far away, 1700 km to the South West.

Old trees, waterfalls in western Iran made national heritage 

TEHRAN – A selection of nine natural properties across the western province of Lorestan has recently been inscribed on the national heritage list. 

Old trees, waterfalls in western Iran made national heritage 

TEHRAN – A selection of nine natural properties across the western province of Lorestan has recently been inscribed on the national heritage list. 

Solomon Islands: A Risky Move Out From Under Western Control

The Solomon Islands are in the process of cementing into place a security pact with China. According to an alleged leaked draft, this pact includes provisions allowing the Solomon Islands to request the presence of Chinese police and military personnel to “assist in maintaining social order, protecting people’s lives and property, providing humanitarian assistance, carrying […]

Ukraine war: Western leaders urge war crimes inquiry over Russian troops’ ‘brutality’

Orban includes Zelenskyy on his list of foes Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban celebrated his landslide re-election win on Sunday with a familiar tirade vilifying those he sees as his adversaries. In his victory speech, he included Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy on the list in describing the “overwhelming force” he said his party had struggled against in the election: “The […]

The Absolute HORRORS of the Social Credit System That is Coming to the Western World

A few years ago, in a book called The Game’s Afoot (published in 2018), I wrote that the Chinese Government was giving people marks according to behaviour. It was I wrote, called social engineering, and citizens were being ranked and rated according to their behaviour. By Dr Vernon Coleman ‘The Government,’ I said, ‘will measure […]

Ukraine and Middle Eastern Media: Western Masks are Off!

The Ukrainian events have been a constant item on the agenda for media outlets of Middle Eastern countries since the start of Russia’s special operation. Observers note a never before seen information onslaught against Moscow coming from the West, when it comes to covering the Ukrainian crisis. According to many estimates, this torrent of content […]

Russia warns Western arms convoys to Ukraine are ‘legitimate targets’

Russia warns Western arms convoys to Ukraine are ‘legitimate targets’ – Tehran%20Times Russia has said its troops could target supplies of Western weapons in Ukraine, where the Russian army has been advancing since late February, Al Jazeera reported. “We warned the United States that the orchestrated pumping of weapons from a number of countries is […]

Is World War 3 the Next ‘Act’ in the Global Plandemic? And is it Going to End With the Collapse of Western Civilization?

Rumors are emerging to suggest that the endgame of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is a total takedown of the West. It is being reported that Russia is set to disconnect itself from the world internet by March 11. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has also mysteriously removed its Cyber Polygon page (cyber pandemic) from its website. […]

Western sanctions helping Russia and China shift to Eurasian system for anti-Christ global conquest

Demonstrators hold Russian flags, Duginist flags (middle), and flags of the self-proclaimed “Novorossia” (with blue cross), Soviet-inspired “People’s Republic of Donetsk” and ‘People’s Republic of Luhansk” in eastern Ukraine as they take part in a rally in support of the self-proclaimed “People’s Republics”, in Moscow on October 18, 2014. (DMITRY SEREBRYAKOV/AFP via Getty Images) By […]

Western Media Have Lost The Plot With Their Ukraine Coverage

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Western mainstream media outlets have put professionalism in the trash and began to serve as fully fledged propaganda outlets for the Ukrainian military and NATO’s cause. We have all witnessed the unprecedented moves taken by Western countries, resulting in the outright banning of Russian media outlets […]

Western Hypocrisy Over Recent Events Shows No Limits

Last Thursday evening a senior Republican (US) official issued what must count as one of the most outrageous tweets issued by a senior politician. Lindsey Graham tweeted “is there a Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military? The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to […]

China boasts its relationship with Russia is ‘rock solid’, slams Western sanctions

    Beijing’s friendship with Moscow is still very strong, China’s foreign minister said today, following signs it was wavering in the wake of devastating international sanctions put on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Wang Yi also offered Beijing’s help in mediating peace between the two countries, and backed ties with Moscow despite international […]

Western racism at its worst

They have always stressed the importance of human rights, the right of all people to live a free and dignified life, and equality among all human beings, but when it actually comes down to it, this mask has fallen, and the true face and hateful racism of Western states has been exposed. Such slogans about […]

The racism of Western media reflects the racism of Western governments

If the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has shown us anything, it is the blatant racism, hypocrisy and double standards that permeate our world today. Reporting on the Russian invasion into Ukraine, on February 25, 2022, CBS News correspondent Charlie D’Agata stated that “this isn’t a place like Iraq or Afghanistan…this is a relatively civilized […]

The Orchestrated Ukraine Deception, The Broken Overton Window & Western Extremism Removes Its Mask

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Email | RSS Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (3/5/22 – part 2). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and […]

Western Hypocrisy Over The Ukraine-Russia War

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, we have witnessed the hypocrisy of Western elitists and their supporters perhaps more now than ever before. If anything, this is a teachable moment in history. From talk of the Western nation’s peoples being “civilized” opposed to the foreign “others” our governments kill in […]

The Shift: The Double Standards of Western Media

Editor’s Note: Below is the latest installment of The Shift, Michael Arria’s weekly newsletter taking you to the front lines in the battle over Palestine in U.S. politics. To receive The Shift every Thursday, sign up here. Who Can Fight Back? The mainstream media is openly embracing armed resistance these days. Sky News ran a segment […]

How Western Sanctions Hurt Ordinary Russians

As Western nations announced sanctions in an effort to punish Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offensive on Ukraine, ordinary Russians across the country formed long lines at ATMs. According to a Guardian report, a Tinkoff bank ATM in the Metropolis mall in Moscow had already run out of cash by the time its customers were told […]

Western Hypocrisy Over Ukraine Knows No Limits

A few days ago, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. The movement of Russian troops went far beyond removing Ukrainian forces from the Donbass region that they have occupied and challenged for the past eight years. The uproar from Western nations was as predictable as it was hypocritical. In 2014 an American backed coup took place against […]

China condemns Western sanctions on Russia

    China said on Saturday that Western sanctions slapped on Russia over its military operation in Ukraine will not solve the crisis. Many countries have imposed sweeping restrictions on Moscow, hitting its banks, trade, and largest airline, among other things. Foreign Minister Wang Yi made his comments during a phone call with his German […]

Climate Change and the Failure of Western Russophobic Policies

As atmospheric concentrations of CO2 and methane continue to rise, last year was one of the seven warmest on record, according to the European Copernicus Climate Change Service. Carbon dioxide emissions from wildfires worldwide were 1,850 megatons, compared to 1,750 megatons in 2020. Scientists said the average annual temperature in 2021 was 0.3 degrees Celsius […]

Klaus Schwab Brags About Controlling Western Governments

World Economic Forum founder and Great Reset architect Klaus Schwab admitted the NGO is able to steer the global agenda because it has successfully penetrated the cabinets of several world governments. Speaking to political commentator and Bohemian Grove alum David Gergen in 2017 at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, Schwab described how the […]

Hydro tourism to be developed in western Iran

Hydro tourism to be developed in western Iran – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN –The western province of Kordestan plans to boost its hydro tourism, the deputy provincial tourism chief has announced.  The water resources of the province offer a great opportunity to diversify Kordestan’s tourist attractions, Arman Vatandust said on Saturday, CHTN reported.  Dams and rivers across […]

‘Jihadis You Pay For’ – Western State-Sponsored Terrorism And The BBC Coverup

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Email | RSS Joining me today is Vanessa Beeley, here to discuss an important BBC Panorama entitled ‘Jihadis You Pay For’ and how the BBC is trying to keep this from your view. As well as some new leaked information around the White Helmets, James […]

Top Western diplomat: U.S. should take ‘meaningful first step’ to put JCPOA on right track

Top Western diplomat: U.S. should take ‘meaningful first step’ to put JCPOA on right track – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – A senior Western diplomat has said since it was the United States that quit the nuclear deal and imposed sanctions on Iran it must take a “meaningful first step” to revitalize the agreement, Politico reported on […]

‘Shattered spirits’: Young and able leave Western Balkans in droves, Macedonian census shows

The Western Balkans is facing an emigration crisis. This is particularly evident in North Macedonia, as its most recent census shows. The country has shed at least ten percent of its two million people since the last census in 2002, the latest numbers revealed. Abysmal economic growth and a lack of investment have clobbered the […]

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