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Spain to officially recognize Palestinian state, calls on Western powers to do same

Spain to officially recognize Palestinian state, calls on Western powers to do same The world has had enough of Israel’s genocidal war crimes in Gaza, prompting Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to state that Spain will recognize Palestinian statehood by July. “We have to seriously consider doing it in the first half of this year,” […]

Jew Gatekeeper Caterwauls Bad-Bad West-How the Western Media Helped Build the Case for Genocide in Gaza

“Liberal democracy is not what it seems.” “But how to keep the faith when the world’s leading liberal democracies – invariably referred to as “the West” – are complicit in the crime of crimes: genocide?” “Not just law-breaking or a misdemeanour, but the extermination of a people. And not just quickly, before the mind has […]

Western Banks Warn Against EU Plans to Give Russian Funds to Ukraine

Some Western banks are lobbying against an EU plan to use profits made by Russian central bank funds that are frozen in Europe to arm Ukraine, Reuters reported on Thursday. The European Commission has proposed sending up to 3 billion euros to Ukraine per year using the revenue. About 90% would go to a fund called the “European Peace […]

Putin Accuses Western Leaders of Pedophilia and Cannibalism

Many Western political leaders are suffering from a type of madness which cannot be treated, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who revealed that the global elite engage in vices including pedophilia and cannibalism. Rumors […] The post Putin Accuses Western Leaders of Pedophilia and Cannibalism appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

How the Western media helped build the case for genocide in Gaza

20 March 2024 Jonathan Cook From obscuring the West’s role in starving Gaza to sensationalised accounts of mass rape by Hamas, journalists are playing the role of propagandists, not reporters Declassified UK – 20 March 2024 The past five months have been clarifying. What was supposed to be hidden has been thrust into the light. […]

Western societies are being replaced by people who hate Western civilization

The foundations for the West are slowly (but at an accelerating pace) collapsing from within, and if our current trajectory continues, nobody will be around to turn the lights off when the culture disappears. Source

‘Belt And Road’ Western Hemisphere Investments Has China Firmly Rooted In America’s Backyard

Authored by John Haughey via The Epoch Times, The United States has been so focused on global security concerns that it has overlooked investing in its own backyard’s economic and military needs for decades. But China hasn’t. With its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI, also known as “One Belt, One Road”), China has become South […]

How western media are helping Israel fabricate a “mass rape” narrative about 7 October

On The Electronic Intifada livestream last week our guest was Bryce Greene, who wrote an excellent article for FAIR about how the Western media is refusing to report on the issue of the Israeli “friendly fire” which took place on 7 October. We also discussed Ali Abunimah and I’s latest piece about the continuing “mass […]

The West’s “vampire ball is over,” Putin warns – exploitation of world by Western elites coming to an END

(NaturalNews) The era of Western control over world affairs is coming to an end, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.In an exclusive interview… Source

Western soldiers and spies flip off Lebanon’s sovereignty

Source The recent detention of Dutch special forces in a southern Beirut suburb has thrown a spotlight on the unchecked foreign espionage and military activities afoot in Lebanon. But when Lebanese officials stick their heads in the sand, it demolishes the state’s sovereignty. Radwan Mortada Among West Asian countries, few face the brunt of foreign […]

March 1 – Western Public Oblivious to World War Threat

Please send links and comments to [email protected] Putin’s warning that the world is on the verge of nuclear war is not even mentioned on the Network TV Nightly News Russian President Vladimir Putin says NATO countries risk facing “tragic” consequences if they send troops to Ukraine. “[Western nations] must understand that we also have […]

Russia Says Navalny Died Of Natural Causes As Western MSM Anoints Widow “Newest Opposition Leader”

Russian authorities have said that the opposition activist Aleksei Navalny died of natural causes while in prison in a far northern Arctic penal colony. It comes nearly a full week after Russian prison services announced he died on Feb.16. There’s now a public fight over his body, and the question of a funeral service, as […]

How in the world do you reconcile these two opposing perspectives on the Western assassination of clinically insane Alexei Navalny?

NOT Making Headlines: Russian Dissident Navalny Compared Himself to Trump and His Persecution and Censorship by the Democrats and Biden Regime Biden Suggests House Republicans Partially to Blame for Death of Russian Dissident Alexei Navalny (VIDEO)   Source

Kyiv is running out of ammunition as Western aid packages hit roadblocks

(NaturalNews) As the United States and European Union’s Ukraine aid packages are stuck and pending release, Kyiv is facing a critical gap in its artillery… Source

Haiti Fights To End Western Exploitation, Congo Continues To Be Manipulated & Israel Defeated Itself

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (2/8/24). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Stephen Volk – How the Commies Castrated Western Males

(Commie creeps, Horkheimer and Adorno. Only Freemasons shake hands like that.)  Social engineering pioneered by the Frankfurt School  is the reason the West  suffers from a dearth of male leadership. by Stephen Volk  ( Patterned after the Marxist Moscow Institute, the Frankfurt School was dedicated to destroying “the authoritarian male of western civilization.”  This was […]

Ukrainian politicians stealing Western aid – ex-Polish general

READ HERE:   Source

Palestinian Resistance Persists in Gaza despite Aggression, Western Complicity

 January 28, 2024 For the 114th consecutive day, the Palestinian resistance remains steadfast in the face of a Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip despite the killing machine launched against Gazans. This sustained conflict has garnered attention due to a perceived tacit approval from the United States for Israeli actions, leading to a multitude of […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 114: UN chief urges Western countries to restore funding to UNRWA

Thousands of Israelis protested in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem calling on Netanyahu to resign, while others attempt to block aid trucks from entering Gaza. Meanwhile, the UN said it has suspended the employees who Israel alleges took part in October 7. Source

Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Remote Western China

The quake reportedly rocked Wushu county in Aksu prefecture shortly after 2 a.m. local time. Source

Western Civilisation Destroyers [WCD’s] Chronicles

Thomas on good form   WCD’s are all around us   Maybe there is a climatic event coming, is a mini Ice Age on the way? Wind and solar will be insufficient if that happens. They have made solid fuel less available, and very expensive too, but electricity, wind and solar will be insufficient if […]

Powerful Earthquakes Leave At Least 48 Dead, Destroy Buildings In Western Japan

Aftershocks continued to shake Ishikawa prefecture and nearby areas a day after a magnitude 7.6 temblor slammed the area. Source

Western media’s reference to the ‘Hamas-run’ Health Ministry is another dehumanizing tactic enabling Israel’s genocide

Labeling every part of Gaza as connected to Hamas makes every part of Gaza a legitimate military target. This is what Israel did with the Gaza Health Ministry and Al-Shifa Hospital, echoed uncritically by Western mainstream media. Source

Gas, Gaza, and Western imperialism

Control of Mediterranean gas fields is not the reason for the current attack on Gaza, but the theft of Palestine’s natural resources has long been a goal of the Zionist settler-colonial project and its Western sponsors. Source

Blaming Lack Of Western Aid, Ukraine ‘Scales Back’ Military Operations

Ukraine has been forced to make operations “smaller” in its Western-backed war against Russia blaming a “shortfall in foreign assistance” as it suffers a shortage of munitions. General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi said shell starvation “across the […] The post Blaming Lack Of Western Aid, Ukraine ‘Scales Back’ Military Operations appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Russia and China Ditch Western Currencies, Switch to Rubles and Yuan in Trade

Western currencies have almost been completely phased out in Russia-China trade, as nearly all payments between the countries are now carried out in rubles and yuan, according to russina Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Source

Wildfires unleash deadly air crisis as Western USA chokes on toxic smoke surge

Rising wildfire smoke nullifies decades of air quality gains. Source

‘Progressive’ Western Women now Converting to Islam because of Gaza Invasion

    A growing number of young, progressive Western women are converting to Islam, citing the Israel-Hamas war as motivation for the conversion – and they’re documenting their journey on social media. These are the feminist women who scream about “muh patriarchy” Let’s see how their lives will be in Islam. Hoover Institution research fellow […]

Western ‘idiots’ want World War III — former Russian president


Western economies headed for collapse if U.S. and Israel push escalation of war in the Middle East

(NaturalNews) Author and Russian military expert Andrei Martyanov and free-speech platform Brighteon founder Mike Adams agree that Western economies will be… Source

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