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Does Western civilization any longer exist?

(NaturalNews) Western Civilization has long been under attack by its own intellectuals and professors. Is there anything left of it?(Article republished from… Source

Expert warns: Banks will claim that your money is no longer yours, may freeze bank withdrawals

(NaturalNews) Hedge fund manager and macro-economic expert Hugh Hendry has alerted the banking system and the American economy as a whole.”President Joe… Source

So Many of the Fully Covid Vaxed Are No Longer the People You Once Knew and Loved

So Many of the Fully Covid Vaxed Are No Longer the People You Once Knew and Loved  Tue 4:14 pm +01:00, 9 Apr 2024  1 posted by pete fairhurst 2 There is no getting around what—we who refused the COVID-19 vaccines—are witnessing with our own eyes. People whom we knew, and in some cases loved, […]

The alleged superpower, USA, no longer has a military

(NaturalNews) West Point Drops “Duty, Honor, Country†from Its Motto and Replaces It with “Army Values†in Its Mission Statement(Article republished… Source

World government wish to exterminate humanity no longer a secret

Fauci “RETHINKING” After Attempting to Force-Vaccinate the Entire Population of the Planet Fauci: “Raised dire concerns about the efficacy of mRNA vaccines in combating respiratory viruses” By Dr. James Lyons-Weiler Global Research, February 29, 2024 Popular Rationalism In a shocking report (Morens et al., 2023), Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former director of the National Institute of Allergy […]

‘I will no longer be complicit in genocide’: U.S. soldier dies of self-immolation in protest of war on Gaza

Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old soldier in the United States Air Force, died on Sunday after setting himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC in protest of Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza. Source

‘I Will No Longer Be Complicit in Genocide’: U.S. Airman Aaron Bushnell, 25, Self-Immolates Outside Israeli Embassy in D.C.

Aaron Bushnell, 25, an active duty member of the US Air Force, self-immolated outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC on Sunday after stating that “I will no longer be complicit in genocide.” Source

Which Lifestyle Changes Can Make You Live Longer?

Lifestyle and habits can have a big effect on our health – and our life expectancy. A recently released study that followed U.S. veterans of the age group 40 to 99 between the years 2011 and 2019 is attempting to show just how much. As Statista’s Katharina Buchholz details below, according to mortality trends collected among 719,147 veterans and […]

Serbian President Says World Leaders Are No Longer Working Towards Peace

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has claimed that the international community is no longer interested in ending conflicts. In interview with TASS Vucic said that global leaders view peace as an “unwanted” ideal. He argued that […] The post Serbian President Says World Leaders Are No Longer Working Towards Peace appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Kevin O’Leary says he will no longer invest in ‘loser’ New York after Trump verdict

“Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary ripped into what he called “loser” New York and vowed to no longer invest in the state, when asked about a New York court’s $355 million verdict against former President Trump last week.  Trump, his business and his top executives — including the former president’s sons — were dealt a… […]

“Stupid No Longer”: Trump Says No More Foreign Aid Without Guarantees, Warned NATO Countries Who Refuse To Pay Fair Share

While the Biden administration reels from its own Justice Department concluding that the president is too senile to be prosecuted for mishandling classified documents, the left is lashing out over recent comments made by former President Donald Trump about NATO and US foreign aid. Former President Donald J. Trump greets his supporters after speaking at […]

Warning to the “UNBANKED”: More establishments are no longer taking cash in America

(NaturalNews) People all across America are reportedly being shut out from stores, restaurants and other businesses as these establishments are now refusing to… Source

The Plan of a Dying US Empire To Hold Onto Power Just A Bit Longer-Divide and Conquer

Time to put your big girl panties on boys and girls. I see Southerners raising hell because the yankee Empire is taking down the “Reconciliation Memorial”. There was no “reconciliation”. The evil Cromwellian “witch” burners conquered the Southern people using terroriasm against civilians which make ISIS look like choir boys. Made no sense going back […]

Our music has been de-tuned to a frequency no longer beneficial to our well-being!

The law of vibration, a foundational principle in physics and metaphysics, posits that everything in the universe is in perpetual motion, resonating at its unique frequency. Acoustic levitation, on the other hand, is a fascinating scientific phenomenon that involves using sound waves to counteract the force of gravity and suspend objects in mid-air. In the […]

The longer Govt, mainstream media & the medical community ignore the death data in plain sight, the clearer it is they are CORRUPT

Notably the NZ govt is keeping up a stunning silence on this (even continuing with the ‘safe & effective’ mantra) especially in light of the recent revelations from the Govt’s own data analyst whistleblower! For a list of links on topic go HERE Medicare death data proves the COVID vaccines are killing people. No more […]

Navalny says 2024 election results will be falsified: ‘Russia no longer needs Putin’

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny predicted Russia’s 2024 election results will be falsified and pushed for voters to oppose Russian President Vladimir Putin, arguing the country “no longer needs” the longtime leader. “For Putin, the 2024 elections are a referendum to approve his actions, to approve the war,” Navalny said in an online statement, adding… […]

Politicians Worldwide Can No Longer Claim Ignorance of the WHO Power Grab

ByWorld Council for Health November 22, 2023 As December 1st Deadline Looms, Politicians Can Still Choose To Serve  Politicians worldwide can no longer claim ignorance of the attempted power grab by the supranational entities vested in the World Health Organization (WHO) but it is not too late to choose to serve those whom they are privileged […]

What If the Constitution No Longer Applied? Freedom’s Greatest Hour of Danger Is Now

“What if the rights and principles guaranteed in the Constitution have been so distorted in the past 200 years as to be unrecognizable by the Founders? What if the government was the reason we don’t have a Constitution anymore? What if freedom’s greatest hour of danger is now?”—Andrew P. Napolitano We are approaching critical mass, the […]

Can These Supplements Actually Help Your Dog Live Longer?

Ever had a dog? Then you know the pangs of existential terror that strike when your once-sprightly buddy, who used to gleefully play tug of war with all your dish towels and destroy countless squeaky toys, is now moving at a pace that can only be described as “fragile nonagenarian granny trying to cross a […]

Longer COVID School Closures Linked To Youth Suicide Rates

Longer COVID school closures were associated with more emergency department youth suicidality visits, a research letter found. The report, published on JAMA Network Open on Nov. 10, was led by researchers from the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. “This cohort study found an association between longer school closures in the public health response to […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 37: Al-Shifa Hospital no longer functioning as Israeli ground troops surround the hospital

Casualties 11,078 killed*, including 4,506 children, and 27,490 wounded in Gaza 184 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem Israel revises its estimated October 7 death toll down from 1,400 to 1,200 *The casualty numbers from Gaza have not been updated in at least 2 days, as the “collapse of services and communications” […]

Switzerland To Keep Nuclear Plants Operating For Longer Than Planned

Switzerland To Keep Nuclear Plants Operating For Longer Than Planned By Charles Kennedy of, Switzerland’s nuclear power plant operators plan to keep the facilities operational for longer than initially planned, spokespeople for the large Swiss utilities Axpo Holding and Alpiq Holding told Bloomberg on Tuesday. Switzerland has four nuclear reactors, which generate up to 40% of its electricity, […]

FDA bans trans fat beginning in December as the toxic ingredient is no longer “recognized as safe”

(NaturalNews) Starting Dec. 22, 2023, products containing partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) – one type of trans fat linked to heart disease and other health… Source

No Longer Fringe: Home Schooling Revolution Reshaping American Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of American education, a quiet revolution is taking place. Over the past six years, home Source

It is no longer correct to refer to any Western government as Democratic. Every Western government is a budding tyranny.

(NaturalNews) It sounds ridiculous to say, but it is a fact:  the era of freedom in the West is over.  The false flag attack, 9/11, was used to launch the… Source

“War For Longer” – To Think Markets Can Keep Sailing Through What We Are Seeing Is “Delusional”

“War For Longer” – To Think Markets Can Keep Sailing Through What We Are Seeing Is “Delusional” Authored by Michael Every via Rabobank, Friends: The One With the Pogroms This Daily tries to hammer home that the world we all loved from 1994 to 2004 is over. Symbolically, actor Matthew Perry, Chandler Bing from Friends, […]

Oregon School Declares Core Skills No Longer Necessary Because Minorities Aren’t Testing Well

School officials in Oregon have decided that proficiency in reading, writing and math are no longer necessary in order to graduate, reasoning that minority children are not testing well and therefore the current standards are “discriminatory”. Yes, really. Oregon students will no longer need to be proficient in reading, writing, and math to graduate. They’re […]

Conveniently, Robert Henderson No Longer Believes the President ‘Should Never Be Criticized’

Right-wing pastor Robert Henderson was a deeply committed member of the Cult of Trump when former President Donald Trump occupied the White House, so much so that he declared that God had called him to serve as Trump’s spiritual running mate in the 2020 election. Henderson was so committed to Trump, in fact, that he […]

Vaxxed are no longer Human.   Source

Germany No Longer Allowed to Turn Back Migrants Decided Unelected EU (ECJ)

Catastrophic Ruling: Germany is No Longer Allowed to Turn Back Migrants September 24, 2023 4 comments 2 min read The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has declared the rejection of migrants at internal EU borders to be unlawful. This means that Germany must accept every foreigner who enters the country illegally and may not send […]

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