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Working longer ‘not a viable solution’ to US retirement crisis, economists say

Right-wing lawmakers’ preferred method for dealing with the United States’ looming retirement crisis—telling older workers to keep toiling until they’ve saved enough to stop—is “not a viable solution,” says a report published Wednesday. “Millions of people are entering their retirement years with insufficient savings to cover basic expenses and medical bills,” the new analysis from the Economic Policy […]

Vicky Kaya is no longer on Star – She’s not renewing her contract

Vicky Kaya did not renew her contract with the Greek channel Star. This means that will not continue their collaboration for upcoming television seasons. The show ‘Our Breakfast’ aired an interview with the presenter of ‘Shopping Star’ and ‘GNTM’ where there was no indication that she would be leaving the channel. This interview took place… […]

AstraZeneca is no longer available as an approved COVID-19 vaccine

The Australian authorities and mainstream call the AZ drug a ‘vaccine’ which implies that it confers immunity, which it does not. A US Supreme Court case in November of 2021 confirms this. On this day 3 years ago Australia’s largest health & legal farces began In any event see reference from the federal government: Source

Harvard Prof., Fmr. IMF Economist Rogoff: Fed Will ‘Leave Inflation Higher for Longer’ Due to Bank Fears

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “PBS NewsHour,” Harvard University Economics Professor and former Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund Ken Rogoff predicted that the Federal Reserve will “leave inflation higher for longer” due to fear of endangering the banking sector despite Source

Joy Behar: Arrest Trump This Week Or Else ‘We Will No Longer Have a Country’

ABC’s The View host Joy Behar told her co-hosts that she believes if former President Donald Trump is not arrested this week “we will not have a country.” Following Trump’s announcement that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday as part of a “highly political” campaign to silence him and disenfranchise his supporters, Behar said: […]

Woody Harrelson Slams Covid Mandates: US Is “No Longer A Free Country”

Actor Woody Harrelson has been speaking out yet again! During his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, Harrelson branded big pharma a ‘cartel’ that is forcing it’s drugs on people with the consent of the […] The post Woody Harrelson Slams Covid Mandates: US Is “No Longer A Free Country” appeared first on News Punch. […]

Japan Will No Longer Have the Developed World’s Lowest Age of Consent

A higher age of consent is one of several proposed changes to Japan’s criminal code on sexual offenses. Photo: CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP via Getty Images Japan looks set to criminalize sex with teens under age 16 in an overhaul of its sex crime laws. A panel of the Japanese justice ministry on Friday proposed raising the country’s age […]

Librarians Are Finding Thousands Of Books No Longer Protected By Copyright Law

Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images On January 1, 2023, a swath of books, films, and songs entered the public domain. The public domain is not a place—it refers to all the creative works not protected by an intellectual property law like copyright.  Creative works may not have intellectual property protections for a number of […]

WEF Declares That Human Beings Are No Longer Sovereign

The World Economic Forum has recently launched a controversial new initiative that should have the entire human race up in arms. The World Economic Forum is now demanding humans hand over sovereignty of their own […] The post WEF Declares That Human Beings Are No Longer Sovereign appeared first on News Punch. Source

Biden Sending $2.2 Billion In Military Aid, Including Longer-Range Weapons, To Ukraine

President Biden is about to send another $2.2 billion in military aid to Ukraine The military aid will this time include longer-range missiles for the first time. Last week the US agreed to send 31 […] The post Biden Sending $2.2 Billion In Military Aid, Including Longer-Range Weapons, To Ukraine appeared first on News Punch. […]

Texas DPS No Longer Enforcing Ban on 18- to 20-Year-Olds From Carrying Handguns

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has stopped enforcing a state law that made it illegal for 18- to 20-year-olds to carry handguns in public. A recent memo to DPS officers alerted them to the enforcement change. The enforcement change comes after U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman in Fort Worth struck down the law […]

I no longer feel like a self-hater

The Israeli slide to religious fundamentalism and ultranationalism has made more people realize that many Jews oppose Zionism not out of “self-hate,” but because we believe in the equality of all human beings. Source

Why I No Longer Pay Attention To The Two Ring Circus Of USA/DC

I have a cousin who I find I agree with most things on. I certainly 101% agree with him on this one. Of course charlatan religious “leaders” and Usury bankers keep changing places between #2 & #3 depending on how my coffee taste in the morning. For you one life, then heaven or hell sheep, […]

When home is no longer home

Fida Jiriyis’s memoir is the product of her unique and multilayered experience of the different fragments of Palestinian existence — as an exile, in the diaspora, as a Palestinian citizen inside Israel, and in Occupied Palestine. The book offers more than just a personal glimpse into each of these very distinct realities. It viscerally evokes […]

13 Examples Showing The Constitution No Longer Matters

The Constitution was a compromise between three main faction.As with all compromises, no side gets all they want and the final form of a compromise is a s#it sandwich. Some wanted a dictatorship where the “people” were property of the Federal “government”.With their bunch being the dictators of course.Under the name of a democracy to […]

Estonia will no longer accept any Ukrainian refugees

Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has stated that Estonia won’t be able to absorb a potential fresh wave of migrants from Ukraine and that she expects other EU countries, including Finland, to take them in. She said on Tuesday in a radio interview that Tallinn and Helsinki have already reached a provisional agreement on the matter. […]

Vladimir Putin Admits Ukraine War Is Taking Longer Than Expected

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged Wednesday that his “special military operation” in Ukraine is taking longer than expected but said it has succeeded in seizing new territory and added that his country’s nuclear weapons are deterring escalation of the conflict. “Of course, it could be a lengthy process,” Putin said of […]

Nation Relieved To No Longer Have To Pretend To Like Soccer

U.S. — After the men’s national team was dealt a crushing 1-3 loss by the Netherlands, the United States expressed deep relief to no longer have to go on pretending to like soccer. Source

No longer a secret: WEF founder Klaus Schwab, globalist billionaire George Soros declare West must govern like ‘role model’ China

(Natural News) There should be no more doubts that the West’s globalist elites want the world’s democracies to go away and their billions of people to be governed by tyrannical regimes such as the one in China. Last week during an interview in Chinese television, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab admitted as much when… […]

Companies no longer require college degree for some higher-paying jobs, preferring more extensive work experience instead

(Natural News) Some major players in the industry are taking out the college degree requirement for many high-paying jobs amid the tightening of the labor market. The Wall Street Journal reported that Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Delta Air Lines Inc. and International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. have lowered the educational attainment required for some positions. The big companies leaned… […]

Muslim population up 44% in England, Wales as Christianity no longer majority

The Muslim population of England and Wales has increased by 44 per cent over the past decade, according to newly released data from the Census 2021. The figures published by the Office of for National Statistics (ONS) show that the number of people identifying as Muslim in England and Wales was 6.5 per cent or […]

Washington Post Tells Americans To EAT BUGS As They Can No Longer Afford Traditional Seasonal Dinners

The Washington Post advised Americans Sunday that instead of a traditional season dinner, which now is unaffordable for a quarter of families, they should instead look to eating bugs. Yes really. Source

Rishi Sunak Drafts “An Even Longer” Suicide Note

Protestants are fond of quoting John Calvin’s claim that if you take all the relics of the True Cross and put them all together, they would fill a large ship. This is not, and never has been, actually true. But Calvin’s idea was that the concept of relics, the life-giving body parts or possessions of […]

The OUN-Russia war (no longer an SMO): What do the parties want and what does the future hold?

November 23, 2022 Source By Eric Arthur Blair During this current relative reduction of hostilities in Ukraine, the calm before the storm so to speak, it may be useful to reflect upon the goals of the various geopolitical players, whether stated overtly or intended covertly. This may enable us to make educated guesses as to […]

Russia says it no longer wants to change Ukraine’s government

Russia has said it no longer wants to change the government in Ukraine, despite regime change being a key early objective of Vladimir Putin’s invasion. At the beginning of the war, Putin sent troops into Ukraine with the objective of overthrowing the Ukrainian government and installing a Russia-friendly regime. But now, nine months into Russia’s […]

Why is Ukraine asking the West for longer-range missiles?

The anti-Russian hysteria instigated by Ukraine and Poland, supported by certain members of the current Russophobic military-political elite in the West, around the incident of the two missiles falling in Przewodów, has clearly confirmed not only the fragility of the current system of universal security, But also the fact of active search by neo-Nazis, primarily […]

Backlash after Elon Musk says he can no longer fund Starlink in Ukraine

Elon Musk is again under fire.  This time it is because he threatened to cut off financial support for Starlink in Ukraine on Friday. These internet terminals — produced by Musk’s SpaceX company — are vital for the communication of Kyiv’s army on the battlefield and also for civilians to keep in touch with their loved […]

Baltic Nord Stream 2 pipeline no longer leaking natural gas, says Denmark

Denmark’s Energy Agency says one of the two ruptured pipelines in the Baltic Sea appears to have stopped leaking natural gas. Source

Admitting They Are Lying Full of S#it Mass Murderers, One Baby Step At A Time-CDC no longer recommends universal masking in health facilities

The CDC (Criminal Division of Child Mass Murder) Is admitting one baby step at a time the evil child mass murdering lying demonically possessed degenerate sons of bitches and bitches taking bribes to mass murder Americans are full of shit, completely wrong about everything, and in dire need of hanging. No one anywhere in the […]

The tide has turned: Shipping lines no longer interested in renting container vessels

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Rates for container ship rentals are now in a nosedive, as per freight indexes.The cost of transporting goods in containers has steadily declined since reaching its highest point before the end of 2021. “What is astonishing is how quickly the market appears to turn,” ship brokerage Braemar said. “Only some weeks ago, … […]

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