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“Over 98%” of world’s central banks are preparing to unleash the global cashless society

(NaturalNews) There is not much time left before all your paper and coin cash becomes obsolete, followed by its replacement with digital cash.In a new report,… Source

Unification Of CBDCs? Global Banks Are Telling Us The End Of The Dollar System Is Near

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Birch Gold Group World reserve status allows for amazing latitude in terms of monetary policy. The Federal Reserve understands that there is constant demand for dollars overseas as a means to more easily import and export goods. The dollar’s petro-status also makes it essential for […]

Expert warns: Banks will claim that your money is no longer yours, may freeze bank withdrawals

(NaturalNews) Hedge fund manager and macro-economic expert Hugh Hendry has alerted the banking system and the American economy as a whole.”President Joe… Source

Amidst Israel’s #GazaGenocide, AXA divests from all Israeli banks EXCEPT ONE! Escalate #BoycottAXA now!

Amidst Israel’s #GazaGenocide, AXA divests from all Israeli banks EXCEPT ONE! Escalate #BoycottAXA now! Update New research by Ekō  shows that AXA has sold all its shares from Israel Discount Bank and Bank Leumi that finance Israel’s illegal settlements, but still owns shares worth $2.6 million in Bank Hapoalim, one of the largest Israeli commercial banks that is blocklisted […]

Western Banks Warn Against EU Plans to Give Russian Funds to Ukraine

Some Western banks are lobbying against an EU plan to use profits made by Russian central bank funds that are frozen in Europe to arm Ukraine, Reuters reported on Thursday. The European Commission has proposed sending up to 3 billion euros to Ukraine per year using the revenue. About 90% would go to a fund called the “European Peace […]

In order to curtail the tyranny of central banks and espionage agencies, Americans must starve the state – central banks and domestic spies go hand in hand in our once-free republic

(NaturalNews) Central banks and espionage agencies are insidious threats to any free people. The former manipulate the value of money, and the latter manipulate… Source

American banks are taking part in central bank digital currency trials funded by Epstein-linked MIT lab

(NaturalNews) American banks have been quietly taking part in a trio of pilot programs for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and some of the funding for… Source

German banks preparing for wave of loan defaults in the face of major real estate crisis

(NaturalNews) German real estate lender Deutsche Pfandbriefbank is preparing for what it says will be the steepest drop in commercial property values seen in the… Source

Banks warned by Biden Admin that Christians who Buy Bibles are Extremists

An agency of the federal government “flagged” Bible purchases as an indication of “extremism” in communications with banks following the events of January 6, 2021. “We now know the federal government flagged terms like ‘MAGA’ and ‘TRUMP,’ to financial institutions if Americans completed transactions using those terms,” Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH, wrote on X. “What […]

Major European Banks At Center Of Complex Iran Sanctions Evasion Scandal

Major European Banks At Center Of Complex Iran Sanctions Evasion Scandal Ever since Obama’s very short-lived nuclear deal with Iran was scrapped by the subsequent Trump administration, Tehran has ramped up its efforts at sanctions evasion, which has especially relied on a fleet of ‘ghost tankers’ sailing primarily to China. But the story of the […]

China’s central bank attempting to spark growth in 2024 by SLASHING banks’ reserve requirements

(NaturalNews) Last year was a lackluster year for China’s economy, so China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China, is slashing the reserve requirements for… Source

The Fed Has a Dirty Little Secret: It’s Been Allowing the Wall Street Mega Banks to Calculate their Own Capital Requirements


Twelve states sound the alarm: Globalist banks are conspiring with the UN to WIPE OUT U.S. farms and food production

(NaturalNews) The following analysis of today’s Brighteon Broadcast News audio program is created by “Neo,” our in-house Language Model that’s currently being… Source

“It Must Be Stopped”: 12 Agriculture Officials Warn Largest U.S. Banks About Net Zero Agenda

A dozen Republican state agriculture commissioners have penned a letter to six U.S. megabanks, informing them that their push for ESG investing could wind up leading to price increases and may impact food availability. The letter was sent to executives at Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo and took exception […]

Failed State — Lebanese Banks Steal Reader’s Money

“Run by an unholy, mostly undeclared, coalition of warlords, businessman and clerics, this trinity has recently orchestrated what could be defined as the only government-sponsored Ponzi scheme the world has ever witnessed. Citizens’ (and Expats’) bank deposits – the majority of which in the form of lifelong savings, mine included – have evaporated overnight.”  “Prior to […]

Three Wall Street Mega Banks Hold $157.3 Trillion in Derivatives – That’s $56.7 Trillion More than the Entire World’s GDP Last Year

At recent Congressional hearings on federal bank regulators’ newly proposed rules to force the largest banks in the U.S. to hold more capital against their riskiest trading positions (so that taxpayers aren’t on the hook for more bailouts), the banks and their sycophants holding Senate and House seats made it sound like it’s the American […]

1.8M fraudulent transactions led banks to close accounts of innocent customers without warning or explanation

1.8M fraudulent transactions led banks to close accounts of innocent customers without warning or explanation Multiple suspicious activity reports (SARs) in banks most likely led to the eviction of customers’ accounts, and federal laws have little to say about the trigger for account cancellations. Reuters reported that in 2022, banks filed over 1.8 million SARs. […]

Big Banks LAYING OFF tens of thousands of workers, including over 20,000 employees in the U.S. alone

(NaturalNews) Big Banks all over the world are breaking records after laying off tens of thousands of employees, including over 20,000 American… Source

Financial failure? Nation’s largest banks just cut 20,000 jobs

(NaturalNews) A record 20,000 jobs have been shed from the U.S. banking sector, which means a major financial calamity is in the works.America is already… Source

Banks Closing Across San Francisco Area, Often Without Warning

Local bank branches are closing across San Francisco, as the city’s economic decline continues amid crime, homelessness, and a drug epidemic. Source

A Financial Crisis Is Here! U.S. Banks Are Closing Down Hundreds Of Branches And Laying Off Thousands Of Workers

READ HERE:   Source

The Path to Freedom — Abolish Central Banks

All wars can be traced back to the private central bankers. American soldiers have fought and died in wars initiated for no other purpose than to force private central banking on nations that didn’t want them Central banks make money out of thin air by lending money at interest, and in the process, they drain […]

Exclusive — Rep. Jim Banks: Kay Granger Should Lose Appropriations Gavel for Blocking Jim Jordan

House Appropriations Committee Chair Kay Granger (R-TX) should lose her gavel for voting against GOP nominee Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for Speaker, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview. Source

Banks Need More Than Profits For Wary Investors

Banks Need More Than Profits For Wary Investors By Bre Bradham, Bloomberg markets live reporter and analyst When US banks kick off the third-quarter earnings season Friday, it will mark the first in a long line of hurdles the group needs to clear in order to assuage investor fears. Bank stocks are hovering near the […]

Banks – Bad Assed Nefarious Kamikaze Scammers

  “No matter how many traits make up the Alliance for New Normality, ultimately Deep Throat’s adage still holds good: ”Follow the Money”. The only money that counts in this neoliberal cesspit we inhabit is banker money, multinationally aligned ”Globalist” money, Secret State Control money and hitech billionaire money. Because in a world of Demigod megalomaniacs, […]

Exclusive – Jim Banks: The Navy Should Apologize for Propping Up Ibram X. Kendi, Whose Antiracist Research Center Is Under Investigation

House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN) called on the Navy to apologize for propping up Ibram X. Kendi, the critical race theorist whose center  is now under investigation for financial mismanagement. Source

Central banks drive worldwide human slavery movement

View in browser One future Leave the central banks alone, you monsters EDWARD SLAVSQUAT SEP 14 READ IN APP Beloved Russian patriot and Yale World Fellow Elvira Nabiullina (left); The G20 (right) Each and every year, the Group of Twenty issues a joint declaration explaining the various acts of terrorism that it intends to carry […]

US Allows Int’l Banks to Release $6 Billion in Frozen Iranian Funds

September 11, 2023 By Staff, Agencies The US administration has issued a waiver for international banks to transfer $6 billion in frozen Iranian money from South Korea to Qatar without fear of US sanctions. The report released early Tuesday by AP said the Biden administration has also agreed to release five Iranian citizens held in […]

Shares in Italian banks recover after windfall tax is capped

The surprise announcement of a new tax had sent share prices plunging. Source

Banks Take The Lead In Establishing Personal Social Credit System, Critics Charge

Banks Take The Lead In Establishing Personal Social Credit System, Critics Charge Authored by Kevin Stockland via The Epoch Times, Large money-center banks appear to be in the vanguard of a movement to build a system of personal social credit scores. This week, British bank Barclays became the latest to be accused of shutting the […]

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