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The UNITED STATES VOTES Yet Again at UN To Allow the Red Russian Khazarian Invasive Species Cult Members In Occupied Palestine To Continue To Holocaust Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Descendants of Biblical Judians

The US Corporation run interference for Israel’s ongoing destruction of Gaza and the Holocaust by US taxpayer funded bombs of its people, but one might well question the motives of at least one of the principal players in this war crime, the UNITED STATES CORPORATION run by the Rothschilds who also run their private fiefdom […]

Starbucks workers across 14 states launch historic unionization bid in a single day

“It’s important that we’re recognized as people rather than profit machines.” Source

Americans Have been Lied to, Indoctrinated the Two United States of America and the Two United States/UNITED STATES Are The Same Entity

A constitution is a contract. No contract is sacred or eternal/perpetual. There was the United States of America under the Articles of Confederation, March 1, 1781 to March 4, 1789. This was the First United States. There was the United States of America under the replacement constitution derived from the Constitutional convention, March 4, 1789 […]


FEBRUARY 16TH, 2024 Source Mnar Adley Palestine’s Arab neighbors seem to have taken a bold stance on Israel’s genocide of Gaza in a public show of solidarity with Palestinians. But behind those strong words, states like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE are quietly assisting Israel. These four nations are working together to circumvent […]

Saluting & Pledging Allegiance to the ‘UNITED STATES’ Flag While Wearing A Confederate Uniform

Some folks understand reincarnation.Some of us can trace our former lives. I never surrendered to the yankee or said that pledge to be a good reconstructed pacified rebel.Course I was dead by the surrender but I would have been like Jeff Davis when they wanted him to kiss their ass and ask for a “pardon” […]

‘UNITED STATES’ Is a Bad Joke & the World Is Laughing Their A$$es Off at America/Americans

Everyone loves a good joke, except maybe the one the joke is on.A Bad Joke is somewhat different. Sometimes my wife will tell me about some idiot doing something incredibly stupid which ends with tragedy and I will kind of laugh.She gets pissed and says “that’s not funny”. I reply sometime you either have to […]

The UNITED STATES EMPIRE is on the Road To Hell

The Romans thought their Empire would last forever, then one morning they woke up to the gates of Rome being battered down. Every women who ran was killed, every women who did not was gang raped and sold into slavery. The Nazis thought Hitler’s Empire would last forever. When Patton was stopped so the Red […]

“Take Our Border Back” Convoy Ends With Rallies In 3 States

“Take Our Border Back” Convoy Ends With Rallies In 3 States By Noi Mahoney of FreightWaves Several hundred people gathered in three border states Saturday to call for stricter immigration security, ending the cross-country “Take Our Border Back” convoy that traveled from Virginia to Texas last week. Convoy organizers and supporters initially said as many […]

These Are The US States Losing (& Gaining) Population

These Are The US States Losing (& Gaining) Population As pandemic patterns of U.S. population growth are normalizing, three states have remained among the U.S. jurisdictions which are shrinking. Statista’s Katharina Buchholz reports that, according to a December release by the Census Bureau, California, Illinois and New York – along with West Virginia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and Oregon […]

What Powerful Force Is Preventing the United States from Defending its Borders?

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The U.S. federal government has abandoned its duty to defend states against INVASION

(NaturalNews) The clash between the U.S. federal government and the state of Texas over the border has stirred up a national debate about state’s rights, with… Source

EPA proposes to enable states to require ‘forever chemical’ cleanup, giving substances ‘hazardous’ label

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed to designate nine toxic “forever chemicals” as “hazardous constituents” under the nation’s law for cleaning up ongoing pollution, in a move that would enable states to require cleanups if the substances are released. As part of an effort to limit contamination stemming from the class of toxic substances,… […]

Jordan government states that attack on US base was not in Jordan, as stated by media.

Scott Ritter explains.  The US bases in Syria are illegal, which is where the alleged drone strike took place.  There have been many such attacks.  What is the strategy, if any?  US seems to want a war with Iran.  This is crazy.  The attack was not Iranian but a third party in possession of Iranian […]

The enemy within: Arab states that trade with Israel

JAN 31, 2024 West Asian exports to Israel have skyrocketed since 2020. These are the Arab and Muslim governments that put goods on Israeli shelves, despite their public stances supporting Gaza. Mohamad Hasan Sweidan Israeli import data reveals that a number of Arab countries play a significant role in buoying the occupation state’s trade volume, […]

Immigrant Parents From India Flee the United States After Elementary School Hides Gender Transition of Their Daughter

Immigrant Parents From India Flee the United States After Elementary School Hides Gender Transition of Their Daughter Source

Twelve states sound the alarm: Globalist banks are conspiring with the UN to WIPE OUT U.S. farms and food production

(NaturalNews) The following analysis of today’s Brighteon Broadcast News audio program is created by “Neo,” our in-house Language Model that’s currently being… Source

United States Invasion Route Exposed

Jan 24 2024 FIRST EVER DOCUMENTARY REVEALING THE ENTIRE ILLEGAL ALIEN ROUTE FROM QUITO, ECUADOR TO THE UNITED STATES Muckraker followed the entire mass migration trail from Quito, Ecuador to the United States border, a journey which included: Crossing the Darién Gap.Discovering secret Chinese hotels.Getting smuggled into Mexico by the Sinaloa Cartel.Embedding with a massive […]

BETRAYAL and TREASON: SCOTUS takes away states’ rights to protect border as three former presidents fund flights to bring in more illegal aliens

(NaturalNews) Patriots could not help but feel betrayed at how President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice handled the dispute between the U.S. Customs and Border… Source

Who Runs the United States of America?

Tucker Carlson says he’s never met anyone who could conclusively answer that question. “I’ve never met someone who could answer conclusively who’s in charge of the United States. Obviously, it’s not him [Biden].” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says Biden has “handlers”: “I don’t really think Biden’s thinking about this [the border] much. I think […]

War? 25 Red States Rally ‘Round Texas As Battle Brews With Biden Over Border

A coalition of red states has rallied around Texas, after Governor Greg Abbott invoked the state’s constitutional right to self-defense due to the migrant crisis, which he deemed an ‘invasion.’ Source

Watch: Gov. Abbott Tells Tucker He’s Not Backing Down, Expects Red States To Circle Wagons, & Trump Elected In November

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The United States Navy Essentially Lost A Battle At Sea This Week

The United States Navy Essentially Lost A Battle At Sea This Week On Wednesday the US Navy attempted to escort two US owned and flagged container carriers through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait into the Red Sea, but they turned around after coming under Houthi ballistic missile fire. A we detailed earlier, two contradictory narratives soon […]


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25 US States Back Texas Governor’s Border War with Biden

A coalition of 25 Republican governors has issued a joint statement expressing solidarity with Texas Governor Greg Abbott in his implementation of robust border protections. The governors criticized President Joe Biden for allegedly leaving the United States “completely vulnerable” to unprecedented levels of illegal migration. The open letter, signed by state leaders from across the […]

Two Latin American states ask ICC to probe Israel’s WAR CRIMES against Palestinians

(NaturalNews) Two countries in Latin America – Mexico and Chile – have asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to probe possible war crimes committed by… Source

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: States’ Rights To Own Slaves

Even Christian nationalist pseudo-historian David Barton acknowledges that the Civil War was about slavery: “We’ve had a lot of people say … it was about states’ rights. Well, maybe. But the state right they contended for the most was [slavery].” Um, we’re pretty sure that this photo posted by Ann Vandersteel allegedly showing former President […]

In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States & worldwide, Jan 9-Jan 15, 2024

From Dr Mark Crispin Miller @ Substack Musicians in US (7), Brazil (2), UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany (2), Italy (3), Congo, Russia, India, Vietnam, Japan; cops in US (8), Brazil, Paraguay, Spain, Italy, India, Australia; & more READ AT THE LINK Check out our sister site for other news Share this: Like Loading… Source

If Israel is guilty of GENOCIDE, and much hard evidence now proves they are, then so is the United States.

Genocide in Gaza JOHN J. MEARSHEIMER The Unz Review I am writing to flag a truly important document that should be widely circulated and read carefully by anyone interested in the ongoing Gaza War. Specifically, I am referring to the 84-page “application” that South Africa filed with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on 29 […]

Wealth over fairness: Shocking report unveils tax favoritism for the rich in 41 US states

According to the report, in 41 out of 50 states, the wealthiest 1 percent are subjected to lower tax rates compared to other income groups. Source

‘I feel fully betrayed by the United States’: an interview with Yasmeen Elagha

Yasmeen Elagha has lost more than 100 relatives in Israel’s attack on Gaza and is now part of a group of Palestinian-Americans in Chicago who are suing the Biden administration over its failure to evacuate their family members. Source

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