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Murder of Christian student over alleged blasphemy against Islam triggers protests, curfew

Photo Credit: Christian Solidarity Worldwide ABUJA, NIGERIA (Voice of America) — Authorities in Nigeria’s Sokoto state are enforcing a 24-hour curfew, imposed Saturday to quell protests demanding the release of suspects in the killing of college student Deborah Yakubu. Yakubu was beaten and burned by fellow students Thursday for alleged blasphemous comments…

Summers: Eliminating Student Loan Moratorium Would Help Ease Inflation

During an interview aired on Friday’s edition of Bloomberg’s “Wall Street Week,” economist, Harvard Professor, Director of the National Economic Council under President Barack Obama, and Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton Larry Summers stated that if politicians want to help

Twitter Suspends Conservative U. of North Texas Student After She Posts Pictures and Videos of Woke Crazies

A conservative student at the University of North Texas was suspended from Twitter after posting video footage of protests and information pertaining to students allegedly vandalizing her apartment and threatening her on campus.

U. of North Texas Student Govt Wants Conservative Groups Suspended for ‘Transphobic Posts’

The student government of the University of North Texas (UNT) is calling on the school to suspend student groups that are accused of making “transphobic posts” in order to “protect the mental, emotional, and physical health” of the transgender community.

$1,896,944,109,232: Time to hit reset on student debt. All of it.

In the richest country in the history of the world, it is absurd, to say the least, that we have sentenced an entire generation to a lifetime of debt simply for doing what was expected of them — getting a college education.

Female Student Murdered, Body Burned by Classmates in Nigeria

Mob Attack Spurred by Supposedly Blasphemous WhatsApp Message  05/12/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Deborah Emmanuel, a 25-year-old Christian student at the Shehu Shagari College of Education in Nigeria’s Sokoto State, was fatally beaten and her body was burned earlier today, May 12. Her classmates were…

University to pay $400K to professor who declined to address male student with female pronouns

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio — A university in Ohio has agreed to pay $400,000 in damages and attorney’s fees to a professor who was punished for declining to refer to a male student with feminine pronouns. Shawnee State University officials agreed to the settlement in light of last year’s ruling from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, […]

WATCH – Teacher Saves Student from Choking on Bottle Cap: ‘I Just Went into Action’

A nine-year-old student named Robert liked using his mouth to remove the cap of his water bottle, but in class recently at East Orange Community Charter School in New Jersey, the trick turned into an emergency.

Watch Live: Mike Pence Speaks at UVA After Student Cancellation Attempt

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia — Former Vice President Mike Pence is speaking at the University of Virginia on Tuesday evening after news of his invite prompted leftist students to pressure the school’s administration to ban his event. The event is hosted by Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) at UVA. YAF at UVA chairman Nick Cabrera told Breitbart […]

Steve Kirsch Challenge: If you are in med school, I want to pay off your student loans down to zero

Steve Kirsch Challenge: If you are in med school, I want to pay off your student loans down to zero All you have to do is answer 20 questions I have about vaccine/mask safety and efficacy and convince us we got it all wrong. What could be easier than that? Steve Kirsch 4 hr ago […]

21-year-old med student severely injured by Pfizer Vaccine

21-year-old med student severely injured by Pfizer Vaccine  … still waiting for response from government compensation program A family whose 21-year-old son developed a life-threatening reaction to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine has been waiting six months to learn if the U.S. government’s Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program will help cover their son’s medical bills, but there’s been […]

Video: Dem Rep. Suggests Kicking Out Every Russian Student In The U.S.

After George W. Bush slammed Vladimir Putin for illegally invading a country, Twitter users who weren’t born yesterday had some choice reactions. “Russia’s attack on Ukraine constitutes the gravest security crisis on the European continent since World War II. I join the international community in condemning Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine,” said […]

NYC Public High School Student: ‘The Situation Is Beyond Control’

Above Photo: Adapted from NYC Student Walkout for Covid Safety Facebook Group. As the Omicron variant continues to surge, despite 90,132 new positive cases reported in New York on Saturday and one in three Covid-19 tests coming back positive in New York City, schools have been forced to stay open with insufficient safety measures as many students, and staff […]

Student Workers Of Columbia Reach Tentative Agreement

Above Photo: Jeremy Chiu / Teen Vogue. After more than two months on strike, the Student Workers of Columbia reached a tentative agreement for their union’s first contract with Columbia University. In the late hours of January 6, after more than two months on strike, the Student Workers of Columbia (SWC-UAW) reached a tentative agreement for […]

Biden administration extends student loan moratorium until May

Yesterday the Biden administration extended the current pause on student loan payments until May 1. His administration has been able to do this a couple of times with the last time being in August of this year.  Under the action, payments on federal student loans will remain paused through May 1. Interest rates will remain […]

Biden Pauses Student Loan Payments Since ‘We’ll All Be Dead Soon Anyway’

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a statement today, President Biden confirmed he will be extending the pause on student loan repayment since we’re all going to die of Omicron soon and nothing really matters now.   “Listen folks, no joke, it’s that simple. Not kiddin’ around here. For real. Seriously now,” said Biden to the nurse who was changing his […]

Democrats Blast Joe Biden for Ignoring Student Loan Debt

Far-left Democrats on Monday took to social media to blast President Joe Biden for failing to take action on student loan debt, concluding that he “has the power” to do something but has failed to do so. “You know how I know that President Biden has the power to #CancelStudentDebt? Because he’s already used it. […]

Columbia Student Workers Defy University’s Strikebreaking Threats

Above Photo: Picketing at Columbia University. WSWS Media. Begin Seventh Week On Strike. Last week saw a sharp escalation of the strike by 3,000 student workers at Columbia University in New York City, which continues in the face of strikebreaking threats by the administration. In an effort to shut down the walkout before finals, the […]

U. Maryland Student Paper Fires Reporter for Mixing Up Names of Two Students ‘of Color’

Renegade Editor’s Note: I just reported on how a professor was fired simply for mixing up two students’ names, who happened to be black. Now we’re seeing that such a “mistake” really is a blatant act of racism, which necessitates firing. Maybe all “POCs” should be forced to wear name tags so that this never […]

Chasten Buttigieg Upset Biden’s Student Loan Freeze Ending: ‘LOL No Thank You’

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten Buttigieg, is upset the Biden administration’s freeze on student loans is soon ending. In August, the Biden administration extended the freeze on student loans until the end of January 2022, with a zero percent interest rate, Breitbart News reported. Now that the extension is coming to an end, Chasten, […]

Joe Biden Denies Student Loan Payment Extension, Payments to Restart in February

President Joe Biden on Monday declined to extend a program that suspended student loan payments during the pandemic. Students will be expected to return to making payments beginning February 1st. White House press secretary Jen Psaki told Forbes: We will engage directly with federal student loan borrowers to ensure they have the resources they need and […]

Israeli air strikes won’t make us lose hope, Gaza student says after passing exams days after family’s death

On Sunday 16 May, in the pitch dark of the night between midnight and dawn 51-year-old Shukri Al-Kulak and his 22-year-old daughter lay under the rubble of their home. Shukri tried to make his way to his 83-year-old mother to help resuscitate her, while his daughter Zainab was trapped in a gap between the rubble […]

Transgender Student Breaks Swimming Records After Switching to Women’s Team

Lia Thomas, a biological male and professional swimmer who now identifies as female at the University of Pennsylvania, broke records after switching to the women’s team. Thomas competed for three years on the men’s team, with mediocre results, but later transitioned and moved to the women’s team. Thomas’s top time for the 500 Free event in the […]

Giulio Regeni: Egypt responsible for 2016 murder of student, says Italian commission

Egyptian security services are responsible for the torture and death of Italian student Giulio Regeni, according to a parliamentary commission. The report — published after two years of investigations — blamed the killing on members of Egypt’s National Security. Regeni was abducted by unknown assailants in the suburbs of Cairo in January 2016 while conducting […]

Student kills 3, wounds 6 at Michigan school

A 15-year-old sophomore opened fire at his Michigan high school on Tuesday, killing three students and wounding six other people, including a teacher, authorities said. Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe said at a news conference that he didn’t know what the assailant’s motives were for the attack at Oxford High School in Oxford Township, a […]

Student With Down Syndrome Grows a UK Champion Pumpkin

Inspired Videos By Inspired Videos Inspired Videos View profile Follow November 25, 2021 Updated: November 25, 2021 biggersmaller Print A brilliant boy who never let his disability define him. Inspired Videos Follow Source

Student Loan Payments Resume Soon, But Working Borrowers Aren’t Ready

Above photo: A graduating student wears a money lei, a necklace made of US dollar bills, at the Pasadena City College graduation ceremony, June 14, 2019, in Pasadena, California. Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images A new Student Debt Crisis Center survey found 89% of fully-employed borrowers aren’t financially secure enough to restart payments. Nearly a third […]

Chuck Schumer: Great Day for Biden to ‘Cancel Student Debt’

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called on President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to cancel student debt — a priority that has seemingly fallen to the wayside in the first year of Biden’s presidency. “Not thinking today would be a great day for President Biden and Vice President Harris to #CancelStudentDebt,” Schumer said […]

Student Strike Enters Second Week At Columbia University

Thousands of Columbia graduate student workers are into their second week on strike demanding fair pay and healthcare benefits. The Student Workers of Columbia has been negotiating a contract with the university for more than four years now. Source

Kuwait school expels stateless Bidoon student

Kuwait’s Bidoon community is a minority of stateless residents most of whom were born in Kuwait November 2, 2021 at 2:50 pm READ: Palestinian Bedouin see their homes demolished for 194th time Show Comments Related Source

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