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Student debt relief could be lifeline to swing states, young voters for Biden

President Biden is pouring a tremendous amount of political capital into student loan relief ahead of the November election, and experts say the impact in key states could be crucial.   “The swing states are going to be kind of where we look to see the biggest targeted return, states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan,” said… […]

Biden administration announces new plan to cancel student debt

A new plan to cancel student debt could help 30 million borrowers. The plan announced by the Biden administration could forgive some or all debt. The plan amends an earlier version that the Supreme Court ruled against about a year ago. “It means freedom from feeling like your student loan bills compete with basic needs […]

Student-led climate action is flourishing in DeSantis’s Florida

The “Green New Deal for UF” is a statement of support for bold, progressive climate action put forward by students. Source

Biden is forgiving another $1.2 billion in student loan debt starting today

As loan servicers process their forgiveness, they will see their debts discharged from their accounts.   Source

Biden defies Supreme Court on student debt cancellation, absurdly claims there’s no cost to taxpayers

Biden defies Supreme Court on student debt cancellation, absurdly claims there’s no cost to taxpayers Republicans are mad that President Biden is continuing to cancel student loan debt through various workarounds to the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling last summer against the $430 billion forgiveness plan. At a recent campaign stop in Las Vegas, Biden told […]

Your employer can now match your student loan repayments as 401(k) contributions

When someone makes a student loan payment, their employer can contribute that same amount of money to the employee’s retirement plan under Section 110 of a federal law known as the SECURE Act 2.0. Source

Jewish School Teacher Arrested For Threatening To Slit Student’s Throat When She Objected To Israeli Flag In Classroom

Benjamin Reese mug shot (13 WMAZ CBS News) Benjamin Reese — a Jewish 7th grade social studies teacher in Warner Robins, Georgia, was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and acts of cruelty to children, according to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office: “A Warner Robins teacher is accused of threatening to behead a student […]

In the face of repression, resistance thrives: Why attacks on the Palestinian student movement are failing

The University thinks that they can crush us by sanctioning students and banning our organization, but this movement is much larger than one organization or individual. Our growing movement is evidence of the futility of their tactics. Source

Jewish Georgia Teacher ‘Threatened to Behead Student for Criticizing Israeli Flag in His Classroom’

Jewish Georgia middle school teacher Benjamin Reese, 51, was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats for allegedly threatening to behead a young female student who criticized his decision to fly an Israeli flag in his classroom. From 13WMAZ, “Warner Robins teacher accused of threatening to kill student over comment about his Israeli flag”: A […]

Unraveling the knot: The Biden administration’s struggle for comprehensive student debt relief

A pivotal shift in the battle against student debt surfaces as the Biden administration grapples with the complexities of its cancellation plan. This renewed focus was sparked by a significant blow from the U.S. Supreme Court, which in June struck down President Joe Biden’s ambitious strategy to cancel up to $20,000 per federal borrower. Now, […]

Columbia student groups form coalition to counter crackdown on Palestine activism, demand divestment from Israel

More than 40 Columbia University student groups have formed a coalition to demand that the school divest from Israeli apartheid. The launch of Columbia University Apartheid Divest (CUAD) comes shortly after the administration suspended the groups Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) from campus. The coalition was announced on […]

Pro-Hamas UPenn Student Arrested for Stealing Israeli Flag

A University of Pennsylvania student who felt “empowered and happy” during the “glorious” October 7 Hamas attack on Israeli civilians has been arrested for allegedly stealing an Israeli flag. Tara Tarawneh was busted by police on November 4, accused of taking a flag that was displayed in front of student housing near campus on October […]

‘Secret shoppers’ to help scrutinize student loan servicers

The Department of Education announced Friday it will send out “secret shoppers” to student loan providers to ensure that borrowers get proper service and hold the companies accountable. The newly-announced accountability framework also includes increased monitoring of loan servicer interactions with borrowers, including listening in on customer service calls and tracking record keeping. “The Biden-Harris… […]

Police Find No Evidence That Israel Supporter Attack UNC Muslim Student With Knife

Police Find No Evidence That Israel Supporter Attack UNC Muslim Student With Knife Authored by Micaiah Bilger via, Police are investigating an online claim alleging an individual wearing an Israeli flag attacked a Muslim student Tuesday near the University North Carolina, Chapel Hill — but so far say there is no evidence the attack […]

HYPOCRITES: Florida Dem running for senator who wants her student loans forgiven OWNS A $3M MANSION

(NaturalNews) Former Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell of Florida, a strong proponent of forgiving trillions of dollars worth of student debt as well as her own, owns a… Source

U.S. College Student Freed From Dubai Detention

American college student Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos was detained in Dubai after allegedly touching an airport security officer’s arm. Source

Student Council at Birzeit University names new head

The Student Council at Birzeit University on Monday named freed prisoner Mohammad Arman as successor of the council’s head Abdul-Majid Hassan, who was detained by the Israeli occupation forces last week from campus. The council also named Saleh Hassan secretary of specialties as successor of prisoner Abdullah Mohammad, and Omar Zalloum as secretary of the Sports Committee […]

Oregon Middle School Won’t Say if Student Who Attacked Multiple Girls is Transgender

An Oregon middle school where a student was filmed physically attacking a female student will not say if the assailant is transgender. Source

OUTRAGE: Maine high school slips antidepressant ZOLOFT into student’s secret take-home baggie, then calls CPS on dad for finding out & complaining about it

Thanks flying cuttlefish picayune for this link From A taxpayer-funded health clinic operating within Lawrence High School in Fairfield, Me., is reportedly secretly drugging its students with antidepressants without telling their parents about it – and if you say anything about it, the school might call Child Protective Services (CPS) on you. This is […]

Senate Dems want to cancel all student lunch debt—a ‘term so absurd that it shouldn’t even exist’

U.S. Sen. John Fetterman said the aim of the bill is to “stop humiliating kids and penalizing hunger.” Source

Hamas condemns Israel’s detention of Palestinian student from campus

Hamas yesterday condemned the Israeli occupation forces’ detention of Palestinian college students from campus in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. In a statement, the movement said: “The Israeli occupation forces’ storming of Birzeit University in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah and detention of the student body president and members of student […]

Newsom mocks GOP Biden impeachment effort as ‘student government’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) mocked the House GOP’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden, calling the effort “student government.” “But an impeachment inquiry? Give me a break,” Newsom said in an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash. “This is student government … threatening a government shutdown again after we went through that process with the debt… […]

CRAZYMAKERS ARE NOW EVERYWHERE! A male student is crowned homecoming queen in Missouri

READ HERE: Tristan Young, a biologically male student who identifies as female, beat four other girls in the competition   Source

Chinese student arrested for omitting link to PLA-backed university in F-1 visa application

(NaturalNews) A Chinese postgraduate student with an F-1 nonimmigrant visa has been arrested and charged with fraud for failing to declare his link to a university… Source

“Texas Student Dies in Car Accident — Discovers Life after Death”

COMING HOME: Near-Death Experience ~ “Texas Student Dies in Car Accident — Discovers Life after Death” Tricia Barker shares her Near-Death Experience, occurring during the surgery to save her life after a horrific car accident her senior year of college. She recounts her shock at remaining lucid and conscious after leaving her body and is shown […]

Watch Live: YAF National Conservative Student Conference Day 2

The second day of the Young America’s Foundation National Conservative Student Conference will be held on Tuesday, July 25, in Washington, DC. Source

Another Student Debt Scheme

Commentary After losing at the Supreme Court, President Joe Biden has floated another student debt relief scheme. Lawyers and judges will take a while to decide if this new approach passes constitutional muster, no doubt, until after the 2024 election. But while the legal gears turn—slowly as ever—the political-economic implications will emerge immediately and be […]

Dershowitz: Bad Behavior by Schools Helped Create Student Debt Issue, Harvard Runs, Charges Like a Huge Corporation

On Friday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “The Record,” Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and Newsmax Legal Analyst Alan Dershowitz said that the bad behavior of universities is a large driver of student loan debt and even said his own institution has engaged in the same behavior and is “like a mega-corporation and the tuition reflects it.” […]

Loophole: Biden Admin Forgives $39 Billion In Student Debt For Over 800,000 Borrowers

As suspected following the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to block the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness proposal, the administration has created their own loophole to do it anyway. On Friday, the administration announced the forgiveness of $39 billion in student debt for 804,000 borrowers. The new program is thanks to a new regulatory rulemaking process by the Department of […]

Why there is a growing student absentee rate—and how community schools can fix it

Experts call for cultivating better student relationships and providing families with more supports—exactly what the community schools approach is all about. Source

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