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Israeli soldiers, settlers kill two Palestinians, injure two others

Two Palestinians were killed on Thursday morning in the occupied West Bank, while two others were seriously injured in four separate incidents when they were run over by Israeli vehicles.  Israelis forces shot and killed a young Palestinian man in the predawn hours of Thursday morning, during a raid on the Balata refugee camp in the […]

Biden is breaking promise to Palestinians– because Israelis don’t want us to reopen consulate

If you want to understand the power imbalance between the United States and Israel, the farce over the former U.S. consulate in Jerusalem is a good place to start. The consulate served as the U.S. embassy to Palestinians, in a historic building in West Jerusalem, but it angered Israel that the U.S. consulate empowered Palestinians […]

Israel arrests 75 Palestinians from Gaza in 2021

The Israeli occupation forces have arrested 75 Palestinians in total last year at the Erez Crossing between Gaza and Israel, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Centre for Studies. The Israeli army bans Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from entering the 300-meter area adjacent to its border with the enclave and shoots or arrests anyone who […]

Palestinians wounded in Israel’s crackdown on weekly West Bank protests

Tens of Palestinians have been wounded on Friday during the Israeli crackdown on weekly protests in several areas across the occupied West Bank, Arabi21 reported. In the village of Beita, located in the outskirts of Nablus, Israeli occupation forces opened fire at Palestinians following the performance of Friday prayer near Subaih Mountain. According to Arabi21, […]

Israel settlers aim to terrorise Palestinians out of their land, research finds

“We have no more land left for confiscation. The [Israeli] settlers have turned into an entity organised to terrorise and deport Palestinians,” the head of Palestine’s Land Research Centre (LRC) has said. In an interview with Quds Press, Jamal Al-Amleh explained that extremist settlers compete to rule Israel, which in turn has unleashed the most […]

Democrats need to send ‘harsh’ message to Palestinians and accept that Palestinians won’t think they’re ‘nice’ –advice from ‘Democratic Majority for Israel’

Israeli author Einat Wilf, a former Laborite politician now a visiting professor at Georgetown University, spoke to the Israel lobby group “Democratic Majority for Israel” this month and offered advice to American Democrats. They need to issue some “not pleasant” messages to Palestinians about the Jewish right to a state. And Democrats must accept that […]

Palestinians of all faiths are persecuted by Israel

Here’s a reprint to tide you over during the holiday season. I wrote this for MEMO back in January 2014. By Asa Winstanley This Ramadan, Israeli restrictions on Palestinian worshippers in Jerusalem are as bad as ever. According to a weekly report of the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: “age criteria and […]

Israeli State Violence Intensifying As 2021 Proves Deadliest For Palestinians Since 2014

Above Photo: Palestinians carry the body of Mohammad Hamayel, 15, killed by Israeli forces, during his funeral in the village of Beita, West Bank, June 11, 2021. (Majdi Mohammed / AP) According To The UN, In 2021, 342 Palestinians, Most Of Them Civilians, Were Killed By Israel Across Palestine, Including 86 Children. Nablus, Occupied West […]

‘We and the Palestinians have lost an indomitable fighter’: mourning the loss of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Editor’s Note: The following statement was released by Africa4Palestine on December 26, 2021 on the passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the age of 90. The human rights organization #Africa4Palestine joins fellow South Africans, Africans and peace-loving peoples across the world in mourning the loss of Archbishop Desmond Tutu – a dear friend of the […]


The soul-less Zionist Zombies Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians are not descended from the Biblical Hebrews.They are a mongrel Khazarian people who CONVERTED to the Judaic (not biblical Israel) End of Times Death Cult the remaining Hebrews in Judea turned to when they turned their backs on the Hebrew Most High God El Elyon, who […]

Israeli army rule allowing shooting of stone-throwers will be applied to Palestinians, not Jews

From now on, Israel Defense Force militants may fire on Palestinians who have thrown stones or firebombs even when they no longer pose any danger. Or, in the IDF parlance, when they’re escaping. These changes in the IDF’s Rules of Engagement (RoE) were exposed by Roee Sharon of Channel 13 on Sunday (Hebrew). This change […]

Trump says Netanyahu never wanted peace with Palestinians

I’d imagine that most people understand there is a sizable gap between the image of U.S. politics we are presented and how things actually work in Washington. Despite all his faults this disconnect was occasionally bridged by Donald Trump, a man who has probably inspired more people to cite that famous ClickHole story than anyone […]

PA foreign ministry: Israeli government shows racist face to Palestinians daily

The Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the occupation government displays its racist, colonial and violent face to the Palestinian people on a daily basis. Their rights, land, property and sanctities face an integrated set of repressive and punitive measures, insists the ministry. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the ministry accused […]

Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians in Nablus

Israeli forces killed two Palestinians in the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus over the weekend and injured several others.  Before dawn on Monday Israeli forces raided the Ras al-Ain area of Nablus city, sparking confrontations with locals.  During the raid, Israeli forces shot a Palestinian man in the head, and reportedly injured two […]

Palestinians Launch National Football Team for Amputees

Gaza has such a large population of young male amputees – courtesy of Israeli snipers – that they have formed a world-class Palestinian soccer team and joined the World Amputee Football Association. from Agence France-Presse (AFP), reposted from France24, December 2, 2021 Players in the Palestinian Gaza Strip used crutches and prosthetic legs Thursday to […]

Jerusalem Again Erupts Into Violence As Palestinians Resist Israeli Settler Expansion

Last month, a Palestinian sheikh and member of the Hamas movement launched an armed attack against Israeli settlers and soldiers in Jerusalem’s old city. The attack, hailed by local Palestinians as a heroic act of resistance, has encouraged an escalation in anti-occupation activities, such as protests, at a time when Israel is ethnically cleansing thousands […]

UN official: Depriving Palestinians of their state aggravates tensions in the region

The Middle East’s peace and security is at stake if Palestinian suffering is not brought to an end with a solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Abdulla Shahid, said yesterday. “Words cannot save Palestinian people suffering from decades of occupation, arbitrary arrests, and the use of excessive force […]

With Herzog’s visit to Hebron, is Israel considering a microstate deal for the Palestinians?

Israeli President Isaac Herzog chose to celebrate the Jewish Hanukkah holiday — the “Festival of Lights” — at the Ibrahimi Mosque in occupied Hebron, accompanied by a group of settler leaders. “The historical affinity of the Jewish people to Hebron, to the Cave of the Patriarchs [underneath the Ibrahimi Mosque], to the heritage of our […]

Refuse to Be in Israeli Military to Brutalize Palestinians and You Go to Jail….This is Crime Syndicate Running Israel!

Ron Wieczorek i090155oo9ta5m6h0utu60  ·  Boycott Israeli Apartheid Ireland Oc6tob0ter 5s2a4a52,0 0u260e20d  · Hello, my name is Hallel Rabin. I’m an 18 year old refuser from an Israeli kibbutz and tomorrow I’ll be sent to prison by the Israeli military. Just before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, I refused to join the Israeli army and was held in military prison […]

Words of solidarity with the Palestinians and acts of alliance with Israel

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which falls at the end of November of each year, differs in its current circumstances and facts from the past decades, since its was approved by the UN General Assembly on November 29, 1977, in accordance with resolution 32/40 B. It is the same day that […]

Israeli settlers are establishing farms to push Palestinians off their land

On the morning of Nov. 10, Israeli settlers erected sheep pens on Palestinian agricultural land next to the Masafer Yatta hamlet of Khallet a-Daba’ in the West Bank. By the evening, the Israeli army dismantled the illegal outpost, and in response, the settlers rioted against the Khallet a-Daba’ community. They threw stones. They shattered car […]

New track in Ramallah offers Palestinians safe exercising route away from the traffic

Palestinians ride and walk along a new cycling track built by the Ramallah municipality offering locals a peaceful ride away from the traffic. The sports track which is 500 meters long and 8-10 meters wide, sits on the dividing line between the areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority according to the Oslo Agreement […]

Confrontations between IOF and Palestinians in Silwan

Posted on November 25, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians November 25, 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen Net Yet again, the IOF carry on their terrorizing activities and Palestinians stand their ground and respond. Confrontations continue between the IOF and Palestinians in Silwan Confrontations, yet again, broke out between the Israeli occupation forces and Palestinian youth […]

Israel activist calls for ‘weapons to protect Palestinians’ from settler violence

Left-wing Jewish Israeli activist, Haim Shadmi, asked the Knesset on Sunday to allow him to bear arms to protect Palestinians from Jewish settler violence which they experience on a daily basis, the Jerusalem Post reported. During the Knesset conference “Stop Settler Violence”, Shadmi was reported saying: “Give us the authority to bear arms,” while going […]

Palestinians seeking asylum stranded at Barcelona Airport for days

The Catalan Minister for Equality urged the Spanish government on Friday to take better care of a group of 39 Palestinians who solicited asylum at Barcelona Airport earlier this week, Anadolu News Agency reports. “We remind the state that the duty to protect is an international obligation, and demand authorities to give these people access […]

Palestinians Attacked, Spyware NSO, Sebastia Invaded, Palestinians Arrested, Store Destroyed, Palestinians Injured, Al-Aqsa Mosque

November 12, 2021 By KhamakarPress News – Israeli settlers brutally attack, beat Palestinians in Hebron, shoot sharp bullets Extremist Israeli settlers attacked and fired live ammunition at Palestinians Wednesday evening in the village of Khallet al-Dabe’h, in the Masafer Yatta community, south of Hebron, injuring at least five.According to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, a group […]

Palestinians open vaccines to children age 12 and up

A Palestinian health worker collects a swab sample for a COVID-19 test at a temporary vaccination center set up in Gaza City on October 23, 2021. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images) The Latest: 456,632 Palestinians tested positive for COVID-19; 448,487 recoveries; 4,742 deaths Of those who tested positive, 240,859 live in the West Bank and 185,417 […]

Palestinians protest against the Balfour Declaration in Jerusalem

Palestinians stage a demonstration in front of the British Consulate as part of the 104th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, in East Jerusalem November 2, 2021 at 4:33 pm Palestinians stage a demonstration in front of the British Consulate as part of the 104th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, in East Jerusalem on 2 November […]

Palestinians fight to save Jerusalem cemetery from being destroyed for Israeli park

Israeli forces fired tear gas and sound bombs at Palestinians outside the al-Yusufiyah cemetery in occupied East Jerusalem on Friday, the latest escalation at the site, as Palestinians fight to save the cemetery from being destroyed to make way for an Israeli park.  According to local reports, groups of Palestinians gathered outside the cemetery, located […]

Water as Weapon of War: Activists Say Israel is Drying Out the West Bank to Drive Out Palestinians

October 06th, 2021 By Jessica Buxbaum Source MASAFER YATTA, OCCUPIED WEST BANK — Last weekend, around 600 Israeli, Palestinian and international activists marched across Masafer Yatta in the Occupied West Bank to deliver a water tanker to Palestinian villagers. Their message was clear: Water is a human right, and Israel is depriving Palestine of this basic necessity. Amid […]

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