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After Israeli snipers killed 40 Palestinians in 3 months, army chief said, ‘This is not right, relax’

A pro-Israel group held a discussion three days ago that showcased its utter indifference to Palestinian lives. Israeli reporter Ohad Hemo told the Israel Policy Forum, an American Israel lobby organization, that after Israeli soldiers “easily” killed more than 40 Palestinians in the West Bank in two months, the army chief said, “This is not […]

Palestinians injured as Israel fires teargas at protesters in Hebron

Scores of Palestinian residents of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron suffered as a result of tear gas inhalation yesterday after Israeli occupation forces tried to disperse peaceful protests in the city, Wafa news agency reported. According to Wafa, Israeli occupation forces attacked Palestinian residents in the Bab Al-Zawyeh area in central Hebron. Occupation soldiers stationed at […]

Palestinians woo vaccine skeptics with a lottery

Palestinian health authorities are launching a vaccination drive for students aged 16-18 in the Gaza Strip as the territory contends with a third wave of coronavirus infections, on September, 1, 2021. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images) The Latest: 396,088 Palestinians tested positive for COVID-19; 359,973 recoveries; 4,053 deaths Of those who tested positive, 222,496 live in […]

Palestinians warn of uprising if Israel seeks to kill ‘beloved’ escapees

The dramatic escape of six prisoners from Gilboa prison in Israel is now in its fourth day with none of the prisoners captured, and the story is resonating around the world. Palestinians and their supporters celebrate an escape to rival those in Hollywood pictures. While Israeli authorities and media express humiliation and rage. Over 100 […]

Hashtag ‘Untie_Our_Hands’: How Many More Palestinians Must Die for Israel’s ‘Security’?

A large Israeli army campaign is taking social media by storm. The unstated aim of what is known as the “#Untie_Our_Hands” initiative is the desire to kill, with no accountability, more Palestinian protesters at the Gaza fence. The campaign was motivated by the killing of an Israeli sniper, Barel Hadaria Shmueli, who was reportedly shot […]

‘Our heroes’: Palestinians celebrate the ‘great escape’ of 6 political prisoners

Six Palestinian prisoners shocked the world on Monday when they escaped from a high security Israeli prison through a tunnel that they had reportedly been digging, undetected, for months.  The political prisoners, four of whom were serving life sentences, escaped the Gilboa prison in northern Israel, notorious for being one of Israel’s most militarized and […]

Israel Searches For 6 Palestinians After Rare Prison Break

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israel launched a massive manhunt in the country’s north and the occupied West Bank early Monday after six Palestinian prisoners tunneled out of their cell and escaped overnight from a high-security facility in an extremely rare breakout. The escape marks an embarrassing security breach just ahead of the Jewish New […]

Palestinians continue protests over Nizar Banat’s killing, amid growing criticism of PA repression

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in the city center of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday in protest of the Palestinian Authority’s killing of popular activist and dissident Nizar Banat earlier this summer.  Surprising to some, the demonstration ended with no state violence against the protesters. Previous protests in Ramallah and other areas of […]

AJC is panicked by United Church of Christ’s solidarity with Palestinians under settler-colonialism

American Jewish Committee CEO David Harris is scared. Earlier this month he sounded the alarm about the “antisemitic leftwing tide that is sweeping up vulnerable Jews.” Harris’ over-the-top warnings (young Jews on campuses are being “picked off” by antisemites!) illustrates how panicked the Jewish establishment is about the erosion of support for Israel, not only […]

Israeli Military Wounds 24 Palestinians In Gaza Clash

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli gunfire on Saturday wounded 24 Palestinians, including a 13-year-old boy who was shot in the head, health officials said. An Israeli policeman was critically wounded by Palestinian gunfire during the clashes along Gaza’s border with Israel. The violence erupted after hundreds of Palestinians took part in a demonstration […]

The Quiet Rebellion: Why US Jews Turning against Israel is Good for Palestinians 

  A unique but critical conversation on Israel and Palestine is taking place outside the traditional discourse of Israeli colonialism and the Palestinian quest for liberation. It is an awkward and difficult – but overdue – discussion concerning American Jews’ relation to Israel and their commitment to its Zionist ideology. For many years, Israel has […]

Israeli forces kill 4 Palestinians, 2 teens, during night raid

Israeli forces shot and killed four Palestinian young men, including at least two teenagers, during military raids on the Jenin refugee camp in the northern occupied West Bank early Monday morning.  According to Palestinian media reports, armed Israeli forces, including undercover units, raided the Jenin refugee camp in the predawn hours of Monday morning, sparking […]

After jump in jabs, nearly quarter of Palestinians vaccinated

The latest 348,657 Palestinians tested positive for COVID-19; 341,595 recoveries; 3,890 deaths Of those who tested positive 201,391 live in the West Bank, 118,255 live in Gaza, and 29,011 live in East Jerusalem 929,274 Israelis tested positive for COVID-19; 877,933 recoveries; 6,611 deaths 💉After months of a stalled rollout, the vaccination rate in the West […]

BBC Peddle Racist Propaganda Against Palestinians, Justify Ethnic Cleansing

Despite claiming to be an outlet that does not tolerate racism and that prides itself on being “objective”, the BBC has spouted some of the very worst anti-Palestinian rhetoric on the Israeli ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah and completely ignored the most important facts in order to provide cover for Israel. A “property dispute” is […]

Israel will give booster vaccines, will Palestinians follow?

Palestinians receive the coronavirus vaccine at a UNRWA clinic in Gaza City on July 27, 2021. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images) The Latest: 345,328 Palestinians tested positive for COVID-19; 340,287 recoveries; 3,869 deaths Of those who tested positive, 200,260 live in the West Bank, 116,227 live in Gaza, and 28,841 live in East Jerusalem 869,063 Israelis […]

Don’t Cry For Lifta: Palestinians Will Endure

Don’t Cry For Lifta: Palestinians Will Endure – There will never be a movie made titled “The Last of the Palestinians!” “The Jerusalem landscape seen through the ruins of a house at Lifta, 2017” — World Monuments Fund The last thing Palestinians need is to come to terms in sorrow with our dispossession at the hands of […]

Palestinians call for release of Khalida Jarrar to attend the funeral of her daughter, Suha

Palestinians are demanding the release of Palestinian parliamentarian and leader Khalida Jarrar from Israeli prison following the sudden death of her daughter and human rights advocate, Suha Jarrar.  Suha Ghassan Jarrar, 30, was found dead in her apartment in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah late Sunday evening, according to local media. She reportedly […]

Imam Khamenei Thanks Palestinians for Message after Victory in Op. Al-Quds Sword

 July 11, 2021 Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei thanked Palestinians residing in Syria’s refugee camps who had sent a message of gratitude for his einence and the Iranian nation following Palestine’s victory against the Zionist occupation in the […]

The violence against Palestinians in Gaza doesn’t stop when the bombs stop falling

Adalah Justice Project’s Sumaya Awad talks with Jehad Abusalim about Gaza, the Palestinian Authority, and the US movement for Palestine in the wake of the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza. Jehad is a PhD candidate at the History and Hebrew and Judaic Studies joint program at New York University where he studies Arab intellectual writings on […]

Palestinians In Chicago Nurture Connection To A Homeland Far Away

An Estimated 85,000 Palestinians Live In Greater Chicago — 60% Of The Area’s Arab Population. The Connection Some Of Them Feel To Their Homeland Was On Full Display During Street Protests In The Loop In Late May. Whenever Fidaa Elaydi buys fresh falafel for $3.99 a dozen from a bakery in Palos Hills, she gives […]

Israel Plans To Ethnically Cleanse 7,000 Palestinians From One Town In East Jerusalem

Israel’s court system, government, and settler organisations are pushing for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the East Jerusalem town of Silwan and the International Community has yet to move a muscle to step in and help them. Many people may have heard of the case of Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood located in occupied East […]

Despite PA crackdown, Palestinians continue protests over killing of Nizar Banat

In the early morning hours of June 24th, Palestinian Authority security forces raided the home of prominent Palestinian activist and dissident Nizar Banat. His family says he was pepper sprayed and brutally beaten with metal clubs and rifle butts before he was taken into custody. Just a few hours later, he was pronounced dead.  The […]

Report: Gaza Terrorist Rockets Killed More Palestinians than Israelis — Nearly Half of Gaza War Casualties Associated with Terror Groups

More Palestinians were killed by rocket attacks launched by the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror group in the 11-day conflict in May than Israelis, according to a new report released by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC). The report also highlighted that nearly half of the Palestinian casualties were confirmed terrorists. The report, which […]

Report: Gaza Terrorist Rockets Killed More Palestinians than Israelis — Nearly Half of Gaza War Casualties Associated with Terror Groups

More Palestinians were killed by rocket attacks launched by the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror group in the 11-day conflict in May than Israelis, according to a new report released by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC). The report also highlighted that nearly half of the Palestinian casualties were confirmed terrorists. The report, which […]

‘I thought I was going to die’: Palestinians recount night of torture in Israeli police custody

While browsing the infamous Nazareth sweets shops, selecting the perfect mouth watering supply of kolaj and ma’moul in preparation for the celebratory end of Ramadan Eid al-Fitr, Palestinians were suddenly snatched from the streets in mass by plainclothes undercover Israeli officers. The beatings began in the evening and lasted through the night.  Detainees were made […]

I dedicate my heart to Palestinians

A series of my essays and articles depict all too clearly my support for a free Palestine. I believe in the Palestinian right to live a peaceful, safe and productive life.  I reject all forms of racism and hate, as I condemn the brutality and cruelty of Zionist colonization and an eighty year agenda to […]

The assassination of Nizar Banat means there’s only one solution for the Palestinians

The assassination of political activist Nizar Banat during his arrest by Palestinian Authority security services is a turning point in occupied Palestine. It is no less important and dangerous than the shift represented by the recent Jerusalem uprising, which covered Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and the territory occupied since 1948. The occupied West Bank […]

Palestinians rally against extending Israeli family-reunion law

Dozens of Palestinian families on Tuesday rallied in front of the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) against government plans to vote on extending the family reunification law, Anadolu Agency reported. Protesters held banners calling to save Palestinian families under the controversial law. “Since the legislation of this racist law in 2003, we were backing this just cause […]

Israel demolishes 72 buildings and displaces dozens of Palestinians in three months

The Palestinian ambassador to the UN has warned officials about the increasingly violent and racist attacks carried out by Israeli occupation forces and extremist settler groups against Palestinians in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem. Riyad Mansour made his warning in letters sent to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the current president of the UN Security […]

Palestinians call for Israel to release hunger strikers 

Hundreds of Palestinians took part in sit-in protests on Tuesday in front of the International Red Cross offices in the occupied West Bank. Protesters called for the immediate release of four Palestinian hunger strikers in Israeli jails, Anadolu has reported. Placards called for the international and regional organisations for prisoners’ affairs to put pressure on […]

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