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Palestinians Give Bullet That Killed Journalist To US Forensics Team

The Palestinian Authority says it has given the bullet that killed Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh to American forensic experts for examination. Source

Palestinians ‘Are Not Animals In A Zoo’

Years before the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, U.S. media introduced many new characters, promoting them as “experts” who helped ratchet up propaganda, ultimately allowing the U.S. government to secure enough popular support for the war. Though enthusiasm for war began dwindling in later years, the invasion began with a relatively strong popular mandate that allowed President George […]

Israel Uses Unconventional Torture Against Palestinians

The Israelis do not differentiate between prisoners: children, youths, the elderly and women are all treated just as badly. Moreover, women are also subjected to “sexual violence” amounting to torture. Source

“Discrimination against Palestinians is overt and systemic,” says World Council of Churches Central Committee

According to the WCC’s governing body, the “occupation continues to contradict the equal human dignity and human rights of Palestinians while the response of the international community continues to reflect egregious double standards.” Source

PA security cooperation with Israel helps everyone except Palestinians

A recent debate over the rank of the U.S. Security Coordinator for the Palestinian Authority has refocused attention on security cooperation with Israel and the question of who it truly benefits. Source

Israeli Occupation Forces Kill 5 Palestinians As Tensions Boil — Including A US Citizen

Israeli occupation forces killed five Palestinians, inside the West Bank, in less than two days last week. The killings on Wednesday and Thursday came as tensions continue to boil in the occupied territories. Israel has also imposed restrictions on foreigners seeking to enter the West Bank, in a move that has spurred outrage. Last Wednesday, […]

Hundreds injured as Palestinians demonstrate against ‘flag march’

An estimated 70,000 Israeli settlers participated in the annual flag march in occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday, with some crowds chanting “Death to Arabs.” Hundreds of Palestinians have been injured across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem as Israeli forces suppressed protests that erupted in response to the march. Follow here for news throughout […]

Democrats and the young favor Palestinians over Israelis– new Pew poll

New Pew survey shows growing support for Palestinians among Democrats. More Democrats hold favorable views of Palestinians than of Israelis by 64 to 60 percent. Compare to Republicans: 78 to 37 favorability ratings for Israelis over Palestinians. And while most people don’t know what BDS is, 7 percent of Democrats support BDS while 2 percent […]

Israeli lawmaker warns Palestinians of another ‘Nakba’ if they fly Palestinian flag

In yet another threat by an Israeli official to revisit the “Nakba” on Palestinians, lawmaker Israel Katz, a former minister of finance, warns Palestinian youth who fly the Palestinian flag to ask their parents about “your Nakba” — and warns, “If you don’t calm down, we’ll teach you a lesson that won’t be forgotten”.

May, a month of tragedies for Palestinians

May has always been a month marked by tragedy, anger, tension, and revolution for Palestinians since we were expelled from our lands on May 15th, 1948. This year has sadly been no different, as we still struggle the process the events of May a year ago. Source

Iran to Boost Gas Production in South Pars Phase 11 — UPROOTED PALESTINIANS: SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM

May 6, 2022 An official with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) revealed that Phase 11 of the South Pars Gas Field is expected to generate 14 million cubic meters of gas per day by the end of current Persian calendar year (March 20, 2023). According to IRNA, Karim Zobeidi, NIOC’s director of corporate planning, […] […]

War Realities, Top Gun Romantics, Mercenaries, the reality of a wall socket. — UPROOTED PALESTINIANS: SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM

[embedded content] May 03, 2022 Please visit Andrei’s website: support him here: War Realities, Top Gun Romantics, Mercenaries, the reality of a wall socket. — UPROOTED PALESTINIANS: SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Israel kills four Palestinians, including one teenager, in span of 24 hours

The Israeli military killed four Palestinians in less than 24 hours on Sunday in the occupied West Bank, including one child, and a partially blind widow of six children.  The four Palestinians, who were killed in four separate incidents in areas across the West Bank, were all killed within a few hours of one another.  […]

US Charitable Donations Are Funding Displacement Of Palestinians

Above Photo: A child holds a Palestinian flag during a rally to commemorate the 46th Palestinian Land Day anniversary in Gaza City. Land Day marks an incident in 1976 when Israeli troops shot and killed six people during protests against land confiscations. Yousef Masoud / SOPA Images/LightRocket Via Getty Images. Several gunshot bangs pierced the […]

US charitable donations are funding the displacement of Palestinians

Editor’s Note: A version of the following article first appeared in Truthout on April 4, 2022. Several gunshot bangs pierced the sky. Israeli soldiers shot a Palestinian protester with live ammunition. Chants and cheers from Israeli settlers from Modi’in Illit rang out through the air as they stood upon a mound of dirt overlooking the […]

PICTURES: Palestinians Celebrate, Hand out Candy After Terror Attack that Killed 5 in Tel Aviv

Palestinians in multiple cities came out in droves to celebrate a shooting attack by a terrorist in a Tel Aviv suburb on Tuesday evening that killed five people. Source

Palestinians Observe General Strike Denouncing Illegal Home Demolitions

Above Photo: Palestinians protest against planned demolitions in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabir. Activestills. Around 800 Palestinian homes are facing the threat of demolition by the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem. It plans to replace them with 500 new illegal settlement units and a shopping mall. Palestinians in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of […]

Who Represents Palestinians: Ramzy Baroud Discusses Liberation and Representation on Al-Mayadeen TV (VIDEO)

March 8, 2022 Dr. Ramzy Baroud presents his new book, co-edited with Prof. Ilan Pappé, on Al-Mayadeen TV. (Photo: Video Grab) By Palestine Chronicle Staff During an interview with Lebanese TV channel Al Mayadeen, Palestinian author, journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle, Dr. Ramzy Baroud, presented his new book “Our Vision for Liberation: Engaged Palestinian Leaders and […]

Israeli forces kill two Palestinians, 15 and 19 years old, in Jerusalem

Israeli forces killed two Palestinian teenagers on Sunday in separate incidents in occupied East Jerusalem.  According to Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCIP), Israeli forces shot and killed 15-year-old Yamen Khanafseh on Sunday night in the Jerusalem area town of Abu Dis.  DCIP said that “after shooting Yamen, Israeli forces fired tear gas canisters […]

The World United for Sanctions on Russia. Why Can’t It Do the Same for Palestinians?

Because this son of a Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian inbred bitch owns and operates the Khazarian Mafia which invaded and is illegally occupying Palestine while Holocausting the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian people runs Mossad. Mossad Jeffery ran a blackmail honey trap for the above pictured War Criminal Pedophilic Rat where heads of state, generals, […]

Settler group Elad is Israel’s weapon to evict Palestinians from Silwan

Elad settler organisation, also known as Ir David Foundation, is Israel’s weapon to steal Palestinian lands, including private land owned by Palestinians who fled Israeli aggression in 1948 or 1967. The pro-settlement Israeli association was established in 1986, and has been operating mainly in the occupied Palestinian village of Silwan in East Jerusalem, south of the Old City and Al-Aqsa Mosque. It has been working to […]

Israel sprays skunk water at Palestinians marking Israa and Miraj

Israeli forces yesterday attacked dozens of Palestinians, and arrested a child and a young man near Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem. Local sources told the media that 23 Palestinians were injured after occupation forces used heavy handed measures to disperse Plestinians who had gathered to mark the ascension of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be […]

Visiting US politicians heap praise on Israel as Palestinians protest ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah

Dozens of House members are in Israel this week as part of a trip organized by an AIPAC-affiliated group. While the lawmakers met with Israeli leaders, and tweeted praise for the country, police continued to clash with Palestinian protestors in occupied East Jerusalem, where multiple families face displacement. The American Israel Education Foundation arranged to […]

Israeli soldiers, settlers kill two Palestinians, injure two others

Two Palestinians were killed on Thursday morning in the occupied West Bank, while two others were seriously injured in four separate incidents when they were run over by Israeli vehicles.  Israelis forces shot and killed a young Palestinian man in the predawn hours of Thursday morning, during a raid on the Balata refugee camp in the […]

Biden is breaking promise to Palestinians– because Israelis don’t want us to reopen consulate

If you want to understand the power imbalance between the United States and Israel, the farce over the former U.S. consulate in Jerusalem is a good place to start. The consulate served as the U.S. embassy to Palestinians, in a historic building in West Jerusalem, but it angered Israel that the U.S. consulate empowered Palestinians […]

Israel arrests 75 Palestinians from Gaza in 2021

The Israeli occupation forces have arrested 75 Palestinians in total last year at the Erez Crossing between Gaza and Israel, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Centre for Studies. The Israeli army bans Palestinians in the Gaza Strip from entering the 300-meter area adjacent to its border with the enclave and shoots or arrests anyone who […]

Palestinians wounded in Israel’s crackdown on weekly West Bank protests

Tens of Palestinians have been wounded on Friday during the Israeli crackdown on weekly protests in several areas across the occupied West Bank, Arabi21 reported. In the village of Beita, located in the outskirts of Nablus, Israeli occupation forces opened fire at Palestinians following the performance of Friday prayer near Subaih Mountain. According to Arabi21, […]

Israel settlers aim to terrorise Palestinians out of their land, research finds

“We have no more land left for confiscation. The [Israeli] settlers have turned into an entity organised to terrorise and deport Palestinians,” the head of Palestine’s Land Research Centre (LRC) has said. In an interview with Quds Press, Jamal Al-Amleh explained that extremist settlers compete to rule Israel, which in turn has unleashed the most […]

Democrats need to send ‘harsh’ message to Palestinians and accept that Palestinians won’t think they’re ‘nice’ –advice from ‘Democratic Majority for Israel’

Israeli author Einat Wilf, a former Laborite politician now a visiting professor at Georgetown University, spoke to the Israel lobby group “Democratic Majority for Israel” this month and offered advice to American Democrats. They need to issue some “not pleasant” messages to Palestinians about the Jewish right to a state. And Democrats must accept that […]

Palestinians of all faiths are persecuted by Israel

Here’s a reprint to tide you over during the holiday season. I wrote this for MEMO back in January 2014. By Asa Winstanley This Ramadan, Israeli restrictions on Palestinian worshippers in Jerusalem are as bad as ever. According to a weekly report of the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: “age criteria and […]

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