About us

Jewworldorder.org  is not a website to spread hatred, violence or racism.

jewworldorder.org is a website for truth seekers sick and tired of the lies spread by our Jewish Mainstream Media Networks.

Thank you to all for making this website popular, with over 23,230 unique visitors every 24 hrs.

About us



When you cannot criticize the criminal activities of the Zionist Jews, without getting jailed for being anti Semite, you know we live in a Communist Dictatorship.

About us

Jew World order

 Once you are awake, you cannot fall back to sleep

The truth has no agenda.

This website was created by a group of true Semites and Hebrews, concerned about the state of the world, who wish to spread the truth to the people, about the criminal murderous edomites/canannites/khazars/Turks, that fraudulently call themselves Jews.

Bloggers and Publishing Networks emailing me to get their articles published on my website, are welcome to publish their articles, so keep sending them, and we will keep publishing them.

We support the true Hebrew Israelites not the fakes that call themselves Jews today.

We have so many haters of this website. All of them are Zionist Jews. So don’t be surprised to see fabricated stories about any of our team members on the internet. Zionist Jews are brilliant at deception and defaming the innocent. This is the sole reason why the Jews own the Media News Networks all over the world, to tell you how to think, and who to hate, for their evil global agendas. (Divide and Conquer) it’s how they brought down many ancient civilizations in the past and modern ones today.

Jews are Mongrels, they have been proven many times to be an invention. Even their Genetics have been tested and found to contain many many races… since they migrated from their motherland Khazaria / Ottoman Turkish Empire long ago. Jews were the original Gypsies, that went from country to country, village to village. Stole, killed and kidnapped children, for their satanic rituals.

About us

Why this website?

I am a truth seeker and a truth teller. This personal website functions as a beacon to those searching for the truth, to those sick of listening to the Jewish owned Media Networks and their fraudulent journalism and fake news, to benefit their evil agendas. From time to time, I receive emails of hate including death threats. The word anti Semitic pops up all the time. How can we be anti semite, when we are the true Semite people and true Hebrews?

I thought these so called chosen Jewish terrorists were smart, looks like most of them have been brain washed by their own Zionist historical lies. Thankfully there are some honest truthful Jews that are spreading the light and truthful information about the invention of the so called Jew. Important videos to watch at the bottom of the page. Jews (Khazars) were never Semites. Jews are an invention! Roman Catholic Jews even wrote the bible to fabricate their own history to legitimize themselves. We know the plastic Jews came from Turkey (Khazar Empire) and stole the identity of the true Hebrew. We know you own the News Media Networks, the Internet and Hollywood to spread your lies and brain wash the sheeple daily. We know you wrote our history books to cover the truth. We know you have killed many truth tellers in the past and present , to keep the truth from being heard. We also know you run our Countries, Corporations and our Industries.

  1. We are against any criminal so called Jew that own our Governments, our countries, every Corporation, every Industry, including organized crime just to benefit their evil agendas of world domination and control.
  2. We are against any criminal so called Jew for Killing people world wide in the billions for profit. That started every war in history and present for profit and control. That created hundreds of Holocausts and Genocides in the name of Jewish Supremacy and World Order, then blame it on other races indigenous to the country.
  3. We are against those criminal so called Jew that bleed our economies dry year after year, then have their media networks call it a recession or depression, instead of calling it what it really is…. Robbery!
  4. We are against any criminal so called Jew for torturing and killing our animals and our planet. Poisoning our air, our waters and our foods for control.
  5. We are against criminal so called Jew that own and run every criminal secret occult societies, the child porn industry, the Mafia, organized crime, slave trade, prostitution, illegal organ trafficking, Drug trafficking, child trafficking, satanic child sacrifices, especially on Jewish holidays.
  6. We are against those so called Jews, that commit the crime, then play the victim. We are aware of Jews that play both sides of the coin for their own evil agenda.
  7. Lastly, We are against those criminal so called Jews that defame countries with lies and cause chaos and fear to innocent families, by ordering the CIA, Mi6 and israeli Mossad, and every other Military and Government agent to dress up as Islamic terrorists, shooting and blowing up innocent families in many Muslim and Western countries, blaming it on Muslim terrorists, to justify your invasions in the name of democracy. Even creating false flag attacks on your own people because Terrorism always works in the favor of the state. It makes Presidents look Presidential, and it gives the Zionist Jewish Governments an excuse to crack down on civil liberties all across the country.




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