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Young Global Leader Jacinda Ardern Brags She Has ‘Direct Access’ to Facebook Censorship Portal

Young Global Leader Jacinda Ardern has openly bragged about having access to a secret Facebook portal that allows the New Zealand government to censor content on the platform. This portal is designed specifically for governments […] The post Young Global Leader Jacinda Ardern Brags She Has ‘Direct Access’ to Facebook Censorship Portal appeared first on […]

The Global South births a new game-changing payment system

November 30, 2022 by Pepe Escobar, first published at The Cradle and posted with the author’s permission Challenging the western monetary system, the Eurasia Economic Union is leading the Global South toward a new common payment system to bypass the US Dollar. The Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU) is speeding up its design of a common payment system, […]

Global Government vs. We the People

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November 28th, 2022 Part 1 – WithdrawIf you have savings in the bank, consider withdrawing a decent amount of cash and putting it somewhere safe or investing it in something tangible. If you don’t have savings, consider taking out your wages every time you get paid. Part 2 – Reach OutReach out to at least […]

The Middle East and US global power: Fossil Fuel- Lifeblood of the American Empire

November 22, 2022 Source by Phillyguy Summary Among all of the events shaping post-civil war US economic development, one of the most prominent was the establishment of Standard Oil by John D. Rockefeller in 1870. Working with other US industrialists, along with domestic and international financial and banking interests, including the Rothschild’s London banking cartel, […]

ACH (1977) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #96 – Baron Greenblatt’s Global Broadcast

In today’s show originally broadcast on November 21 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “Baron Greenblatt’s Global Broadcast.” We discussed: the Alex Jones, Vivian Kubrick, and Sean Stone clip that we played during the show intro segment; the films of Oliver Stone and Stanley Kubrick; bad service […]

New G20 Agenda 2030 Document calls for Global Vaccine Passports

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON NOVEMBER 18, 2022 • ( 32 COMMENTS ) G-20 leaders have adopted a joint declaration calling for the establishment of “global digital health networks” that build on existing digital COVID-19 vaccine passports. Let’s not lose touch…Your Government and Big Tech are actively trying to censor the information reported by The Exposé to serve their own needs. Subscribe now to make […]

YCP – Global Warming and Electrosmog

Globalist propaganda   Cellular Phone Task Force (     The post YCP – Global Warming and Electrosmog appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

G20 Promotes WHO-Standardized Global Vaccine Passport and ‘Digital Health’ Identity Scheme

Leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) have issued a joint declaration promoting a global standard on proof of vaccination for international travel and calling for the establishment of “global digital health networks” that build on existing digital COVID-19 vaccine passport schemes. Source

Carbon dioxide isn’t a “pollutant” causing global warming, it’s the elixir of life itself

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The next time someone tells you that we all must reduce our “carbon footprint” in order to save the planet from “climate change,” be sure to remind that person that carbon dioxide (CO2) is the elixir of life.Without CO2, all plant life would die – which means all humans and animals would […]

The “first worldwide global revolution” is now underway, says financial author Bob Moriarty

(Natural News) Hedge fund manager Paul Singer, the head of Elliott Management Corporation, recently warned in mainstream financial news that a “global societal collapse” is soon on the way. And according to financial author and expert analyst Bob Moriarty, this event will lead to the “first worldwide global revolution.” Moriarty spoke with Mike Adams, the… […]

Gareth Icke Interview – The Censorship & Excommunication Of David Icke On A Near Global Scale

Joining me today is Gareth Icke of the Ickonic Network, here to discuss the recent censorship and outright banning of his father, David Icke, from 26 countries, just for sharing his ideas, many of which have thoroughly come to pass over the last three years. David has been labeled a “terrorist” simply for not toeing […]

Biden’s chaotic, anti-fossil fuel policies are threatening global energy security

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Just three years ago, the United States was an energy independent nation, a nation that was in a secure position to incorporate more renewable energy sources into its diverse and robust energy supply.Today, the United States is a hollow shell of its former self – with pipelines and drilling operations shuttered. After […]


March 9, 2021 The 2030 agenda of the United Nations is a document with a series of proposals to achieve a  better world  that must be achieved by the end of the year 2030. Many of these objectives have been implemented and fulfilled since 2015 without world public opinion knowing their existence or approve its execution. This agenda […]


23 oct 2022 The 8th step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT is to watch the new documentary called ‘The real Anthony Fauci’. Take it a step further and try to convince a fence-sitting friend to watch it with you. Do whatever it takes…maybe their favorite wine, dinner, or dessert It’s free to watch for the next […]

Edible insects could be headed to UK supermarkets as global elites’ push to replace meat intensifies

(Natural News) As the cost of living continues to rise, budget supermarket chain ALDI could be poised to start giving families more affordable sources of protein by selling edible insect recipe kits in its UK stores –  but are edible insects really the great solution they claim to be? Crickets have been touted by some… […]


State of the Nation There should be no doubt about it: the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is now at the hub of an all-powerful international crime syndicate that profits immensely from the proliferation of infectious diseases and their poisonous vaccine treatments. Why else would the 15 members of the CDC’s ACIP (Advisory […]

Those Claiming that we Need to Fix Global Warming are the Very Ones Causing it

URGENT: New Documentary Proves Climate Engineering by Controlling the Weather (NOT “Global Warming”) is Destroying Life and the Planet: Immediate Danger FAR Greater than COVID-19 by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News As the world has been dominated for the past year by the fake threat that the Globalists want us to believe COVID-19 presents, a […]

The global and local economy has slipped into a predatory frame of mind A Fatal Fascination With Pharmaceutical Interventions Earlier this week Leighton Smith asked me if I thought the structure of society was breaking down. Before the week is through, the UK Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng is out after just 38 days in office (exit right). He suggested that the uber wealthy needed more money to manage and […]

Gates Foundation gives $200 million to help establish global digital ID system of surveillance


Lancet Commission identifies six major reasons why global response to COVID-19 was colossal failure

(Natural News) A noted panel of experts released a report last month listing a half-dozen reasons why the world response to the China-caused COVID-19 pandemic was not just wholly inadequate, but a massive failure, with millions more lives lost than necessary. “As of May 31, 2022, there were 6·9 million reported deaths and 17·2 million […]

The WEF’s Programs for Infiltration: The Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers & New Champions

In recent months, the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers, and New Champions have gathered in support of the Davos mission. Who exactly are these groups and what do they represent? While the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program has become familiar to many people in recent months, equally important and influential […]

We Need to Talk About Mr. Global – Part 1 & 2

We Need to Talk About Mr. Global CJ Hopkins Aug 28 So, almost exactly a year ago, I hopped into a van with a German film crew and drove to a little fishing village in The Netherlands to talk with Catherine Austin Fitts about what I call “GloboCap” and she calls “Mr. Global,” and the […]

The global walkout- Step 6

9 oct 2022 We are honored to have Theirry Baudet, a member of the Dutch Parliament, announcing step 6 of the global walkout. Step 6 – COMMUNITY OF DINNER TABLES AROUND THE WORLDThe next step of the global walkout is to organize, at least once a week, a dinner or lunch with friends and family […]

Algae Farms Could Help Increase Global Food Production by 50% by 2050

Algae Farms Could Help Increase Global Food Production by 50% by 2050 By: Cristen Hemingway Jaynes Updated: October 7, 2022  Edited by Irma Omerhodzic Aerial view of farmers working at a seaweed farm on November 24, 2021 in Taizhou. Jiang Youqing / VCG / Getty Images Why you can trust us In order to feed […]

‘Al-Haq: A Global History of the First Palestinian Human Rights Organisation’

Human rights, in itself, have long been a contentious industry, developing over the decades and adapting to particular regions and surroundings. It is no different in Palestine, and perhaps even more so under the ongoing Israeli occupation, which remains one of the greatest focuses for human rights work in contemporary times. Central to the field […]

Bill Gates push for DIGITAL ID with $1.27 billion donation to Agenda 2030 ”Global Goals”

And guess who was rewarded with the Global Goalkeepers award…? Peter Imanuelsen 4 oct 2022 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a $1.27 billion commitment to advance ”Global Goals” which are the 17 goals outlined in the UN Agenda 2030. As part of this, a ton of funding is going to push for global […]

Carbon dioxide levels have nothing to do with global temperatures, top scientist says

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Meteorologist William Kininmonth with the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) authored a new paper on so-called “greenhouse gases,” revealing that carbon dioxide (CO2) does not impact global temperatures as many falsely claim.At worst, CO2 has a “minimal effect” on temperature and climate, which is constantly in a … [Read More…] Source

Greece joins 7,767 km global relay on Climate Change

Greece has joined the global “Running Out of Time” relay for climate change that kicked off in Scotland on Friday, represented by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF), Greece’s oldest environmental NGO at national level. The non-stop relay covering 7,767 km will run through 18 countries and involve over 1,000,000 young participants… […]

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Demands Global Censorship System to Control Speech

New Zealand Prime Minister and Young Global Leader Jacinda Ardern is the latest WEF-aligned leader to call for an global system to censor free speech. Unsatisfied with the corporate censorship of social media companies, leaders like Hillary Clinton have started promoting good old-fashioned state censorship. Speech regulation has become an article of faith on the […]

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