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Australian Senate to Investigate Excess Mortality

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Some people claim that 60 percent of all statistics, like this one, is just made up out of thin air. All statistics in relation to Covid – numbers infected, infection and case fatality rates, deaths from and with Covid, the number of lives saved by lockdowns, masks, and vaccines, the […]

Australian Senate Vote To Establish Inquiry Into Excess Deaths

Thanks to the efforts of one very determined Australian senator, the Australian Senate has voted to establish a formal parliamentary inquiry into the nation’s excess deaths. It has taken more than a year but the Senate has been given the go-ahead to what is possibly the first inquiry of this nature in the world. BYPASS […]

Australian Court Blocks Covid Vaccine Challenge

A judge who previously provided legal counsel to Pfizer has blocked a legal challenge over Moderna’s and Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vaccines, stalling efforts to raise the alarm over alleged unregulated genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including high levels of DNA contamination, in the vials. The dismissal of the lawsuit on the procedural matter of standing is […]



Global Reckoning Coming: Australian Court Rules Employers Who Mandated Covid Jabs Liable For Injuries

Employers who mandated their staff to take Covid-19 vaccines and boosters can be held liable for injuries caused by the experimental vaccines, according to a bombshell ruling by the South Australian Employment Tribunal. The ruling […] The post Global Reckoning Coming: Australian Court Rules Employers Who Mandated Covid Jabs Liable For Injuries appeared first on […]

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission – Internet activity report

For the period ending 30 June 2023 December 2023 See report: Source

Is this a List of Australian Traitors?!?

. Did the following members of parliament sell every Australian out? Have the following people conspired against the people of Australia? Are these people a direct threat to Australia’s Sovereignty? Let it be known and may the court of public opinion rule supreme!   . The post Is this a List […]

Australian Senator Has Legislative Proof Covid Was Planned Decades Ago: ‘We Will Expose Your Global Agenda’

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts has proof the Covid-19 pandemic was “planned and globally coordinated” decades in advance by globalist figures determined to seize totalitarian control of humanity. “It has become clear that people in this […] The post Australian Senator Has Legislative Proof Covid Was Planned Decades Ago: ‘We Will Expose Your Global Agenda’ appeared […]

Executive Council of Australian Jewry Incorporated Terrorists

Executive Council of Australian Jewry Incorporated Terrorists $27.5M given to Australian Jewry of terrorists from our Attorney General on 8th January 2024… AND $550K to Emmanuel Synagogue on 12th January 2024… And these are just the ones that I found there’s definitely more… During a cost of living crisis… But sure, let’s only harp on […]

Kangaroos slaughtered each year by Jewish Australian Governments

Brief Summary of Kangaroo Culling in Australia Jordan Sosnowski (2013) In Australia, there are an estimated 500 million kangaroos in the wild, though this number has been subject to much debate [Editor’s Note: It has come our attention that a government count of all species of kangaroos differs from the author’s count. From 2009/2010 figures released […]

The Great Australian (post COVID-19) Rip Off!

The world has changed dramatically since 2020, where governments and corporations have lied and forced people into actions that are against medical practices, where also ‘human rights’ have been (unlawfully) thrown under a bus. Tens of thousands of Australians have also been unlawfully issued Infringement Notices, where they have been withdrawn en masse, after a […]

Australian Medical Regulator Finally Relaxes Covid Gag Order

A directive to health practitioners barring criticism of the Covid vaccines and rollout has finally been dropped by Australia’s medical regulator, AHPRA. On 9 March 2021, AHPRA and the National Boards published a joint statement to help health practitioners “understand what’s expected of them in giving, receiving, and advising on and sharing information about COVID-19 […]

The Right To Silence Across Australian Jurisdictions

The right to silence is not protected by the Australian Constitution, unlike in the United States where is is guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to that nation’s constitution and reflected in what are commonly known as ‘Miranda rights’, also known as the right against self-incrimination. Rather, protections against a person’s silence being used against them […]

Australian government is trying to sneak through Digital Identity Bill over Christmas

A time worn tactic … while everybody is distracted and they hope it won’t be noticed … From Stephen Andrew, Member of Parliament for Mirani, Queensland, Australia, has alerted the public to sneaky tactics being employed by the Australian Government to push through digital ID laws over the Christmas period. “Labor’s Digital Identity Bill […]

9 Things The Australian Government Can Do To Reduce Living Costs

Authored by Graham Young via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), The federal government is belatedly recognising that some of its economic policies are contributing to the inflation that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is trying to stamp out by raising interest rates. People shop at a market in Sydney, Australia, on April 27, 2022. […]

How a foreign entity removed Australian parliamentary records from the internet

MANY people believe that Australians live in a democratic nation, but the reality is far from this. People may also believe that ‘free speech’ is available to them on this medium called the internet. One way of describing the reality we live in is that of a totalitarian, fascist corporatocracy both in reality and on […]

Leftist Australian PM Albanese Vows to ‘Work Constructively with China’ at Shanghai Trade Expo

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese travelled to China to seek enhanced trade relations with the communist nation. Source

Australian Surfer Missing After Witnesses Say Massive Shark Grabbed Him In Waves

A man who sped out on a Jet Ski in an attempt to help said he filmed a 13-foot shark in the water, which immediately started circling him. Source


Cruel, oppressive, dishonest, incompetent, self-serving Never before has Australia witnessed a government so bad.  We must NEVER FORGET… Nothing we have been told has been correct or helpful. Our government (both Liberal, Labor and Greens), our Therapeutic Goods Administration and senior health bureaucrats have failed us miserably.  They have not taken responsibility for the cruel […]

Australian Senate grills Pfizer, Moderna reps about covid “vaccine” genocide

(NaturalNews) The finger pointing has begun as legislators in Australia push representatives from Pfizer and Moderna to fess up about the failures of their… Source

Russia Eliminated the TOP US Army General & 4 Senior Officers of the Australian Army in the Ukraine

XANDREWX – August 1st, 2023 Source

Australian Government Pledges $5.5 Million to PNG’s NRL Bid

The Albanese government has pledged $5.5 million (US$3.7 million) in support of Papua New Guinea’s bid for the next NRL license. Federal Minister for International Development Pat Conroy made the announcement during his visit to PNG this week and said the funds would be used to develop pathways programs. “Talent identification and player development are […]

Australian Man and His Dog Rescued by Mexican Tuna Boat After Drifting 3 Months in the Pacific Ocean

MANZANILLO, Mexico—An Australian sailor who had been adrift at sea with his dog for three months has been rescued by a Mexican tuna boat in international waters, the fishing vessel’s owner said Monday. Timothy Lyndsay Shaddock, 54, was aboard his incapacitated catamaran Aloha Toa in the Pacific about 1200 miles (1900 kilometers) from land when […]

Australian Man And Dog Rescued By Mexican Tuna Boat After 3 Months Lost At Sea

Timothy Shaddock said he and his dog, Bella, survived on a diet of raw fish and rainwater while adrift on his incapacitated catamaran. Source

YouTube Censors Australian Politician’s Maiden Speech To Parliament

Authored by Rebekah Barnett via The Brownstone Institute, “30 minutes of truth bombs” is how one Twitter user described Liberal Democrat John Ruddick’s maiden speech to the New South Wales (NSW) Parliament, last Wednesday 28 June. “Indeed, Ruddick, who left the Liberal Party in 2021 after public disagreements over the Party’s handling of the pandemic response, said […]

The Australian Government Aims to Regulate Social Media Platforms with Fines

Australian government officials are considering new draft legislation to tackle the spread of “misinformation” and fake news on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. According to a report by The Age, these companies could face substantial fines under the proposed legislation. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has put forth a proposal […]

Appendix 203: “Eyes Wide Open: Lockdown Edition” (2020) Book pdf by Fiona Barnett, Australian SRA/Mind Control/Child-Sex Trafficking Victim, Whistleblower, and TI

I. Eyes Wide Open, 3rd Edition, by Fiona Barnett, 2020. pdf Contents Introduction I. The LuciferianCover-up 1. Watergate was Pedogate 2. Royal Whitewash 3. Victorian Pedophile Network 4. NSW Pedophile Network 5. Bond University Pedophile Network 6. Satan’s Seat 7. Witches in the Workplace 8. Conspiracy Fact II. The Luciferian Philosophy 9. Soviet-Fascist Agenda 10. […]

Power Bills to Jump by Almost 30 Percent in One Australian State

Regional Queenslanders are set to feel the most pressure on their power bills as the highest power price increase of almost 30 percent was announced. The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) released the final decision on regulated real electricity prices on June 9, with the price increase starting from July 1. The households in regional Queensland […]

Canadian Chef Probed Over Australian Deaths by Suicide

A Canadian chef accused of selling “suicide kits” to vulnerable people online has reportedly been linked to several Australians who took their own lives. Kenneth Law, 57, is accused of selling poisonous substances to at-risk people online over a two-year period, and is now at the centre of an international multi-agency probe. Investigators from Australia, […]

Australian Government Announces Law Reform to Resolve Migrant Worker Exploitation

The Australian government has introduced new measures to address the exploitation of migrant workers among local businesses. On June 5, the federal government announced a package of legislation to crack down on unfair employment practices targeting temporary visa holders. Under the changes, employers who force workers to breach their visa conditions will face jail terms […]

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