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7 Things You Should Do Before Trying to Lose Weight

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Hungarian Leader Warns Macron Is Trying To Start World War III

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has warned that French President Emmanuel Macron’s is deliberately attempting to spark World War III by threatening to send NATO troops to Ukraine. In an interview with The Economist last […] The post Hungarian Leader Warns Macron Is Trying To Start World War III appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Republicans are trying to snuff out climate embers around the country

Leaders across the continent who have embraced aggressive climate policies are facing a political backlash as the programs drive up the cost of electricity, home heating and even ordinary goods. In New York, Washington, Pennsylvania and California — and even Canada — concerns about the costs of curbing greenhouse gas emissions are fueling voter revolts […]

Evangelical Zionists are trying to “accelerate” the apocalypse because they think it will bring Jesus back

(NaturalNews) A Christian pastor believes that Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel was the start of the “Gog and Magog war” from the Bible and said he’s going to… Source

Trump has a rocky relationship with Black voters. He’s trying to change it.

Months before his criminal trial started, former President Donald Trump stood before Black conservatives in South Carolina and made a direct appeal to African American voters with a provocative — and, critics said, racist — theme: Like you, I’m unfairly persecuted by the criminal justice system. It was just the beginning of a highly calculated […]

Some Observations About Religious Cults Trying To “Convert” Dead People

I have a top shelf pedigree which goes back more than two thousand years. Studying my lines genealogy I got through a back door in to the Mormon’s genealogical records.They have such extensive records because when a person is a Mormon, the “church” researches their family history and “saves”/”Converts” all the Mormon’s ancestors to Mormonism. […]

Israel accuses Biden of trying to topple Netanyahu after U.S. president said Israeli Prime Minister needs to “come to Jesus”

(NaturalNews) The latest intelligence assessment out of the United States suggests that the Biden regime here in America wants to remove the Netanyahu regime in… Source

Cotton hits Biden for ‘trying to gloss over all of his failures’ at State of the Union

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) took a swing at President Biden for “trying to gloss over all of his failures” in his State of the Union address in an interview that aired Sunday. “Joe Biden is trying to gloss over all of his failures… making American families spend more on everything from food, to gas, to… […]

Why is The Bank OF England trying to stop growth?

The Bank of England tries to stop growth johnredwood March 10 The People’s Bank of China is cutting interest rates and creating more liquidity in markets to boost growth. They did not buy up bonds in past years and have low inflation.Growth is around 5% The Fed, the US Central Bank , is busy selling […]

“They were so close”: Israel kills medics trying to save dying 6-year-old Hind Rajab

“It is extremely important. The life and the story of Hind should not be end in this way.” Source

Trying to survive a mouse click away from death

Musa, Moses, fled the then all-powerful pharaohs to this side of the Sinai. Now, my daughter and I will, with God’s grace, flee the Israelis to the land of Egypt, to save our lives. Source

Arizona GOP chairman RESIGNS after being caught trying to bribe Kari Lake to stay out of Senate race

(NaturalNews) Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jeff DeWit has been caught on a leaked audio recording attempting to bribe Arizona 2022 gubernatorial candidate… Source

Gates Still Trying To Convince People To Take ‘Safe & Effective Vaccines.

Bill Gates is still on what appears to be his never-ending quest to inject the global human population with as many “vaccines” as possible. The Covid pandemic may be old news at the World Economic […] The post Gates Still Trying To Convince People To Take ‘Safe & Effective Vaccines. appeared first on The People's […]

An Advanced Species Trying To Figure Out Why American Sheep Still “VOTE” In Rothschil’d’s Corporations Illusion of Elections


Israel Is Trying To Drag The US Into Regional War, After Failure In Gaza

Israel has been at war in Gaza for nearly four months and having failed to pull off any major military victories, it has turned its focus outwards, carrying out a number of military operations that are clearly designed to force a larger regional confrontation. Despite the evident danger posed by such an escalation, the US […]

Amazon Is Trying to Stop a Lawsuit From Drivers Who Peed In Bottles From Going to Court

Amazon is trying to stop a class action lawsuit by a group of Colorado delivery drivers about the “inhumane” conditions they face from going to court, the drivers’ lawyers say.  Drivers first filed the proposed class action lawsuit in Colorado in May because, they said, they have to pee in bottles and defecate in dog-waste […]

Australian government is trying to sneak through Digital Identity Bill over Christmas

A time worn tactic … while everybody is distracted and they hope it won’t be noticed … From Stephen Andrew, Member of Parliament for Mirani, Queensland, Australia, has alerted the public to sneaky tactics being employed by the Australian Government to push through digital ID laws over the Christmas period. “Labor’s Digital Identity Bill […]

Large Majority Of Americans Believe Israel “Is Trying To Avoid Civilian Casualties” Despite Recent Killings, But…

Amid ongoing pro-Palestine protests (on and off campuses), antagonistic back-and-forth exchanges on display in Washington press-briefing rooms, and reports of scathing ‘dissent memos’ criticizing White House Israel policy being circulated within the State Department, the Biden White House continues to publicly support Israel (albeit with some placating language on the optics of their actions in […]

The Futility of Trying To Save That Which Has Long Been Dead

Words mean things. What words mean change with time and usage. There is no way to understand the meaning of the words used by the American Revolutionaries in their speeches and documents using what those words mean in 2023, or even 1923. One must make a study of the meaning of words at the time […]

Simon Ateba’s Most Based Moments Trying To Ask A Question In The White House

Last Updated on December 1, 2023 Journalist Simon Ateba, the owner and publisher of Today News Africa, is singlehandedly sticking it to the man in the White House press corps as he tries to get his questions answered. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is melting down as she tries to ward off Simon Ateba’s […]

Khazarian Jew Cult Members Who Know They ARE NOT Semitic, Still Trying To Claim Semitic Descent.

Headline:The Antisemitism Hoax Has Officially Collapsed. Jews Don’t Know It Yet, But It’s Over. Exert from a “good Jew” website article. “-The official definition of “antisemitism” before October 7, 2023 was “hating Jews for no reason.”The post-7/10 definition of “antisemitism” is “saying Jews should stop killing babies.”-” The “good Jews” are trying had to do […]

Trying to Get Jacked This Winter? Check Out PWR LIFT’s Black Friday Sale

For many, the colder months mean rewatching The Sopranos and eating a ton of pasta and chili; for others, it’s a time to focus on new hobbies, like baking sourdough, knitting, and beating Baldur’s Gate 3. But for some of us, winter is a time of getting absolutely jacked, since we have to go to […]

Woke Teachers Trying To Ban Classic Novel From Schools To “Protect Students”

The Washington Post reports that “progressive” teachers in in Washington state are attempting to get To Kill a Mockingbird, authored by Harper Lee, banned in schools in order to “protect students.” The report notes that The Mukilteo School District teachers are adamant that the classic novel, published in 1960, is “outdated and harmful.” Set in the […]

Video: St. Louis Man Accused of Trying to Steal Baby Before Breaking 82-Year-Old’s Arms

A St. Louis man was caught on surveillance video allegedly trying to grab a baby from a mother’s arms during what police described as a string of “random attacks” on strangers, the Daily Mail reported on Sunday. Source

Turkey: Police Tear Gas Pro-Hamas Mob Trying to Storm U.S. Airbase

Police near the Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey, used tear gas and water cannons on Sunday to prevent a pro-Hamas Islamist mob from storming the facility that houses U.S. troops. Source

Neo-Nazis and the Far-Right Are Trying to Hijack Pro-Palestine Protests

Around 40 people affiliated with the National Justice Party, a white nationalist and antisemitic group, gathered in front of the White House to protest Israel last weekend. The group was led by Mike Peinovich, a long-time white nationalist personality who previously used the alias “Mike Enoch,” and was one of the architects of the deadly […]

The @ WHO are trying to reinterpret their own rules to pass the IHR amendments in May of 2024 — WITHOUT the public knowing what is in them

oct 9 2023 The @ WHO are trying to reinterpret their own rules to pass the IHR amendments in May of 2024 — WITHOUT the public knowing what is in them. “We have to get the word out about this. This is incredibly important, world-shaking stuff that is going on right now,” emphasized James Corbett […]

Haley argues return of hostages shows Hamas trying to ‘earn favor’ with US

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said she thinks Hamas releasing two hostages Friday means the group is trying to “earn favor” with the United States and warned the Biden administration to “be smart” and not weaken its response. “First I’ll say, two prayers have been answered and we’ve got 200 more to go,” Haley said… […]

Reports: Hamas Kills Palestinian Civilians Trying to Flee; Won’t Let Americans Leave

Reports are emerging that the Hamas terrorist group is preventing civilians from evacuating northern Gaza, killing innocent Palestinians who try to leave, and preventing American citizens from using the Rafah border crossing to escape to Egypt. Source

The Israel Defense Forces deliberately killing civilians trying to flee north Gaza in airstrikes

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