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Leading rabbi connected to AIPAC calls for limiting aid to the ‘fanatical,’ violent Israel

Here is an interesting sermon from Rosh Hashanah. Jonathan Blake, a leading Reform rabbi in New York, likens Israel to Abraham and says there is a good Israel and an “Israel of dangerous fanaticism” that lifts a knife against the innocent. Then he calls on American Jews to restrain the bad Israel by “redirect”-ing money […]

As AIPAC sputters, ‘Americans for Peace Now’ publicizes ‘apartheid’ charge

There was big news inside the Israel lobby yesterday: the legendary Israel lobbying group AIPAC will not hold its annual conference next spring, citing lingering covid concerns– if you believe that, and I don’t. The air has clearly gone out of the rightwing Israel lobby. It is dependent on wealthy older Jews, and Republicans; and […]

AIPAC Applauds Lawmakers for Backing Full US Aid to Israel, Without Conditions

(JNS) AIPAC applauded the overwhelming majority of members of the House of Representatives on Thursday who signed a letter urging U.S. aid to Israel to be fully funded in the federal budget without condition, contradicting a handful of prominent Democratic Party lawmakers who spoke at a virtual national conference of the left-wing, pro-Israel group J […]

Why did Ro Khanna sign an AIPAC letter?

Rep. Betty McCollum’s historic new bill was just introduced and it already has 15 cosponsors. At our site, Josh Ruebner refers to it as “the most extensive legislative effort ever introduced in Congress to end US complicity in the human rights violations endemic to Israeli military occupation.” Those 15 cosponsors are all the names you’d […]

Little AIPAC

DMFI It’s been a rough couple weeks for the lobbying group Democratic Majority for Israel. On April 13, DMFI board member Sam Lauter said he was entertained by a racist tweet about the engagement of an IfNotNow founder. Lauter apologized and it seems his Twitter account no longer exists. “Sam is right to apologize,” tweeted […]

No AIPAC conference? No problem. We’re meeting for coffee on Zoom

For years, the annual AIPAC conference has culminated with thousands of Israel supporters knocking on their congressional representatives’ doors here to deliver three policy requests. Last year, the conference in early March ended with anxiety about whether COVID-19 had spread after some of the country’s first cases were detected among attendees. And this year, there’s […]

ICC launch of investigation of Israeli war crimes enrages AIPAC and Netanyahu — ‘undiluted antisemitism’

Big news. The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has officially launched an investigation of war crimes in Israel and Palestine since June 2014. Fatou Bensouda’s decision follows a five-year preliminary inquiry and a ruling by the Court in February that it has jurisdiction to prosecute crimes inside Palestine. The investigation would focus on attacks […]

Even AIPAC was alarmed by rise of Israeli racist party in 2019. Now, who cares!

What happens when Israel just keeps turning into such a rightwing Jewish-supremacist country that American Israel-lovers lose their stomach for defending it? Or they get tired of telling us all about the Good Israel that’s waiting to be redeemed? I think that’s happening, and here is a news story that supports that view. Two days […]

AIPAC demands NBC retract report on NSC aide who’s a big donor to lobby group– and NBC complies!

On Wednesday, Mother Jones and NBC News reported that a top Biden national security aide who is an expert on Russian cyber had given over half a million dollars to AIPAC in recent years through a family foundation. And the aide’s husband is on the AIPAC executive council in Baltimore. AIPAC is of course the […]

NBC removes story on Biden official’s ties to $500,000 in AIPAC donations

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NBC, Mother Jones Articles on AIPAC Donations by Jewish Cybersecurity Official Spread ‘Dual Loyalty’ Canard, Say Jewish Groups

An NBC News sign and logo are seen outside the NBC News Today Show studios at Rockefeller Center in New York City, New York, U.S., October 9, 2019. REUTERS/Mike Segar Reports from NBC News and Mother Jones on a Jewish Biden Administration official drew sharp rebuke by leading Jewish groups Wednesday, for implying that donations to the […]

AIPAC does not oppose F-35 sales to the United Arab Emirates

WASHINGTON — The preeminent Israel lobby AIPAC does not oppose the sale of F-35 stealth fighters to the United Arab Emirates — a sign that the Trump administration has sold the Israeli government and its US supporters on a deal that not so long ago they vigorously opposed. “We do not oppose the proposed arms […]

Ronen Bergman — Mr. AIPAC — shouldn’t be covering Israel’s assassination for NYT

In covering the murder of the Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, The New York Times has twice now (Friday and today) relied upon Ronen Bergman, an Israeli intelligence reporter and staff writer for the Times magazine. Ronen Bergman is hardly a neutral journalist. He has bragged that he has “been all over the U.S.” with […]

AIPAC backwards spells CAPIA

AIPAC backwards spells CAPIA [Latin, That you take.] The name for several different kinds of writs, or court orders, all of which require an officer to take the defendant into custody. For example, a capias ad audiendum judicium is a writ that orders the defendant brought back before the court after an appearance in which […]

With Biden victory, ultra-Orthodox lose influence, AIPAC and J Street gain

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AIPAC and U.S. elections

Posted on October 15, 2020 by martyrashrakat Source By Richard Anderson Falk AIPAC is a strong lobbying group that is perceived by the political parties to exert great influence on large Jewish donors and Jewish voters generally. The leadership of both parties competes for AIPAC approval, although as an organization it refrains from political endorsements […]

“She’s More AIPAC Than J Street”

It’s Kamala With protests against police brutality raging and activists pushing for criminal justice reform, Joe Biden picked a former a tough-on-crime prosecutor as his running mate. The selection of Senator Kamala Harris isn’t exactly surprising, but it’s a reminder of how disconnected the Democratic establishment is from this current moment. What does Senator Harris’s […]

Jewish Supremacist Boasts on Israeli TV – AIPAC Rules America

When they are speaking frankly in Israel, jewish supremacists have a habit of actually telling the truth. No matter who wins our elections, Israel never loses. Source Article from 00

AIPAC influence on US foreign policy (video)

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Saudi Crown Prince meets AIPAC, anti-BDS leaders during US visit

Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, known as MBS, has met leaders from a number of right-wing Jewish organisations during his tour of the United States. The groups, which have donated millions to illegal settlement building and the fight against BDS (the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement, include officials from AIPAC, Stand Up for […]

Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech – interrupted

I’m sorry, Mr. Netanyahu, this is becoming a bad habit – me interrupting your speeches. But I just saw your AIPAC speech, and I’ve gotta do it again. It was a celebration of love and inclusion. You were especially delighted to be there: “It’s always good to be here, but as I told President Trump yesterday, it’s […]

AIPAC is suddenly getting a lot of bad press, in Jewish papers and ‘Washington Post’

One pleasurable surprise of the AIPAC policy conference in early March — the leading Israel lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — was how much bad press the organization got. It’s becoming almost fashionable to criticize the lobby for its enforcement of lockstep political support for Israel in Washington, and for its Soviet-style […]

AIPAC admits progressives are deserting Israel

Michael F. Brown Lobby Watch 16 March 2018 Democratic Senator Charles Schumer at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC, on 5 March.  Michael Brochstein SIPA USA AIPAC sought to rally progressives to its side at its annual policy conference in Washington last week. Largely, it didn’t work. The Israel lobby giant is simply on the […]

Israel ‘made a desert bloom’ — and I helped — Kamala Harris to AIPAC

Senator Kamala Harris of California, who is viewed a progressive leader with higher political prospects, spoke to the rightwing Israel lobby group AIPAC last week. Her remarks to students were private and were not recorded, AIPAC told the Intercept’s Zaid Jilani. The appearance is a reminder that Harris is taking the inside lane in the […]

It’s Time For AIPAC To Register As A Foreign Agent – The Forward

It’s Time For AIPAC To Register As A Foreign Agent – The Forward Above Photo: Yeshivah of Flatbush/Flickr March 05, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – This weekend, 18,000 Americans from all over the country are coming to Washington to participate in the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference. AIPAC is one of the leading forces behind […]

Schumer at AIPAC–‘There’s no peace with the Palestinians because they don’t believe in the Torah’

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VIDEO: VP Pence Shilling At AIPAC Conference – 3/7/2018

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With gags, props, and slides, Israel’s Netanyahu warns of Iran at AIPAC

This morning at the annual AIPAC policy conference in Washington DC, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a bleak image of expanding Iranian influence in the Middle East set against a thriving Israel united with the United States. In true Netanyahu fashion the speech was more upbeat than stern, and of course it included props. Diving into […]

Schumer and Dems outdo Trump at AIPAC– there’s no peace because ‘Palestinians don’t believe in Torah’

RE: “That orgy of elite devotion to Israel that is the AIPAC policy conference has featured one prominent Democrat after another seeking to outflank the Trump administration in their expressions of love for Israel.” ~ Weiss BUT SEE: ■ “Why young Jews and Democrats are waving goodbye to AIPAC” • My generation has only known […]

New Anti-BDS Legislation Expected to Dominate AIPAC Conference

Washington, DC – Israel supporters in the US are gearing up for AIPAC’s much-vaunted annual policy conference, with measures to counter the widening campaign to boycott Israel and its West Bank settlements expected to feature prominently in the powerful lobbying group’s agenda. This includes legislation that several Republican and Democratic Congress members have sponsored to curb […]

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