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The 2026 election is already taking shape

With help from Shawn Ness New from New York Happening now: State Sen. Zellnor Myrie is running for mayor. He also might have his own Senate opponent. Mayor Eric Adams will be featured on The Daily Show tonight. Details below. The Brooklyn Maritime Terminal is getting an overhaul, Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams […]

Elon Musk: ‘2024 Election Will Be Last Decided by Americans’

The deliberate influx of illegal immigrants into the US will mean American citizens will cease to decide the outcome of future elections after 2024, X CEO Elon Musk has predicted. According to Musk, Democrats are […] The post Elon Musk: ‘2024 Election Will Be Last Decided by Americans’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Biden looks to boost worker, consumer power as election looms

The Biden administration has issued a flurry of new rules over the past week aimed at increasing worker and consumer power as the president seeks to combat gloom about the economy ahead of what is expected to be a tight election. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted last Tuesday to ban noncompete agreements that block… […]

Here’s where the Biden-Trump race stands 6 months out from the election

The rematch between President Biden and former President Trump is heating up as polls show the two rivals neck and neck six months out from Election Day.  Polling is likely to fluctuate in the months leading up to the election, but for the first time since October, The Hill’s Decision Desk HQ average shows Biden… […]

Trump tests Senate GOP leaders on election fraud claims

Former President Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the results of the 2024 election is putting GOP lawmakers in a tough spot, especially Senate GOP Whip John Thune (S.D.) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who are running to become next Senate GOP leader and have pledged to work closely with Trump. Both senators, allies of… […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Left’s ELECTION INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Discovered and Defined Inbox

EXCLUSIVE: The Left’s ELECTION INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Discovered and Defined Inbox Source

Big win for election integrity in PA as court confirms improper absentee ballots won’t be counted

(NaturalNews) Common sense has prevailed in Pennsylvania – at least for now – as the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has ruled in… Source

Democrat wins special election for Rep. Brian Higgins’s seat in New York

New York state Sen. Timothy Kennedy, a Democrat, has won the Empire State’s special election to fill retired Democratic Rep. Brian Higgins’s seat in Congress, according to a projection from Decision Desk HQ. Kennedy defeated Republican Gary Dickson in New York’s 26th Congressional district for the seat, which was expected to stay in Democratic hands… […]

Leftist Confesses to Plan to Steal 2024 Election Using Illegal Aliens

Leftist Confesses to Charlie Kirk, the plan to steal 2024 Election using Illegal Aliens. Contributed by Alexandra Bruce Contact The post Leftist Confesses to Plan to Steal 2024 Election Using Illegal Aliens first appeared on Forbidden Knowledge TV. Source

Supreme urgency tests Trump’s claim to immunity amid election countdown

Legal experts and democracy advocates push for a swift Supreme Court decision on Trump’s immunity claims, highlighting potential consequences for presidential accountability. Source

Casey faces his most serious election challenge from McCormick

Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) is potentially staring down his closest race yet, against Republican David McCormick, in what will be one of the pivotal Senate contests in November. In Tuesday’s primary, McCormick is set to officially become the GOP nominee for the critical seat, setting up a battle with Casey, who is running for his fourth Senate term. The… […]

Experts say election brings new stakes to Earth Day

This fall’s election has major implications for America’s role in the fight against climate change. The two White House candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, are worlds apart on global warming, and, as Earth Day arrives Monday, climate advocates warn that a second Trump administration could have dire consequences for the planet. “The difference between… […]

Voters who have interest in election hits nearly 20-year low: Poll

A new NBC News poll revealed that interest in the upcoming election has dipped to its lowest level in nearly two decades, with only 64 percent of registered voters having a high level of interest in November’s election. The poll results indicate a decline compared to previous NBC News polls conducted at this time in… […]

RFK Jr. rules out idea of securing Libertarian Party nomination for 2024 presidential election

RFK Jr. rules out idea of securing Libertarian Party nomination for 2024 presidential election Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) has ruled out the possibility of seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination in the 2024 presidential election. According to 100 Percent Fed Up, the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy had initially considered […]

Trump hush money trial is blatant election interference designed to keep him off the campaign trail

Trump hush money trial is blatant election interference designed to keep him off the campaign trail It is becoming increasingly obvious that President Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial is little more than an attempt to prevent him from successfully campaigning for president, with the trial not only seeking to damage his reputation and potentially put him […]

An urgent plea to leftists in the 6 battleground states likely to decide the election

n 2024, leftist voters — particularly those in the six battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — have a lot more influence and power than they may realize. Influence and power are things the left has typically not had a lot of in a country as conservative as the United States. […]

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Georgia election board admits it committed FRAUD in 2020

A letter from the Georgia State Election Board to Joseph Rossi spells game over for the false claim that there was no 2020 election fraud in the Peach State. In the letter, which you can view below, the Georgia State Election Board admits that it violated election law in 2020. The fact that this admission […]

In Modi’s India, opponents and journalists feel squeeze ahead of election

NEW DELHI — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government are increasingly wielding strong-arm tactics to subdue political opponents and critics of the ruling Hindu-nationalist party ahead of the nationwide elections that begin this week. A decade into power, and on the cusp of securing five more years, the Modi government is reversing India’s […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Sabotage The Election

After being let go from Newsmax, Emerald Robinson landed at Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech platform, where she is now heaping praise on white nationalists Peter and Lydia Brimelow and their VDARE website. Angry that people are leaving negative comments on his videos, Nick Fuentes ordered his followers to attack and insult anyone leaving such a […]

Former Ambassador Craig Murray – General Election Candidate for Blackburn – Urgent Message re Gaza

pete fairhurst 2 says: He’s an intelligent, well educated and experienced ex diplomat who talks a lot of sense. He was particularly good in exposing Bliar and Jack Straw, and plenty more too. His stuff on Extraordinary Rendition was top notch, he experienced it first hand when he was ambassador to Uzbekistan. His whistleblowing got […]

Two Weeks to Flatten Became Eight Months to Change the Election 

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL In 1845, Congress established Election Day as the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. The Act sought “to establish a uniform time” for Americans to cast their ballots for president. Historically, voters needed to provide a valid reason – such as illness or military service – to qualify for […]



BIG Elections Thefts are always used as distractions from countless other election thefts routinely perpetrated by the Democrats.

Submitted by The Armchair Political AnalystSOTN Exclusive Not that elections in the USA ever mattered, but virtually everyone misses the most effective strategy used by the Uniparty since the first ballots were ever held in this Republic. BIG and naked election thefts are always used for cover for the numerous other elections thefts that can […]

YouTube Declares It Has ‘Moral Responsibility’ To Rig Election for Biden

YouTube had declared that it has a “moral responsibility” to tweak its algorithm in order to help the Democrats defeat Trump in the 2024 election. According to YouTube’s chief product officer, Johanna Voolich, YouTube is laser-focussed on ensuring Trump doesn’t set foot in the White House again. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered […]

They’re Going to STEAL the Election

Mar 10 2024 “And we know they’re going to steal the election because they’re now saying so out loud.” _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are a doctor or medical professional and you are reading this and aware of what is happening, the time for you to stay silent on account […]

2024 election cycle shattered by record Dark Money surge

An unprecedented surge of dark money casts a shadow over the 2024 elections, challenging the transparency and integrity of American democracy with over $162 million in undisclosed contributions. Source

Putin Wins Russian Election With 87% Of The Vote

PVladimir Putin has won his fifth term as Russia’s president following an election victory with nearly 88% of the vote. Putin won 87.85%, according to an exit poll which was broadcast on state television late […] The post Putin Wins Russian Election With 87% Of The Vote appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Ken Buck slams ‘ridiculous’ claims he’s resigning to hurt Boebert’s election chances

Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) slammed the claims that he’s resigning from Congress to hinder Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-Colo.) chances of claiming his 4th Congressional District seat.  Buck initially announced last year that he would not be running for reelection. He announced his early retirement from Congress on Tuesday, triggering a special election to fill his… […]

Top 6 MOST PREDICTABLE ways the Democrats could STEAL the 2024 election

The Communist-led Democratic Party in Washington DC is no longer trying to hide their agenda for the upcoming election, for the nation’s demise, and for their plan to run everything with absolute power, forever. Of course, it is currently “illegal” to protest any election that a Democrat wins, but if a Republican wins, that can […]

Tucker Carlson: “They’re Going to STEAL the Election”

Tucker Carlson issued a chilling warning following Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address Thursday evening. Carlson declared, “Joe Biden can’t win in a fair election. Joe Biden will lose in November. He cannot win. That’s the thing that nobody in any media wants to say out loud. In a fair election, Joe Biden cannot […]

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