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Biden looks to boost worker, consumer power as election looms

The Biden administration has issued a flurry of new rules over the past week aimed at increasing worker and consumer power as the president seeks to combat gloom about the economy ahead of what is expected to be a tight election. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) voted last Tuesday to ban noncompete agreements that block… […]

Trump looks to cut off oxygen to RFK Jr.

Former President Trump is taking concrete steps to deprive Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of oxygen as they compete for a portion of the same voters. Trump is going to the Libertarian Party national convention this month and criticized Kennedy, who is running as an independent but who has ties to the party, as “not a… […]

April 12 – What Cognitive Dissonance Looks Like

This was the official logo of the 2020 Democratic Party Convention that nominated Biden.  “Death” (Satanic Star of Baphomet) to America. For once, a politician keeps his promise and no one notices. Please send links and comments to  In the two years since I have had this logo posted on my site, NO ONE […]

Upset brewing in New York: Trump looks poised to end GOP’s 40-year dry spell in Empire State by defeating Biden there

(NaturalNews) For the first time in four decades, a Republican has a legitimate shot to take New York’s 28 electoral votes.A recent Siena College poll shows… Source

‘Sue And Settle’ Looks To Some Like Crony Democracy… And Under Biden’s Lawfaring Eco-Politics, It’s Back

Authored by James Varney via RealClear Wire, When the Biden administration announced in 2022 that it would remove some 4 million acres of federal land in Western states from oil and gas exploration, environmental groups hailed the decision as a milestone in their fight against global warming. “With the oil and gas industry bent on […]

This is what a totally mind-controlled traitor looks like.


This Looks ‘Very Bad’: How the 2020 Election Was Rigged 7 Months In Advance

Censorship expert Mike Benz made a damning case on Tucker Carlson Uncensored that the rig was in for the 2020 election seven months ahead of time. This involved, as Benz described, “a government-coordinated mass censorship campaign spanning every single social media platform on earth in order to pre-censor the ability to dispute the legitimacy of […]

Haley needles Trump over mixed-up ballot deadline: ‘Looks like he’s confused again’

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley poked at former President Trump Friday over an apparent mix-up about the Indiana GOP primary ballot deadline. Her quip came after Trump criticized Haley on Truth Social for “still scrambling” to get her name to appear on the Hoosier State ballot. “Nikki Haley still scrambling in Indiana with democrat county… […]

It looks like the WEF’s CYBER POLYGON warfare has begun in Russia

READ HERE: Major internet domain outage reported in Russia   Source

If Zelensky is to be believed, it looks like NATO just merges their ground forces with the Ukrainian Army!

The Ukrainian president has said that his army now numbers nearly 900,000 soldiers READ HERE: Zelensky claims huge increase in size of Kiev’s forces   Source

Jan 12- Looks Like WW3

Please send links and comments to As predicted, Gaza genocide expanding to regional and world war. Zionist rent boys (US,UK) are now at war with Yemen, with huge bombings and missile strikes unleashed by the US and UK militaries. This means the situation will escalate quickly. Iran will likely get involved. US Naval vessels […]

It looks like the U.S. geoweapon that triggered Japan’s 7.6 earthquake was a warning about not leaving the NWO reservation. – video

READ HERE: Magnitude 7.6 earthquake strikes Japan, residents flee some coastal areas     Source

Dutch court case looks to cut off military supplies to Israel

Strolling down the street or along a green pathway in the southern Netherlands, it’s not uncommon to see F-35 stealth bombers roaring overhead. They could be heading up to the Netherlands’ largest F-35 base in northern Leeuwarden, or to another airfield in the southeast.  Or, perhaps, returning from an F-35 maintenance base in the southwest, near the […]

The Best Secret Santa Gifts (So It Looks Like You’ve Been Paying Attention)

Why is it that, sometimes, Secret Santa feels like a trap? Not in a Panic Room way, even though last-minute gift shopping sure makes our brains spin out, but because we often fall prey to the self-inflicted pressure of finding the perfect present for a friend, co-worker, or family member that says, “I know you […]

Journalist Sonia Poulton looks at the return of David Cameron to Parliament

We use cookies to optimize our website and our service. The technical storage or access is strictly necessary for the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user, or for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network. […]

“They’re Scared to Let Him Talk!” – MUST SEE: Biden Lackey John Kirby Looks Freaked-Out as Senile Grandpa Joe Faces Media to Take Questions

“They’re Scared to Let Him Talk!” – MUST SEE: Biden Lackey John Kirby Looks Freaked-Out as Grandpa Joe Faces Media to Take Questions Source

Unbound Babes’ Smart Vibrator Humps You Back (and Looks Like Soft-Serve)

No disrespect to the jelly dildos of yesteryear, but today’s sex toys  are both much more body-safe, and, shall we say, “thematically diverse.” They pay homage to everything from psychedelic mushrooms, to sci-fi monsters to  the internet's favorite ogre. There are alien-like dildos that look fresh from The Abyss. Some sexual wellness brands even use […]

Evil As It Gets: Psychos in Israel Want to Mass Murder ALL Palestinians While the World Looks On

Updates On This HAMAS False Flag Attack In Israel – Psychos In Israel Definitely Want To Murder ALL Of The 2 MILLION Prisoners Holed Up In The Gaza Strip!  northerntruthseeker  Uncategorized  October 13, 2023 5 Minutes I want to let readers know that I am a bit ‘under the weather’ today, as I have suffered over the last 3 […]

Looks Like Israel Wants Simultaneous Wars With Lebanon, Syria, Palestine & For the Dumb Thugs in the U.S. to Fight Them

Jews Bomb Two of Syria’s Major Airports Comment:  Israel is a Terrorist Nation.  It’s PM’s are and always have been Terrorists.  Case Closed. Source

Meta’s Celebrity AI Chatbot Is As Weird As It Looks

Meta unveiled its AI chatbot assistant on Facebook Messenger and Instagram this week. Ostensibly, the chatbot acts as any other, helping users acquire information or providing companionship. But unlike a faceless program like ChatGPT or the clearly made-up digital avatars in Replika, Meta has given its chatbots the faces of specific celebrities. What’s more, each […]

This is what SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER looks like! (Video)

VIEW HERE:   Source

World Disappointed by the UN Now Looks Elsewhere for Answers

(Bloomberg) — A brutal, grinding war in Ukraine. Governments overthrown in Niger and Gabon. Lingering hostility over the Covid-19 pandemic and the unequal distribution of life-saving vaccines. With dozens of world leaders descending upon New York for the United Nations General Assembly’s annual gathering, global problems are showing up fast and thick at the world […]

Super Warmongering Joe Biden Looks To Prevent Future President From Ending Ukraine War

READ HERE:   Source

DeSantis Looks Around After Candidates Asked if They Would Support Trump if ‘Convicted in Court of Law’

Republican candidates revealed Wednesday night if they would support former President Donald Trump if he were “convicted in a court of law,” with some delaying raising their hand — including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who looked around first — and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson standing as the only individual who refused to make that […]

Looks Like Kill Gates & the British Empire He Represents Are Getting Their Second COVID Crisis Source

Dr. McCullough Echoes Andy Wakefield: Hyper Vaccination “Looks Like It’s Pretty Clearly Related to Autism”

“When I was a child, the rate of autism was one in 10,000,” denoted Peter McCullough. “Now that rate today, the CDC says, is an emergency. It’s 1 in 36. It’s an epidemic.” Dr. McCullough referred to a paper by Gayle DeLong, which analyzed data from 2001 to 2007. “It was clear once the vaccines […]

EU Looks Into Blocking Out the Sun as Climate Efforts Falter

The European Union will join an international effort to assess whether large-scale interventions such as deflecting the sun’s rays or changing the Earth’s weather patterns are viable options for fighting climate change. Source

Donald Trump’s New Criminal Case Looks Devastating

Former President Donald Trump has been wriggling out of tight spots and keeping one step ahead of investigators ever since he burst into politics eight years ago.  But so much for all that. He just caught a criminal case that could send him to prison for the rest of his life.  The astonishing 37-count indictment […]

Glam in green! Queen Camilla looks chic in emerald ensemble-ARE THE BRITS BLIND AS DAMNED BATS OR JUST PROLIFIC HYPOCRITES AND BALD FACED LIARS???

The Butt Ugly ole cow, (I guess it is really female) the pedo Non Chin Charlie the FAKE “royal” but REAL pedo is married to reacts with shock as the senile pedo Hands all over little girls Biden cuts a fart in front of her while grinning like a shit eating possum Let’s face it, […]

Biden Administration Looks at Crackdown on Online Classes

President Joe Biden’s Department of Education is looking to crack down on online classes for higher education, barring thousands of students from completing programs. Source

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