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Super RINO, Uniparty Traitor & Fake Christian Mike Johnson Must Be Removed From Speakership—POST-HASTE!!!

READ HERE: House Passes $95 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel And Taiwan – But Not US Border   Source

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Was Also a Commie Traitor

(Left, Pierre Elliot Trudeau with Justine’s father) Fidelito’s cuckold “father” Pierre Elliot Trudeau (1919-2000) was Canadian Prime Minister from 1968-1979 and 1980-1984. His file was destroyed because he was a Communist (Illuminati) agent. Most  “leaders” are Freemasons. The goal of Freemasonry is Rothschild (Cabalist Jewish, i.e. Satanic) world tyranny, i.e. Communism or “globalism.”  Communism is monopoly (i.e. banker […]

This is what a totally mind-controlled traitor looks like.


“Traitor”: Argentina Paralyzed By Strikes As Thousands Protest Milei’s “Shock Therapy”

“Traitor”: Argentina Paralyzed By Strikes As Thousands Protest Milei’s “Shock Therapy” Javier Milei’s honeymoon is over. Two months after libertarian firebrand Javier Milei was elected president of Latam basket case Argentina, pledging to overhaul the economy and openly warning a period of brutal austerity and pain is coming, the initial euphoria is fading fast and […]

Lincoln Was the Traitor, Not Lee

Sometimes the unadulterated truth is even too much truth for those who think of themselves as folks who like the truth. Lincoln was a closet homosexual who slept with men, a closet atheist who used religious propaganda he did not believe in to get Americans to slaughter each other, a closet Marxist, 1938 red Russian […]

Judah[s] Benjamin: The Rothschild Agent & Traitor (Synagogue of Satan Agent)

Note the Rothschild’s ARE the Synagogue of Satan! * Sign up for your FREE Report & FREE Updates at the very bottom of any page. “How to Respond to an Anti-Conspiracy Theorist” *************************** Benjamin’s subversive influence was immense.Why has it been downplayed in history? Judah Benjamin: The Jewish Boss of the Confederacy *************************** “Judah P. […]

Mike Pence Luciferian Traitor & CIA Child Trafficking


“Oppenheimer” – Movie Teaches Goyim to Love Commie Traitor

(Robert Oppenheimer, 1904-1967) It’s clear from the trailer that this movie is a dud, although they’re calling it a “masterpiece.”  It’s a tired Hollywood cliche: assembling a team for a critical mission. The hydrogen bomb would guarantee world peace for all time.    Oppenheimer was a Communist Jew who gave atomic secrets to the Soviets (see below) but […]

French Police Declare Civil War in France: ‘Traitor Macron Chose the Wrong Side’

    French police have declared that the riots across the country are so bad that France is now in the midst of a civil war. According to multiple French police unions, President Emmanuel Macron is a “traitor” to the people of France by choosing to side with the violent foreign invaders. Police say that […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Traitor

Zachary Petrizzo @ The Daily Beast: Right-Wingers Turn on Elon Musk Over New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino. Alex Seitz-Wald @ NBC News: RFK Jr. not participating in far-right event after being listed as a speaker, aide says. Joe Jervis: Donohue: LGBTQ Families Can’t Celebrate Mother’s Day Alex Nguyen and William Melhado @ The Texas Tribune: […]

Indian man seen as ‘traitor’ by Tories becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain

Rishi Sunak, who initiated the crisis in Boris Johnson’s administration by quitting last summer from his position as Chancellor of the Exchequer, will now take office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that Sunak overthrew his own administration and was viewed as a traitor by many Tories, the party today formally […]

Without knowing any of the facts, RINO traitor Bill Barr proves again that he’s nothing but an NWO globalist shill.

Bill Barr Trashes Trump: “It’s Unprecedented for a President to Take All This Classified Information and Put Them in a Country Club” (VIDEO) Source

Without knowing any of the facts, RINO traitor Bill Barr proves again that he’s nothing but an NWO globalist shill.

Bill Barr Trashes Trump: “It’s Unprecedented for a President to Take All This Classified Information and Put Them in a Country Club” (VIDEO) Source

Without knowing any of the facts, RINO traitor Bill Barr proves again that he’s nothing but an NWO globalist shill.

Bill Barr Trashes Trump: “It’s Unprecedented for a President to Take All This Classified Information and Put Them in a Country Club” (VIDEO) Source

Dem Rep. Nominee Castelli: Elise Stefanik ‘Is a Traitor’ for Defending Trump

Former CIA Officer Democratic congressional nominee Matt Castelli said Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that his opponent Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is a traitor for defending former President Donald Trump and criticizing the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Ukraine Seizes Another Zelensky Critic, Labeling Him a ‘Traitor’ — The Duran

Eric Zuesse On 5 May 2022, CIA-nazi-Ukrainians seized in Spain Anatoly Shariy — a libertarian political opponent of Ukraine’s President Volodmyr Zelensky. In 2012, Shariy had likewise criticized the last democratically elected Ukrainian President and was persecuted by Ukraine’s Government for having done so. 4,041 more words Ukraine Seizes Another Zelensky Critic, Labeling Him a ‘Traitor’ […]


by Admin · Published September 22, 2021 · Updated September 22, 2021 Comment: He is a hard core ZIONIST and cabal member. They have video on him to force him to toe the line and he does as he is told: no taxes for life for wealthy cabal members, VAXXES for us proles, etc. Trump […]

Scheer Intelligence: A Traitor To Torture

Above photo: 2015 DC Rally And March To Protest The 14th Year Of Guantanamo Torture And Indefinite Detention. Stephen Melkisethian/Flickr. Those who invented America’s torture program were promoted and protected by presidents of both parties. Only the whistleblower, John Kiriakou, was prosecuted. This is his story. Once upon a time, a keystone of American exceptionalism was […]

Traitor? John Amery In His Own Words

John Amery was the originator of the British Free Corps, which was a volunteer Waffen-SS unit comprised of former British prisoners-of-war. After the war he was prosecuted by British authorities and executed for treason. Link Share now! Source

Traitor IG Michael Horowitz Investigating Trump After Exonerating Deep State

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who exonerated the deep state in their Russia witch-hunt against President Trump, is now working to bring down Trump and his allies. Back in September 2018, President Trump moved to declassify everything related to the Russiagate witch-hunt only to then cave to pressure from the FBI and allow IG Horowitz to […]

Liz Cheney (Traitor) Dethroned as RINOs Charge Into Oblivion

Trump Movement Flexes Muscles: Liz Cheney Dethroned as RINOs Charge into OblivionLiz Cheney was voted out of her House Republican leadership post this morning, indicating that attempts to cover up the vote fraud of November 2020 are failing and that the Uniparty, which has functioned on behalf of the modern British Empire for decades now, […]

Canada, Corruption, Traitor Pedophile Justin (Castro) Trudeau, Freeland and More

The Real Truth Network Justin Trudeau the Dimwitted Soros Puppet Justin Trudeau September 2, 2020 Being a Canadian patriot I felt it was necessary to have a Canadian corruption post all on its own.  Justin Trudeau and his band of globalist, Canada hating Liberals are hell bent on destroying our beautiful country and usher us […]

‘Traitor, stinking Russian’: Abused by PM’s backers, Elkin’s wife goes to police

The wife of New Hope MK Ze’ev Elkin has filed a police complaint against supporters of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who verbally attacked her outside the family’s Jerusalem home. Videos posted to Twitter Monday showed a group of Likud activists cursing and screaming at Elkin’s wife, Maria, as she stood by herself outside her home. […]

Has Ted Cruz Caved In & Turned Traitor?

In an interview Senator Ted Cruz claims that former president Donald Trump’s rhetoric on election fraud was “reckless and irresponsible”. Cruz says that Trump failed to present evidence of voter fraud, (when the courts wouldn’t even hear cases!) even though the senator pushed similar claims himself and voted against certifying the election results in Biden’s […]

Here’s more proof that Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. is a stone-cold traitor!

A TREASONOUS JOINT U.S.-UK SPY AGREEMENT DATED DEC. 19, 2005 UNEARTHED AT/BY WIKILEAKS CAT More proof John G. Roberts, Jr. is a traitor; he and Sir Robert Fulton joined the Knights of Malta as about the same time. Ken Krieg, Robert Fulton. (Dec. 19, 2005). TOP SECRET US-UK Memo re. Special Access Programs (SAP) […]

Traitor Jared Kushner Tries to Talk Trump Into Conceding Despite Biggest Election Theft in U.S. History

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, left, and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnanyAP By Tamar LapinNew York Post President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has tried to talk him into conceding the election, CNN reported late Saturday. The network, citing two sources, said that Kushner, a top White House advisor, broached the subject with the president following Joe […]

Netanyahu’s complicity with Traitor Trump has tainted Israel-U.S. ties

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Little Scuffle With Sheboon & Race Traitor Friend

Wahmen must not have rights. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram.

Traitor Trump Pledges 500 Billion in Free Gibs to Monkeys in Latest Election Pander

Trump offers no such help to white people because he’s on a jew leash and works against our interests. ABC13: With fewer than 40 days left before the election, President Donald Trump unveiled his second policy plan in as many days as he tried to chip away at his Democratic rival’s support among Black and […]

Traitor, terrorism apologist… valuable hostage: Ukraine’s blatant crackdown on news agency chief

The target for Kiev’s attack is RIA Novosti Ukraine, a Russia-linked news agency, and its head Kirill Vyshynsky. The 51-year-old was snatched in the morning near his home in the Ukrainian capital and later sent to another city. As of Wednesday, his wife Irina had no communication with Kirill and is concerned that he may […]

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