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FREEMASONRY & ZIONISM – 1. Apocalyptic “Cataclysms” by Synagogue of Satan

March 9, 2024 Genocides in Palestine & Plotted Pandemic for Lethal Vaccines Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio, born on 24/2/1967 in Borgosesia, started working as a reporter when he was only 19 years old in the alpine area of Valsesia, Piedmont, his birth region in Italy. After studying literature and history at the Catholic University of […]

NYC Secret Tunnel Synagogue Linked To Child Sexual Abuse For 30 Years

The New York City Jewish Chabad secret tunnel temple has been linked to child sexual abuse for at least 30 years, which it refused to report to proper authorities. The Jewish Chabad movement, which dug […] The post NYC Secret Tunnel Synagogue Linked To Child Sexual Abuse For 30 Years appeared first on The People's […]

Black Man Faces Life In Prison For Attempting To Mug Jewish Couple On Way To Synagogue

( A Black man is being held on an astonishing $1.3 million dollar bail — and faces life in prison — on charges relating to an attempted — and failed — mugging a Jewish couple on a sidewalk in Beverly Hills, California: “A man arrested in Beverly Hills over the weekend faces multiple charges in […]

Synagogue of Satan Massacre of Gazan’s Is For Money Russia and Palestine Are Fighting Against Western Imperialists 22 hours ago 1:53:18   Today we are discussing President Putin’s response to Gaza crisis, Dan Kovalik’s viral coverage of being physically removed from an event after questioning a Senator Fetterman on his stance about a ceasefire in Gaza and other news. Laith Marouf, broadcaster and […]

President of Detroit synagogue found dead outside of home

The president of a Detroit synagogue was found stabbed to death outside of her home on Saturday, police said. Detroit Police said Samantha Woll was found dead outside of her home by a passerby at about 6:30 a.m. Saturday. Officers found a “trail of blood” leading to the inside of Woll’s home, where they said… […]

Detroit Synagogue President Samantha Woll Stabbed to Death

Samantha Woll, 40, board president of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue in Detroit, Michigan, was murdered Saturday, and was found stabbed to death outside her home. Source

Judah[s] Benjamin: The Rothschild Agent & Traitor (Synagogue of Satan Agent)

Note the Rothschild’s ARE the Synagogue of Satan! * Sign up for your FREE Report & FREE Updates at the very bottom of any page. “How to Respond to an Anti-Conspiracy Theorist” *************************** Benjamin’s subversive influence was immense.Why has it been downplayed in history? Judah Benjamin: The Jewish Boss of the Confederacy *************************** “Judah P. […]

Ruthless Agents of Chaos But the Synagogue of Satan Has Never Been Benign

Ruthless agents of chaos WHO COULD IT POSSIBLY BE? Desperately trying to conquer a broken world Zelle® | A fast and easy way to send and receive money ( By John Kaminski [email protected] The overthrow of civilization has always been their goal, no matter how many corpses it takes to achieve their demonic objective. […]

UK PM Visits Synagogue And Pledges Support for Israel, Home Secretary Warns Waving Palestinian Flag May Be Criminal Offense

By Chris Menahan After UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday visited a synagogue in London flying Israeli Source

Ancestry of Synagogue of Satan Now Running the U.S. (Hint: Control the Deep State)

Organized Crime or the Synagogue of Satan Mostly Jews run organized Prostitution: Source

Synagogue of Satan Murdered Jesus; Now They Want to Delete Christ Out of Christmas & Kill Off Christians Too!

Jamie Foxx Apologizes for Offending Jews By infostormer  – August 7, 2023 4 Booty call actor Jamie Foxx put out a post on Instagram talking about how “they” killed this dude name Jesus. Immediately after putting out the post, a bunch of Jews cried and said that the post was anti-Semitic. Foxx immediately apologized and […]

The Hidden Satanic Synagogue of Satan

INTRODUCTION If ever there was a time to correctly understand how the world is really run, that time is now. Since the fate of humanity and future of planet Earth now lies in the very delicate balance, these revelations are more important than ever. For only a truly aware and knowledgeable populace can make informed […]

Jews Claim Quoting Revelation 3:9 — ‘The Synagogue Of Satan’ — Leads To Attacks Against Synagogues

(Jerusalem Post) Jews have a long history of blaming Christians for “antisemitism” — even going so far as to claim that being labeled “Christ killers” lead to the Holocaust™ — but now they are upping the ante by claiming that even quoting Revelation 3:9, which refers to them as the “synagogue of Satan” has resulted […]

Gunman opens fire near Jerusalem synagogue day after deadly Israeli raid

A gunman opened fire outside an east Jerusalem synagogue Friday night, killing at least seven people and wounding four before police shot him, officials said. Source

JUST IN – At least 7 killed, 10 injured after a terror attack near a synagogue in Jerusalem, the Israeli Foreign Ministry says

7 people were killed and 10 were injured in a synagogue shooting attack on the outskirts of Jerusalem. #Israeli police described it as a “terror attack” and said it took place in a synagogue in Neve Ya’akov. A gunman opened fire Friday night near a synagogue in east Jerusalem, killing at least seven people and… […]

Seven dead in synagogue attack outside Jerusalem, Israel officials say

Seven people were killed and 10 were injured in a synagogue shooting attack on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Friday, Israel's Foreign Ministry said. Israel's ambulance service put the death toll at five, and said another five people were wounded and transported to hospitals, including a 70-year-old woman, Reuters reports. Israeli police described it as a "terror attack" and […]

Gunman Kills 7 Near Jerusalem Synagogue

The killings took place a day after Israeli troops killed nine Palestinians in the deadliest West Bank raid in years Source

Restoration completed on Safavid-era synagogue

TEHRAN–An urgent restoration project on a Safavid-era (1501-1736) synagogue in Sanandaj, western Kordestan province, has come to an end, the deputy provincial tourism chief has said. The project involved strengthening the structure, repairing the damaged parts, and restoring its façade, Mohammad Aminian said on Monday. The structure, which has been inscribed on the national heritage […]

U.K. Police Arrest Two Teens in Connection to Texas Synagogue Hostage-Taking

Police in Manchester, England, announced the arrest on Sunday of two teenagers in connection to the hostage-taking incident in Colleyville, Texas. The arrest took place just hours after the confirmation of Malik Faisal Akram, a Lancashire resident, as the man

Synagogue of Satan Control Israel

by Admin · January 12, 2022 Source


 Wed, January 5, 2022,  SAN DIEGO — A rabbi who was allegedly wounded in an alleged attack at the Chabad of Poway synagogue in Southern California was sentenced on 4 January 2022 to 14 months in federal prison for running a multimillion-dollar donation fraud, authorities said. Yisrael Goldstein, 60, also was ordered to pay about […]

Christians Were Persuaded to Kill One Another By the Synagogue of Satan & Their Private Elite Societies in World Wars-Here is the Proof! These Criminals OWN Our Media & Were Responsible For Slaughter of 66 Million Russian Christians and German Christians too!

THE 11TH OF NOVEMBER28/9/20170 Comments Remembering Rhodesia11 November is packed full of meaning for anyone whose relatives fought in the World Wars, and for all who had the privilege of growing up in Rhodesia. 52 Years ago on Thursday, 11 November 1965, at the most solemn moment of the 11th hour of Armistice Day, Ian Douglas Smith, […]

The Wicked Child Killers Are the ‘Synagogue of Satan Who Call Themselves Jews and Are Not’-Jesus

Have you heard about Pizzagate and Save The Children? Did you know the whole world is undermined by countless tunnels? Did you know every year eight million children go missing? Did you know many of these children are held captive in the vast networks of thousands of miles of underground tunnels? Did you know these […]

MKUltra is a Rockefeller, Synagogue of Satan Project

MKULTRA. Most victims have never been informed by the government of the nature of the experiments they were subjected to or, in some cases, even the fact that they were subjects. In a 1977 hearing, then CIA director Stansfield Turner said he found the experiments “abhorrent” and promised that the CIA would find and notify […]

Colin Powell Was NO Hero; He Was a PSYCHOPATHIC War Criminal Representing the Synagogue of Satan

by Admin · Published October 29, 2021 · Updated October 29, 2021 In today’s show originally broadcast on October 22 2021, Andy is joined by Gary Holland for a show entitled, “Are You A Pure Blood Or Have You Been Vaccinated?” We discussed: how the term, “Pure Bloods,” refers to people of any race who […]

Egypt wins international award for restoring Alexandria synagogue

Egypt has won an international award for its restoration work on a historic synagogue in the city of Alexandria. According to an announcement by the Ministry of Antiquities on Facebook earlier this month, the restoration of the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue won the award for ‘Best Project: Renovation/Restoration in the Engineering News-Record’s (ENR) Global Best Projects […]


Angelia Deselle’s nightmare shaking after Pfizer Vaxx: These FEMA coffins are ready to collect dead bodies. PauseMuteCurrent Time 2:26/Duration 3:39Loaded: 98.76%1xPlayback Rate FullscreenShare PFIZER VICTIM ANGELIA DESELLE SPEAKS AT LOUISIANA STATE CAPITOL – SEEKING SUPPORT FOR VICTIMS70 views2 Truth or ConsequencesPublished 4 months ago | CommentsSUBSCRIBE (2538)Speaks out against mandatory vaccination. She says backlog is 197,000 of injured […]

Synagogue of Satan Goes Full Tilt Boogie on Vaccination Agenda Destroying People’s LIVES

by Admin · Published September 30, 2021 · Updated September 30, 2021 [embedded content] Comment: Ezekial Emmanuel the COVID Advisor is the son of a terrorist. Killing is fine with these kinds. No relationship between what these politicians say and what they do. Typical PSYCHOPATHS compromised in awful videos/pictures by the Satanic Cabal will do […]

German Police Detain Teen After Yom Kippur Synagogue Threat

BERLIN—A 16-year-old boy was detained Thursday in connection with a possible plan for an Islamic extremist attack on a synagogue in the German city of Hagen, authorities said. The detention took place on Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism, and two years after a deadly attack in another German city on the Yom Kippur […]

N.Y. synagogue illustrates iconic Jewish psalm with pictures of occupied Jerusalem

We keep an eye on Jewish institutions that conflate the Jewish religion and Zionism, and here’s a glaring example. In the month leading up to the High Holidays, it is Jewish tradition to recite Psalm 27 every day. The psalm is about a person seeking salvation through oneness with the Lord. Its verses includes a […]

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