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Charlie Kirk Leads Campaign To Change Nebraska Electoral Law Explicitly To Benefit Trump

When Joe Biden won the presidential election in 2020, he managed to secure one electoral vote from the state of Nebraska thanks to a 1991 law that allocates electoral votes by congressional district rather than the “winner take all” method used by most other states. With the 2024 presidential election expected to be close, right-wing […]

US arms sales to Israel in the spotlight as Gaza conflict escalates, Sanders leads call for embargo

This plea follows closely on the heels of Canada’s groundbreaking decision to suspend military equipment sales to Israel, a move that has been hailed by human rights organizations and advocates worldwide. Source

Florida Human-Trafficking Sting Leads To 228 Arrests, 13 Potential Victims Rescued

Authored by Patricia Tolson via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Almost 230 people were arrested, and 13 potential victims were rescued in a Florida human trafficking sting dubbed, “Operation March Sadness 2024.” Mug shots of those arrested in “Operation March Sadness 2024” for offering to commit prostitution in Polk County, Fla., on March 5, 2024. […]

France leads global charge for reproductive rights by anchoring abortion in its Constitution

Image Credit: Kiran Ridley A momentous shift occurred in France on Monday evening, as it officially became the world’s inaugural nation to enshrine abortion rights within its constitution. This historic amendment was passed during a special assembly convened by President Emmanuel Macron at the Palace of Versailles, a location often chosen for the enactment of […]

Cross at your own risk: Increase in Darien Gap crossings leads to sharp rise in CRIMES against migrants

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is apparently turning a blind eye to harrowing stories of crimes at the Darien Gap, located between the Central American nation… Source

Human trafficking sting during Las Vegas Grand Prix week leads to 74 arrests

A human trafficking sting operation that was carried out during the week of the Las Vegas Grand Prix resulted in the arrests of 74 people, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. In the leadup to the Formula 1 event, police trained employees of local hotels, nightclubs and airlines on spotting the signs of […]

Bidenomics Rejected: Trump Ahead In Swing States, Leads Among Young Voters

Bidenomics Rejected: Trump Ahead In Swing States, Leads Among Young Voters Less than 13 months from the 2024 election, a new set of polls has delivered alarming news for backers of incumbent President Joe Biden, with voters in swing states and even younger voters giving the edge to former President Donald Trump. The key driver: […]

Trump leads Biden, RFK Jr.: poll

Former President Trump is leading President Biden and Democrat-turned-independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in a three-way race, a new poll found. The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, shared with The Hill, showed Trump receiving 39 percent, Biden receiving 33 percent and Kennedy receiving 19 percent in a three-way race. A separate 9 percent said… […]

Israel Home Front Command’s advice leads to surge in PANIC BUYING of food and other supplies

(NaturalNews) Israelis rushed to supermarkets following an Israel Home Front Command’s initial advice to store 72 hours’ worth of food and water at their… Source

25-Year-Old Israeli Woman Kills 5 Terrorists, Leads Team to Save Kibbutz from Hamas

A young Israeli woman is being hailed as a hero after her early action helped to save an entire kibbutz from being brutally killed by Hamas terrorists. Source

Gallego leads Lake, Sinema in Arizona Senate race: poll

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) is leading both former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake (R) and Sen. Krysten Sinema (I-Ariz.) in a hypothetical three-way race in the Arizona Senate race, according to a new poll.  A poll from the Democratic-lean firm Public Policy Polling, which was commissioned by Gallego’s campaign and first shared with The Hill,… […]

Israel’s ‘catastrophic’ intel failure leads to Hamas offensive

OCT 7, 2023 Source Israel’s sophisticated surveillance and spying networks make scenes of Hamas fighters moving through the streets of southern Israeli cities all the more impressive News Desk Former Israeli officials are calling the massive Hamas military offensive against Israel a “catastrophic” intelligence failure that will have immense and swift political ramifications. On 7 […]

EV Infrastructure: South Korea Leads The Charge

EV Infrastructure: South Korea Leads The Charge Charging infrastructure plays a pivotal role in facilitating the global shift towards electric mobility. Public charging stations form the backbone of the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, addressing range anxiety and ensuring convenient access to charging for EV owners who do not enjoy the luxury of a charging station in […]

As always, the UK leads the way with draconian online censorship laws designed to stifle the truth, especially the most politically incorrect TRUTH.

READ HERE: UK quietly passes “Online Safety Bill” into law   Source

Polls: Donald Trump Leads Biden Nationally in Head-to-Head Presidential Race

Former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 presidential election matchup, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll and a Harvard-Harris poll. The CBS News/YouGov poll released Sunday shows that 50 percent of 4,002 U.S. adults sampled would vote for Trump in a rematch of the 2020 presidential election while 49 percent would back […]

McBride leads primary opponents in early polling

Delaware Democrat Sarah McBride, who in June launched a potentially history-making bid to become the nation’s first openly transgender congressperson, leads her primary opponents by a wide margin, according to polling released Friday that was shared first with The Hill. In a survey of likely Democratic primary voters in Delaware conducted this month by Change Research and commissioned… […]

South Africa: Potential Election Kingmaker Leads Stadium in White Genocide Chant

Julius Malema, the left-wing radical leader of the third-largest South African political party, led a massive stadium crowd on Saturday in a vicious “liberation” chant of “Kill the Boer! Kill the farmer!” — in other words, an explicitly racist call for massive violence against the white population of South Africa. Source

Poll: Trump Leads Biden by 3 Points Nationwide, 6 Points in Swing States

A poll shows former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by three points nationwide and six points in swing states. Source

Julius Malema Leads Stadium Full of Blacks in “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” Chant

Imagine if there was a stadium full of White people in America chanting about “kill the black” or Source

Betts’ Big Night Leads the Dodgers to a 5–1 Victory Over the Sloppy Mets

NEW YORK—A couple of costly mistakes were all it took for Mookie Betts and the Los Angeles Dodgers to put away the New York Mets. Betts went 4 for 4 with a home run and the Dodgers took advantage of a high throw by first baseman Pete Alonso to beat the sloppy Mets 5–1 on […]

Survey: Nigeria leads the way in CRYPTO awareness

A survey has found that the West African nation of Nigeria is leading the way when it comes to cryptocurrency awareness. The poll by British market research firm YouGov and New York City-based blockchain company ConsenSys surveyed more than 15,000 people in 15 countries. It found that 92 percent of respondents around the world are […]

Hard-Throwing Bobby Miller Solid in MLB Debut, Leads Dodgers Past Strider, Braves 8–1

ATLANTA—Bobby Miller took a while to get spiffed up after his big league debut. His Los Angeles Dodgers teammates celebrated Miller’s winning performance with an impromptu beer shower that expanded to include some other clubhouse condiments. “Ketchup, mustard, relish, beer—there was pretty nasty stuff poured on me,” Miller said, beaming at his locker after a […]

Jews Claim Quoting Revelation 3:9 — ‘The Synagogue Of Satan’ — Leads To Attacks Against Synagogues

(Jerusalem Post) Jews have a long history of blaming Christians for “antisemitism” — even going so far as to claim that being labeled “Christ killers” lead to the Holocaust™ — but now they are upping the ante by claiming that even quoting Revelation 3:9, which refers to them as the “synagogue of Satan” has resulted […]

Ukraine leads request for social media platforms to censor “disinformation”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Ukraine has spearheaded a collective call to action, joining forces with seven other Central and Eastern European nations to combat “disinformation†on social media platforms.(Article by Christina Maas republished from an open letter, the prime ministers of these nations urge prominent tech … [Read More…] Source

One Injured After Dispute Leads to Shots Fired in Virginia Mall

One person was shot and injured just before noon Sunday in the Dulles Town Center mall in Dulles, Virginia, following a dispute. Source

Itamar Ben-Gvir leads Israeli protests on March 27, 2023, the 86th day of the year

On the 86th day of the year, Itamar Ben-Gvir, is leading the historic protest in Israel. Jesuit = 86 Today is 40 days before his upcoming 47th birthday, May 6, 2023. He called for a protest. He called it an emergency. He is a self proclaimed Zionist. Zion, Old Testament… and he is from Mevaseret […]

Developing health tourism in Uramanat leads to economic growth, expert says

TEHRAN – Economic and social development of the UNESCO-designated Uramanat can be achieved through strengthening health tourism in the western Iranian region, a tourism expert has said.  Source

The Creative Leads of the Two Dead Spaces Check Each Other’s Work

Image courtesy of Motive Studio Patrick’s gone, which means it’s time for 5-star runtimes about tactics, cover and concealment mechanics, and a game taking up Rob’s time, Broken Arrow. Then, Cado and Ren are having the cyber-noir time of their lives Shadows of Doubt, a detective game mashing up procedural generation, voxels, and immersive sims. […]

WATCH: Alleged Human Smuggler Leads Texas Cops on Wild Pursuit near Border

A Florida man is now accused of human smuggling after leading Texas cops on a wild high-speed pursuit near the southern border with Mexico on February 7. The driver drove off the road and into oncoming traffic while racing at speeds exceeding 100 mph. Source

The Death of Office Culture Leads to Boom Times for Used-Chair Salesman

The warehouse was packed, filled to the brim with used Herman Miller Aeron chairs, Herman Miller Mirra 2 chairs, Herman Miller sit-to-stand desks, and other remnants of the daily commute era. “There’s so much product. We have no room in our warehouses,” Zachary Unger said excitedly. “At this point, we need to get, like, another […]

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