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Former Red Sox Pitcher Arrested in Massive Child Sex Sting in Florida

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Austin Dean Maddox has been arrested as one of 27 men caught in a child sex sting by law enforcement in Florida. Maddox faces four felony charges: Traveling to meet […] The post Former Red Sox Pitcher Arrested in Massive Child Sex Sting in Florida appeared first on The People's […]

Political Sting on TikTok

Renee Parsons At the outset, let me share that I have no experience with TikTok, having viewed its videos less than could be counted on one hand.  I am, however, an unabashed devotee of the First Amendment and view the recent adoption of a ban on TikTok as nothing less than a political sting on […]

Florida Human-Trafficking Sting Leads To 228 Arrests, 13 Potential Victims Rescued

Authored by Patricia Tolson via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Almost 230 people were arrested, and 13 potential victims were rescued in a Florida human trafficking sting dubbed, “Operation March Sadness 2024.” Mug shots of those arrested in “Operation March Sadness 2024” for offering to commit prostitution in Polk County, Fla., on March 5, 2024. […]

Director of California LGBT center ARRESTED in child predator sting operation

(NaturalNews) The director of an LGBT center in California was among 17 child predators arrested in a multi-agency sting operation.The Modesto Bee reported… Source

Human trafficking sting during Las Vegas Grand Prix week leads to 74 arrests

A human trafficking sting operation that was carried out during the week of the Las Vegas Grand Prix resulted in the arrests of 74 people, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. In the leadup to the Formula 1 event, police trained employees of local hotels, nightclubs and airlines on spotting the signs of […]

Stacey Abrams’ Brother-in-Law Arrested in Child Sex Trafficking Sting

The brother-in-law of disgraced Democrat Stacey Abrams has been arrested on child sex trafficking charges, according to reports. Jimmie Gardner, the brother-in-law of former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, was arrested on Friday on serious charges of human trafficking and child sex crimes. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to […]

Big Pharma Execs, Gov’t Officials Busted in VIP Sex Trafficking Sting – Media Blackout

Several Big Pharma executives, professors, doctors and government officials have been arrested by authorities during an operation targeting a VIP sex trafficking ring. Acting U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Joshua Levy announced the results of the […] The post Big Pharma Execs, Gov’t Officials Busted in VIP Sex Trafficking Sting – Media Blackout appeared first on […]

WATCH: Subject of Project Veritas Pfizer Sting Freaks Out After Being Confronted by James O’Keefe

Project Veritas released a video Thursday of a purported Pfizer employee becoming irate after being confronted by James O’Keefe and crew, claiming to have lied about the company’s practices in order to impress his date. Source

Polk County Prostitution Sting Nets Georgia Deputy Police Chief

PUNTA GORDA, Fla.—A Georgia deputy police chief attending a polygraph training workshop in Orlando landed behind bars after Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said he was caught in a prostitution sting on Sept. 1. According to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Jason DiPrima, 49 of Kingston, Georgia, was arrested on Sept. 1 for […]

Project Veritas Sting Catches Twitter Employee Mocking Elon Musk as ‘Special Needs,’ Admitting Wokeness Hurts Profitability

James O’Keefe’s investigative journalism group Project Veritas recently published undercover footage of a Twitter employee admitting that the platform’s woke “ideology” is why the company is not profitable. The employee also mocked Elon Musk as “special needs” for having Asperger’s syndrome.

The best sting against election fraud malice: Fund Ruby Freeman’s justly historic defamation suit!

As with the Mafia and NRA, let’s make unspeakable Trumpist election overthrow ploys way too expensive Want to join a direct, immediate, non-violent protest against the worst, unremitting election fraud cataclysm in our history? Donate as I did yesterday to the legal defence team backing the abused, yet courageous mother and daughter — both temp GA election workers — badly mugged by the notorious Gateway Pundit magazine. Contact Protect Democracy – a non-profit and non-partisan […]

Another British Beauty Left Crippled by Wasp Sting

    A 22-year-old champion showjumper has developed blood clots in her lungs shortly after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Imogen Allen got her shot on July 24th and a day later began experiencing shortness of breath, which over the next following few days became so bad that she was unable to speak. She then […]

North Carolina Instagrammer left with Severe Convulsions after Bee Sting

    This is just sad. Why these people are doing this to this young woman just shows how vile and evil the mRNA and viral vector DNA zealots truly are. Caveat emptor is real. These people know they poisoned themselves and now have to go down defending their holy sacrament. Here is one of […]

Aussie Girl accepts sting to be able to Train Horses now won’t be able to do it Anyway due to Health Problems

    A 19-year-old equestrian is accepting that her life of Instagram modeling and horseback riding is likely over after caving to pressure and coercion. Ms. Cienna Knowles received her second Pfizer mRNA injection on October 21, according to her Instagram account. Her entire existence flipped upside down later that evening. Ms. Knowles said she […]

Father Determined to Sting his 9 yo even after his 14 yo Son Developed Heart Inflammation

Home » Australia, Biology, Crimes » Father Determined to Sting his 9 yo even after his 14 yo Son Developed Heart Inflammation     A father is determined that his nine-year-old child gets vaccinated despite his 14-year-old son developing heart inflammation following his second Pfizer dose. Shane Huntington, the father, said that his son had […]

13 yo Brazilian Boy Collapses and Dies in Public 6 Weeks After Fay Sir Sting, Investigation Started

    A 13-year-old boy from Vale do Anari, Brazil has died 6 weeks after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Weverton Santos Silva, a student, got his shot on August 25th. He suffered multiple side effect symptoms shortly afterward. He collapsed and died on October 8th inside a clinic in the urban area of Vale […]

BLM-loving, anti-Trump military spy couple busted in sting trying to sell nuclear sub secrets…

The wife of the Navy submarine engineer who was charged with spying on the U.S. for an unidentified foreign government is a leftist who organized a babysitter on Facebook with her husband so they could make their last secret drop of stolen intelligence before they were caught by the FBI.   Navy nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebbe, 42, and wife, Diana, […]

Jan 6 Capitol “Riot” Was an FBI Sting Operation

Enrique Tarrio:  Leader of the Proud Boys and an FBI Agent. As we suspected (please disregard the comparison to Nazi Germany): [embedded content] More: [embedded content] Stay tuned to EFR  for the news before it happens. Share this: Source

THOUSANDS of Pedophiles Busted in Historic Child Sex Sting in Germany

Police in Germany have busted one of the biggest ever online pedophile rings with over 1,600 suspects identified as having participated in child rape and torture. While most of the pedophiles came from across the country, digital forensic experts had picked out people from the US, Austria, Switzerland and France on suspicion of possessing or […]

Australian Police, FBI Take Down 220 Underworld Figures in Global Sting Using Encrypted App

Law enforcement has struck a “heavy blow” against “industrial-scale” organised crime in a globe-spanning sting operation involving 9,000 officers from Australia, Europe, and the United States. Key to the operation was the deliberate rollout of an encrypted messaging app to the criminal underworld that gave police access to secret communications between syndicates. “Today, the Australian […]

Hundreds Arrested in Global Organized Crime Sting Using FBI-Developed Messaging App

Hundreds of suspects have been arrested and tons of drugs seized in one of the largest and most sophisticated global law enforcement operations ever, which relied on an FBI-developed encrypted messaging app that became popular with members of criminal networks and used to ensnare them. In a series of large-scale sting operations across 16 countries over the past few […]

Western govt contractor entrapped British scholar in sting operation to cover up Syria corruption scandal

CIJA, a taxpayer-funded outfit that collaborated with al-Qaeda, lied to entrap a British academic in a sting operation. Its goal was to discredit critics of the dirty war on Syria – and cover up its own corruption. A British academic who belongs to a prominent anti-war research group has been targeted in a deceptive sting […]

Pediatrician At Stanford Children’s Hospital Arrested In ‘Pedophile Sting’

A Stanford pediatrician was arrested for allegedly sending pornographic images to an underage girl and trying to have sex with her. 33 year old Dylan O’Connor was arrested after arranging to meet up with the self-declared underage girl for sex in Redwood City California, but was instead met by police officers. Mail Online reports: He […]

“The Trump Administration is a Military Intelligence Sting Operation” – all in a Nutshell

Tucker’s not stupid — He must be a part of the Alt Media sting designed to explode the media buzz around the obvious vote-switching fraud

An update on our reporting on Sidney Powell’s voter fraud investigation. Watch. — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) November 21, 2020

Democrats Caught in Trump’s Sting Operation

Wieczorek Independent For Congress  · IS THIS TOMMOROWS NEWS The Election. CIA Homeland Security launched the largest election sting operation 6 hours ago. Over 500 elite units moved into all ballot counting depots nationwide to stand guard over all the printed ballots. They were ALL printed with QFS-BLOCKCHAIN (unbreakable code) Watermarks.So far 14 million ballots have […]

Israel has alleviated the sting of COVID joblessness without trying to cure it

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UK: BBC Project Manager Caught Up in Pedophile Sting

The BBC is run by pedophiles. Daily Mail: A BBC project manager watched child abuse on a group Zoom call, a court heard. Duncan Wheelhouse, 58, was trapped in a sting involving the National CrimeAgency (NCA) on 23 March 2018, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard. The NCA officer captured images and videos of child sexual abuse which were shared […]

400 kg of cocaine found in Russian Embassy in Argentine prompted sting operation

nsnbc : Argentine police seized nearly 400 kg of cocaine from the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires and arrested several members of a drug […]

Multiple Clergymen Busted in FBI Sting for Sex-Trafficking Children

Exposing the breadth of pedophilia across the United States, three Ohio pastors have been indicted on charges of sex-trafficking children. A federal grand jury indicted the Rev. Cordell Jenkins, the Rev. Anthony Haynes and the Rev. Kenneth Butler on conspiracy to sex-traffic children. The three men have all plead not guilty, according to the Associated […]

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