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My Day in Palestine: The Stunning Beauty and Cruel Reality of an Occupied Land

February 21st, 2022

Part of Making a Star is Reshaping Their Faces; Beauty is Made. Anybody Spending Obscene Amounts of Money on Plastic Surgery Could Look as Good As These Do.

by Admin · Published January 14, 2022 · Updated January 14, 2022 [embedded content] Illuminati Agendas this celebrity pushes: Open Borders, Gay/Lesbian Rights, Multiculturalism, Kalergi Plan, Loss of Sovereignty, Invasians in the Name of Human Rights, UN, etc. All Cabal Priorities and She is a Cabal Member Belonging to UN and Council of Foreign Relations. […]

Flyte 70: The “Pro-Aging” Beauty Brand Co-Founded by a Greek-American

Flyte.70 founders Elena Frankel and Carolyn Barber. Credit: Flyte.70 “Pro-aging” American beauty brand Flyte.70 co-founded by Greek-American Elena Frankel in 2021 has been creating innovative products targeting women who are 40-plus. Frankel and Carolyn Barber were pioneers of the indie beauty boutique concept in Boston in the 1990s. Thirty years later, they feel proud that […]

Disempowering Beauty Pageants

The 70th Miss Universe pageant was held recently in Eilat, Israel and there is a lot of celebratory chatter going on. After 21 years another Indian, Harnaaz Sandhu has won the crown. The celebration is for Chandigarh’s daughter having won the title. The last time an Indian won the said beauty pageant was 21 years […]

Oh the beauty of Ukie nationalism!

Posted on December 1, 2021 by martyrashrakat November 29, 2021 This is the translated text: (red emphasis added) Good morning. This drawing in the hands of a girl is the dream of all Ukrainians. A new generation is growing up, which was not “brainwashed” by the Soviet mindset. This is our future, which we are fighting […]

Another British Beauty Left Crippled by Wasp Sting

    A 22-year-old champion showjumper has developed blood clots in her lungs shortly after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Imogen Allen got her shot on July 24th and a day later began experiencing shortness of breath, which over the next following few days became so bad that she was unable to speak. She then […]

(Video) Daughter Quits Job to Start Successful Beauty Brand With Dad’s Support: ‘Encourage the Children’

A former high school French and Spanish teacher who launched her own beauty brand during the COVID-19 lockdown reaped six figures in sales in just six weeks. As her venture goes from strength to strength, the 30-year-old entrepreneur claims she couldn’t have done it without one special supporter: her father. Maria Wilkes of London, England, […]

Mother of Former Indiana Beauty Queen Finally Speaks Out against Sting Tyranny

    This story got out to the public because Haley’s mother announced on her Facebook Page that Haley had died just after taking the Moderna shot. After we published it, Haley’s mother took down her Facebook Page, and emailed Health Impact News demanding that they take down their article, threatening them with legal action. […]

The unbearable beauty of Rifqa

RIFQAby Mohammed El-Kurd100 pp. Haymarket Books $16.00 RIFQA is a light, almost ethereal Arabic word that means companionship, compassion, or kindness. It is also the name of Mohammad el-Kurd’s grandmother and the title of his stunning debut poetry collection.  Although less than 100 pages, it took me days to read, mostly because I kept re-reading […]

Petit Jean State Park, Where Natural Beauty Meets Legend

Petit Jean State Park is a state park in Arkansas, USA. In addition to its beautiful natural landscapes, the park is also known for its many archaeological sites, especially rock art sites. Moreover, as the first state park in Arkansas, the story of its creation is also one worth telling. The Park is situated on […]

Behold the Beauty: A Glimpse of a Heavenly Paradise

Rare and sublime, The Cleveland Museum of Art’s 15th-century “Amitabha Triad” features three divine beings central to Buddhist belief. Only a hint of the gilt remains of this once-hallowed Buddhist treasure, yet the deities’ meditative serenity shines on. Each deity is sitting on a lotus-flower throne in readiness to welcome Buddhist adherents to the Western […]

Filippo Palizzi Painted the Beauty of Everyday Life

From Italian Ways: Filippo Palizzi (1818-1899) and his brother Giuseppe were pioneers of Italian Verismo painting. Filippo, inspired by the landscapes of the so-called Posillipo School – founded by a group of painters around 1830 –, became famous for his views of the area around Naples. From Wikipedia: An advocate of the need to bring […]

Beauty Meets Function: How to Create a Welcoming, Well-Designed Room

“I love what you’ve done!” Anyone who has remodeled or redesigned their home is of course pleased when they hear this from visiting friends. But I will let you in on a little secret: My heart soars when people walk into a space, look around, smile, and say it’s a room they want to spend […]

Carl Blechen’s Romantic Paintings of Natural Beauty

Carl Eduard Ferdinand Blechen was a German romantic painter, well known for his landscapes that highlighted the beauty of nature. Biography from Web Gallery of Art: German Romantic painter influenced by Friedrich, whom he probably met in Berlin in 1823. He arrived in Berlin at the age of 16 where he, at the request of […]

The Fleeting Beauty of Spring Ephemerals

Seek out these woodland wildflowers, the first blooms of the season, before they’re gone—then plant your own for next year Spring is moving north. One way we know that is to look at the early spring ephemeral wildflowers. These flowers are designed to leaf out, bloom, produce seeds, and then go dormant before the landscape […]

Citing ‘Beauty and Innocence,’ New York Times Puts Iran on ’52 Places to Love in 2021′ List

The headquarters of The New York Times. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The New York Times has placed Iran — but not Israel — on its list of “52 Places to Love in 2021.” “People see Iran as politically charged and oppressive. But there is a lot of beauty and innocence,” the Times-chosen item on Isfahan explains, […]

Man Who Identifies as Woman Files Complaint Against Beauty Pageant for Not Allowing Him to Compete

TORONTO — A man who identifies as a woman has filed a human rights complaint against Canada Galaxy Pageants, which hosts contests for women and girls, for not allowing him to compete in the “28 and older” division. According to reports, Jonathan Yaniv, who goes by the name Jessica, applied to be a participant in […]

The Allure of Blackened Teeth: A Traditional Japanese Sign of Beauty

Ohaguro (which may be translated as ‘blackened teeth’) is a practice in which people (usually women) dye their teeth black. While this custom is known to be practiced in different parts of the world, including Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and even South America, it is most commonly associated with Japan. It is undeniable that […]

Sayyed Nasrallah: One “I Have Only Seen Beauty” Frustrates the Goal Millions of Dollars Were Put to Achieve

 August 29, 2020 Click the Picture for video Al-Manar Website Editor Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah assured on the eve of Ashura that our tools of confrontation in the battle we are facing today are our honesty, religious, political and moral commitment and wise presence in media. His eminence assured that the battle we […]

Epic TV series ‘Beauty Queen of Jerusalem’ to feature ‘Shtisel’ star Aloni

JTA — Production is underway on what is being billed as one of the most ambitious Israeli TV series ever. “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem,” Sarit Yishai-Levy’s epic bestselling novel about a fictional Sephardic family, is being produced by the country’s Yes Studios of “Fauda” and “Shtisel.” “Shtisel” star Michael Aloni, along with Hila Saada […]

Willy Kriegel’s Paintings of Nature’s Beauty

Biography from German Art Gallery Willy Kriegel, ‘The Dürer of our time’ From 1915 to 1919 German painter Willy Kriegel (1901–1966) worked and studied design-drawing in the art atelier of Reinhold Lorenz in Plauen. After that he studied until 1921 at the Royal Academy of Art with Professor Gross and Professor Baranowski. From 1921 on […]

Lionel Royer’s Paintings of Epic Battles and Sensuous Beauty

Lionel-Noël Royer (December 25, 1852 – 30 June 1926) was a French painter. On his 18th birthday he volunteered to fight in the Franco-Prussian war, and took part in the Battle of Loigny. His commanding general noticed his artistic talents and offered to finance his studies in Paris. He focused on portraits and historical paintings, where […]

Sleeping Beauty

This is a short presentation of some of the artistic works of scenes from the classic European fairy tale almost everyone knows. Source Article from

Wilhelm Menzler’s Paintings of Flowers and Female Beauty

Wilhelm Menzler (1846-1926) was a German artist who painted portraits and genre scenes, often incorporating flowers into his works. He lived in Munich, where he studied with van Lerins, and then went on to exhibit in Vienna starting in 1891. Currently many of Menzler’s pieces can be found in museums and galleries in Budapest and […]

Julius Köckert’s Paintings of Bavarian Beauty

Julius Köckert (1827-1918) is pretty much a forgotten artist. There is very little information available about him or his paintings online, but this does not mean he was not a great artist. Julius was able to gain some notoriety and wealth while he was alive by getting commissions from Bavarian nobility. Weighing Hay on the […]

Watching The Hawks – Beauty In the Struggle: Sons Of Baltimore – Part 1

Watching The Hawks – Beauty In the Struggle: Sons Of Baltimore – Part 1 Watching The Watching The Hawks features the stories of authors D. Watkins and Kondwani Fidel along with athlete turned activist Aaron Maybin Baltimore natives who survived the streets to become voices for the oppressed and champions in their respective fields. […]

Mother wants her child’s school to take ‘Sleeping Beauty’ off the curriculum because the princess does not give consent to be kissed

     A mother has demanded her six-year-old son’s school bans Sleeping Beauty because the princess does not give consent to be kissed. Sarah Hall, from Northumberland Park, North Shields, claimed the fairytale promotes an ‘inappropriate sexual’ message to young children. She argued the story is irresponsible because it teaches children it is acceptable to kiss […]

A Public Beauty Deficit

By Henry Dampier When you travel in European cities that are older than modernity, and contrast them with modern cities, the difference in both scale and in public decoration is stark. In modern cities, the trend is to have no recognizable human features to any of the buildings or public decorations. Where there is representational […]

Ethereal Beauty # 2

Another round of images from European goddesses. As with the last one, I do not own any of these images. These are simply pictures I find online while visiting several social media websites that are pro-European and about defending European heritage. If some original author of them wishes to be credited – leave a comment […]

Watching The Hawks – Beauty in the Struggle with Kondwani Fidel

Watching The Hawks – Beauty in the Struggle with Kondwani Fidel Watching The On this episode of Watching The Hawks, Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace are joined by poet Kondwani Fidel, who shares stories of his journey and a first-hand perspective on the hot-button issues of racism, prejudice, and urban life. Then, Redacted Tonights […]

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