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129-year journey nears end as France returns Benin treasures

In a move with potential ramifications for other European museums, France is displaying 26 looted colonial-era artefacts for one last time before returning them to Benin — a decision authorities in the West African country described as “historic.” The wooden anthropomorphic statues, royal thrones and sacred altars were pilfered by the French army 129 years […]

9/11, a Personal Journey Down the Rabbit Hole

We all remember 9/11 as we remember so many other days, the Challenger disaster, the Kennedy murders or, for me, the fall of Saigon. For me, 9/11 began a new journey. I had some years ago tried to move my own career from defense and intelligence endeavors to the sane and rational, real work with […]

Tragic Journey Of Genius Revolutionary Albert Einstein

It was a Marathi Book- (Einsteinche Manovishv) – by Dr. Mo. Ra. Gunye, Research Scientist from Bhaba Atomic Research Centre in his Book (513 pages, studded with 18 Chapters a masterpiece of Literature as well), appropriately summarizes Value of Albert Einstein’s contributions in his Book, (Psychological Universe of Einstein- 1997) which prompted me to write […]

TrineDay: The Journey Podcast

Press & Media Whitney Webb joins TrineDay to discuss The Wellcome Leap, which professes to advance healthcare but is led by people who focus on transhumanist technologies, specifically brain-machine interfaces and other technology aimed at merging humans and machines. Whitney and Kris also discuss sexual blackmail going back to J. Edgar Hoover in the FBI […]

What ‘Journey to the West’ Can Teach Us About the Deceitfulness of the CCP

Commentary There is a classic story from Journey to the West where on three separate occasions, a demon transformed into a girl, an old man, and then an old woman to deceive the Monk Tang Sanzang. Tang was journeying to India to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures, and it was known that eating his flesh would […]

‘My Life – The journey of a Dalit Sociologist’

       Recent incidence in IIT Kharagpur of the verbal assault mounted by the professor on the marginalised students with proclamation of impunity from penal Action of State directs us to innumerable paradoxes in 21st Century India.It also implies that not all is well in the country who seeks to achieve the goal of Superpower in […]

Robotic Ship Sets Off To Retrace The Mayflower’s Journey

SWANSEA, Wales (AP) — Four centuries and one year after the Mayflower departed from Plymouth, England, on a historic sea journey to America, another trailblazing vessel with the same name has set off to retrace the voyage. This Mayflower, though, is a sleek, modern robotic ship that is carrying no human crew or passengers. It’s […]

The Greek Brides of the Begona: An Extraordinary Journey to Australia

Greek brides on the Begona. Credit: Screenshot from video The amazing story of the 900 Greek brides who traveled to Australia over sixty years ago, in 1957, aboard the ship Begona to meet their future husbands was the subject of a mini-documentary by the Australian television network SBS. Journalist Rhiannon Elston interviewed some of the […]

They tried to make Aliyah, but never survived the journey

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Is Real-World Activism Part of our Spiritual Journey?

The Facts: We’re in a time where truly making sense of what is going on around us has become incredibly important as more consequential decisions are being made in our world based on faulty thinking. Reflect On: Increasing self awareness leads to a better understanding of ourselves and how we think. Can we better explore […]

Biden’s Journey: Change Is Imperceptible

Ph.D., Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest. Philip Giraldi February 25, 2021 Biden has been a major disappointment for those who hoped that he’d change course regarding America’s pathological involvement in overseas conflicts. The new White House Team has been in place for more than a month and it is perhaps time […]


“Our soul (is on an) evolutionary journey towards enlightenment.” “I suggest that the purpose to our life’s journey here on planet earth is to discover the veils of illusion that we have fearfully attached us to … and then … collapse them…  “We consciously choose more lovingly empowered thoughts…  “In this state, we can … […]

UK Man Who Delivered Nazi Rant on Plane Journey From Poland Avoids Jail

A WIZZ Air plane. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. A British man who engaged in a tirade of racial abuse punctuated by Nazi salutes while on a flight from Poland in Oct. 2019 has avoided a jail sentence. Louis Mann, 28, had travelled from Warsaw in Poland to Liverpool in England when he spouted the horrific rant […]

Journey to Knighthood: The Hidden Steps of Becoming a Medieval Knight

The knight is arguably one of the most iconic figures of the Middle Ages. Knights were essentially mounted warriors, and in the hierarchy of medieval society , were considered to be part of the lower nobility. Nevertheless, knights could rise to the ranks of the higher nobility as well by acquiring land and becoming landlords. […]

Startup uses blockchain tech to track food products’ journey from farm to store

Israeli-Japanese firm Brandmark is using blockchain technology to help food manufacturers showcase the source of their products and allow consumers to understand where the goods they buy came from and what processes they have undergone. Blockchain technology is revolutionary in the high level of security it provides: it is a distributed ledger that enables the […]

It looks like we may journey to the Cooks long before we can motor on the replacement Manawatu Gorge highway

Point of Order A new Beehive press statement succinctly refers in the headline to “the Manawatū Gorge replacement highway”.   The statement proceeds to tell us the highway has been given a name as long as the highway itself.  It’s Te Ahu a Turanga: Manawatū Tararua Highway. We imagine the signposts to accommodate that wording will chew […]

A Plate of White Marble: A Woman’s Journey

“The house at Number 45 Shyambazar Street had its date of construction engraved right at the top of its façade. From this, it could be learnt that the house was not built in this century. If not a hundred, it was close to eighty-five years old. Thanks to the moist winds from the holy Ganges […]

My Journey Back to Shul

Attending the 6:15 Shabbat service at Stephen Wise Temple is a tradition I have enjoyed for a long time. After a hectic workweek, schlepping up to Temple and facing the dreaded 405 on a Friday evening always seemed like a monumental task; but once I entered the gates, a calmness immediately ran through my body. […]

Take an Eye-Opening Journey into the Past: Top 10 Historical TV Series

Ancient history and some of its famous faces have inspired countless TV series over recent years, ranging from drama and action, to fantasy and sci-fi. We all know that “based on actual events” or “inspired by real events” rarely means we’ll watch a true-to-life reenactment of historical events. Not to mention that historical facts are […]

A painful and joyous journey through the histories, languages and cultures of Jaffa

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The Journey of Napoleon’s Penis: Here’s the Long and the Short of It

Perhaps the only thing more satisfying than a “big” story is one where celebrity and bizarre personal details combine to create an even bigger story.  This is certainly true in the fascinating and ongoing history of Napoleon’s penis. The man was a celebrity in his time and hugely successful but apparently Napoleon’s penis was not […]

Seth Rogen, welcome to the journey

Dear Seth Rogen, Mazel tov and welcome to the tribe of righteous Jews!  Let me explain. I heard your interview with Marc Maron on his WTF podcast where you said you were “fed a huge amount of lies about Israel.” The whole world, or at least the whole Jewish world, watched the subsequent fallout from […]

My Journey of Healing Autoimmune Disease – 5 Things You Can Do to Start Healing Today

May 4th, 2018 By Juliet Tang Contributing writer for Wake Up World The Autoimmune Sentence The sentence of autoimmune disease plagues many. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 50 million people suffer from an autoimmune disease. Common ones can range from allergies, eczema and thyroid disorder to lupus, fibromyalgia and lyme disease. I had […]

Watching The Hawks – Trumps Show and Tell & Journey for a Cure

Watching The Hawks – Trumps Show and Tell & Journey for a Cure Watching The Trumps plans for a military parade spark controversy, and conservative commentator Steve Malzberg weighs in. RTs Anya Parampil reports on rising tension in Israel. Author Dick Russell discusses his book My Mysterious Son and the search for an alternative […]

My Unlearning Journey: An Interview With Manish Jain

My Unlearning Journey: An Interview With Manish Jain Above Photo: Could you briefly trace out for us how a Harvard educated person eventually ended up fighting Harvard type of education all over the world? What triggered the change? Was it gradual or was it sudden, caused by some event? When I was a kid in […]

Wonder, Magic & Insight – Embracing Curiosity on the Spiritual Journey

December 11th, 2017 By Fiona Reilly Guest writer for Wake Up World Recently I have been valuing the simplicity of being curious. By being curious I mean actively engaging with our innate enthusiasm for wonder, discovery and learning. It includes seeing and appreciating the magic and miracles that continually surround us. Just consider how a young […]

The Journey To The Centre Of The Earth — Just How Far Down Have We Gone? (Video)

Next Story The journey to the centre of the earth: is this a myth, a story, or is this something that we have done or are in the process of doing? We know about drilling into the Earth’s crust for resources such as fossil fuels, mine shafts that go deep, deep down, and we know, […]

Road to Damascus: An Irishman’s Journey to Syria

Niall The Prophet Mohammad, when asked why he had never visited Damascus, replied that you “only enter paradise once”. Thus advised, I joined a group of international peace activists on a tour of Syria. The trip would take us to Damascus, Maaloula, Homs, and Aleppo. The group included four close associates – Clare Daly […]

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban: ‘The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step’

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad. A hundred years after the Balfour Declaration and all that followed, and 100 years after the Sykes-Picot agreement, and after all the setbacks and pitfalls that marked our Arab history. After watching with bitter feelings the bombing of Baghdad and the destruction […]

My journey away from Zionism

A friend who had read a number of my recent pieces on Israeli intolerance sent me a note the other day asking me whether Israel was ever good in my eyes, even as a child, when it changed, and why I left the place. These questions are all about my relationship with Zionism, a very […]

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