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The Anti-Israel Protests Are Being Organized By Paid Professional Agitators And Are Being Funded By The Usual Suspects


Third Professional Footballer Suffers Heart Attack During Game In Last 3 Days

Professional athletes are supposed to be among the healthiest people on the planet but in the past few years thousands have collapsed with sudden and inexplicable heart conditions. Fully vaccinated professional athletes are continuing to […] The post Third Professional Footballer Suffers Heart Attack During Game In Last 3 Days appeared first on The People's […]

Who’s a Professional Psyopper?

This video of a May 2018 tweet by Amazing Polly was uploaded to the Cluster B Free Zone YouTube channel that is dedicated to Amazing Polly and contains 5 videos. “Cluster B” here refers to a grouping of Personality Disorders characterized by “dramatic, impulsive, self-destructive, emotional behavior and sometimes incomprehensible interactions with others.” Cluster B includes: […]

Second Professional Footballer Collapses With Heart Problems On Live TV In Last 2 Days

Fully vaccinated professional athletes are continuing to drop like flies, with two pro soccer players collapsing suddenly, clutching their hearts, this weekend alone. According to the mainstream media, which is doing everything it can to […] The post Second Professional Footballer Collapses With Heart Problems On Live TV In Last 2 Days appeared first on […]

A Doctor Cannot Give his Professional Opinion? 

In scientific journals it is common practice that, whenever a doctor or scientist, instead of presenting the results of an experiment, puts forth a point of view, a counter to the argument is printed at a subsequent time. This back and forth may continue for a few times, depending on the editor. Issues & Insights […]

The Best Ring Lights (for Looking Hot and Professional)

When it comes to meetings, Zoom calls are the new normal for many of us who are still WFH, now and indefinitely. The wrong angle and unflattering lighting can make you look… well…not your greatest. We’re all for loving yourself as you are au naturel, but if you can make yourself look even better with […]

Judge In Trump Case Shared Professional Ties With Hunter Biden At Firm That Worked For Burisma

The DC Judge appointed to Donald Trumps Jan 6 case worked with Hunter Biden at the same law firm. You couldn’t make this up….. US District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan, worked at a law firm […] The post Judge In Trump Case Shared Professional Ties With Hunter Biden At Firm That Worked For Burisma appeared […]

Orange County Hires Professional Firm to Redraw Legislative Districts

The Orange County Legislature passed a resolution on July 6 to hire Boston-based Applied Geographics to assist in its decennial redistricting process.  Applied Geographics was picked out of four firms by a selection committee based on criteria such as qualifications, experience, timelines, and costs, according to a recent rules committee meeting.  The firm has over […]

Dr. Mark Hobart, professional misconduct according to AHPRA

See letter: See also Black’s Law dictionary for the definition of informed consent: Please note that the Australian medical and government authorities forced patients/persons to undergoe a medical procedure without proper documentation concering the administered drugs, nor was the procedure carried out without any pressure/bias/coersion to do so. Source

Climate change & the HIDDEN agenda: a professional environmentalist now resident in NZ shares insights from 30 yrs work with (EU) Govt & related orgs world wide

Originally posted on Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch: Thanks to for this information … “Video presentation below by former EU Climate Change proponent Christopher Le Breton.  This was presented in Dunedin several weeks ago. A fresh look at Climate Change and it’s hidden agenda. Christopher Le Breton, a professional environmentalist who has lived, worked and… […]

See How European Cultural Marxists Are Completely Destroying Amateur and Professional Sports (Video)

VIEW HERE: Watch: Inexperienced Trans Figure Skater Performs At European Championship With Hilarious Results   Source

The Cost of Grief: Professional Mourners of the Ancient World

Funerals can be difficult to get through. The pain of loss can simply be too much for many.  Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Esin Legal Professional Partnership

Our lawyers are litigators and represent its purchasers in actions at courts involving nearly each substantive area of the regulation. We have the flexibleness to work with our clients’ personal lawyers or attorneys at regulation in different jurisdictions or to cooperate with our international law consultants and alliance partners in other international locations through our […]

The Professional Subversion Of Raymond Hill

ACHACH (1806) Michael Walsh – The Professional Subversion Of Raymond HillachitchcockJun 2In today’s show originally broadcast on June 2 2022, Andy is joined by Michael Walsh for a show entitled, “The Professional Subversion Of Raymond Hill.”We discussed: how the left wing obituaries of Ray Hill are very different to Mike’s recollection of him; how Mike first […]

ACH (1806) Michael Walsh – The Professional Subversion Of Raymond Hill

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 2 2022, Andy is joined by Michael Walsh for a show entitled, “The Professional Subversion Of Raymond Hill.” We discussed: how the left wing obituaries of Ray Hill are very different to Mike’s recollection of him; how Mike first met Ray in 1968; why Ray fled Britain for […]

Professional Data Analysts: Vaccines Being Systematically Distributed to Cause Large Amounts of Deaths

Dr. Jane Ruby (cont. @2:28): The most harmful lot for children, under this EW, FA, FC, was something identified; the whole lot number is EW01A2 [editor’s note: could not verify this specific lot id in the website] But you could go to and look up… the company, and put your lot number in. For under Pfizer for […]

I Guess Boston Does Not Want Their Professional Athletes Dropping Dead on the Field.

Boston Implements COVID-19 Jab Mandate for Indoor Venues; Won’t Apply to Professional Athletes Date: December 22, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: daniel_gAnother one bites the dust!Boston is the next deep-blue American city to enact illegal COVID-19 jab mandates to enter indoor facilities.Beantown Mayor Michelle Wu announced proof of COVID-19 inoculation requirement for restaurants, gyms, entertainment venues, […]

First Professional Astronomer Detection of UFO from Space Telescope?

First Professional Astronomer Detection of UFO from Space Telescope?Published on December 8, 2021Written by Joe Postma We’ve all seen the shaky home-video cams of UFOs, but interestingly there’s never really been any cases of professional astronomers who’ve witnessed one that I can remember. Well, here you go! I am sure that there is a reasonable […]

Another Professional Footballer Player Suddenly Collapses in the Middle of a Game

Yet another professional footballer collapsed suddenly in the middle of a game last night during Real Madrid’s Champions League tie with Sheriff Tiraspol in Moldova. 26-year-old Sherrif Tiraspol winger Adama Traore was seen clutching his chest as he slumped to the ground in the 77th minute. The Mali attacker remained down as medics rushed on […]

Professional Musician Describes Shen Yun Orchestra as ‘Phenomenal’

GREELEY, Colo.—Shen Yun Performing Arts is always a great treat for families. On the occasion of Shen Yun’s performance in Greeley, Colorado, on Sunday evening, Gina Johnson,  a symphony oboist attended with her family. Johnson—who has played in both the Cheyenne and Fort Collins Symphony Orchestras—described Shen Yun’s orchestra as “phenomenal.” “I thought it was […]

Sanctuary State Colorado to Give Professional Licenses to Illegal Aliens

The sanctuary state of Colorado will begin allowing illegal aliens to obtain professional licenses, funneling them into white-collar American jobs. This week, Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed into law a plan that will give out professional licenses for jobs in education and health care, among other industries, to illegal aliens. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s […]

Medical Cncl of NZ – “There is no place for anti-vaccination messages in professional health practice, nor any promoting of anti-vaccination claims”

From the MCNZ website: “NZ’s Dentists and doctors are expected to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as outlined in the guidance, jointly released by the Dental Council and the Medical Council of New Zealand on 28 April 2021” ““As health care providers, dentists and doctors have a responsibility to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their patients […]

Israel and the Internet Wars – A Professional Social Media Review

As people around the world watch the escalating crisis in the Middle East unfold, the Jewish diaspora and the Israeli people are turning to Twitter and Instagram to express their frustrations, concerns and seek out a supportive community. Unsurprisingly, from mainstream celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Trevor Noah to trolls with zero followers, […]

Purdue Pharma’s Bankruptcy Has Cost The Company Nearly $400 Million In Professional Fees

Professionals working on the bankruptcy of Purdue Pharma have amassed almost $400 million of fees and expenses, making up about half of the entire amount that all individuals harmed by the firm’s drug, OxyContin, would share under a proposed settlement.  The ongoing saga has turned “into a cash machine” for lawyers and consultants who have been […]

Report: Most Popular Career Choice Now ‘Professional Stimulus Check Recipient’

U.S.—A new survey has found that the most popular career choice among those entering the job market is “professional stimulus check recipient.” While young adults considering their futures used to prefer more traditional roles like doctor, teacher, firefighter, or satire writer, a full 92% of those surveyed said they just want to stay home all day […]

Sepahan overtake Persepolis at top of Iran Professional League

TEHRAN – Sepahan football team returned to top of Iran professional League (IPL) with a 2-0 win over Tractor on Thursday. Sajad Shahbazzadeh gave the hosts the lead in the 19th minute. Tractor were reduced to 10 men on the hour mark after receiving his second yellow card. Tractor forward Peyman Babaei missed a penalty […]

Another Medical Professional in the Prime of Life DEAD Weeks After Receiving the mRNA Experimental Injection as Memphis Mourns Loss of 36-Year-Old Doctor

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News In what is becoming a frequent report here at Health Impact News, another medical professional has died within weeks of being injected with an experimental mRNA COVID injection, and once again, health authorities and the local media are “assuring” the public that his death is unrelated to the experimental […]

Professional Jewish Apologist Complains That Jews ‘Don’t Count’ As An ‘Oppressed’ Minority

Bari Weiss, a professional race-baiter and antisemitism™ hustler, has managed to grab some headlines once again — this time lamenting the fact that other “oppressed” groups elicit more sympathy from the public than the perennially downtrodden Jews who can’t get a fair shake from the political Left or the Right: “Right now, Jews are in […]

Canary Mission is dangerous to your professional health

I was recently involved in the struggle of Hammam Farah, a young Canadian psychotherapist, to free himself from the damage to his reputation inflicted by the pro-Zionist organization Canary Mission—an episode that provides a harrowing example of how Canary Mission’s relentless attacks on free speech threaten the future of professionals who speak out in defense […]

Professional Witnesses, jewish Malfeasance and the Innocent in Dachau

Innocent in Dachau The Trial and Punishment of Franz Kofler et al. By Joseph Halow Published: 1989-12-01 An unusual set of circumstances, over which I had only limited control, and timing, over which I had no control whatsoever, determined the course of my military career and led me to work as a court reporter at Dachau for […]

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