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Majority of Physicians Decline COVID Shots, according to Survey – AAPS

Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60 percent said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID. This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. This was based on 300 respondents. Neither survey represents a random sample of all […]

Forbidden History: Earth’s Timeline According to the Anunnaki

Based on numerous archaeological discoveries: artifacts, records and monuments found in the past by experts, it is believed that the Anunnaki (Sumerian: those who came down from the heavens), an extremely advanced civilization from an elusive planet in our solar system, came to Earth, landing in the Persian Gulf some 432,000 years ago. In the […]

10 Things That Are Worse Than The Civil War According To Joe Biden

The American Civil War was pretty bad, but there are a lot of things that have happened since then. Some of them are even worse than the Civil War. Just ask Joe Biden. Over his short presidency, he has already compared all ten of these things to the Civil War: 1. Republicans asking people to […]

One third in US military are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine (according to mainstream)

This is mainstream, CBS. Listen at the link: Photo: Screenshot Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source 00

Tunisia records highest covid rates in MENA, according to WHO 

Tunisia has recorded the highest number of coronavirus fatalities and infections in the Middle East and North Africa, the WHO reported yesterday. In a statement to Anadolu Agency, the director of the organisation’s office in Tunisia, Yves Soteran, said: “Tunisia is the first in the Arab world and Africa in terms of the death toll […]

Majority of Physicians Decline COVID Shots, according to Survey

June 16, 2021 Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60 percent said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID. This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. This was based on 300 respondents. Neither survey represents a random […]

International image of US plunges to new lows amid pandemic, according to poll

The image of the US overseas has suffered since the beginning of the Trump administration, but it fell to a new low this year with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a poll shows. A 13-nation survey by Pew Research Centre shows the reputation of the US plummeting among key allies and partners. In several […]

A reminder that Pfizer is still testing their vaccine …according to their own documentation

Here is a link to a report published by Pfizer themselves. The report shares details about the protocol they are supposed to follow regarding the vaccine. There is a table describing the phase 3 of the trial. The trial includes follow-up visits up to 24 months after getting the jab. Here is another reminder that […]

ALL Men will become Infertile by 2045 according to top US Doctor

    A top reproductive epidemiologist is warning men could be completely sterile by 2045. Dr. Shanna H. Swan, a professor of environmental medicine and public health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, says she’s concerned poor lifestyle habits, as well as a bombardment of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, are damaging human reproduction and […]

AI to Run Military According to Kissinger and Schmidt of Google

Do We Want Google Running our Military?  May 17, 2021 ·  Tony Papert Left: Henry Kissenger – Right Eric Schmidt (Guillaume Paumier, CC-BY) Will Henry Kissinger and Silicon Valley’s Nerds Finally Destroy America? — Are you ready for this? Billionaire former Google boss Eric Schmidt has led a successful effort to divert ever-increasing parts of the […]

Massacre: More than 10,000 Europeans KILLED by COVID-19 Vaccines According to Official EU Data

    The European database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, which also tracks reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.” Here is what EudraVigilance states about their database: This website was launched by the European Medicines Agency in 2012 to provide public access to reports of suspected side effects (also […]

According to Merriam-Webster 79% of you are now considered ‘Anti-Vaxxers’

Merriam-Webster Expands Definition of ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ to Include Those Who Oppose Forced JabsDate: May 13, 2021Author: Nwo Report Polls suggest that’s 79% of Americans. Source: Paul Joseph Watson The Merriam-Webster dictionary has expanded its definition of “anti-vaxxer” to include those who oppose mandatory jabs.Yes, really.The full definition of ‘anti-vaxxer’ now states, “a person who opposes vaccination or laws […]

“There is no scientific foundation to the concept of Vaccine Passports” according to huge group of Doctors from around the world

April 29, 2021 A GROUP of doctors say natural immunity to coronavirus infection is long lasting but fear people will be coerced into taking top-up vaccines in order to re-access society when their Digital Green Pass expires after just six months. By Oliver May Doctors for Covid Ethics, a group of doctors across Europe and […]

Now Women are ‘birthing people’ in America according to Congresswoman

    Democratic Rep. Cori Bush shocked co-workers on both sides of the aisle after sharing her horror stories of mistreatment during two pregnancies. But it was her call-out to fellow ‘birthing people’ that put moms on edge. The Missouri Rep. addressed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committees on Thursday, sharing her experiences “as […]

Israel Is An Apartheid Regime According To Mainstream Human Rights Groups

last Tuesday, leading human rights organisation, Human Rights Watch (HRW), became the first major international human rights group to declare that Israel was committing the crime of Apartheid against the Palestinian people. HRW released a lengthy report, which may now lead to further action being taken against Israel. The 224 page document, released last Tuesday, […]

The Spike Protein In COVID Vaccines Is Putting You At Serious Risk, According To The Science

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | RSS Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/26/21). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and […]

According to Health Impact on People, Democracy is the Biggest Genocidal Ideology in the History of Mankind

    Directly or indirectly, either someone is deliberately planning and pushing the world towards this trend or not, the result is that DEMOCRACY is the biggest genocidal ideology in the history of mankind. Democracy has a severe negative heath impact on human health while at the same time rejecting everything being put forward on […]

Israel to switch away from coal energy by 2025 according to Netanyahu

Browse > Home / News / Israel to switch away from coal energy by 2025 according to Netanyahu April 25, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he has pledged to reduce Israel’s carbon footprint and to complete a successful transition from fossil fuels to […]

According to Science and Recent Data, NOBODY in the USA Needs to Wear a Mask, Social Distance, Stay at Home or Keep Their Business Closed

According to the CDC, vaccinated people do not carry the virus. According to science, masks don’t work because the holes are too big and the virus particles still get through. According to herd theory, quarantining the healthy is the worst thing you can do. With all of this in mind, every Republican-Governor-led (red) state has opened […]

What being the ‘chosen people’ really means, according to Rabbi Benny Lau

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source 00

At LEAST 799 Americans DIED after taking the COVID-19 Vaccine, According to OFFICIAL CDC DATA

    BREAKING NEWS!! According to obscurely hidden but yet OFFICIAL data on the US CDC website, at least 799 Americans have DIED after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. This data is extremely hidden and very hard to get to, they don’t want you to see this but they are forced by law to list the […]

Four Key Elements Of “True Love” According To The Teaching of The Buddha

The Facts: A few years ago researchers discovered that memory can be transferred between, in this case, snails. The research changed the standard theory of memory and thoughts about how the brain remembers. Reflect On: How much do we have yet to discover? Are we even physical beings? Could memories be stored beyond the physical […]

Free will hacked: AI can be trained to manipulate human behavior and decisions, according to research in Australia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers in Australia have demonstrated how it is possible to train a system to manipulate human behavior and decision-making, highlighting the double-edged sword that is modern high tech. AI now pervades the vast majority of contemporary human society and governs many of the ways we communicate, trade, work and live. It also […]

Americans are Sick of Democracy: Only 16% Support it According to AP Poll

    In a shocking shift of new developments, it appears that the vast majority of Americans no longer support democracy and would prefer another form of government instead. The alternatives to democracy is only authoritarian nationalism or authoritarian communism or monarchy. There are only 3 alternatives so either way, whichever is their preferred alternative, […]

Strange Super Bowl Halftime Show Was ‘Satanic’ According to Former NFL Star

Microsoft has been granted a patent for technology that would “reanimate” the dead by re-creating them via social media posts, videos and private messages that could even be downloaded into a 3D lifelike model of the deceased. Not creepy at all. “The tech giant has raised the possibility of creating an AI-based chatbot that would […]

According To CDC Statistics, U.S. On Pace To Euthanize 1,000 Per Week With COVID Vaccines

According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a database co-managed by the CDC and FDA that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines — over just a two-week period from the end of December through January 13, 2021 — 7,844 adverse reactions and 181 deaths were reported associated with the Moderna and Pfizer […]

Hospitals struck by artillery in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, according to humanitarian report

Many of the hospitals in Ethiopia’s conflict-hit Tigray region have been struck by artillery during the two months of fighting, according to the first humanitarian assessment of the devastation as aid begins to arrive with desperately needed supplies. The scale of the damage has been largely unknown while Ethiopian forces pursue and clash with those […]

COVID-19 May Cause Male Impotency according to Italian Study

Home » Europe, Health, Social » COVID-19 May Cause Male Impotency according to Italian Study     As the world “impatiently” awaits a coronavirus vaccine, so-called “experts” in Italy and the US are warning of yet another “potential” long-term consequence of COVID-19 infection: erectile dysfunction: During a recent interview with the US broadcaster NBC, American […]

What it’s like to be vaccinated, according to a Jewish essential employee

When Christie Moore rolled up her sleeve to get her COVID-19 vaccine earlier this week, many thoughts went through her mind. Among them: a set of Jewish blessings that rabbis suggested for the occasion. I knew this because Moore shared the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s roundup of rabbinic suggested blessings when she tweeted her vaccine selfie. […]

U.S. Gov’t Knew Decades Ago About Health Impact from WiFi Radiation According to 4000 Documents

U.S. Gov’t Knew Decades Ago About Health Impact from WiFi Radiation According to 4000 Documents Activist Post / Activist Post By B.N. Frank Recently, the National Academies of Sciences declared that American Embassy workers in China and Cuba were injured by microwave radiation exposure. The cause has yet to be determined. It may not have […]

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