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Swedish lawmakers vote to endorse NATO accession

Swedish parliament voted in favour of NATO accession. Source

Swedish scientists produce electricity from treated Wood

Researchers at KTH have succeeded in extracting electricity by letting water pass through treated wood. The work has just been published in the scientific journal Advanced Functional Materials. What happens if wood is put in water and the water then evaporates? Transpiration. This process, that liquid travels through vegetation, occurs everywhere in nature. In connection […]

Swedish Parties Make Deal To Govern With Hard-Right Support

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Three Swedish center-right parties announced on Friday that they have reached a deal to form a coalition government that would not include the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats but would depend on its support in Parliament. The agreement comes after a month of talks following Sept. 11 elections that gave the Sweden Democrats — […]

Swedish study: Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine alters DNA within 6 HOURS

The mRNA used for Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine disrupts cell repair mechanisms and allows SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins to alter a person’s DNA within six hours. A February 2022 study done by researchers from Lund University in Sweden investigated the BNT162b2 vaccine’s effects on human cells, with a view to determining if its encoded spike […]

British Troops Join Training Drill With Swedish and Finnish Forces

British troops have taken part in a training exercise alongside Swedish and Finnish armed forces as the two Nordic countries prepare their accession to the NATO military alliance. Exercise Vigilant Knife, which took place in northern Finland from Aug. 29 to Sept. 2, was intended to further strengthen the interoperability of the three armed forces, […]

Iran jails two Swedish citizens for alleged drug trafficking

Tensions between Tehran and Stockholm soared after a Swedish court convicted a former Iranian official of war crimes during the 1980s.

Worker gored to death by large antelope at Swedish animal park

A worker has been gored to death by a large antelope at an animal park in southwestern Sweden, the park’s owner confirmed. The incident occurred late on Sunday at the Oland Animal and Entertainment Park on the southwestern island of Oland. The park’s owner, Richard Berglund, said that he witnessed the victim being gored by an eland […]

Swedish Gun Violence: Mother and Small Child Shot at Playground

A woman and her young child were shot at a playground in the city of Eskilstuna on Friday evening amid a surge in Swedish gun violence this year.

Swedish Study: Pfizer Jab Installs DNA into the Human Genome

Swedish Study: Pfizer Jab Installs DNA into the Human Genome Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Richard Bartlett and Dr Simone Gold join Joni Table Talk host, Joni Lamb to discuss the Swedish in vitro study that shows the Pfizer jab installs DNA into the human genome. Dr Gold, who is also a lawyer says that this […]

Swedish Prime Minister Says Integration Has Failed After Migrant Riots: ‘Our Society Was Too Weak’

Sweden’s failure to properly integrate large numbers of migrants has led to the creation of parallel societies and gang violence, according to left-wing Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. Andersson made the comments in the aftermath of nationwide riots by migrant gangs over the Easter weekend that left a hundred police officers wounded. Sweden’s approach to […]

Expert Warns of ‘Terrible Year’ As Swedish Fatal Shootings on Track to Break Records

Expert Gunnar Appelgren has warned Sweden could be in for a “terrible year” fatal shootings could break records if current trends continue. 

Female Ukrainian Refugees Encounter Swedish Diversity

Having escaped the Russian war machine, female Ukrainian refugees face a new threat to their safety. Source

Swedish study finds that covid vaccines deplete the immune system, INCREASE all-cause mortality by 20%

Swedish study finds that covid vaccines deplete the immune system, INCREASE all-cause mortality by 20%11/23/2021 / By Lance D Johnson Bypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL A Swedish study involving four million people raises several red flags concerning covid vaccines and death rates. The preprint paper took a closer look at real world […]

Swedish Company Develops Implant For Vaccination Certificate a head start for backdoor entry into the human brain

This last week a company from Stockholm Sweden named Epicenter “The House of Digital Innovations” was to showcase a new subdermal implant for COVID-19 vaccination certificates. The Chief Distribution Officer of Epicenter, Hannes Sjoblad said on Wednesday “Implants are very versatile technology that can be used for many different things, and right now it is very […]

Swedish Politician Prosecuted For Stating Sudanese Migrants With 65 IQs ‘Impossible To Integrate’

(RMX News). Bertil Malmberg, a regional politician from the populist Sweden Democrats party, has been convicted of “racial incitement” after expressing his concern that South Sudanese immigrants had such extremely low IQs that it would be impossible to successfully integrate them into the Swedish economy and society: Last month, the Nyköping District Court fined Bertil […]

Swedish Doctors Demand The Pfizer Jab Is Banned Over Suspected Fraud

A group Swedish doctors and researchers have signed a petition demanding an end to the roll out of Pfizer covid vaccinations in their country due to suspected fraud. According to a former Pfizer subcontractor truned whistlwblower, the big pharma company falsified data, unblinded patients, hired inadequately trained vaccinators and were very slow to follow up […]

Swedish Cutie Ends up Paralyzed in Wheelchair after getting Stung, Doctors Ignore her

    A healthy 20-year-old girl was partially paralyzed one week after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Jennifer Melin from Sundsvall in Sweden went from being an active, healthy girl to being wheelchair-bound in just a week. Jennifer was vaccinated with Pfizer’s COVID vaccine in July and just two days later her first symptoms appeared. […]

Swedish Study: Covid Jabs Provide No Lasting Protection – Immunity Plunges to ZERO in Mere Months

New research out of Sweden has found that post-vaccination “immunity” – if you can even call it that – from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections is temporary at best, and completely gone within months. Like most of the other plandemic paraphernalia, the injections are not all that popular in Sweden, and for good reason. Researchers there […]

Bombshell Swedish study finds covid jabs provide no lasting protection, immunity plunges to ZERO in mere months

New research out of Sweden has found that post-vaccination “immunity” – if you can even call it that – from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections is temporary at best and completely gone within months. Like most of the other plandemic paraphernalia, the injections are not all that popular in Sweden, and for good reason. Researchers there determined that […]

Swedish Educators Recommend Students Learn The ‘Controversial’ Facts That Cause So Many People To Doubt The Holocaust™

(JTA) Sweden’s National Agency for Education have recommended that teachers should make students try to prove that the Holocaust never happened, as part of a push to help them better understand conspiracy theories: The recommendation came in a recently published handbook for high school teachers that the government’s institution in charge of scholastic issues had […]

Josefina Holmlund’s Swedish Scenes

Lovisa ‘Josefina’ Holmlund (1827 – 1905) was most known for her landscape paintings, heavily influenced by the Dusseldorf School, though she later developed an outdoor painting style that more accurately depicted nature. From Facebook: Josefina is known for her landscape paintings influenced by the Dusseldorf School. During the 1850s, she studied to become a painter […]

Einár: Prominent 19-year-old Swedish rapper shot dead in Stockholm

The award-winning Swedish rapper Einár has died in a shooting incident in southern Stockholm. The 19-year-old musician was struck by several bullets outside a building in the residential area of Hammarby Sjöstadin in the Swedish capital late on Thursday. Stockholm police spokeswoman Towe Hagg told AFP that Einár was found seriously injured and died at […]

Gay Swedish Priest Vows to Stop Performing Marriage Ceremonies For Straight Couples

The LA County Department of Public Health responded to criticism of the maskless Emmys by claiming the rules didn’t apply because it was a television production event – despite the fact that workers were still made to wear masks. There was uproar on Sunday as celebrities packed themselves into the Event Deck at LA Live […]

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven to resign in November

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven announced on Sunday that he will resign in November to allow a successor to prepare for the 2022 elections. “I will resign from my position as party leader at the November congress and therefore from my post as Prime Minister,” he announced at a meeting. Lofven has been head of […]

Swedish Politician Who Called UN Climate Report ‘Scare Propaganda’ Forced to Resign from Party

A Swedish politician who suggested that the UN’s “code red” climate report was “scare propaganda” was subsequently forced to resign from her political party. Joaquin Corbalan / EyeEm via Getty Images Earlier this week, the United Nations released a hysterical report that enjoyed wall to wall media coverage warning of ecological apocalypse if ordinary people […]

Swedish Professor: People Will Need FIVE Covid Vaccine Doses for Immunity – If you Don’t Submit You’ll no Longer Qualify as “Fully Vaccinated”

BY CAPTAINDARETOFLY ON AUGUST 9, 2021 • Listen Now  A Swedish professor has suggested that Covid-19 vaccine booster shots will be necessary to combat breakthrough cases, as two doses are simply not enough. As many people around the world complete their Covid vaccination schedule and submit to both doses, one professor has stated that this is simply not enough […]

Swedish Professor Says 5 Shots of COVID Vaccine May be Necessary

UK transport minister Grant Shapps says that countries will demand full vaccination “forevermore” and that young people “won’t be able to leave the country” without being double jabbed. Shapps made the comments during an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Today show. “I think double vaccination, full vaccination, is going to be a feature forevermore and […]

Lost Swedish Mythical Castle Found In Dry Lake By Clever Archaeologist

Lost for over three centuries, the so-called Swedish mythical castle of Sörby has been rediscovered in an ancient, ritualized landscape knitted together with sacrificed humans, animals and over a kilogram of gold. Until now this ancient mythical castle had only been a rumor among historians and archaeologists. The castle was the largest castle in, which […]

Swedish study reveals how long immunity lasts after mild COVID

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Swedish Viking Burial Shows Transition to Christian Burials Says Study

In Sigtuna, Sweden, just north of Stockholm, seven well-preserved Viking tombs have been discovered, including the graves of two possible infant twins. As per the Swedish press release on this particular Viking burial site in  Uppdrag Arkeologi , these graves revealed a transition from tradition Viking burials to Christian funerary practices, which was also summarized […]

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