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Brand-new heart syndrome reportedly affects 90% of U.S. population, American Medical Association claims, no explanation offered

COVID Propaganda Roundup: The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class. Via American Heart Association , October 2023 (emphasis added): “Health experts are redefining cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, prevention and management, according to a new American Heart Association presidential advisory published today in the Association’s flagship journal […]

Brand loyalties dominate our life choices – but party brands are hardly created equal

Sorry, but a convicted scoundrel struggling to stay out of jail only to become a fascist commando sounds like a miracle way to lose. Source

‘Microsoft’ Remains (By Far) The Most Impersonated Brand In Email Scams

We all know the emails: “Dear user, please click the following link to update your credentials. Otherwise your Office 365 account will be disabled.” “Please sign the attached document” or “Please review your payment information.” And while many of those emails look legitimate at first glance, it’s always worth taking a closer look, because more often […]

Police Warn a Brand New iPhone Feature Could Put Your Children at Grave Risk

Originally Published on Vigilant News According to recent surveys, 19% of children own a smartphone by age 8, and 75% own one before age 13. While smartphones are a great way for parents to connect with their children remotely, a brand-new iPhone feature now makes it possible for complete strangers to connect with their children […]

Revealed: plan to brand anyone ‘undermining’ UK as extremist

by tts-admin | Nov 6, 2023 | 9 comments Pictured above: a recent protest in London calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Some fear that the proposed new definition of extremism could include such protests, given that Hamas is classified as a “terrorist” organisation by UK authorities. Jon Ungoed-Thomas and Mark Townsend – The Guardian […]


YouTube CEO Slams Russell Brand: ‘Independent Media Must Be Banished Forever’

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has declared that independent journalists and creators will soon be banished from the platform following Google’s decision to censor Russell Brand’s channel. “If creators have off-platform behavior, or there’s off-platform news […] The post YouTube CEO Slams Russell Brand: ‘Independent Media Must Be Banished Forever’ appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Russell Brand Says He Will Primarily Stream Videos on Rumble After YouTube Cuts Off His Ad Revenue

Russell Brand has vowed to keep criticizing the deep state, media corruption, big pharma, and the military-industrial complex, while facing allegations of sexual assaults between 2006 and 2013 — adding that he will do so on the free-speech video platform Rumble. Source


British MPs are trying to “cancel” Russell Brand…but why?

READ HERE:   Source

While we don’t know how Russell Brand behaved in private, we DO know that the “free press” dumping on him is a factory of lies, and a weapon of the state against dissent

READ HERE:   Source

Covid, Russel Brand and the Great Reset – Hanlon’s Razor

Covid “Once again, we see that the rulers would prefer you to think they are not evil, just incompetent. Which is why they lead with their stupidest people like Bush and Biden and so on. It’s all just a terrible accident, we had the best intentions, really! They are leading with it again after Covid […]


The Truth About Brand

The media assured us claims Brand was the subject of a coordinated political attack were baseless “conspiracy theories”. Now the political class, the media and literally *the government*, is carrying out a coordinated political attack to unperson him from all public platforms. Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet […]


Russell Brand is Clearly a Cabal Member

Comment:  That being said he exposes more than the Mainstream Media.  There are layers of Cabal Members like peeling an onion and they mostly stink. Source

Russell Brand Vowed To Expose Big Pharma’s Crimes Against Humanity Before Rape Allegations Surfaced

Somewhere along the way Russell Brand woke up and became a powerful dissenting voice against the global elite. Once he no longer served their sinister agenda, he had to be taken out. This weekend Brand […] The post Russell Brand Vowed To Expose Big Pharma’s Crimes Against Humanity Before Rape Allegations Surfaced appeared first on […]

Actor Russell Brand Accused of Rape and Sexual Assault: ‘I Refute These Criminal Allegations’

Russell Brand has been accused of rape and sexual assault, allegations which the actor suggested may be politically motivated. Source

Ted Cruz grows his brand with popular tool — a podcast

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been a familiar face and voice on Fox News, right-wing talk radio and elsewhere in the conservative media ecosystem since first being elected to the Senate more than a decade ago.  But these days, Cruz is getting a boost in raising his profile through a media product of his own […]

Dem Rep. Goldman: Hunter Wasn’t Promoting His Dad as the Brand, Just ‘the Biden Name’ and Hunter’s Experience

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Ac360,” Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) said that Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer testified that Hunter Biden wasn’t selling his father as a brand, “the brand that he was talking about is Hunter’s own experience Source

Republicans have a brand-new reason to impeach DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas

(NaturalNews) There are so many reasons why Republicans ought to have already begun impeachment proceedings against Department of Homeland Security Secretary… Source

This is the BUD LIGHT ‘marketing genius’ who destroyed the brand forever! (Video)

Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light’s VP of Marketing, doubles down on her extreme woke strategy to promote the “declining” American beer brand to “young people”, while smearing her former customers as “fratty and out of touch”. How’s that working out for you, lady? @budlight — Old Row (@OldRowOfficial) April 9, 2023 Source

Luxury lingerie brand ‘by women for women’ launches ad campaign featuring ‘non-binary’ male in bra, panties

The company that used the slogan ‘by women, for women,” made an update on the post saying they “support the LGBTQ+ community, women, and anyone who wants to feel fabulous in our lingerie.”  Luxury lingerie brand Honey Birdette defended their use of “non-binary” model Jake Dupree in an Instagram post Wednesday. The company that used […]

Actor Russell Brand Reveals How His Faith Has Helped Him Overcome His Addiction Struggles

Actor and comedian Russell Brand has battled drug addiction, waged war against groupthink, and pushed the envelope as a free thinker. And he has praised God for helping him through his most challenging times. He recently sat down with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Today” to discuss how he became the man he is today, emphasizing that faith […]

Conor McGregor’s Whiskey Brand Donates $100,000 to Georgia Fire Department: ‘A True Gentleman’

Former UFC Champion Conor McGregor’s whiskey brand, Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, has donated $100,000 to the Savannah Fire Department in Georgia. Source

Only Trudeau’s Brazen Brand of Canadian Cultural Marxism Would Ever Permit This Outrageous Travesty

Teacher Who Wore Massive Prosthetic Breasts To School Is FINALLY Put On Leave: “This should have happened 6 months ago!” Source

Tommy Hilfiger, the epitome of brand name fraud?

MANY corporations use their name to defraud customers of their hard earned cash for a product they’re trying to spruik, period. Their products just aren’t worth the rubles one is paying for them. This exposé is about Tommy ‘Hell Finger’s’, that being a finger from Hell, in terms of shatfting you of your hard earned […]

CEO of major food brand issues dire warning

From Canada: no grains because CO2 Ireland: Kill sheep because CO2 Australia: total control over food Food Plant Fires Conspiracy” SOURCE Source

Russell Brand

Whitney is the second interview of this show. Russell Brand. Source

Britain willing to brand Russia a ‘terrorist state’ as UK vows to destroy Vladimir Putin

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly has hinted that the UK is willing to brand Russia a terrorist state, as the Kremlin’s illegal war in Ukraine wages on. When asked by Labour MP Liam Bryne on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee whether or not the UK Foreign Office would designate Russia as a terrorist state, Mr […]

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