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Brand loyalties dominate our life choices – but party brands are hardly created equal

Sorry, but a convicted scoundrel struggling to stay out of jail only to become a fascist commando sounds like a miracle way to lose. Source

Popular U.S. food brands linked to forced labor by prisoners in AP exposé

Popular U.S. food brands linked to forced labor by prisoners in AP exposé Some of America’s most recognizable food brands have achieved their success on the backs of prisoners at corrections facilities throughout the nation. While many of us associate forced labor camps with countries like Russia, prison labor plays a significant role in the […]

Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands

They are among America’s most vulnerable laborers. If they refuse to work, some can jeopardize their chances of parole or face punishment like being sent to solitary confinement. They also are often excluded from protections guaranteed to almost all other full-time workers, even when they are seriously injured or killed on the job. Source

These 17 Brands Make Cool Jewelry (That You Should Gift to Us)

What is it about tiny, sparkly rocks that express so succinctly a particular strand of classic romance? We don’t know; we’re just talking monkeys floating on a rock in space, and somehow, shiny little adornments have become an important form of both currency and communication when it comes to the language of love. But good-quality, […]

Beware these Eight Israeli brands/products

The global nature of today’s economy means that there are thousands of companies that have links to Israel and are complicit to various degrees in Israel’s violations of international law. However, for our movement to have real impact we need our consumer boycotts to be easy to explain, have wide appeal and the potential for […]

The Best Black Friday Deals on Our Favorite Clothing Brands

The 46 Best Black Friday Clothing Deals on Designer Clothes and Footwear VICE may receive a commission if you buy products through the links on our site. Read more here. There’s no better time to stock your 2023 wardrobe, thanks to big Black Friday sales at Hoka, Everlane, Urban Outfitters, and SSENSE. November 20, 2023, […]

Our Favorite Black-Owned Brands, From Streetwear Labels to Matcha Makers

As a general life rule, we prefer to give presents that whisper, I know you best, but also, I just know best. We try to shop from eco-friendly brands, we value stuff that's going to last a long time, and we like to buy things that feed our senses, like ethical spice blends, natural perfumes, […]


Source Ramzy Baroud From its very onset, Israel has constructed a brand for itself, a powerful gimmick that was predicated on two main pillars: democracy and stability. The main target audience for this brand has been powerful Western states that wielded disproportionate political, economic and military powers. These Western governments, along with their influential mainstream […]

11th Commandment from Jesus at the Super Bowl: “Thou shall have no other brands before me”

Right now, second only to Trump and his farcical election deniers, are there any greater hypocrites in the world than extremist American fundamentalists? Source

These Brands Are Very Sad About the Passing of the Queen

One of the many brand tweets about the Queen’s death. Twitter screenshot.  The companies who make sausage rolls, sex toys, baked beans, weapons, and cartoons for children want you to know that they, too, are very sad that Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday.  A flurry of sober statements and questionable artwork hit Twitter in […]

An International Group of Scientists Find Twelve Brands of Covid Injections Contain Hydrogel and Reduced Graphene Oxide + Other Important Findings

Tap News  /  danceaway All the injections are identical, but with different brand names like Pfizer, Moderna etc. with minor differences in adjuvants and synthetic lipid nanoparticles. There were no biologics in any of the injections tested, meaning there was zero biological material found such as mRNA, spike protein subunits, pseudovirus vectors etc. Wagh highlighted […]

99% of the major brands of food, drugs, healthcare, etc. are owned by the same large corporations that are in on the Plandemic

99% of the major brands of food, drugs, healthcare, soaps & shampoo, toothpaste, electronics, lifestyle, and other products we consume are owned by the same large corporations that are in on the Plandemic. These are all owned by a small number of shareholders with absolute control over every aspect of our lives.Unless we, the people, […]

Black Lives Matter Is Funded by These 18 American Brands

Throughout the last two years, cities and towns across America have been ripped apart by violent Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists. BLM is a far-left organization founded by “trained Marxists,” which aims to replace the nuclear family with a “village,” and wants to abolish police, prisons, and courts of law. You can unsubscribe any time. […]

“Normal” Gets Cancelled as Unilever Vows to Drop Word From All Brands

The next thing to be cancelled is apparently the word “normal,” with corporate giant Unilever vowing to ban the use of the description on all its products. Yes, really. “In a statement on Tuesday, Unilever revealed that its brands would be “removing the word ‘normal’ from advertising and packaging” after 70 percent of people in […]

Brands jump on Twitter’s ‘describe 2020 in one word’ thread to self-promote – only to have their cringe-mongering SKEWERED

Social media users are savaging large corporations that have taken advantage of Twitter’s year-end “describe the year in a word” prompt to promote themselves, mercilessly tearing into their self-aggrandizing “jokes.” Twitter spawned a sprawling cringefest with a Thursday tweet asking users to describe “2020 in one word.” Many were eager to take out their frustrations […]

Hybrid War On China Crafted By Marquee Brands Like Frontline

Above photo: Profusely distributed photos proclaiming “Chinese atrocities”, but absent the proper contextual investigation to understand the issues. A classical case of Western propaganda. NOTE: To learn more about the World Uyghur Congress, a far right US-funded network, read this excellent article from Ajit Singh of The Grayzone. – MF From Hong Kong to Xinjiang […]

High-End Brands Tell Security Guards to Keep Quiet About Looting Over Fear of Being Labeled “Racist”

Video footage from outside the debate venue in Cleveland last night shows white leftist BLM supporters fleeing after they are confronted and out-argued by black Trump supporters. The incident took place during a 5 hour-plus live stream broadcast by YouTuber Baked Alaska. The initial argument took place between Baked Alaska and Biden supporters dressed as […]

Major banks, food and cosmetics brands linked to massive abuses in palm oil industry

The Most Revolutionary Act RT | September 27, 2020 Renowned food and cosmetics firms could have used palm oil produced by workers suffering from various abuses – from threats to rape – while global lenders finance the exploiting companies, AP reported, citing its investigation. According to the report, based on accounts of over 130 current […]

Unilever to cut fossil fuels from cleaning brands by 2030

Unilever Plc (ULVR.L), one of the world’s major manufacturers of cleaning and laundry products, has recently announced its promise. to accelerate the sustainability of their brands.  According to Reuters, instead of petrochemicals, their products would use constituents created from plants and other biological sources, marine sources such as algae and waste materials. Chemicals in its […]

U.S. and European clothing brands are skulking away from workplace safety in Bangladesh — at int’l risk

There has been no new tragedy in Bangladesh in the 5 years since the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed there on April 24, 2013, crushing 1129 people to death. Rana Plaza was only the worst in a string of workplace disasters, mainly fires, that had killed scores of Bangladeshi workers at a time over the […]

Most Bottled Water Brands Contaminated with Microplastics

April 24th, 2018 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Plastic has become an incredibly harmful convenience, now threatening environmental and human health alike, and in more ways than one. Let’s analyze the impact bottled water has had on our planet. There’s the issue of bulk plastics in our landfills, where it will remain […]

11 Different Brands of Bottled Water Purchased in 9 Countries: 93% Contain Plastic Particles

11 Different Brands of Bottled Water Purchased in 9 Countries: 93% Contain Plastic Particles March 18th, 2018 Via: CBC: The bottled water industry is estimated to be worth nearly $200 billion a year, surpassing sugary sodas as the most popular beverage in many countries. […]

Top Bottled Water Brands Contaminated with Plastic Particles: Report

The world’s leading brands of bottled water are contaminated with tiny plastic particles that are likely seeping in during the packaging process, according to a major study across nine countries published Wednesday. “Widespread contamination” with plastic was found in the study, led by microplastic researcher Sherri Mason of the State University […]

Palmolive Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals — 6 Brands You Should Avoid

For those without automatic dishwashers, we resort to the tried and true method of water, a sponge, dish soap, and a little elbow grease. Although these soaps make our dishes look clean, they can be filled with toxic ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. Every house contains at least one type of dish soap […]

5 Popular Orange Juice Brands that Tested Positive for Monsanto’s Glyphosate

Aaron Kesel, Natural BlazeWaking Times Two samples of five major U.S. brands of orange juice including Tropicana and Minute Maid tested positive in lab results for contamination with Monsanto’s cancer-causing chemical, glyphosate, Moms Across America reported. The average American consumes about 2.7 gallons of orange juice per year since 2015 according to the USDA food statistics. OJ is rich […]

Choose trick over treat this Halloween: Thousands of candy brands found to contain lead, according to new study

(Natural News) A new study reveals that 42 percent of food contamination warnings in California is linked to high levels of lead in candy since the state passed a law on testing and monitoring the food item in 2006. Thousands of candy brands have been reported to contain lead – mostly imported ones from Mexico, China, […]

Italians Rage as The Sun Brands Negro-Ridden Naples as One of World’s Ten Most Dangerous Cities

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 20, 2017 Italy, if you didn’t want to have one of your cities labeled as one of the world’s ten most dangerous, than you shouldn’t have flooded yourself with diverse vibrancy from sub-Saharan Africa. You made the decision to become the most diverse of the diverse, because you […]

Iranian Speaker brands Israel as mother of terrorism

Tasnim – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani denounced the Israeli regime as the mother of terrorism, saying it embodies the most malignant form of terrorist activities throughout history. In an address to Friday prayers worshippers in Tehran, Larijani hailed the huge turnout in nationwide demonstrations marking the International Quds Days. Enumerating the reasons and the […]

18 Brands of Lipstick Are Full Of Cancer Causing Heavy Metals

Companies that produce makeup and other personal care products profit billions of dollars from their sales annually. As new products arise every single day,  they hit the shelves before the United States government tests them. Therefore, even if you are struggling to consume drinks and foods free of chemicals, and use toxin-free household cleaners, you […]

4 new periodic elements named Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine & Oganesson

The four new elements that will be included in the seventh row of the table, under the proposal of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), will be named Nihonium (Nh), Moscovium (Mc), Tennessine (Ts), and Oganesson (Og). Elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 were formally recognized by IUPAC in December, but now the […]

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