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As We Navigate Debs Passing

Hi guys This has been a very difficult time for many of us who loved Deb.  We will miss her terribly, her laughs, the special way she could tell someone off with such grace and keep the rest of us in line!  I have spoken with one of her dear friends topspin and we have […]

Professionals Who Were Sponsors Passing Young Boys Around; America is a Pedophocracy

An Athlete’s Silence ( 14 Year-Old Athlete’s Life Shattered Survivor John-Michael Lander Source

The Tyrants Are Passing State Laws To Push CBDCs


Right Wing Round-Up: Passing the Torch

Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Following a legendary run, Nancy Pelosi agrees to pass the torch. Hunter Walker @ Talking Points Memo: Pelosi’s Departure Sets Up Generational Shift In House Dem Caucus: ‘This Is Hakeem’s Time.’ Matthew Impelli @ Newsweek: Robert Jeffress, Trump’s Key Evangelical Ally, Won’t Endorse Him Yet. Ken Meyer @ Mediaite: […]

Passing the blue pill “credibility test”

Here are some options to respond to people who claim I’m not credible because I’ve been “debunked” by “respected authorities” such as the authors of hit pieces. Steve Kirsch 4 oct 2022 I received an email recently that read: I sent out your email from yesterday and this is one response: How would you respond? […]

With Queen Elizabeth’s passing … and Charles now King, remember he is in full compliance with the WEF’s plans for a global reset aka one world government

With the passing of the British Queen yesterday, 8th of September, Charles has becomeKing. World events are already moving quickly witness the plans of the globalist cabal rolling out. We will own nothing and be happy they tell us. On topic, years ago I purchased and read the late Joan Veon’s book called ‘Charles, the […]

‘We Mourn Profoundly the Passing of a Cherished Sovereign’: First Message From New King

King Charles III said his family would draw strength from the “respect and deep affection” in which The Queen is so held as they mourn. 

These Brands Are Very Sad About the Passing of the Queen

One of the many brand tweets about the Queen’s death. Twitter screenshot.  The companies who make sausage rolls, sex toys, baked beans, weapons, and cartoons for children want you to know that they, too, are very sad that Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday.  A flurry of sober statements and questionable artwork hit Twitter in […]

Mansa Musa, History’s Richest Man, Wrecked Egypt’s Economy Just by Passing Through

In 2022, Forbes has named Elon Musk as the richest person in the world today.  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Ukraine Bits: No Ammo, More Casualties, Thin Lines, Propaganda And Passing The Buck

Without fuel the Ukrainian army can not move and without constant supply, especially of large amounts of artillery munitions, it can not counter Russian artillery which will be in heavy use against it.

The Stonehenge Calendar: A Prehistoric Approach to Time’s Passing

Readers will probably know that Stonehenge’s design highlights the longest and shortest days of the year, but it is not always understood that its strange configuration was designed to enable every day and every month in the year to be counted and tracked by its resident timekeepers. The passage of time was very important to […]

Israeli air strikes won’t make us lose hope, Gaza student says after passing exams days after family’s death

On Sunday 16 May, in the pitch dark of the night between midnight and dawn 51-year-old Shukri Al-Kulak and his 22-year-old daughter lay under the rubble of their home. Shukri tried to make his way to his 83-year-old mother to help resuscitate her, while his daughter Zainab was trapped in a gap between the rubble […]

“Potentially Hazardous” Eiffel Tower-Size Asteroid Passing Earth This Week

On Dec. 11 (this Saturday), a “potentially hazardous” asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower will enter Earth’s orbital path, according to NASA.  The 1,082-foot space rock, named 4660 Nereus, will come within 2.5 million miles from Earth on Saturday. NASA considers any space object a “near-Earth object” within 120 million miles. Any object that […]

ACH (1653) Jimmie Moglia – Honoring Dante During The 700th Year Of His Passing

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1653) Jimmie Moglia – Honoring Dante During The 700th Year Of His Passing Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on November 24 2021, Andy is joined by Jimmie Moglia, for a show entitled, “Honoring Dante During […]

Russian intelligence accuses former reporter of passing confidential information to Germany 

Russia’s intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service (FSB), has accused a former governmental advisor and a journalist of providing Germany with confidential information regarding the activities of the Russian military stationed in Syria. Ivan Safronov, who was the advisor to the head of Russia’s Roscosmos State Space Agency and was formerly a reporter for the […]

The passing of the founding generation has exposed Israel’s leadership crisis

More than 73 years have passed since the “declaration of independence” by the occupation state of Israel. It has since claimed many great security and military achievements, but the state lacks leadership. There is no handbook for leaders. The severity of this crisis has been exposed by the passing of the entire “founding generation”. The […]

Democrat Disarray: Democrat Senators Warn of ‘Bipartisan’ Infrastructure Bill Not Passing the House

The Hill reported that two Democrat senators familiar with the bipartisan infrastructure bill voting talks in the House are expecting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to cancel Thursday’s scheduled vote due to not having enough votes. The report noted that two senators, who are remaining anonymous, claim they are in contact with Democrat members in the House who believe […]

Passing the Torch

The baby-boom generation is ending its lap in the human race, and the Fridays-for-future generation is beginning its run. Generational shifts of power are symbolized by the image of passing the torch, but now what the older has to pass on to the younger seems not a torch but a time bomb, a legacy of […]

Facebook To Scan Prayers For Misinformation Before Passing Them On To God

MENLO PARK, CA—Facebook has introduced a new prayer request feature. Unfortunately, according to Mark Zuckerberg, many people are posting prayer requests with lots of misinformation in them. So, to fight these misleading prayers, Facebook is now scanning all prayer requests for misinformation before they will pass them on to God. “All prayer requests will go through […]

In the Passing Away of Ramesh Upadhyaya Hindi Literature Has Lost A Gem

Veteran Hindi author and editor Ramesh Upadhyaya passed away recently at the age of 79 in Delhi. His contributions to Hindi literature and journalism as well as education spread over more than five decades were invaluable. He received several awards including the prestigious Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award. His perspective was that of a left-oriented thinker […]

US Airlines Should Be Extremely Cautious While Passing Belarus: FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that U.S.-based airline companies should exercise “extreme caution” when flying over Belarus. The transportation agency and governmental body of the United States released a statement after authorities from the Eastern European country forced diversion of a Ryanair flight and arrested a dissident journalist last week. “The FAA’s Notice to Airmen […]

صاروخ ديمونا ليس حدثاً عابراً The Dimona missile is not a passing event

* Please scroll down for the ADJUSTED English Machine translation * ناصر قنديل – ليست قضيتنا مناقشة تذهب أبعد من تفحص الرواية التي قدّمها كيان الاحتلال وجيشه للصاروخ الذي بلغ مفاعل ديمونا، والتي تقول إنه صاروخ دفاع جويّ سوريّ انزلق وهو يلاحق إحدى طائرات جيش الاحتلال. وهذه الرواية تفترض أننا نتحدث عن صاروخ دفاع جوي بمدى يزيد […]

Dr Vernon Coleman | Passing Observations 36

Passing Observations 36 Tap News / Weaver This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not. 1. Police are encouraging the public to download […]

Passing Over Melted Snow

What is not passed on now is lost,and it is not enough to borrowthe past, for it must be embossedin order to have a true tomorrow. That’s why Jews choose to celebrateat winter’s end, first nights of Passover,our past to which we must relate,passed on to all, and not passed over,by wise ones or the […]

Germany charges man with passing Bundestag floor plans to Russia

Germany has charged a man with espionage for allegedly passing information on the country’s parliament to Russia. Federal prosecutors say the suspect, identified only as Jens F., had sent details and floor plans of the Bundestag building to Russian military intelligence. The individual reportedly worked for a company that had been repeatedly contracted to carry […]

Leftist Blue Checks Mock Rush Limbaugh, Celebrate Passing with ‘#RestInPiss’ Hashtag

After the Wednesday passing of talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh, blue check leftists took to Twitter to bash and mock the conservative icon while rejoicing over his death, including driving the hashtag #RestInPiss. Limbaugh, who hosted The Rush Limbaugh Show for 32 years, had been battling stage IV lung cancer since January 2020.  Within minutes […]

‘White Passing’ Jews Should ‘Collaborate’ With Other ‘Minorities’ To Help Turn America ‘Beige’

In a recent essay that appeared in the Algemeiner, ‘historian’ Harold Brackman, like many Jews, seems very confused about whether or not Jews are White –but one thing he’s absolutely clear about is that Jews should ‘collaborate’ with non-White minorities to help turn America “beige”: As critics have noted, American Jews today are often characterized […]

WJC President Ronald Lauder speaks on passing of Sheldon Adelson

Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, said that Sheldon Adelson, the noted businessman and philanthropist who passed away this week, was a major believer in the State of Israel. “For Sheldon, Israel was everything. But more important than that, although he had a world-wide empire, his whole world was the future of Israel.”Speaking […]

Yad Vashem mourns the passing of Sheldon G. Adelson

Browse > Home / News / Yad Vashem mourns the passing of Sheldon G. Adelson January 13, 2021 by Simmy Allen Read on for article Yad Vashem has joined leading Israelis in mourning the passing of the Patron of the Mount of Remembrance, Sheldon G. Adelson. Sheldon and Dr Miriam Adelson with Yad Vashem Chairman […]

Jewish Groups React to Passing of Sheldon Adelson

Several Jewish groups issued statements mourning the death of GOP megadonor and Jewish philanthropist Sheldon Adelson on January 12. Adelson, 87, died after suffering complications from his treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; he had taken a leave of absence for the treatment on January 7. Adelson’s widow, Miriam, said in a statement that her husband donated […]

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