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5 Times More Children Committed Suicide Than Died of COVID-19 During Lockdown: UK Study

BY JACK PHILLIPS July 15, 2021 Five times more children and young people committed suicide than died of COVID-19 during the first year of the pandemic in the United Kingdom, according to a study, which also concluded that lockdowns are more detrimental to children’s health than the virus itself. Researchers with the University College London, the University of York, the […]

Flashback: Trump Defended Tom Brady During Deflategate Scandal

Tom Brady not only snubbed former President Trump by appearing at the White House with Joe Biden on Tuesday after declining to visit Trump during his term in office, but he also mocked his supporters. While talking in front of the media alongside Biden and the rest of his football team, Brady mocked Trump supporters […]

Five Times More Children Committed Suicide Than Died Of COVID-19 During Lockdown: UK Study

From Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times, Five times more children and young people committed suicide than died of COVID-19 during the first year of the pandemic in the United Kingdom, according to a study, which also concluded that lockdowns are more detrimental to children’s health than the virus itself. READ MORE Image […]

India’s Deaths During COVID-19 Pandemic 10 Times Official Toll, Study Says

NEW DELHI (AP) — India’s excess deaths during the pandemic could be a staggering 10 times the official COVID-19 toll, likely making it modern India’s worst human tragedy, according to the most comprehensive research yet on the ravages of the virus in the south Asian country. Most experts believe India’s official toll of more than […]

Natural Gas Sellers Made $11B in 9 Days During Texas Snowstorm

By B.N. Frank Not only have Texas utilities proposed that ratepayers pay to “weatherize their facilities to withstand future freezes.”  It was recently revealed exactly how much natural gas sellers profited during February’s deadly snowstorm. From Ars Technica: $11 billion in 9 days—Texas’ natural gas sellers cashed in on deep freeze State’s gas supplies halved […]

Oregon Bill Bans Police From Lying To Youth During Interrogations

Both Oregon and Illinois enacted laws this week prohibiting police from using deceptive interrogation tactics on minors. Portland, OR –  On Wednesday, Governor Kate Brown signed legislation into law prohibiting law enforcement officers from using deception while interrogating people under the age of 18. The law bans commonly used deceptive interrogation tactics, including false promises […]

Demonstrations In Bloomington During 300-Mile ‘Walk For Licenses’

Demonstrations In Bloomington During 300-Mile ‘Walk For Licenses’ Above Photo: Phyllis Cha. The march in Bloomington Undocumented immigrants, immigrants and allies of the community passed through Bloomington Thursday on day six of their seven-day, 300-mile “Walk for Licenses” through Indiana, according to a press release from Cosecha Indiana. The goal of the walk, which started Saturday […]

Israeli Archaeologists Find Forbidden Pig Skeleton During Jerusalem Dig

During a recent excavation in Jerusalem, archaeologists searching through the rubble of a building constructed during the First Temple period found something unusual. Inside one room, they discovered the  2,700-year-old skeletal remains of a small pig . The animal appeared to have been crushed to death by falling debris, during some type of mysterious event […]

REPORT: West Texas Deputy Killed During SWAT Standoff

A Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office deputy was shot and killed during a SWAT standoff in the West Texas city of Levelland. Two other deputies were shot and are in critical condition, according to reports from Lubbock. The Justices of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas posted on Facebook that the leader of the Lubbock […]

Top CEOs made nearly 300 times more than the median employee during the pandemic

A report has recently been released showing the massive wage gap between CEOs and the average employee during the pandemic.  According to Common Dreams, the AFL-CIO’s Executive Paywatch report examined compensation at S&P 500 companies, revealing that executives were paid 299 times the average worker’s salary in 2020. As the report states, the CEO of […]

EXPOSED – The Persecution of Canadian Physicians by Organized Medicine During the Pandemic

Jim Fetzer 6736 subscribers AMAZING conversation! Four physicians from across Canada, along with a legal representative for their separate cases, tell their stories of persecution at the hands of their governing bodies. Their only crime – practicing evidence-based medicine by questioning the safety of their patients and the public during the pandemic. These physicians, and […]

Tribal artists forced to sell vegetables, and paintings on the street during pandemic

Ram Narayan Singh Maravi and his wife Indu Bai Maravi selling vegetables in Bhopal Bhopal: Selling vegetables on Bhopal’s Depot Chouraha with his wife, Gond artist Ram Narayan Singh Maravi always carries a tote bag full of paintings with his brushes and colours, at all times. His heart skips a beat every time a customer […]

How people are managing stress during the pandemic

It’s undeniable that the pandemic has caused a lot of stress on people all over the world for a variety of different reasons. For one, the pandemic is a health crisis that most people in the world have never experienced in their lifetimes. Many of us have never gone through a global pandemic before and […]

NSW Residents Told To Carry ID While Exercising During Lockdown To Prove They’re Within 10km Of Home

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has introduced several draconian new restrictions for the state after a surge of unlinked Covid cases in the community. Residents in Australia’s Greater Sydney area will now be required to carry identification while exercising outside so that police can stop them and check whether they are more than 10 […]

Gaza’s poverty rate is higher now than during the peak of the pandemic

The Latest: 343,710 Palestinians tested positive for COVID-19; 337,824 recoveries; 3,845 deaths Of those who tested positive, 199,913 live in the West Bank, 114,956 live in Gaza, and 28,841 live in East Jerusalem 844,989 Israelis tested positive for COVID-19; 834,687 recoveries; 6,432 deaths The delta variant has locked down an entire West Bank city. While […]

High Crime Wave in Oakland During July 4 Weekend ’12 Hours of Nonstop Chaos’

The city of Oakland saw a wave of violence over the Independence Day holiday weekend, said an official from the California city east of San Francisco. Chief LeRonne Armstrong said that the Oakland Police department had to take action on seven shooting incidents in their area from Sunday night to Monday morning. “It was 12 […]

Not All Canadian Hockey Fans Backed Habs During Improbable Playoff Run, Poll Suggests

TAMPA, Fla.—Having a team in the Stanley Cup final can’t help Canada bridge its regional divisions. Not everyone north of the border was backing the Montreal Canadiens as they tried in vain to deny the defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning a second straight skate around the ice with hockey’s most cherished prize. A cross-border online […]

Queen Victoria, Elizabeth II statues defaced during Canada Day protest

Statues of Britain’s Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II were torn down outside Manitoba province’s legislature in Winnipeg on Canada Day on Thursday. Queen Victoria, who was monarch during the colonial era, was left covered in red-painted handprints with a sign that read: “We were children once. Bring them home”, while a smaller statue of […]

Senescent Joe Biden Drops To His Knees During Meeting With Israel’s President To Show His Respect

Something from a rabbi in America that shocked me: Let’s teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish. “In a flawed and racist society, we Jewish Americans are prospering, reaching the top echelons of privilege and power. With racism and injustice entrenched year after year, generation after generation, we must […]

Catalan TV Presenter Condemns ‘Whitewashing’ of Israel crimes during Olympic Trial event

By Maya Abuali As Israeli athletes Edan Blecher and Shelly Bobritsky took 4th place in the Olympic Trial event in Barcelona, Catalan TV commentator and bronze Olympic swimmer Clara Basiana denounced Israel’s human rights violations against Palestinians. Basiana, who narrated the tournament for TV3, the state broadcaster of Catolonia, received both praise and backlash for […]

‘Creepy’ Joe Biden Whispered Repeatedly To Reporters During Bizarre Press Conference

President Biden has been labelled ‘creepy’ again after repeatedly whispering to reporters during a press conference at the White House on Thursday While announcing his infrastructure deal with Republicans, Biden hunched over his lectern three time to forcefully whisper to reporters, leaving those watching either laughing or feeling creeped out! Breitbart reports: Asked by PBS […]

Plight of migrant workers in Gujarat during April-June, 2021 lockdown

To Shri Apurva Chandra Union Labour Secretary Dear Shri Apurva Chandra, The preamble to the Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979 defines its primary objective to be “to regulate the employment of interstate migrant workmen and to provide for their conditions of service and for matters connected therewith“. This Act […]

Biden To Renew Gun Control Push During Speech On Crime

President Biden will renew his push for gun control push at the federal level during his upcoming speech on crime. He plans to lay out new steps to stem a rising national tide of violent crime, with a particular focus on gun violence, as administration officials brace for what they fear could be an especially […]

A “Red Brigade” Sleight-Of-Hand Protest During The G7 Meeting In Cornwall

What is called a protest against world leader policies during the G7 meeting held at the Carbis Bay Hotel in Cornwall, England, is far more likely a sleight-of-hand distraction and occult ceremony put on by these very same world leaders.  If you have been paying attention, the “plandemic” op has been and is being merged […]

Tony Perkins Offers Tips on ‘Surviving the Rainbow Onslaught’ During Pride Month

It is a well-known fact that religious-right activists and organizations are vehemently opposed to Pride Month, so it was no surprise to see the Family Research Council dedicate last Wednesday’s episode of its weekly “Pray, Vote, Stand” program to railing against the celebration of LGBTQ equality and offering conservative Christians tips on “surviving the rainbow […]

Mom of 2 Sheds an Incredible 70lb During Maternity Leave by Walking 3.8 Million Steps

A mother from England who managed to lose an incredible 70 pounds (32 kg) during her maternity leave by walking 3.8 million steps and changing her diet has rewarded herself with a body-lift surgery. Michelle Veszpremi, 38, from Rugeley, Staffordshire, was determined to not keep the weight she gained while carrying her second child, Toby, now 2,  […]

Canada CDC Suggests “Glory Holes” For Safe Sex During Coronavirus Pandemic

Canada CDC Suggests “Glory Holes” For Safe Sex During Coronavirus Pandemic Written by Kecia Gayle July 22, 2020 Photo Credit: TMZ/ Getty Images Canada CDC Suggests ”Glory Holes” For Safe Sex During Coronavirus Pandemic Canada’s top health experts want people to stay extra safe and clean even when they plan to get a little dirty. […]

MSNBC Host Says Fauci Emails Make Him “Look Good” During Pathetic Softball Interview

The former head of British intelligence agency MI6, who previously said he believes the coronavirus outbreak originated from a lab leak in Wuhan, has warned that it may be too late now to hold the communist state accountable because it will have probably destroyed all the evidence. Speaking on a London Telegraph podcast, Sir Richard […]

Nun Warns About Vaccines During London’s Unite For Freedom March

Nuns outside the Tyburn Convent, near Marble Arch, London were seen hugging demonstrators who joined the massive “Unite For Freedom” rally on Saturday. The media have by and large remained silent on the event that bought London to a standstill yesterday. The march, which was attanded by hundreds of thousands, brought together groups of people […]

Creepy Joe Biden Flirts with Young Girl During Speech: Looks 19 “With Her Legs Crossed”

Creepy Joe Biden Flirts with Young Girl During Speech: Looks 19 “With Her Biden has routinely exhibited inappropriate comments and behaviors around children in the past. Source: NworeportJoe Biden had another creepy moment during a Memorial Day weekend speech on Friday, comparing the young daughter of a veteran to a 19-year-old “with her legs crossed.”Biden […]

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