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Shocking Footage: After Being Jabbed, Man Suffers Seizure Inside Car at Drive-Thru Covid Vaccine Site

by Adan Salazar Disturbing footage out of the US shows a man suffering seizures behind the wheel of his car while at a mobile Covid-19 vaccination site. In the video circulating on social media, a person films the adverse reaction through another’s car as people are queued up to get the vaccine. The footage shows […]

Clinton Suffers Adrenochrome Withdrawal at GITMO

Clinton Suffers Adrenochrome Withdrawal at GITMO Real Raw News / Michael Baxter A disruptive Hillary Clinton was placed in lockdown at GITMO following a series of incidents in which the former Secretary of State spat on guards, defecated on the floor of her cell, assaulted U.S. military personnel, and, in her witch’s cackle, hurled obscenities […]

Violent modern world suffers from lack of common humane language: filmmaker Majidi

TEHRAN – Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi said that the violent modern world is suffering from a dearth of a common humane language and a disregard of human nature more than ever. He made the remarks during an international webinar on Iranian cinema with a focus on his three films held at the Complutense University of […]

Two people injured by debris after Boeing 747 suffers engine fire over Netherlands

Dutch Aviation authorities are investigating after a Boeing 747 aircraft suffered an engine fire and scattered debris near Maastricht. According to local police, two people were injured by wreckage in the southern town of Meerssen on Saturday. An elderly woman was hit in the head and had to be treated in hospital, while a child […]

United 777-200 suffers engine failure but safely returns to Denver airport

A United Airlines flight landed safely at Denver International Airport on Saturday after suffering a right engine failure, the Federal Aviation Administration said, with dramatic images showing debris from the plane scattered on the ground. The Boeing 777-200 plane, with 231 passengers and 10 crew on board, was heading to Honolulu when it suffered the […]

Ebola kills 4 in Guinea as West African nation suffers first outbreak of deadly disease in 5 years

A resurgence of Ebola has killed four people in Guinea, marking the first time in five years that the disease has been linked to fatalities in the West African country. The latest victims of the virus had participated in a funeral for a nurse who had fallen ill and died, Guinea’s National Health Security Agency […]

Nurse from Indiana suffers Convulsions after Taking the Moderna Jab

    An Indiana nurse’s Facebook posts have gone viral after she claimed to suffer from a severe reaction to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Shawn Skelton posted a video online on January 7 showing her in the hospital with uncontrollable tongue and body spasms. “If you are considering the vaccine for covid….. the MODERNA…. I […]

Brazil’s Amazon region suffers deadly lack of oxygen supplies amid COVID pandemic

Doctors in a Brazil city are grappling with a shortage of oxygen stocks amid the coronavirus pandemic. Manaus is an isolated city of two million people and it’s difficult to import supplies. The lack of supplemental oxygen is affecting COVID-19 patients and those that don’t have the virus alike. One of the cemeteries in Manaus […]

Facebook’s WhatsApp Suffers Dip in Downloads Over Privacy Concerns

Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging app has suffered a major drop in new downloads as many users turn to private messaging apps Signal and Telegram following changes to WhatsApp’s terms of service. The Independent reports that the messaging service WhatsApp has seen a major drop in new downloads following a change to the company’s terms of service with many users […]

Woman Suffers Convulsions Following Covid Vaccine

    Videos circulating on Facebook show a woman experiencing terrible leg convulsions after reportedly receiving Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. Posts captured the woman’s legs violently shaking as she attempted to walk to her hospital bed from the bathroom — and unfortunately her condition is only getting worse. “This is what the Pfizer covid19 vaccine has […]

3rd Alaska health care worker suffers anaphylactic reaction following COVID shot

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Nursing home for nuns suffers eight deaths from COVID-19 in 10 days

A nursing home for nuns in Milwaukee experienced a deadly outbreak of COVID-19, claiming the lives of eight sisters in the process.According to local media and the Associated Press, the Notre Dame of Elm Grove retirement home reported a positive case of coronavirus within one of the 88 sisters living at the facility on Thanksgiving […]

UK Promises to Pay Anyone Who Suffers Severe COVID Vaccine Side Effects £120,000

The UK government will compensate anyone who suffers severe side effects as a result of taking the Covid-19 vaccine with payments of up to £120,000. British officials approved the rollout of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine this week by granting it emergency approval. The vaccine has been added to the Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme which […]

Volunteer Austin TX #Covid Vaccine Study Suffers Severe Reaction: Huge Sores, Robert Steele #5G Whistleblower

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WATCH: Rex Burkhead Suffers Gruesome Knee Injury Against Texans

Patriots running back Rex Burkhead was carted off the field at NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday after he took a scary hit to the knee that left him in obvious pain. After taking a pitch from Cam Newton in the third quarter, Burkhead took a shot to the knee from Houston’s Brady Roby while […]

4-year-old bitten by crocodile in southern Israel suffers serious arm injury

A four-year-old boy was hospitalized with a serious arm injury on Saturday after he was bitten by a crocodile at a farm for the reptiles in the south of the country. The incident occurred at the Crocoloco crocodile farm at Ir Ovot in the Arava Desert, Channel 12 news reported. There were no details given […]

Former Persecutor of Christians in Vietnam Now Suffers for His Faith

(Christian Aid Mission) — A policeman in northern Vietnam who used to go to villages to threaten and arrest Christians now goes to the same villages to tell people about Christ — under threat of harsh punishment. For years officer Thien* had followed orders to infiltrate worship services to search for pretexts for arresting church […]

Beirut suffers while demanding answers — The Duran

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator… The sonic blast at the Port of Beirut on August 4 produced a huge white mushroom cloud that enveloped the port and then rose into the evening sky just after 6 pm. 845 more words via Beirut suffers while demanding answers — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like Loading… […]

US Gov’t Worker Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury After “Abnormal Sound” Incident in China

By Matt Agorist Beijing, China — The US State Department issued a health alert to US citizens in China on Wednesday after an American embassy employee suffered a traumatic brain injury. According to the State Department, the injury was due to a “abnormal sensations of sound and pressure.” The incident is ominously reminiscent […]

CNN Suffers 35 Percent Plunge As Viewers Switch Off In Droves

Millions of die-hard CNN fans are switching off in their droves, as 35 percent of CNN’s primetime audience ditch the news network, according to figures released this week.  Meanwhile, Fox News’ primetime audience jumped by +9 percent this week. reports: In total day, the news is only a little better for the far-left CNN, […]

Of All Organs, This One Suffers Most From A Poor Diet – Take Care Of Yourself

Next Story By now, the majority of us realize that having a poor diet and lifestyle is directly related to our overall health. In many ways, healthy eating has become somewhat trendy as people are starting to understand that they do indeed have control over their own health and are ready to take responsibility for their […]

Panic spreads as Facebook suffers brief outage across US, Europe & Asia

A number of reports of the social network being down surfaced around 08:00 GMT, according to, with a notable increase shortly before 11:00 GMT. Facebook users from Hong Kong, Philippines, Sweden, Denmark, the US, and a number of other countries were greeted with a message that read “Sorry, something went wrong” when trying to […]

Texas girl suffers violent hallucinations after taking FDA-approved Tamiflu

(Natural News) A North Texas family had no idea what was in store for them when they gave their six-year-old daughter a popular flu medication, and now they are trying to warn others of the drug’s very frightening side effects. It started out innocently enough, with an unnamed family bringing their daughter to a doctor […]

Girl Suffers Hallucinations After Taking TAMIFLU

A North Texas family says their daughter’s side effects from the popular drug Tamiflu were beyond what they ever could have imagined – and left them saying never again. Like so many others, the 6-year-old’s flu diagnosis that came with a choice: whether or not to take Tamiflu to speed up […]

Young Girl Suffers Hallucinations & Tries To Kill Herself After Taking Tamiflu

A 6-year-old girl from Texas suffered major hallucinations and ended up trying to jump to her death out of a second story window as a result of taking the popular drug Tamiflu.  According to the girl’s family, her recent flu diagnoses came with a choice: whether or not to take Tamiflu to help speed up […]

Ironic: Nancy Pelosi suffers brain freeze while questioning Trump’s fitness to be president

     Nancy Pelosi suffered an ill-timed brain freeze on Thursday, just as she was questioning Donald Trump’s “fitness” to serve as president. The House Minority Leader was criticizing the Republican tax plan during a press conference when the topic turned to articles of impeachment that were filed by several House Democrats this week. Seeking to […]

Lebanon suffers intimidation attempts to cancel gas deal with Russia – Lebanese FM

‘Enough is enough’: Riyadh calls on Hezbollah to disarm amid ‘aggressive’ Iranian actions Beirut has faced certain difficulties in the course of its own efforts to “stabilize the region,” the Lebanese foreign minister said on Friday, ahead of his talks with Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. He revealed that, prior to the current crisis, Lebanon was […]

Genetically engineered "golden rice" suffers "metabolic meltdown" and devastating yield plunge as GE technology goes horribly wrong

(Natural News) Supporters of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have long claimed that Golden Rice is key in alleviating vitamin A deficiency, but it turns out that’s not at all the case. According to a new report by Indian researchers, the genes necessary to produce Golden Rice cause unintended side effects, Independent Science News reported recently. […]

UN Chief: Gaza suffers ‘most dramatic humanitarian crisis’

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that Gaza suffers the “most dramatic humanitarian crises” he had seen in his life, UN Relief Web reported on Sunday. In its monthly report about the humanitarian situation, the UN Relief Web quoted Guterress’ remarkd during his first visit to the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip is witnessing “one of the […]

Video: ISIS Suffers Large Casualties in Clashes with Syrian Army in Southern Raqqah

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