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Two Weeks to Flatten Became Eight Months to Change the Election 

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL In 1845, Congress established Election Day as the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. The Act sought “to establish a uniform time” for Americans to cast their ballots for president. Historically, voters needed to provide a valid reason – such as illness or military service – to qualify for […]

Details Of ‘Sabotaged’ Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal In First Months Of War Revealed

The Wall Street says it has gotten its hands on a secretive document revealing the details of a failed Ukraine-Russia peace deal that was on the table within the opening months of the war. Since then there have been several reports, including from Foreign Affairs which said the UK at the time sought to sabotage the deal. […]

New reports confirm months of Israeli torture, abuse, and sexual violence against Palestinian prisoners

For months Palestinian prisoners have shared testimonies of torture at the hands of Israeli military and prison authorities. New reports shed more light on the abuse, particularly sexual violence, carried out inside Israeli detention centers. Source

Two Months After Clown Show UK CDC Admits Sky-High Non-COVID Excess Deaths, Fixes Problem by Redefining Excess Deaths

#VaccineGenocide Two months after the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) finally admitted, as many nations are, that more people are dying than ever before, of causes other than COVID, the ONS has pulled a startling reverse and announced the problem was actually in how deaths were counted. The ONS is the equivalent of the […]

This Looks ‘Very Bad’: How the 2020 Election Was Rigged 7 Months In Advance

Censorship expert Mike Benz made a damning case on Tucker Carlson Uncensored that the rig was in for the 2020 election seven months ahead of time. This involved, as Benz described, “a government-coordinated mass censorship campaign spanning every single social media platform on earth in order to pre-censor the ability to dispute the legitimacy of […]

How Long Can This Last? 15 Months Ago, ChatGPT Kicked Off The AI Bubble

On Thursday, we polled our followers on X, asking them: “Have you used Grok, ChatGPT, Gemini or any other AI chatbot in the past week?” Three hours into the poll (with 20 hours left) and more than 8,300 respondents, a majority (62.5%) answered “No.” Only 37.5% answered “Yes.” Have you used Grok, ChatGPT, Gemini or any […]

Following months of citywide protests, Chicago becomes largest U.S. city to call for Gaza ceasefire

Following months of large-scale protests, extensive outreach to alders, and organized efforts by Pro-Palestinian advocates, on January 31, Chicago became the largest U.S. City to pass a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.  Source

Pakistan deports half a million Afghans in 4 months; the U.S. should EJECT ILLEGALS too

(NaturalNews) More than half a million Afghans have left Pakistan in the last four months – between Sept. 15, 2023, and Jan. 13 – or since Islamabad issued… Source

Journalist Motaz Azaiza Flees Gaza After Months Of Covering Israel-Hamas War

The 24-year-old gained a massive global following for documenting Israel’s ongoing bombardment in Gaza. Source

Israeli Strikes In Central Gaza Kill At Least 35 As Netanyahu Says War Will Continue For Months

Israel’s prime minister continues to resist international calls for a cease-fire. Source

Futures Rebound From Worst Market Rout In Three Months

One of the ironic consequences of yesterday’s sharp, 0DTE-driven 1.5% selloff which was the biggest for the S&P since Sept 26 and which snapped a 9-day winning streak, is that with the market hitting the most overbought level in years earlier in the day, the liquidation reset the Relative Strength Indicator of the S&P back […]

Battles Rage Across Gaza As Israel Indicates It’s Willing To Fight For Months Or More To Beat Hamas

Heavy fighting is raging across Gaza, including in the devastated north. Source

Every Victorian must work for at least 5 of the 12 months to pay taxes only

Why? Dan Andrews introduced the following taxes to recovery the debt of his (deliberate) ‘mismanagement’: 1. A New Stamp Duty On Property Transfers Between Spouses (2017-18) 2. An Increased Motor Vehicle Duty On New Cars (2017-18) 3.A New Stamp Duty On Off-The-Plan Purchasers (2017-18) 4. A New So-Called ‘Vacant Home Tax (2017-18) 5. Widening Of […]

They Sold The House, Locked 2 Dogs Inside With Nothing To Eat And Starved For Months

They Sold The House, Locked 2 Dogs Inside With Nothing To Eat And Starved For Months When my friend bought her new house, she found that inside the house there are 2 very emaciated dogs. Look like the owner left the house and released them so they got locked inside with nothing to eat. We […]

6 Months Passed Poor Dog Only Knew How to Drink Rain Water to Try to Live, Now He Is Like a Dry Leaf

6 Months Passed Poor Dog Only Knew How to Drink Rain Water to Try to Live, Now He Is Like a Dry Leaf This is a poor dog, we just picked him up from a cruel owner. This heartless boss imprisoned him for 6 months, he did not receive any food. The dog only drinks […]

2 Months on Gaza Aggression, Palestinian Resistance Firepower Still Actively Efficient

December 4, 2023 Nearly two months on the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and despite the unprecedented strikes which left massive destruction across the besieged enclave, the Palestinian resistance is still standing firm, with its firepower remains actively efficient. Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas resistance movement, announced on Monday that its fighters have pounded […]

Minimum of two months imprisonment for ‘illegal’ Palestinian workers

Regular remand hearings in the Haifa court are held in the basement, on the “minus 2” floor. Regular hearings are still suspended due to the “war situation,” but the remand courtroom and the adjacent waiting hall are bustling. There are still many new political detentions, mostly for social media posts. As part of the “situation,” […]

Ultramarathoner Who Used Car In 50-Mile Race Banned From The Sport For 12 Months

A Scottish ultramarathoner who admitted to riding in a car for part of a 50-mile race in April has been banned from the sport for 12 months by UK Athletics. According to a UK Athletics disciplinary panel hearing, Joasia Zakrzewski accepted a lift from a friend for roughly two and a half miles during the […]

FDA Admits Some Kids As Young As 6 Months Got Double Dose Of Moderna’s Covid Jab

Children and babies may have mistakenly recieved double the authorized dose of Moderna’s so called COVID-19 ‘vaccine’. Medical professionals say that that such a mistake could have very serious consequences. In an advisory issued on […] The post FDA Admits Some Kids As Young As 6 Months Got Double Dose Of Moderna’s Covid Jab appeared […]

Kids as Young as 6 Months Got Double Dose of Moderna’s COVID Vaccine, FDA Admits

Young children may be getting double the authorized dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine — a mistake that could have serious consequences, medical professionals told The Defender. According to a Nov. 1 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory, the agency “has become aware that some healthcare providers may not recognize that the single dose vial […]

FBI director Chris Wray says antisemitism has reached an all-time high on Halloween 2023, 74 months after becoming head of the agency

This news comes on 84 date numerology. 10/31/2023 = 10+31+20+23=84Anti Defamation League = 84Zionism = 84Jesuit = 84Masonry = 84 The head of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, assumed office July 20, 2015 (201st day of the year). Jonathan Greenblatt = 187 *Society of Jesus = 187 *Abrahamic = 187 This news comes in his 433rd […]

Israel tells citizens to stockpile food for four months while WAR is being waged

(NaturalNews) Israeli authorities reported that at least 1,400 people have died and 3,400 others have been injured in Israel after Hamas launched an unprecedented… Source

Resistance ready for months-long war, less than 10% of missiles used

October 14, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English A Palestinian Resistance source in Gaza confirms to Al Mayadeen that there is no shortage of manpower or weapons. The number of missiles used by the Resistance in Gaza so far did not exceed 10 percent of its inventory, a source in the Palestinian Resistance […]

Mafia Boss Who’d Been On The Run For Decades Dies Just Months After Capture

Matteo Messina Denaro’s need for colon cancer treatment led to his detention. Source

After Being Banned 6 Months Ago Trans Athletes Are Still Being Allowed To Run In UK Women’s Races

Six months after being banned, transgender athletes are still being allowed to run in UK women’s races, because of a loophole in the rules… as rival runners say they ‘fear death threats’ if they dare […] The post After Being Banned 6 Months Ago Trans Athletes Are Still Being Allowed To Run In UK Women’s […]

PREDICTABLY Project Veritas Suspends All Operations Months After Ousting James O’Keefe, Ongoing Lawsuits

Project Veritas Suspends All Operations Months After Ousting James O’Keefe, Ongoing Lawsuits Source

U.S. national debt hits $33 trillion mark, with $1 trillion incurred in just the last 3 months

(NaturalNews) The gross national debt of the U.S. surpassed $33 trillion on Sept. 18 – just three months after hitting the $32 trillion mark. The non-profit… Source

US Debt Rises Above $33 Trillion For The First Time, Soars By $1 Trillion In 3 Months

(ZH) On Sept 6, when looking at the latest daily debt numbers, we predicted that total US debt Source

U.S. sets record for billion-dollar disasters in a single year, with almost four months to go

“If we want to reduce the damages from severe weather, we need to accelerate progress on both stopping climate change and building resilience.” Source

Just 5 Months to Kill: The Horrifying Relationship between Deaths, COVID Deaths & Covid-19 Vaccination

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON SEPTEMBER 12, 2023 • ( 5 COMMENTS ) A peculiar pattern has persisted in official UK Government data for some time. Approximately five months after each dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is administered to each age group, the mortality rates per 100,000 rise significantly among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated in each age group. So much so […]

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