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Millions go to polls in Italian local elections with key battles in major cities

Italy is staging local elections that are being seen as a gauge of the people’s views when it comes to the national picture. After the polls close on Monday afternoon observers say a clearer picture should emerge of which way the country is swinging. Almost 1,200 municipalities are involved and there is also the regional […]

The Ottoman-Venetian Wars: 322 Years Of Battles Between East and West

While it started out full of ambition, the highly influential maritime power, the Republic of Venice, soon found itself surrounded by competitors and foes. One of their major enemies was the lofty Ottoman Empire. After crossing into Europe in 1354, the Ottomans became a major threat not only for the Venetians, but all other Christian […]

Pennsylvania Town Battles To Shut Down Toxic Waste-To-Energy Plant

So-called waste-to-energy plants are the waste management industry’s way of describing toxic incinerators that burn trash and leave extremely toxic ash containing dioxin, mercury, arsenic and more. The Covanta incinerator in Chester, Pennsylvania, is the largest one of its kind in the U.S. Chester is a low-income community near Philadelphia, with a population of 33,000 […]

India Battles Fatal ‘Black Fungus’ As Government Reports Nearly 300,000 Deaths

NEW DELHI (AP) — Doctors in India are fighting a fatal fungal infection affecting COVID-19 patients or those who have recovered from the disease amid a coronavirus surge that has driven the country’s fatalities to nearly 300,000. The life-threatening condition, known as mucormycosis, is relatively rare but doctors suspect that the sudden increase in the […]

As Israel battles Hamas, fear over the West Bank grows

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Thailand battles rising Covid cases, as prison infection clusters send cases to record high

Thailand saw a record number of new Covid infections nationally on Monday, as an outbreak inside the country’s prison system contributed to a spike in new cases amid a third wave health officials are struggling to contain. The figures released by Thailand’s Covid task force showed that, out of the 9,635 new infections reported on […]

EU’s Michel visits Libya as nation battles instability and coronavirus

European Council President Charles Michel was in Libya on Sunday to lend support to the UN-backed peace process. Oil-rich Libya has been torn by civil war since the toppling and killing of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 in a NATO-backed revolt. Michel met with the chief of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Al Manfi, before […]

A world leading vaccine risk analyst, Dr. Leonard Horowitz Battles Pfizer Over Genocide Discovery

From Ft Myers, FL (3-13-20;—The author of the world’s best-selling oldest-running book in the field of emerging viruses and communicable diseases, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, is battling the Pfizer drug company and its affiliates for concealing evidence proving a conspiracy involving U.S. military agents, agencies, and their media, committing civil rights abuses against […]

Yair Netanyahu battles in court to cancel libel verdict against him

Yair Netanyahu, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, appeared at Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday seeking to overturn a verdict ordering him to pay hundreds of thousands of shekels in damages to a journalist who sued him for libel. Netanyahu claims the ruling against him was in bad faith as he never received the court […]

Gun battles raging, explosions heard across Mogadishu as Somali govt forces seal off streets (VIDEOS)

Terrified civilians have been sheltering in place as government troops engaged opposition forces in prolonged gun battles across the Somali capital Mogadishu. There have been no reports of casualties as the fighting is ongoing. Intermittent heavy machine-gun fire and a series of explosions were heard throughout the night ahead of a formal, but illegal, anti-government […]

King of One Hundred Battles: The Story of Drust I, Ruler of the Picts

From all the ancient inhabitants of the British Isles, the Picts remain the most mysterious and continue to be a crucial focus for many researchers, archeologists, and historians. The history of these Celtic-speaking peoples is full of enigma. These warlike tribes had no established and developed writing system, and much of what we know about […]

Urquhart Castle – Guardian of Loch Ness and The Site of Bloody Scottish Battles

Urquhart Castle, overlooking Loch Ness from a rocky outcrop, is strategically placed in terms of defense and saw a great many conflicts during its 500 years as a medieval fortress , embroiled as it was in Scotland’s battles for freedom. The ruins tell the story of the castle’s medieval history, the history of the region, […]

Campus Palestine Battles Didn’t Slow Down During Holidays

Editor’s Note: This latest installment of The Shift was written before the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. For more on that, including responses from Israeli leaders who have been perhaps Donald Trump’s greatest allies, see this article by Phil Weiss. A Setback at Fordham Fordham Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) have been […]

Bali battles mounting plastic waste as rainy season causes build-up

An army of volunteers helps clean up a massive haul of plastic polluting Bali’s famous Kuta beach. The annual rainy season brings plastic bottles, cups and rubbish to the archipelago’s turquoise water beaches, underscoring its place as the world’s second-biggest marine polluter behind China. 00

Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate battles to become the Old City’s main portal

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Swiss curfews and Dutch gathering ban come in as Europe battles second coronavirus wave

Public gatherings will continue to be outlawed in the Netherlands, while Switzerland is to enforce a similar ban, as the two nations battle worsening Covid-19 infections amid Europe’s second wave of the virus. “It’s really not going well – not with the infection rate and not at the hospitals,” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said […]

US and NATO military conducting mock battles across Europe

The Free U.S. forces, along with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies and ”partner”countries, conducted multiple military drills and live-fire exercises across Europe this month, from Sweden to Greece, the Department of Defense said Wednesday in a press release. Take the Toys from the Boys! Defender-2020»: NATO’s… “Each of these exercises and operations dramatically demonstrated […]

Team Trump Turns Tide in Voting Law Legal Battles

South Carolina is the latest in a string of states to side with President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign in upholding voting laws ranging from ballot harvesting regulations to Election Day deadlines. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with state Republicans in reinstating a South Carolina voting requirement that mail-in ballots have a witness’s signature, a […]

Trump Battles Debate Moderator Chris Wallace: ‘I Guess I’m Debating You’

President Donald Trump and Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace sparred within the first ten minutes of the first presidential debate, prompting Trump to retort: “I guess I’m debating you, not him, but that’s OK, I’m not surprised.” Trump’s remark came after Wallace attacked Trump, picking up on his contender Joe Biden (D)’s accusation that […]

Wizard Battles And Demon Traps Revealed In Ancient Christian Texts

A “wizard battle” and over 300 other bizarre stories including “trapped demons” have been published by  Biblical scholars  translating apocryphal ancient Christian texts into English for the first time.  The facts about Jesus’s life are shadowy to say the least, but by the end of the fourth century the church had selected and canonized the biblical texts […]

Trailblazing minister battles to get things done in a do-nothing government

Absorption Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata broke new ground with her appointment to the cabinet in May. She is the first Ethiopian cabinet minister in Israel’s history. Breaking new ground does not mean old inequities are ended, of course. Tamano-Shata hails from a new elite in the community, one that has risen from a hardscrabble immigrant existence […]

Live Coverage of Portland Street Battles, Reporters On The Ground

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COVID-19: UK restrictions imposed as Europe battles rise in cases

The quarantine imposed by the UK on arrivals from France has come into effect, as coronavirus restrictions resurface throughout Europe amid a continued rise in cases. France has promised a “measure of reciprocity” after the UK added the country to its list of nations where any arrivals have to spend two weeks in self-isolation. Late […]

Argentina battles fires in Paraná Delta

Firefighters continued to combat fires in the wetlands of the Paraná River Delta, destroying habitats in an area close to 200 square miles. The Argentine government sent fire hydrant planes, helicopters, rangers, and firefighters to combat the outbreaks in the grasslands that started earlier in the year. Residents of Rosario, the largest city affected by […]

Lionel Royer’s Paintings of Epic Battles and Sensuous Beauty

Lionel-Noël Royer (December 25, 1852 – 30 June 1926) was a French painter. On his 18th birthday he volunteered to fight in the Franco-Prussian war, and took part in the Battle of Loigny. His commanding general noticed his artistic talents and offered to finance his studies in Paris. He focused on portraits and historical paintings, where […]

Hypnotic ‘fire devil’ captured on video as Portugal battles raging infernos

This natural phenomenon is a kind of tornado of flames. It occurs when fire, dust and wind combine in the air to create a blazing funnel. Fire tornados can start in conditions where hot, dry air is rising rapidly, which, in turn, creates vertical columns of hot air. As more hot air is pulled into […]

‘Final chapter’: Syrian FM on decisive battles, illegal US presence and post-war reconstruction

     Following a series of decisive battles, the Syrian Army is writing up the final chapter of the crisis, Syria’s FM told RT, emphasizing that once the terrorists are eradicated, the illegal US presence in the country will have to be resolved as well. The Syrian government with the help of its allies is committed […]

Why the Battles Against Liberalism, Globalism and the New World Order Are All Related

Do you love liberty and freedom? If you ask that question to people randomly on the street, you are going to get the same answer over and over again.  Everyone wants liberty and freedom, but what they don’t understand is that there is an inverse relationship between the size of government and the amount of […]

Pension Storm Coming: “This Will Become One Of The Most Heated Battles Of My Lifetime”

Pension Storm Coming: “This Will Become One Of The Most Heated Battles Of My Lifetime” John MauldinMauldin economicsSeptember 18, 2017 This time is different are the four most dangerous words any economist or money manager can utter. We learn new things and invent new technologies. Players come and go. But in the big picture, this […]

Flyting – Rap Battles Originated in Medieval Europe

Renegade Editor’s Note: Will the other races please stop with all of their cultural appropriation? By Faces of Ancient Europe Flyting is a ritual, poetic exchange of insults practiced mainly between the 5th and 16th centuries. The root is the Old English word flitan meaning quarrel (from Old Norse word flyta meaning provocation). Examples of flyting […]

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