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Snowfall Gridlock in Metro Vancouver Turns 45-minute Commute Into 12-hour Frustration

When Bharanisai Madhusudhan stopped at the grocery store on his way home from work Tuesday afternoon, he expected the trip home to Surrey, B.C. to take him about 45 minutes. Instead, it would be nearly 12 hours before he arrived home. “If I had walked to my home, I would have reached there about four […]

Anakin Skywalker Turns Back From The Dark Side After Binging Jordan Peterson Videos

JEDI TEMPLE, CORUSCANT — Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker has turned away from his path to the Dark Side after stumbling across Jordan Peterson videos on Youtube and picking up a 12 Rules For Life hologram. Source

Dubai Ride turns the city’s biggest roads into a giant cycle track

Dubai’s landmark Sheikh Zayed Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard was turned into a giant cycle track for one of the emirates biggest community events. Source

Two teens arrested as Israel turns attention to Balata refugee camp

Teenage brothers Wael and Yousef Musheh were beaten in their own home in Balata refugee camp before being arrested and put before a military court. They are facing charges of being part of a militant cell. Source

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Turns Negative Within Months: Study

By Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times (emphasis ZH) The effectiveness of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine against infection turns negative over time, according to a new study that was funded by the vaccine maker. The effectiveness of three doses—a primary series and a booster—against infection remained above 50 percent after 150 days against BA.1, a subvariant […]

West Point Turns Over 40+ Pages Of Mostly Blacked Out CRT Emails

A separate public records request sent by Judicial Watch yielded over 600 pages of documents which showed the military academy pushed CRT in its trainings. Source

Man Who Kicked, Punched Dog in Anaheim Turns Himself In: Police

The entry to the Anaheim Police Department Detention Facility in Anaheim, Calif., on Sept. 10, 2020. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times) ANAHEIM, Calif.—A 33-year-old man suspected of kicking and punching a dog at an Anaheim apartment complex surrendered to police early Thursday, Sept. 22. Albert Frank Abad Jr. surrendered at the Anaheim Police Department about 1:30 […]

Video: Doddering Biden Turns Up LATE For Queen’s Funeral

During comments at the ironically titled “United We Stand” summit last week, Joe Biden declared that “hate” runs throughout American history, and once again singled out those who don’t agree with his politics as ‘violent extremists’. “There’s a through line of hate from massacres of indigenous people to the original sin of slavery,” Biden declared. He […]

Saudi snitching app turns citizens into social media police

A Saudi app that lets ordinary people “play the role of a police officer” may have alerted authorities to the tweets of a student whose sentencing to 34 years in jail has drawn international condemnation. Just weeks after the verdict against Salma Al-Shehab – a doctoral candidate at Britain’s Leeds University – rights groups say […]

VIDEO: Awesome Dad Turns Son’s Drawing of Police BearCat Into Bed Built From Scratch at Home

This dad made his son’s drawing of his dream bed come to life in this impressive police-themed DIY project. Oliver from Overland Park, Kansas, drew a picture of his dream bed—a sheriff’s van fitted with flashing red and blue lights. The kid’s dad got to work and filmed his progress as he put together the […]

Baby born week before Britain’s abortion limit, who survived rare infection, turns 1 year old

Photo Credit: Balbert3/Pixabay (The Christian Institute) — A baby born a week before Britain’s abortion limit has celebrated his first birthday after doctors said he was unlikely to survive complications following birth. Mother Kenidee Brownbill gave birth to Mason at 23 weeks and weighing only 1lb 6oz (610g). At 12 days old he underwent surgery […]

ADP’s New Report Sees ‘Inflection Point’ as Hiring Turns Sluggish

ADP is no longer trying to forecast the official jobs report and says its report is an independent look a the labor market.

China turns to weather modification to combat record drought, deploys drones for cloud seeding

(Natural News) To combat the record-breaking drought affecting China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has deployed two large drones for cloud seeding in the southwestern Sichuan Province. The record heatwave in China has engulfed nearly half of the country, with the situation developing in severity in Sichuan, one of the country’s main producers of hydropower and […]

China turns to weather modification to combat record drought, deploys drones for cloud seeding

(Natural News) To combat the record-breaking drought affecting China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has deployed two large drones for cloud seeding in the southwestern Sichuan Province. The record heatwave in China has engulfed nearly half of the country, with the situation developing in severity in Sichuan, one of the country’s main producers of hydropower and […]

Mormon Wedding Turns Into Wild Rager After Someone Slips Some Caffeine Into The Punch

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Chaos broke out at the wedding of Addison and Nate Morey last Friday when local LDS hooligans snuck caffeinated black tea from a flask into the punch. Source

Lime Turns E-Scooters Into Micromobility Surveillance Platforms

The privacy implications of Lime’s ARAT e-scooters traveling down our streets and neighborhoods equipped with proprietary surveillance cameras is much more invasive than Ring surveillance cameras. Why are Lime’s e-scooters more invasive than Ring doorbell cameras? Because Lime’s e-scooters are constantly in motion, traveling down our city’s streets, recording who knows what. Source

Colombia, once a pro-U.S. conservative bastion, turns left

Voters in Colombia have picked a powerful new duo, Gustavo Petro as president and Francia Márquez as vice president, to take the nation in a new direction, tackling economic and environmental injustice. Source

Malaysia Has a Rotating Monarchy Where 9 Royal Families Take Turns to Rule

Malaysia has one of the most interesting political systems, which, although a modern construct, is rooted in pre-colonial historical origins. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Lincoln Memorial Turns 100 in Washington, DC

The Lincoln Memorial turns 100 years old on Memorial Day 2022, marking a century since the nation’s most beloved and emotive tribute has stood at the western end of the Mall in Washington, DC.

Baby Formula Crisis Turns Focus on Manufacturer Monopolies, Federal Policies

The ongoing shortage of baby formula is pulling back the curtain on the how government policies have led to certain manufacturers dominating the market, the harm from a slow-moving Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and federal regulations that stymy competition.

75-Year-Old’s White Hair Turns Black After Scalp Acupuncture

Doctor Kuo Ta-Wei explains scalp acupuncture is the reason why the white hair of a paralysed 75 year old woman turned black. Dr. Kuo Ta-Wei, Director of Fu Yuan Chinese Medicine Clinic, gave us a story that made us wonder if our white hair would stay with us forever. “In an integrated Chinese and Western […]

The New Vikings Series Turns Haakon Sigurdsson Into a Black Queen

Haakon Sigurdsson was a real historical figure. He was the ruler of Norway from 975 to 995, and he was most certainly Nordic. However, in the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla, Haakon Sigurdsson has been turned into a black woman. This is as ludicrous as Chris Hemsworth portraying a Zulu king in a show about African […]

It Turns Out If You Doubted COVID Headlines, You Were Correct

Something peculiar has become clear over the last two years: Leftists seem to enjoy the COVID panic. For them, it started with the camaraderie of lockdowns and morphed in the smug self-righteousness of the masks and vaccinations, all made shiveringly delicious with that soupçon of fear that pairs well with totalitarian mandates. CDC director Dr. […]

Clot shot warning: Here’s what a blood clot looks like when LIQUID blood turns into a semi-solid gelatinous mass inside your body

That means he literally coughed up an entire inner casting of a lung’s air pathways, formed into a massive clot of blood. According to a news report, “Doctors working at the hospital said the man instantly felt better after coughing up the clot…” We can only imagine. Although this particular photo didn’t come from a covid […]

Here’s How the Energy Crisis Turns Into Hunger and Then… War?

We have previously warned about a whopping food crisis and supply problems in the fertilizer market. Well, now is worse because that was BEFORE we had the natural gas crisis. Why is that important? Natural gas is THE critical input into making fertilizer. Urea is essentially ammonia in the solid-state, the process of which entails […]

Western Expansionism Turns Russia-China to a Strategic Partnership

In its latest meeting, the G7 countries – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, the USA and the High Representative of the European Union – “condemned Russian military build-up” on the Ukrainian border. While the statement does show the growing anti-Russia rhetoric in the West, the meeting drastically failed to contextualise how the West itself […]

Biden Nukes Florida, Says Courts Can Strike Down Later If It Turns Out That’s Illegal

Biden Nukes Florida, Says Courts Can Strike Down Later If It Turns Out That’s Illegal WASHINGTON, D.C.—In an epic clapback against Republican governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, President Joe Biden launched a nuclear missile attack against the state today. Dozens of missiles sailed through the air and landed all across Florida.  While some legal scholars […]

Saint Petersburg turns white after a night of heavy snowfall

Russia’s second city turns white after a night of heavy snowfall, with a third of the monthly norm of precipitation falling in 24 hours. According to the local authorities, more than 7.7 thousand cubic meters of snow have been removed from the streets of Saint Petersburg over the past day, with more than a thousand […]

US Sends Clear Message To African Nations As It Turns Its Back On Ethiopia

The corporate media in the United States is waging a misinformation campaign as part of the hybrid warfare being used to try to subjugate Ethiopia. Ajamu Baraka of the Black Alliance for Peace states there “is a coordinated effort to criminalize and delegitimize the Ethiopian state in order to cripple or balkanize it, maybe even […]

Opinion | Terry McAuliffe Bet on Voters Hating Trump. Turns Out They Dislike Democrats More.

Sane Republicans are heading for the exits, even as assaults on democratic norms have become a litmus test of loyalty. So, now, Democrats need to ask themselves this rather urgent question: Why can’t we beat these guys? Tuesday night, Democrats lost the governorship of Virginia — a state Joe Biden won by 10 points — […]

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