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Deaf church planting begins in Angola and South Africa

Photo Credit: Door International/Facebook Angola/South Africa (Mission Network News) — Deaf communities in Angola and South Africa will soon have a chance to know Jesus. “There are some strong Deaf leaders and Deaf believers” in South Africa, DOOR International’s Rob Myers says. “Now that they have some Scripture published, that Scripture is a…

Christians accuse policeman in India of destroying church building

Remains of church building burned down in Kistaram village, Chhattisgarh state, India. (Morning Star News) NEW DELHI (Morning Star News) – After months of appeals to officials in central India, Christians are still awaiting action against a police officer alleged to have burned down a church building and threatened them with false charges if they…

Muslim villagers destroy church building, pastor’s house

Malakachomo Revival Church of God in eastern Uganda was destroyed on May 6, 2022. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI (Morning Star News) – Muslims furious that an Islamic leader and his wife put their faith in Christ destroyed a pastor’s house and church building in eastern Uganda on May 6, sources said. After Sheikh Musyoya Anasi and […]

China introduces new laws governing church finances

Photo Credit: Ferdinand Feng/Pixabay (Barnabas Aid) — China has announced that new regulations will come into force on June 1 governing the management of religious organizations’ finances. The new Measures for the Financial Management of Venues for Religious Activities were jointly drawn up by the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) and the…

Taiwan Asks U.S. Reps to Help Secure Its Citizens After Chinese Nationalist Church Shooting

The government of Taiwan on Monday extended condolences to the families of Dr. John Cheng, who was killed in Sunday’s attack on a Taiwanese church in California by a Chinese nationalist gunman, and the five others wounded in the shooting. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen asked her government’s representatives in the United States to “help ensure […]

Dr. John Cheng Hailed as Hero for Charging Gunman in Taiwanese Church

Dr. John Cheng, a 52-year-old sports medicine specialist, is being hailed as a hero for charging the gunman who targeted the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, Orange County, California, on Sunday, saving lives at the cost of his own.

Chinese-Born Man Arrested For Mass Shooting at Taiwanese Church Was ‘Motivated By Hatred Against Taiwan’

“A Chinese-born gunman motivated by hatred against Taiwan chained shut the doors of a California church and hid firebombs before opening fire on a gathering of mainly of elderly Taiwanese parishioners, killing a man who tackled him to save possibly dozens of lives, authorities said Monday,” the AP reports.

Chinese Immigrant Suspect in Anti-Taiwanese Hate Crime Shooting at Church

The man suspected of killing one congregant and wounding four others in a shooting Sunday at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Orange County, California, was a naturalized Chinese immigrant who allegedly acted out of hatred for Taiwan, officials said.

Multiple People Shot at Church in Gun-Controlled California

Multiple people were shot at a church in Laguna Woods, California, on Sunday around 2 p.m.

Two Christians Killed in Church Burning in Uganda

Bishop Amon Sadiiki was attacked after leaving Mbale, Uganda on May 5, 2022. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Two Christians died when Muslim extremists on Thursday (May 5) set fire to a church building in southern Uganda, sources said. Most of the Christians holding an all-night prayer vigil had left when the […]

The Truth Behind the Macabre Discovery of “Viking Skin” on Church Doors

For centuries, it has been believed that the large piece of skin nailed to the door of St Botolph’s church in Hadstock near Cambridge in England was human skin that belonged to a Viking Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Dugin’s Zionism-Bolshevism: ‘Our God is Russia, our Church is the Party’

Russian political scientist, traditionalist, and one of the most popular ideologists of the creation of a Eurasian empire that would be against the ‘North Atlantic interests’ Aleksander Dugin, Place: Russia, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line: MVphotos, Russian Look By August 11, 2017 Translated from Polish In Zbigniew Brzeziński’s […] book The […]

Radical Group in Indonesia Obstructs Church from Gathering

Hardliner Group Unfurled Banner to Intimidate the Church  03/30/2022 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – A radical group in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia refused to allow the HKBP Church (Huria Kristen Batak Protestant) Betania Rancaekek to worship at its shophouse March 23.  In a video that has gone viral on… Source

Televangelists receive millions in PPP loans, Catholic Church got $1.4 billion

Organized religion is perhaps the largest obstacle to spiritual growth which exist. Organized religion is used to herd the sheep through the slaughterhouse door for the evil ass holes who would be ruler of this rock. The Catholic Church was formed as a slave religion for conquered peoples of the Roman Empire. It told them […]


Jesus saves John Hagee moaned as he humped the church secretary-I like sex with you more than my wife he told her as my wife is so sedentary- You make me want to use my holy pole in ways which leave me in a lurch-But God will forgive me and so will the congregation of […]

9 Most Important Things To Look For When Shopping For A New Church

We get it. Sometimes church can be offputting, especially when people ask you to do things or suggest you should stop sinning. What a bunch of jerks! When the time comes for you to separate from your brethren over a petty dispute we recommend keeping your eye open for these nine important things when shopping […]

Another North American church denomination sees apartheid in Israel

Pointing to the rapidly deteriorating situation in Palestine/Israel, leaders of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada issued a Pastoral Letter Wednesday, writing, “Israeli policies and practices that discriminate against Palestinians—Christians and Muslims alike—are consistent with the international definition of the crime of apartheid.” “The continuing occupation, denial of rights, […]

German court convicts Catholic Church priest of abusing children

A German court has convicted a Catholic Church priest of sexually abusing children over a number of years. The 70-year-old was sentenced to 12 years in prison and ordered to pay total damages of €50,000 to three co-plaintiffs. According to the indictment, the case against the priest covered 118 counts and the youngest victim was […]

New Christian Seriously Injured after Church Service

Kibuku District, Uganda. (OpenStreetMap contributors, Jarry 1250, NordNordWest, Creative Commons) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Before Sadi Bwanga could make it home from the church service in eastern Uganda where he had just put his faith in Christ, Muslim relatives found out and intercepted him. Bwanga, 20, had prayed to receive Christ at the Feb. […]

Tell Us What Kind Of Seating Your Church Has And We’ll Tell You How Good Its Theology Is

We’ve all been there: you’re visiting a church and you begin surveying the place, looking for the telltale signs that this is a place of sound teaching, a place that will uphold the faith of Paul, Jesus, and Billy Graham. One key indicator of sound theology that many people overlook is church seating. Here’s some […]

Orthodox Christmas: In Mostar, reconstruction of an Orthodox church is a sign of unity

Mostar’s rich skyline, with mosques and Catholic church towers peeking out above buildings and set against an imposing mountain range, now once again features the towers of an elegant Orthodox church — perched on a hill above the city’s eastern side — after it was destroyed during the brutal war in the city almost 30 […]

Study Shows 95% Of Church Connection Cards Are Completed By Bored Kids

U.S.—A recent survey of churches across the United States revealed that the overwhelming majority of “Connection Cards” are being completed not by newcomers, but by bored children. According to the study, many kids lose interest during worship services and gravitate toward the available pencils and paper intended to help visitors sign up for ministry information, prayer requests, and […]

Progressive Church Tells Young Unvaccinated Couple Stuck Out In The Cold That There’s No Room

Progressive Church Tells Young Unvaccinated Couple Stuck Out In The Cold That There’s No Room BETHLEHEM, PA—A young couple was reportedly turned away from a church service Sunday evening because they were not vaccinated against COVID19, according to the Bethlehem sheriff’s office. The couple was admonished after not producing their vaccination cards and cast out […]

Church Livestream Hits Record 3 Viewers

MURFREESBORO, TN—A local church shattered records today as the viewer count for its livestream service grew to a total of three viewers. The record viewership marks an important milestone for New Wine Church, which routinely suffers from a lack of online visibility. Streaming data indicates two of the viewers were local shut-ins that could no […]

Freemason Satanists Control the Vatican And Catholic Church (AND CIA)-Coming Events Prophecies

No doubt this Irish Priest is Authentic but I don’t trust the CIA. When yer dealin’ wid the CIA Ya gotta sleep with ONE EYE OPEN at all times. Criminals In Action CIA so anything they put out you have to double check and FORM your own opine. LOL They are the Biggest Liars and […]

Chicago Lutheran Church hosts ‘Drag Queen Prayer Hour’ for Children

    St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square hosted a “drag queen prayer hour” for children last weekend. (Article by Cristina Laila republished from According to the Lutheran church’s Facebook post, “Seminarian Aaron Musser” preached in drag to children as part of “a dress rehearsal for joy.” Also known as grooming. “Today, we […]

Elite Jewish Law Professor Admits ‘Separation Of Church And State’ Is A ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ To Undermine ‘Christianization’ Of America

(Forward) If there is one thing Jews like to do amongst themselves is openly brag about Jewish power and their domination of certain professions — and none more than the legal profession and law school faculties which — according to a prominent Jewish law professor — are “dominated” by “elite” Ivy League-trained Jews: Lawyers: Are […]

Baptist Church Sings ‘Don We Now Our Straight Apparel’

SHATTUCK, OK—As they do every year during the Christmas season, Fourth Street Baptist Church began a round of traditional Christmas carols. While singing the Christmas classic Deck The Halls, the congregation veered from the traditional lyrics and sang, “Don we now our straight apparel.” “Satan has his evil influences everywhere nowadays, including our Christmas hymns,” said Pastor Buster Johnson while […]

Kiwi Church Leaders Defy Ardern’s Threats to Vaccinate or Face a $15K Fine

by Tony Mobilifonitis, Cairns NewsDecember 2, 2021 A feisty Kiwi pastor has told Jacinda Ardern and her Labor Party vaccination cabal to shove their shots and get their noses out of church business. Ardern is threatening to fine church leaders $15,000 if they are not vaccinated by December 3. Pastor Carl Bromley of the Life […]

10 Signs Your Church May Be Going Woke

A lot of churches are going woke these days. From gender ideology to CRT and even worse stuff like changing the color of the carpet, churches are changing to get with the times. And it’s not good, bucko! Is your church in danger of becoming woke? Look for these ten warning signs: 1. Your pastor […]

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