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Right Wing Round-Up: Standard Operating Procedure

Zoë Richards, Ken Dilanian and Ryan J. Reilly @ NBC News: GOP lawmakers conflate standard FBI policies with an assassination attempt on Trump Congressional allies of Donald Trump on Tuesday conflated standard FBI operating procedures with what they called an attempt by President Joe Biden’s administration to assassinate the former president during a 2022 search […]

Right Wing Round-Up: A Unified Reich

Allison Quinn @ The Daily Beast: Trump Shares ‘Unified Reich’ Campaign Video During Lunch Break The 30-second video was shared on his Truth Social account while he was on a lunch break from his hush-money trial. Hafiz Rashid @ The New Republic: Russian TV Has a New Propaganda Star: Tucker Carlson The former Fox News […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Freeze Frame

Hunter Walker @ Talking Points Memo: Lawsuit Exposes Internal Feuds And Inner Workings Of Stew Peters’ Extremist Media Empire The online hate speech broadcaster has Republican connections, a lucrative corporate sponsorship, and a lot of drama in his life. Ahmad Austin Jr. @ Mediaite: Minnesota GOP Endorses Ex-NBA Player Royce White to Run for Senate […]

Right Wing Round-Up: A Red Flag

Jodi Kantor @ The New York Times: At Justice Alito’s House, a ‘Stop the Steal’ Symbol on Display An upside-down flag, adopted by Trump supporters contesting the Biden victory, flew over the justice’s front lawn as the Supreme Court was considering an election case. Aaron Hedge @ Range: It’s going to be a hell of […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Polarization Is Polarizing

Adele M. Stan @ The New Republic: How FreedomWorks Paved the Way for Trumpism—and for Its Own Demise If you’d known what to look for, you could have seen it coming miles and miles away: the demise of movement conservatism in the face of Trumpism. The only thing surprising about the collapse of FreedomWorks, the […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Cult Of (Barron) Trump

Sarah Rumpf @ Mediaite: Tommy Tuberville Seems to Admit Republicans Went to Trump’s Trial to Circumvent the Gag Order Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) was unabashed when asked about attending former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial, telling Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo that Republicans did it to “overcome this gag order” on Trump. Riley Rogerson @ The […]

Right Wing Round-Up: An Implausible Pitch

Alexander Mallin, Jonathan Karl, and Laura Romero @ ABC News: DOJ requests judge order Steve Bannon to begin prison sentence Federal prosecutors on Tuesday requested the judge overseeing ex-Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s criminal contempt of Congress case to order that he begin his four-month prison sentence, after an appeals court last week upheld his […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Who Needs Evidence When You Have Intuition?

Media Matters: Steve Bannon on Trump arresting his political opponents: “The criminals and traitors around Biden, you should be very worried” “Hillary, understand something, President Trump is actually very kind-hearted, he’s a good man, he’s a decent man, he’s a very kind man, but there are people in this movement that are not kind, okay? […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Ripe And Fertile

Annie Grayer @ CNN: GOP lawmaker claims KKK is ‘the military wing of the Democratic Party’ in closed door meeting ahead of antisemitism hearing GOP Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania said in a closed door briefing with lawmakers on Tuesday that the Ku Klux Klan is the “the military wing of the Democratic party” and […]

Right Wing Round-Up: From The Fringe To The Mainstream

Matthew D. Taylor and Paul A. Djupe@ Religion News Service: How Trumpism has pushed a fringe charismatic theology into the mainstream Charismatic Christian prophets have gained new influence since becoming identified with the former president. Jerod MacDonald-Evoy @ The Arizona Mirror: Anthony Kern can no longer use broadcast facilities after using them to join a […]

Right Wing Round-Up: A Life Wasted

David A. Fahrenthold @ The New York Times: Pro-Trump Nonprofit Paid Millions to Companies Tied to Its Own Leaders The Conservative Partnership Institute’s three highest-paid contractors had connections to the group’s leaders or their relatives, raising concerns about self-dealing. Julia Laurie @ Mother Jones: Mystery Group Announces $5 Million Fund to Pay for Reports of […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Fake Facts

Tess Owen @ Wired: Extremist Militias Are Coordinating in More Than 100 Facebook Groups After lying low for years in the aftermath of January 6, exclusive reporting shows, militia extremist groups and profiles have been quietly reorganizing and ramping up recruitment and rhetoric on Facebook. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Trump responds to falling […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Be Very Afraid

Kate Riga @ Mediaite: Fearing Blowback, A Couple Arizona Senate Republicans Join Democrats To Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban A couple Arizona Senate Republicans crossed over Wednesday to help Democrats repeal the state’s 1864 ban as national Republicans hope to avert electoral punishment. Jaxon White @ Lancaster Online: Conservative lawmakers, faith leaders meet with Christian dominionist […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Spread Of Misinformation

Sam Levine @ The Guardian: Workers at far-right site Gateway Pundit feared credibility issues, filing shows Employees of the far-right website Gateway Pundit, which has played a key role in spreading lies about the 2020 election, were worried contributors were not credible and expressed concerns about plagiarism, a court filing last month revealed. Isaac Schorr […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Immunity Paradox

Eric Cortellessa @ Time: How Far Trump Would Go Donald Trump thinks he’s identified a crucial mistake of his first term: He was too nice. Warren Throckmorton: Eric Metaxas Still Using the Fake Bonhoeffer Quote It is a popular quote and many people still attribute it to Bonhoeffer; but it can’t be found in any […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Breeding The Right

Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, Josh Dawsey, and Liz Goodwin @ The Washington Post: Tensions grow between Trump and Lake in Arizona race for Senate The former president fears that GOP candidate Kari Lake might not win and will drag down his own prospects in the battleground state. Angry White Men: Elijah Schaffer Hosts Holocaust Denier Ron […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Tech Bro Dystopia

Travis Gettys @ Raw Story: ‘I hated that dog’: Kristi Noem recalls gunning down family’s ‘worthless’ pup South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, a frontrunner to be named as Donald Trump’s running mate, admitted to killing her family dog for misbehavior. Christian Right Observer Weekly: Volume 13 CROW’s 7 stories on the Christian Right that you […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Furry Fury

Yvonne Wingett Sanchez @ The Washington Post: Meadows, Giuliani and other Trump allies charged in Arizona 2020 election probe An Arizona grand jury on Wednesday indicted seven attorneys or aides affiliated with Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign as well as 11 Arizona Republicans on felony charges related to their alleged efforts to subvert Joe Biden’s […]

Philip Giraldi – The Second Round of Retaliation Between Israel and Iran Has Just Begun

  Given the lying and fact-twisting that have routinely been part and parcel of accounts of what is occurring in the Middle East, the past several weeks have nevertheless been shocking in terms of how an abysmally low standard of … Read the rest Source

Right Wing Round-Up: Listen All Y’all, It’s A Sabotage

Sarah Posner @ MSNBC: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempts to out-Jesus Mike Johnson aren’t going to work As Speaker Mike Johnson attempts to shepherd a package of foreign aid bills, including one with vital aid for Ukraine, through the House of Representatives, all eyes are on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s threat to oust him. So far, […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Strap On A Glock

Payton Armstrong @ Media Matters: Podcast host and Ohio county commissioner nominee has pushed baseless conspiracy theories and compared the LGBTQ movement to Hitler Right-wing pastor and podcast host Drenda Keesee, who is running uncontested in November for a Knox County, Ohio, commissioner seat, has spread unhinged conspiracy theories about climate change, abortion, “satanic hordes” […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Mob Violence

Ryan J. Reilly and Jane C. Timm @ NBC News: Speaker Johnson’s team briefed conservative influencers on his election bill before Trump meeting Conservative influencers were briefed about House Speaker Mike Johnson’s latest election integrity bill well before it was publicly announced. Nikki McCann Ramirez @ Rolling Stone: Trump and His Team Are Already Lying […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Trumpiest Trial

Robert Downen @ The Texas Tribune: Far-right activist Jonathan Stickland starts new group, months after white supremacist scandal The former lawmaker registered “RaTmasTeR Holdings” along with Texas GOP Chair Matt Rinaldi. The name is a nod to Stickland’s alias as an infamous internet troll. Andrew Perez @ Rolling Stone: Judge Halts Texas AG’s Probe Into […]

Right Wing Round-Up: ‘Discrimination Keeps You Safe’

Sarah Posner @ Talking Points Memo: The Christian Nationalist Hydra: In Era of Trump, Christian Nationalism Has Many Faces From traditional Christian-right figures to secret societies envisioning a ‘national divorce,’ a growing contingent of radical activists is planning for Christian supremacy. Joe Jervis: Maine GOP Reps Censured After Claiming That Local Mass Shooting Was God’s […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Five Years

Will Steakin @ ABC News: Bankruptcy documents detail how GOP NC governor nominee Mark Robinson failed to file federal income taxes for 5 years While Robinson has previously talked about his financial issues, bankruptcy records obtained by ABC News paint a more dire and detailed picture of his financial and business history than has previously […]

Right Wing Round-Up: We Won’t Get Fooled Again

Eric Killelea @ The Houston Chronicle: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick pushes pastors to run for political office During a private meeting at Ed Young’s Second Baptist Church in Houston, dozens of right-wing Christians strategized how to win seats in the 2024 elections. Alanna Vagianos @ HuffPost: Donald Trump Claims He Won’t Sign A National […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Arizona’s Great Abortion Ban Is Terrible

Time is ticking! Year-end is here, and with our generous 4X-match, your donation to fight back against Trump Republicans will go four times as far! Stand with us to uphold Norman’s legacy in defending democracy, protecting free speech, and safeguarding our rights from an increasingly hostile right-wing. Act now – let’s make 2024 a year […]

Right Wing Round-Up: What Christian Nationalists Want

Time is ticking! Year-end is here, and with our generous 4X-match, your donation to fight back against Trump Republicans will go four times as far! Stand with us to uphold Norman’s legacy in defending democracy, protecting free speech, and safeguarding our rights from an increasingly hostile right-wing. Act now – let’s make 2024 a year […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Overserved

Time is ticking! Year-end is here, and with our generous 4X-match, your donation to fight back against Trump Republicans will go four times as far! Stand with us to uphold Norman’s legacy in defending democracy, protecting free speech, and safeguarding our rights from an increasingly hostile right-wing. Act now – let’s make 2024 a year […]

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