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Follow The Damn Rules

So you thought the United States has had “issues” with election integrity? The World Health Organization has figured out how to pretend to adopt amendments without even conducting a vote at all. JAMES ROGUSKI NOV 28, 2023 Please watch the video below… It must be concluded that the amendments to the International Health Regulations […]

EMP survival: Follow these tips to survive the first 72 hours after an EMP event

(NaturalNews) Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) can have catastrophic and devastating effects on society. EMPs can be caused by natural sources like solar flares,… Source

Is it ‘safe  & effective’ if your chances of death are 1 in 3 or 4? A follow up from Liz Gunn & the data analyst … a must watch for every Kiwi

EWNZ comment: The official data doesn’t lie… and the analyst has a Masters in Science. He is speaking out. Here are just two of his comments: “The stats clearly say that something is wrong [S.I. data]. The mortality rate is far in excess of normal … not a natural event … ” “There is no […]

Hamas Attacked Israel And Netanyahu Says His Country Is ‘At War.’ Follow Live Updates

An Egyptian policeman opened fire on Israeli tourists Sunday in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, killing at least two Israelis and one Egyptian, local media reported. Source

Follow the money, follow the fraud, follow the corruption! Then you…

Aug 13 2023 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue every weeks. Next step 2nd of July 2023. One step at a time, […]

Top 25 Telegram channels to follow for news, information and resistance.

August 4 2023 The freedom movement is a growing, worldwide community and it’s important that we support one another. Here are the top channels Oracle Films recommend: COVID19Up ( – Reporting the most important updates about COVID-19 and other news related to the health of the world. World Doctors Alliance ( – independent non-profit […]

FedNow Instant Payments Are Coming and CBDCs Will Follow

There’s absolutely no doubt that our financial system is in flux right now. We’re watching a storm approach, and it’s about to envelop the entire nation in chaotic conditions. If you think things are crazy now, just hang on to your halo…it’s about to get a whole lot worse. Source

Scotland Bans Anaesthetic Due To Its ‘Impact On The Climate’, England & EU To Follow

Scotland has become the first country in the world to ban the inhaled anaesthetic desflurane because of its impact on the climate. According to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), the gas, which is used to put patients to sleep safely during surgery, has a global warming potential 2,500 times greater than carbon dioxide Some […]

‘We Should Follow Shen Yun’s Example,’ Says Korean Professor of Dance

SEOUL, Korea—Lee Byoungok, an honorary professor at Yong In University’s Department of Dance, attended Shen Yun’s matinee at the National Theater of Korea on Feb. 19. The professor said excitedly after the show that Shen Yun has brought about the Renaissance of classical dance. He believes that artists everywhere can learn from Shen Yun Performing […]

CBI governor meets Russian delegates to follow up on joint action document

TEHRAN – Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Mohammadreza Farzin has stressed following up on the implementation of a joint action document between CBI and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, CBI portal reported. Source

UK vows to send tanks to Ukraine and urges Germany to follow suit

The UK has become the first western nation to give its own heavy armour to Kyiv. Source

State legislatures are coming back. These are the lawmakers to follow.

A Gen Z Florida Republican. A Virginia OB/GYN opposed to abortion. An Arizona progressive who defeated a Trump-aligned Republican. These state lawmakers are among thousands of Republicans, Democrats and independents gearing up for an energetic and contentious set of legislative sessions that start kicking off in dozens of capitals this month. Fueled by issues like […]

Follow the Pied Piper of the New World Order

You should know this by now, but here is how they do it:   The Pied Piper wants you to follow him.  Be sure to get your shot from the Pied Piper.   Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show the Talmudic show!! The Pied Piper is stealing your children via entertainment and indoctrination.  Enjoy […]

GCC’s Global Relations Follow the Flow of Energy and Development

Saudi officials have confirmed that the Kingdom made investment pacts with China worth US$50 billion during the recently held China summit in Saudi Arabia. This is a pivotal moment insofar as it reflects the tectonic shift that has been taking place in the global system for the past few years, a shift that includes a […]

Young Chef Aspires to Follow in His Father’s Footsteps

Behind every confident child are parents who believed in them first. (Video courtesy of Chef Abdullah Apuhan) … Source

9/11 Trillions: Just Follow The Money

sept 11 2022 Forget for one moment everything you’ve been told about September 11, 2001. 9/11 was a crime. And as with any crime, there is one overriding imperative that detectives must follow to identify the perpetrators: Follow the money. This is an investigation of the 9/11 money trail. _______________________________ A unified pushback against […]

Greece, Cyprus don’t follow EU States in culture price hikes

Greece and Cyprus have not followed EU states in increasing costs in cultural goods, per the recent data from Eurostat. According to the report, many sectors are registering price hikes, including culture. Increases above the general inflation were observed at the EU level in some cultural goods, including newspapers and periodicals, when comparing July 2022 with […]

‘Corrupt as hell’: Demands for Clarence Thomas to resign follow new details of wife’s election scheming

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas faced fresh calls to step down Thursday after new reporting revealed that his wife’s involvement in efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election was broader than previously known, extending to the battleground state of Wisconsin as well as Arizona. “Reminder that Clarence Thomas heard election cases while his wife […]

As floods follow earthquakes and drought in Afghanistan, the USA should immediately return its billions

Highly destructive floods devastated parts of Afghanistan in August. This was preceded by a prolonged drought, stated to be the worst in decades, and two earthquakes this year. As an overwhelming majority of people including children face serious hunger and many-sided deprivation, the USA and others should immediately release the Afghanistan central bank reserve funds […]

Reparations are being discussed but will direct payments follow?

Universities across the country are studying their own ties to slavery and are being called on by students to make symbolic and financial reparations. According to ABC News, during the colonial era the wealth of universities, in the form of endowments and benefactors, was inextricably tied to the slave trade, numerous university presidents owned enslaved people […]

Chinese religious groups pledge to follow Communist Party regulations

Photo Credit: Free Phoitos/Pixabay (Barnabas Aid) — The Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), the official Protestant church of China, has pledged to follow Chinese Communist Party (CCP) directives on the management of religions, including supervision of churches and their finances. The TSPM was one of seven state-authorized religious groups to sign a joint statement agreeing to […]

Mali is Deprived of an Opportunity to Follow Policies Independent of the West

Attempts by the inhabitants of the states of the African continent to throw off the shackles of modern neo-colonialism and pursue a policy independent of the West are being met with active resistance from the very same West. Another confirmation of this is the recent coup attempt thwarted by the authorities in Mali. Mali’s Ministry […]

LAPD: 17 Gangs Target L.A.’s Richest Residents in ‘Follow-Home’ Attacks

Seventeen gangs are targeting the city’s wealthiest residents, often following them out of stores and restaurants before robbing them, according to a new task force of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Mt. Ebal Follow-up

Archeologist Scott Stripling explains the biblical and archeological significance of the sensational findings at Mt. Ebal [embedded content] Dating the destruction of Jericho:  (entrance into the land of milk and honey) Can Archaeology Teach Us Anything about the Conquest of Canaan? – Douglas Petrovich – YouTube Praise Yahweh for biblical archeology! Share this: Source

NATO White Helmets follow al-Qaeda to Ukraine

Vanessa Beeley Four-hundred and fifty extremists from Idlib, north-west Syria have arrived in Ukraine according to Al Mayadeen. Hailing from Idlib – the “largest Al Qaeda haven since 9/11”-  these fanatics from various countries have been despatched to Ukraine to fight against the Russian forces that alongside the Syrian Arab Amy signified the end of […]

Business Review of the year: fortunes follow the ebbs and flows of the pandemic

In July, the European Union introduced the Covid-19 passes to facilitate travel for people who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, have recovered from the disease or have a negative PCR test. This way the member countries tried to save the summer holiday season and boost travel and tourism following the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. […]


» Activating the Power of LifeYesterday at 12:08 pm by PurpleSkyz » Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada: “Regardless of the Fact That We Are Attacking Your Fundamental Rights…We’re Still Going To Go Ahead and Do It.”Yesterday at 12:05 pm by PurpleSkyz »  Pfizer Vaccine Under a Microscope – Strange Structures & Their MovementsYesterday at 12:01 pm by PurpleSkyz » FDA […]

Kali Yuga, the Age of Darkness, Will End in 2025 – THOUSANDS of Years of Ascending Yugas to Follow

A number of ancient cultures believed in a Cycle of World Ages in which we gradually descend from a state of spiritual perfection and material abundance to one of ignorance and scarcity. In ancient India, this was called the Yuga Cycle. The Yuga Cycle doctrine tells us that we are now living in the Kali […]

Pentagon Says It Has Authority To Require Oklahoma National Guard To Follow Vaccine Mandate

The Pentagon on Monday said it has the authority to require members of the National Guard to get vaccinated against COVID-19 after the Oklahoma National Guard’s newly appointed commander refused to impose a vaccine mandate ordered by the Defense Department. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters that U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin “has the […]

Follow the Patents, Then You Will Understand Covid

November 7, 2021 Dr. David Martin is a professional physician, developer of advanced computer systems, advisor to industry & governments.Other than that, he also has engaged as an author, professor, public speaker, business visionary and researcher. Part 1 at Wise Traditions Conference 2021 on November 5, 2021 LINKS TO THE DOCUMENTS REFERENCED BY DR.DAVAID […]

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