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Politicians split over Biden’s executive action tightening the border

Politicians split over Biden’s executive action tightening the border lead image Source

Block the boat – Urgent call for action

Block the boat – Urgent call for action Action Alert Last night Israel carried out one of its bloodiest massacres in its ongoing genocide against 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza yet. Military Embargo May 27, 2024 By:  Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) Source

Urgent Action Alert as Israel intensifies its genocide in Gaza

Urgent Action Alert as Israel intensifies its genocide in Gaza Action Alert Israel has carried out one of its bloodiest massacres yet, in open defiance of last Friday’s explicit order by the International Court of Justice that Israel cease its military offensive in Rafah immediately. Economic Boycott Military Embargo Apartheid Free Zones Sanctions and governments […]

#Nakba76: Demand action and accountability to end #GazaGenocide and #DismantleApartheid

#Nakba76: Demand action and accountability to end #GazaGenocide and #DismantleApartheid BNC Statement As we commemorate Nakba Day, we refuse to stand idly by as mere witnesses to injustice. We demand action, accountability, and transformative change to ensure a future of dignity, justice and liberation for the Palestinian people. May 15, 2024 By:  Palestinian BDS National […]

FENBENDAZOLE and CANCER – at least 12 anti-cancer mechanisms of action. Not approved by FDA. Cheap. Safe. Kills aggressive cancers. Why no clinical trials? Nine research papers reviewed.

(NaturalNews) Papers and Articles Reviewed:(Article republished from 2023 Jun – Movahedi et al – Repurposing anti-parasite… Source

Take Action: Urge Olympic Torchbearers To Help Stop Israel’s #GazaGenocide

Take Action: Urge Olympic Torchbearers To Help Stop Israel’s #GazaGenocide Action Alert As genocidal Israel threatens to use “extreme force” against displaced Palestinians in Rafah in the occupied Gaza Strip and the Olympic torch arrives in France, be a torchbearer for Palestinian rights. Ban Apartheid Israel from Sports May 8, 2024 By:  Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural […]

AstraZeneca Facing $320M Bill in Massive Class Action Lawsuit For ‘Defective’ Covid Vaccine

Big Pharma giant AstraZeneca is facing a $320 million dollar bill after 51 families launched a class action lawsuit against the vaccine maker after family members were injured or killed by the “defective” Covid jab. […] The post AstraZeneca Facing $320M Bill in Massive Class Action Lawsuit For ‘Defective’ Covid Vaccine appeared first on The […]

Real People Taking Action – Interview with Rosie who during Lockdown stepped up to the plate – link below Tuesday, 30th April 2024 In 2008, UK Column—which at that time was a print newspaper—published an article entitled The White Rose. We began that article by stating that it had been prompted by a recent conversation with two … Read the rest Source

New class action filed against Medibank

Australian private health insurance giant Medibank is set to face additional proceedings, with a global law firm bringing a shareholder action for alleged breach of continuous disclosure obligations pertaining to purported non-disclosures about deficiencies in the company’s cyber security defences. This afternoon (Wednesday, 29 March), Medibank (ASX: MPL) announced to the market that it was […]

Student-led climate action is flourishing in DeSantis’s Florida

The “Green New Deal for UF” is a statement of support for bold, progressive climate action put forward by students. Source

Palestine Action gets the goods

On The Electronic Intifada livestream last week we had on Huda Ammori, the co-founder of Palestine Action. Her group is waging a non-violent struggle against Elbit — Israel’s largest private arms firm. So far, they’ve forced two of Elbit’s 10 sites in the UK to shut down, and have successfully pressured four other companies to […]

Call to Action: Support academic freedom for Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian

Hebrew University’s suspension of Palestinian professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian sends a chilling message to scholars worldwide. Silencing her undermines academic freedom and the broader struggle for human rights and dignity in Palestine and beyond. Source

Palestine Action activists hit with felony charges over New Hampshire Elbit protest

Three Palestine Action US activists have been hit with felony charges over a protest targeting Elbit Systems in New Hampshire last November. Source

Biden administration’s EV policy shift: A step back for climate action

This potential policy shift, seen as a nod to automakers and labor unions, is stirring controversy amid the escalating climate crisis, marked by last year’s record-breaking global temperatures. Source

Elon Musk Claims ‘The Only Action Needed To Solve Climate Change Is A Carbon Tax’

Elon Musk has just reiterated his belief in the need for carbon taxes, backing up calls from the World Economic Forum for a “globally coordinated system of carbon taxes.” In a recent tweet, the Tesla CEO […] The post Elon Musk Claims ‘The Only Action Needed To Solve Climate Change Is A Carbon Tax’ appeared first […]

More Israeli Troops To ‘Go Into Action’ Soon At Lebanon Border: Defense Minister

As the region braces for the consequences of major US airstrikes on ‘Iranian proxies’ in Iraq and Syria, Israel’s defense minister has issued an alert saying Israeli troops will “very soon go into action” near the country’s northern border with Lebanon. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant issued the words Monday at a time of daily tit-for-tat cross-border […]

US hawks call for action against Iran following attack on troops in Jordan

Amidst escalating tensions, US lawmakers call for a strong response to Iran after a drone attack on American troops in Jordan intensifies calls for action. Source

Garcia presses Pentagon for action on veterans discharged under ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’

Rep. Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) pressed the Pentagon for action on veterans discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in a letter earlier this week. “Our service members made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country. ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was a policy that should have never existed in the first place, but we’re unfortunately still feeling… […]

42% of Americans ‘Likely To Join’ Class Action Lawsuit Against Big Pharma Over Covid Vaccines

Hundreds of millions of Americans are “likely to join” a major class action lawsuit against Big Pharma companies Moderna and Pfizer over the disastrous consequences of Covid mRNA vaccines. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports […] The post 42% of Americans ‘Likely To Join’ Class Action Lawsuit Against Big Pharma Over Covid Vaccines appeared first […]

Starbucks faces NLRB action over union-linked store closures

Making workers whole for work missed,” NLRB demands Starbucks reopen closed stores. Source

Fake Corrupt Democracy in Action: Biden Sends FCC to Oppress Elon Musk

    For further proof that the Biden administration is weaponizing government agencies to target Elon Musk, Commissioner Brendan Carr stated in an X post, “President Biden gave federal agencies the green light to go after him [Musk].” Musk recently described the apparent ‘beef’ that the Biden administration has with him. In September, he told […]

In Rare Action Against Israel, U.S. To Bar Extremist West Bank Settlers From America

The State Department says it will impose travel bans on extremist Jewish settlers implicated in a rash of attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. Source

At COP28, the road to climate action is paved with Big Oil loophole language

Image Credit: (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Powered 100% by reader donations, NationofChange is your ad-free, transparent platform for progressive journalism and activism. Make a difference by donating now. The European Union has clearly laid out its position: Climate neutrality, the Council of the EU  stated last month, will require “a global phase-out of unabated fossil fuels […]

A Call to Action to Anti-Zionist Jews: We must do the work to defeat Jewish Zionist institutions

At a time when the Israeli settler state has murdered over 12,000 Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, with thousands more missing, and millions displaced, it cannot be stated enough the importance of how we orient ourselves in organizing against the Zionist settler colonial genocide.  We must be explicitly, unabashedly anti-Zionist, and make clear […]

The Inflation Reduction Act: A boon for Big Oil and a blow to climate Action

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), President Biden’s flagship climate legislation, could ironically fuel a surge in fossil fuel extraction, elevating the profits of the oil and gas industry at the cost of the environment and vulnerable communities. This revelation, presented in a new analysis by Oil Change International (OCI), raises crucial concerns about the […]

‘Israelis Against Apartheid’ demand ICC take action to protect Palestinians from genocide

We, Israelis Against Apartheid, a group of Israeli Jews for decolonization, representing more than 1,500 concerned citizens, call on the ICC to take accelerated action against escalating Israeli war crimes, and the genocide of the Palestinian people. Source

The Clock Is Ticking: The Urgent Need for Action on the WHO Treaty

From As we navigate the complexities of the Therapeutic Products Act and its potential impact on New Zealand’s natural health industry, there is another critical issue that demands immediate attention. New Zealand First has pledged to withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) Treaty, a decision that has far-reaching implications. However, the pressing question […]

Urgent international action is needed to end Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions calls on the international community – the UN, governments and peoples – to hold Israel accountable for its decades of genocidal colonization. Source

Class Action Lawsuits As a Defence Against the Evil Of Zionist Corporate “governments”

Know what you call a thousand lawyers on the bottom of the ocean? A good start! Know what happens when you rub a lawyer’s head? They get taller! Know what the difference is between an armadillo run over on a road and a lawyer run over on the road? There are skid marks before the […]

Palestine Action US campaign launches to stop Israeli genocide of Palestine and shut Elbit down

Palestine Action US will shut down weapons companies in the US that are arming Israel’s genocide of Palestine. Source

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